Admitting My Secret Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Gang Bang

“Get on your fucking knees pig,” the powerful Dom demanded.

I was naked in Master Steven’s basement dungeon. My wife Julie was fully dressed and sitting in a chair in the corner of the room watching me submit to a man. I was not gay, but I have always been very submissive and I had recently accepted my bisexuality.

My eyes flashed at Julie and she smiled as I slowly sank to my knees in front of his bronze muscular body and awaited his next command. His hard 7″ cock jutted out from his taught firm body and pointed toward my face.

I kept my head bowed in submission but my eyes were fixed intently on his hard circumcised dick. Copious amounts of precum drooled from the thick bulbous head and I wondered how his cum would taste. I had only tasted cum from two sources at that point in my life but that was about to change in a big way. The first source was my own cum, which I regularly licked and swallowed from my sexy wife’s body. The second source was a guy that Julie had brought home to fulfill our mutual fantasy of a bi MMF threesome. The threesome was incredible and it led Julie to arrange the session with the Master Steven.

“Open wide pig, it’s time for your first cock of the day,” he said firmly as he moved forward. The spongy purple head of his impressive thick cock slipped into my mouth. His precum was surprisingly sweet with a slight cinnamon taste and it combined with his fresh musky scent to make my mouth water.

I closed my eyes and lost myself in the sensation of sucking his long thick cock as my beautiful wife watched. My head bobbed over his turgid rod as his precum tickled my taste buds. Saliva spilled from the corners of my mouth and covered his shaft. I wrapped my right hand around his shaft and I rhythmically pumped his cock as I sucked and slurped on his thick bulbous head. I sucked hard on his cock as my hand furiously pumped his shaft and my other hand caressed his body.

I knew he was close when he grabbed my head in his hands and forced the entire 7″ of hard throbbing flesh down my throat. He pumped his rod down my throat hard four or five times. His big shaved balls slapped against my chin and tears streamed down my cheeks as I gagged on his big cock. He buried his cock down my throat as it started to spit.

I felt wanton and alive as I swallowed his delicious thick cream. His load was enormous and it spilled from my mouth and ran down my chin like a scene from a porno.

“You’re a good cock sucked for a newbie,” the Dom said as he pushed me off his sensitive cock.

“Thank you sir,” I beamed as I glanced around the room. Three athletic men peeled their clothes off to my left as another well built man and a tall pretty woman did the same on my right.

“Pick your sorry ass off the floor pig and go lay down on your back on the cot,” the Dom ordered as he gestured to a small bed in the center of the room.

I stood quietly and glanced at my beautiful wife as I walked slowly to the cot. My hard cock swayed from side to side with each step. I lay down on my back and waited for the next command from my new master.

The four men circled the bed with their hard dicks in their hands. The cot was high enough that their cocks were inches from my body. I looked at their tight muscular bodies as my wife moved behind a tripod. She pressed record and a camcorder began to save my humiliation to a disk.

I quickly forgot about the video recorder and traced my hands up the thighs of two men by my waist as the man by my head rubbed his hard 6″ dick above my face. He squeezed the shaft of his antalya escort cock and milked precum until it drooled from his cock head to my face and mouth. His clear slick precum was slightly sweet yet salty as it dripped onto my tongue.

The man at the foot of the bed pulled me toward him until my ass was at the foot of the bed. The other three guys shifted down so my hands could still touch their hard cocks and the guy with the drooling six inch dick rubbed his meat across my waiting lips.

I was the center of attention but my satisfaction was not what mattered. I was a vehicle for them to climax. I was a fuck toy, a cum receptacle and I loved it.

The guy at the foot of the bed lifted my legs and placed them against his chest. I knew what was coming and I was ready. Julie had fucked my ass with her strap on before but this was different. This was a warm hard throbbing cock and I wanted it inside me.

He rubbed the slick lubricated against my puckered asshole and I moaned like a wanton slut.

“You love that cock against your asshole don’t you Pig?” the Dom chided.

“Yes master,” I panted like a whore.

“You want it inside you don’t you Pig?”

“Yes master, I want it bad,” I groaned as the guy continued to tease me by rubbing the slick head of his cock against my waiting asshole.

“Beg for it bitch,” the Dom said sternly.

“Please sir,” I panted. “Please fuck my asshole. I need your big hard cock inside me. I need you to fuck me hard and use me like a slut. I need you to cum inside me. Please, please, I am begging you to fuck me and make me your bitch.” I was hot and hard. All that mattered at that moment was getting his warm cock inside me. My cock twitched as he continued to tease my sensitive asshole.

“Fuck him hard,” the Dom commanded.

I groaned with the incredible combination of pleasure and pain as 6 inches of warm hard cock filled my asshole.

He buried his cock in my ass and then relentlessly fucked me as I grabbed the cocks of the men beside the cot. The guy beside my face rubbed the precum coated head of his cock across my lips and I instinctively parted my lips. His dick entered my mouth and I moaned as his precum tickled my taste buds.

Julie continued to tape the gangbang as I lay on my back in the well lit dungeon of my new master with a cock in my ass, one in each hand and another in my mouth. It was a depraved deviant scene and I loved it.

Three of the cocks were similar cut six inchers but the one in my right hand was something special. It was a full eight inches long and proportionately thick. I couldn’t wait to feel it in my mouth and I shuddered at the thought of taking it in my ass.

I moaned around six inches of hot throbbing cock as another beautiful dick relentlessly fucked my ass.

They fucked my mouth and ass until I thought I would explode. My jaw ached and my ass was numb. I knew they were both close as they fucked my ass and mouth in perfect syncopation.

The guy fucking my ass groaned loudly as he sank his dick deep inside me and came inside my ass. I could feel his cock spasm and I moaned as he filled me with his seed. His partner soon followed suit and spilled his delicious cream into my mouth. I let it fill my mouth and savored the taste of his man juice. I swished it around my mouth and then gulped his seed like a common whore.

“Master may I please suck this big beautiful cock,” I asked as I pointed to the big eight inch monster in my right hand.

“Yes you may slave,” he answered.

I rolled onto my stomach antalya escort bayan and slid up so my head hung off the end of the cot. My stiff cock rubbed against the soft sheets.

The guy with the big beautiful dick moved in front of my face and I looked at the prettiest cock I had ever seen in my life. It was long and thick with a gorgeous spongy head. Thick veins ran down the iron shaft begging me to wrap my lips around it. A huge dollop of prcum oozed from the tip. I held it in my hands and rubbed it over my lips and face tasting its essence before I parted my lips wide and started to suck it lovingly. I stroked its magnificent shaft with my hands and reveled in the eroticism of sucking his incredible cock.

The remaining guy climbed on top of my back and pushed his greased up cock into my well fucked asshole. For the second time I was filled with cock and I loved it. I was fucked hard as I sucked a beautiful eight inch dick.

The cock in my ass rhythmically stroked my prostate each time he thrust his talented cock into me.

My head bobbed over eight delicious inches of hard throbbing meat as my ass was artfully fucked from behind. Saliva spilled from my mouth and ran down the granite shaft as I stroked and sucked on the perfect cock. I was a submissive cock loving whore and I knew my life would never be the same.

The man fucking my ass grabbed my hips and thrust hard into my molten core several times before burying his shaft deep inside me and depositing a tremendous load of man juice in my ass. He stayed on top of me with his cock still inside me and the weight of his chiseled warm body on top of me was oddly comforting. I concentrated on fellating the beautiful eight inch cock. I luxuriated in the feel of his spongy head in my mouth. The thick veins slid along my lips and tickled my tongue. The flavor of his precum was divine and my mouth watered in anticipation of a mouthful of his cream.

My hands ran over his tight athletic body as I forced his incredible dick down my throat. My cock throbbed as I massaged his rippled abs. I moaned as I wrapped my arms around his thick muscular thighs and squeezed his firm ass. I squeezed my arms tight, drawing him closer and I could smell his fresh clean musky scent. I deep throated his cock over and over as I massaged his balls and tickled his taint as he got closer and closer to climax.

His breathing became erratic and I knew my reward was not far off.

“Let’s see the money shot this time Pig,” the Dom ordered. I was disappointed because I wanted to swallow another load but I did not dare disobey my powerful master. I reluctantly pulled my lips off his warm throbbing cock and stroked it fast as he approached the abyss.

I could feel his cock begin to spasm and I opened my mouth wide hoping some of his cream would make its way into my mouth. The first blast hit my top lip and slid into my mouth. Another shot hit my right eye. Several dollops hit my wide stretched mouth and I held the thick goo in my mouth and savored the briny flavor as cum covered my face like a porn starlet.

I took his spent rod into my mouth and sucked the remaining cream filling from inside it. I swirled the delicious juice around my mouth savoring every drop and then swallowed it all. I collapsed on the cot with cum covering my face and gobs in my hair. I felt completely satisfied despite the fact that I still had not cum.

Julie continued to record the scene as the tall pretty woman, who I had forgotten all about, climbed on top of me on the cot. Her body was soft and supple escort antalya with big firm tits, a narrow waist and full wide hips. She pressed her soft lips to my cum coated mouth. My lips parted of their own volition and our tongues entwined in a deep sensuous kiss.

I knew she was a pre-op transsexual when I felt her hard cock pressed against my own. The idea that I was kissing a very feminine and sexy shemale was mind-blowing and I couldn’t wait for what was next.

“You’re a good kisser,” she said with a slight Hispanic accent as she broke off the kiss and spun around into a 69 position.

Her cock was a small 4 inches and I easily took it down my throat. I moaned around her small cock as she took my hard 6 inch dick into her very talented mouth. Her tongue swirled around my cock and I feared I would cum quickly but she was incredibly adept at bringing me to the brink and then backing off. She teased me over and over, keeping me on the precipice of a powerful climax as I slurped and sucked on her little cock until she rewarded me with a thick load of creamy goo. I swallowed her seed and she climbed off me and turned around. She got on all fours on the cot and waited for me to take instruction.

“Lick her cum filled asshole pig, ” my master commanded as my wife continued to tape my depravity.

“Yes master,” I said as I climbed behind her sexy round ass and buried my face between the soft globes of her ass cheeks. I flicked my tongue over her tight puckered asshole and tasted cum as copious amounts saliva spilled onto the crack of her ass. I thrust my tongue into the tight hole and tongue fucked her as she moaned loudly with pleasure.

“Well done slave. Now fuck her Pig,” Master Steve demanded.

I knelt behind her and pressed the head of my cock against her saliva slickened asshole. My cock slid inside her with surprising ease, no doubt helped by the lubrication from the cum that oozed from her hole. I grabbed her full hips and fucked her with slow languid strokes as she panted and moaned.

“Fuck me harder mijo,” she begged and I acquiesced. I thrust my cock into her ass hard and fast as sweat poured from my body. I felt my climax approaching like a freight train.

“My I cum master,” I pleaded.

“Yes you may pig,” he replied.

“Thank you sir,” I moaned as I buried my cock balls deep in the sexy shemale’s ass and released the biggest loan of cum in my entire life.

I was exhausted and I collapsed onto the cot beside the transsexual.

“Take him over to the tub and clean the pig up,” Master Steven ordered Julie.

Julie took my hand and led me to a Jacuzzi tub in the corner of the room as the transsexual brought the camera over to continue filming my adventure.

I lay in the tub as Julie straddled my head. I instinctively buried my face in her soaking wet pussy and started to lick it. I sucked her thick meaty pussy lips into my mouth and swirled my tongue around them as she held my head in her hands. I knew what she needed and I flicked my tongue over her clit until she exploded in a tremendous orgasm.

“Finish cleaning the pig off Julie,” my master instructed my wife.

Julie grabbed my hair and held my face tightly to her pussy. I felt a flood of warm liquid as she opened her bladder and pissed on my cum covered face.

“Drink your wife’s piss pig,” Master Steven commanded.

I opened my mouth and quickly swallowed her pee. It was salty and not unpleasant as I gulped down as much as I could.

“Did you enjoy your gangbang piggy,” Julie asked softly.

“Yes baby, I loved it and I love you. Did you enjoy the show?” I replied.

“God yes, it was ubber hot. Especially when you were fucking Dani’s ass. I want you and me to share her. What do you think?”

“Hell yes,” I replied. I couldn’t wait until that adventure. “Who keeps the video?” I asked.

“That’s Steven’s, but we get a copy.”

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