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Adam? Yes, Matty.

©2019 by Gamin Paramour

Author”s Note: Thanks to everyone who has written me with such kind words of encouragement. For those who specifically appreciated the addition of Jason to the mix, this chapter should be right up your alley. And we”re still just getting started!

Comments are incredibly welcome, and I intend to answer everyone.(ail)

1) This is fiction, although it”s Based on a True Story! (Unless the guy was bullshitting me, but I don”t think he was.)

2) Stay safe. Don”t break the law.

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Part 10

The play date went exceedingly well. Susan was pleased that Matty had a new friend, having been concerned because he never seemed to invite anyone over anymore, nor did he go visiting anyone else’s house. She said all he ever wanted to do was stay home with me. That was a stark reminder for me that Matty did, indeed, need kids in his life, much as I would love to monopolize him. I resolved to encourage more play dates and more visits to friends’ homes, both to reassure Susan and for Matty’s benefit as well.

Susan hit it off famously with Barbara, Jason’s mother, over coffee and little cakes on our patio Saturday morning. They bonded over single motherhood, which Barbara was still grappling with, and the mysteries of eleven-year-old boys that eluded them both. Susan said having me around was handy, since as a former eleven-year-old boy I could translate for her.

I must say I rather charmed the erstwhile Mrs. Connolly myself. Barbara had reclaimed her maiden name, Quinn, after whatever misfortune had deprived Jason of his father, so now they were Barbara Quinn and Jason Connolly. Barbara wouldn’t get specific, and we never found out exactly what had become of the man; death, divorce, went out for a pack of Luckies and never came back… Whatever it was Barbara wasn’t talking about it, though it evidently didn’t put her off of men entirely. Twice she said something to the effect that if she could find someone like me she’d snap him up in a heartbeat. The second such comment caused Susan to say, “You know this one’s mine, right?” which fortunately made Barbara laugh and Susan retracted the claws before Barbara was even aware they’d been out.

The boys had a marvelous time together, and I could tell that Matty genuinely liked Jason in addition to whatever sexual attraction there may have been. When the play date was ending and Barbara was packing Jason off for home, Matty played his part in Oscar-worthy fashion, coming up with the idea of swimming at the condo as if it had just that second occurred to him. Matty started with the please-pleases to me and Susan and Jason chimed in with similar pleas to his mother, and after feigned begging-off due to a supposed busy week at the office, I allowed that Tuesday would be the one day I could swing it, if it was OK with Barbara, of course. Jason launched another fusillade of pleases at his Mom and, in the great tradition of Moms, she relented mainly to shut him up.

I turned the car onto Jason’s street just after noon on Tuesday, Matty excitedly pointing out the small vinyl-sided cottage where his friend lived.

“Oh, I almost forgot,” he threw at me just as we were getting out of the car. “You’re taking us out for pizza after swimming.”

“Oh I am, am I?” I said, teasingly. “And you decided this all by yourself?”

Matty lowered his voice. “I was afraid he’d just wear his swimming suit all day if we were going straight there and straight back home. Then we’d never get him naked.”

I stopped him with a hand on his shoulder. “Matty, that would mean he wasn’t interested in fooling around after all,” I said. “He’s a person, remember? He gets to want what he wants, just like we do. Believe me, if he wants to fool around he’ll get naked, and if not, then we’re going to leave him alone.”

“You’re right,” Matty said softly, embarrassed by his own deviousness. “But I told him already, so you still have to take us for pizza.”

“I guess I do,” I said.

The door opened before we rang the bell and a beaming Jason appeared. “Hi Matty! Hi Mr., um …”

“Just call me Adam,” I said.

“OK, Adam,” Jason said, his radiant smile melting me. I was in love with Matty and that would never change, but a smile from a cute boy still had its effects.

“Hi Jason,” Matty said, smiling in genuine pleasure to see him. “Are you ready?”

“Hold on a minute,” I said as Barbara came up behind her son. “Let’s at least say Hi/Goodbye to Ms. Quinn.”

“Hi Ms. Quinn,” Matty chirped in his endearing way. “Thanks again for letting Jason come.”

I registered the double entendre, that I, too, hoped to let Jason cum, but I kept a straight face.

“Thank you so much, Adam,” she said. “Jason has been talking about nothing else for three days.”

“Well, he’s a nice boy and Matty really ankara türbanlı escort likes him,” I said. “Susan and I are very pleased that they’re such good friends.” The boys grinned at each other.

“I hear there’s to be pizza afterward,” Barbara said. “Let me give you some money for Jason.”

I waved it off. “Don’t be silly,” I said. “My treat, really. You can treat the next time.”

“Well, OK,” she said. “Oh, can I get a phone number to reach you, just in case?”

I produced one of my business cards from my wallet. “My cell is on there,” I said. “Don’t call the office number, though. I’m playing hooky today. Working from home.” I said the last part with my fingers hooked in air quotes.

Barbara laughed. “Don’t worry, I won’t rat you out.”

With exuberant goodbyes and a kiss on the cheek for his Mom, Jason grabbed up a small backpack with The Smurfs on it and joined us on the sidewalk. I noted two things: one, that eleven seemed a tad old for Smurfs, Matty having been beyond that cartoon for several … weeks, and two, that a backpack hinted that he might not have his swim trunks on underneath his cargo shorts. Though I was still adamant that nothing would happen with Jason unless Jason wanted it to happen, I secretly appreciated that, no matter what, we would probably get to see him naked.

Both boys piled into the back seat of my car, leaving me feeling like a bit of an exile in front all by myself, but like many a chauffeur I adjusted the rear view mirror such that I could watch the boys and see the traffic behind us at the same time. The first good sign I noted was that Jason made a point of buckling himself into the middle position of the three-across bench seat rather than at the far window, better to be physically close to Matty. In fact, even as they giggled and gabbed about school finally being out and how much fun today would be, I saw Jason pull his leg-to-leg touching move right in the car. I know that Matty noticed it, too, and made no effort to stop it.

The boys’ adjacent legs presented an excellent opportunity for comparison. First the obvious, that Matty’s incredible gam was much more attractive to me than Jason’s, but even as the thought occurred to me I knew that it was mostly the love goggles I was looking through. Jason’s bare leg was perfectly attractive in an ordinary eleven-year-old way, the thigh round and unblemished, the calf less shapely than Matty’s but still well proportioned and lovely. I happily noticed that the tiny blond hairs I had bemoaned didn’t start until below the knee, were only on the very front of the shin and not on the calf, and were, in fact, virtually invisible except in direct, bright sunlight. While I still adored Matty’s absolute hairlessness, these little blondies could be easily ignored.

“Does this pool have water slides and stuff?” Jason asked excitedly.

“No,” Matty replied, “but there is a diving board. I like going off of it, but mostly me and Adam have fun wrestling in the water. I like it when he throws me, like, ten feet across the pool. Do you like to be thrown like that?”

Jason’s smile disappeared. “I don’t know,” he said. “Nobody ever threw me.”

Matty looked sympathetically at Jason. “Oh, you mean because you don’t have a Dad?”

Jeez, I thought. Way to bring the mood down, Matty.

“Yeah,” Jason said. “My Mom takes me to the public pool, but she doesn’t throw me around, or even play with me at all, really. She sits in the sun and reads.”

Matty placed his hand firmly on Jason’s bare thigh in a reassuring gesture. “Adam will throw you around,” he said. “Won’t you, Adam?”

“Sure,” I said. “Today I’ll have two pool toys to play with instead of just one.”

Matty grinned in appreciation for the double meaning, while Jason seemed more than pleased to have Matty’s hand gripping his naked flesh. Timidly Jason reached his own hand over and touched Matty’s bare thigh, watching for any sign of rejection, and finding none, they rode that way the remaining five minutes to my condo building.

Jason seemed impressed with the complex, even though it was really quite modest, and he even complimented the interior design of the elevator as we rode up to my floor. We bustled into my unit and Matty headed immediately to the bedroom.

“C’mon Jason,” he said. “We can change in here.”

Jason followed Matty into the bedroom and seemed a bit surprised when I followed them, but not alarmed. I dropped my gym bag onto the bed and unzipped it.

“Here’s your suit, Matty,” I said, playfully throwing it such that it hit him in the chest and fell to the floor. Matty grinned and picked it up, tossing it onto the bed. With no hesitation he began stripping off his clothes, draping them over a chair. Jason watched Matty disrobe, his eyes wide and unblinking as he absorbed the scene he had probably fantasized many times. Matty glanced at me and then at Jason, then peeled his underwear down and he was naked.

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Jason and I both sucked in our breath at the beauty before us. I had planned to watch Jason’s face at this moment, to get a reading of his reaction, but my lust betrayed me and I couldn’t look anywhere else except my beautiful Matty’s amazing nude body. Somehow he had suppressed his erection, something I doubt I could have done in his position, and now he just stood there allowing four appreciative eyes to devour him. There was no doubt that Jason was staring directly at Matty’s crotch; he wasn’t even really trying to hide it, lost for the moment in his reverie. Then he suddenly shot me a nervous look and looked down at the floor.

“Hand me my swim suit, will you, Jason?” Matty asked, and I realized he was forcing the boy to re-engage. Jason picked up the small garment and held it out to Matty, his eyes unable to resist the sweet, hairless package that Matty displayed so freely. Matty smiled warmly at Jason and they both held onto the suit for a second longer than necessary, a pink flush appearing on Jason’s cheeks. He watched closely as Matty found the front of the suit and stepped into it, but when it was about halfway up with Matty’s beautiful genitals still exposed, he suddenly reversed it and pulled the suit back down.

“Hey Adam,” he said. “Do you have scissors? There’s a loose thread here on my suit, and I want to cut it off.”

I opened my mouth in stunned amusement, morphing my expression into a smiling what-the-fuck? He was doing the pretend loose thread bit, exactly as I had done the first time we came to the condo. The kid had known what I was doing the whole time and never let on. Matty turned his back to Jason, offering a view of his delicious flip side, and gave me a don’t-screw-this-up look.

“Try the night stand,” I said, fighting back the guffaw that wanted to burst out of me. Of course I knew there was no scissors since the condo had been cleaned out months ago. Matty played his part earnestly, marching naked around the room looking in every drawer for nonexistent scissors and giving Jason a show he’d never dared to hope for. This whole time Jason just stood and watched, a rapt audience, not even beginning to undress.

Matty finally gave up and muttered something about cutting off the thread when we get home. He stepped into his suit and pulled it all the way up, then reacted in surprise that Jason was still dressed, as if he hadn’t noticed due to being fully absorbed in the scissors hunt.

“Hurry up, Jason,” he urged. “Let’s get down to that pool!” Glancing over at me he pretended to be annoyed that I was still mostly dressed, too, with only my shirt and shoes off. “You too?” he said. Then implored “C’mon you guys! Let’s go!”

I stripped quickly, never taking my eyes off of Jason. When my cock came out, somehow only semi-erect, his eyes widened and he definitely took a gander. When he was down to his little white briefs Matty and I were pretty much staring, and I’m quite sure I saw the outline of a little hard-on through the fabric. Matty and I shared an anticipatory glance then turned back to Jason for the unveiling, but by then he had his swim trunks in his hand and turned quickly to the bathroom.

“I have to pee,” he said, disappearing inside and closing the door.

Matty made an anguished face, clearly feeling gypped, and I admit I was disappointed myself.

“Aw,” Matty whispered. “He was so close!”

“I know, honey,” I consoled him quietly, slipping into my swim suit. “But I’m pretty sure he had a boner, and that’s a good sign.”

“Yeah,” Matty said. “Did you see how he was watching me when I was naked?”

“He’s definitely interested,” I said, “but it would have been a little too fast for him to show us a boner already.”

“I guess,” he said. “It’s a little scary your very first time.”

The toilet flushed and we fell silent as Jason came out of the bathroom, wearing his suit as we fully expected. He looked back and forth to Matty and me, seeming a bit embarrassed, but we both went out of our way to smile and act like we hadn’t noticed anything weird about his behavior.

The next half hour was fairly normal, just a guy taking two boys to the pool. Matty made a point of keeping me involved in their play, though I suspect Jason would have preferred if I dissolved into the background and let him work Matty in peace. Matty’s plan was to just let Jason make his move, but I had been skeptical from the start.

Matty didn’t understand what an impediment it was to have a grownup hanging around. Boys’ sex play is, virtually by definition, something carried out behind grownups’ backs. In fact, that’s part of the appeal, the delicious naughtiness of doing something in secret that you know your parents would never allow. I knew that it would work a lot better to let Jason seduce Matty first in private, then bring me in after Jason was comfortable, but Matty avrupa yakası ucuz escort wouldn’t hear of it. He had decided that doing it without me would be cheating, so it was the threesome or nothing.

We had been in the deep end since our arrival, an older couple monopolizing the four-foot area doing some kind of water aerobics or something, but once they left and we had the pool to ourselves Matty said, “Let’s go down to the other end and wrestle!” I shared a look with him and knew he was tired of waiting and wanted to get some body contact going. As soon as the boys could touch bottom with their feet Matty jumped onto me, and I did as expected and flung him off of me to splash ass-over-teakettle into the shallower water. Jason grinned but only watched as Matty gathered himself and came at me again, and this time I picked him up over my head completely out of the water, his high shrieks echoing off the buildings, and heaved him toward the deeper water, so that he wouldn’t hit the bottom and possibly get hurt. He came up gasping but grinning, exaggerating his supposed near-drowning for comic effect.

“C’mon, Jason!” Matty urged. “Let’s get him!”

With that, both boys launched themselves at me and I pretended to be overcome, though of course I could have easily deflected them and another three of their friends if I was really trying. I had done that sort of thing in the past, shortly after college when I was living in a working-class apartment complex with a small pool and tons of kids of blue collar parents who spent the whole summer splashing and having chicken fights, all without supervision. A couple of them also spent a good deal of time in my apartment with their swim suits off.

Jason was remarkably strong for an average-sized boy with no discernible muscle definition, though not as strong as my Matty. (Love goggles, anyone?) Jason’s smooth, slick, baby seal of a body felt marvelous to my touch, and I quickly felt my erection rising like one of those emergency rafts when you pull the yellow handle. I tossed the laughing Jason away and turned toward Matty, making meaningful eye contact as I cheekily pressed my hard-on against him. Excitement bloomed in his green eyes, and he guided my hand to the front of his swim suit where I felt his full-on stiffie straining outward. The unspoken thought passed between us, that this show needed to get on the road.

I saw the now-familiar look of determination in his eyes and I knew Take Charge Matty was about to “lick ass and take names.” He spun in my arms and cried, “Adam and me against Jason!” and pushed off of my thighs with his feet, propelling himself toward the surprised boy at top speed. Shrieking in surprised delight Jason twisted away and tried to escape but Matty was upon him, and a second later I was as well. Instead of dunking him or knocking him over, Matty wrapped his arms around Jason and began tickling every inch he could reach, something I thought might be less effective in the water than on dry land, but which produced grins and giggles from Jason. I suspect he was happy just to have this kind of attention and touching from Matty.

I was behind the squirming Jason, his back against me and holding him fast with my forearm across his chest. Matty gradually slowed his touches and softened his facial expression until he was much more fondling than tickling, and making deep eye contact with Jason, whose own squirms and giggles slowed and stopped. Suddenly the three of us were entwined in the water in total silence.

With a quick glance around to be sure no one could see, Matty slid one hand up Jason’s thigh and skirted a finger lightly across the front of his swim suit. Jason gasped and I felt him try to move, but it was a weak, halfhearted effort and I held him in place easily. A naughty smile came onto Matty’s face and he made eye contact with me, confirming our suspicions of a boner. Matty moved in closer, and from Jason’s shocked reaction I knew Matty was pressing his erection against Jason’s leg.

“But… but,” Jason stammered, turning his head to look at me.

“It’s OK,” Matty said calmly. “Adam, show Jason how OK it is.”

I got the idea and pressed my hips forward, my rigid cock jabbing into the softness of Jason’s butt cheek. He gasped again, his face flushing red.

“You know what we’re going to do now?” Matty said seductively, fondling Jason’s little bulge openly and obviously. “We’re going to go back upstairs and play.”

“All… all three of us?” Jason whispered.

“Yep,” Matty said with a grin. “Adam really knows how to have fun.” To punctuate this I reached around Jason and gave his little rod a squeeze.

The boy looked uncertain, but not frightened. I think he knew I would never hurt him physically, but the idea that a grownup would not only know what they did in secret, but actually join in, was a hundred percent against his instincts.

Jason turned to me and smiled weakly. “OK,” he said. Then back to Matty, “If you say so.”

Matty grinned. “Don’t worry, Jason,” he said. “You’re going to love it!”

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