Ace in the Hole

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I met Ace in college, he was a beautiful boy. Dark skinned, tall and lean, he was an absolute dream. We didn’t share a class, I just happened to see him in the library and knew then that I wanted him. I walked over to him and asked him out for a pint. Who would say no to a beautiful college senior? A blue eyed, white skinned, red head?

We met later that evening and I found out that Ace was Indian (Ace was a nickname he used since most people couldn’t pronounce his name), with glowing brown skin that made him so tempting. He spoke with a little nervousness, he seemed like a shy boy. But that wouldn’t do for me, I wanted him and I wanted him soon. I paid our tab and asked him to walk me home. Ace, being a gentleman, did and then shyly, hesitantly almost, gave me a little peck on the cheek and bade me goodnight.

Meanwhile, I was getting hornier by the minute, I couldn’t let him leave and realised that beating around the bush would leave me beating around my bush with a dildo later instead of what he was packing in his pants. And so I held his face and kissed him full and sloppy on the mouth. That seemed to magically rid the shyness of him and he confidently kissed me back. What an amazing kisser, he was!

Presently, we found ourselves on my bed, me sucking on his giant eight inch cock, he lying completely naked on my bed. What a beautiful body he had. I sucked on his cock until he pulled me up and started kissing me. He moved his hands to the back of my bra and found the hook. He pulled away from me and looked for approval before unclasping my bra and freeing my decent sized tits, which soon disappeared into his strong hands. I pushed his face down to one of my titties, while he kneaded the other, my hands found my wet clit and I rubbed myself to an orgasm. He realised that I had come already and asked me if I wanted to continue.

“I am just getting started, honey,” said I and pushed him down further.

His tongue found my clit and he gave a long light lick. He moved on to my inner thighs and teased me for a while, at which point, I grabbed his hair and pulled him into my dripping cunt. His tongue was magical and he swallowed my cum, all three times that I came. Later we made love for over an hour, continuously and although he came close a few times, he always held off. Finally, I asked him to come, as I was thoroughly satiated and couldn’t go on anymore and I wanted him to come on my face and tits. I needed to taste that strong man cum. He felt a little awkward but obliged and came like a fountain. Thick ropes of delicious white cream and I swallowed it all. After which both of fell asleep.

I woke up late the next morning and was disappointed to find that he had left already. Famished and hurt I walked into the kitchen and was surprised to find that he had made me breakfast and left a note. It read, “Sorry, had to leave but did not want to wake you. I know it’s rude, but hoping that the breakfast is some compensation. Call me on xxxxxxxx. I really hope you do, last night was wonderful.”

This man was a dream. A brilliant lover and such a considerate and kind person. The only problem was that he was much more passive than I wanted him to. I was naturally a submissive and I liked when someone took charge, he seemed exactly like me. Opposites attract they said, but not in this case. He was too good to let go though bahis siteleri and so I figured I needed to speak to him.

I called him later that evening and after another wonderful lovemaking session I opened up to him. My suspicions were confirmed and he told me, he much preferred to take orders than be in charge as well. He apologised that he wasn’t what I was looking for. But I had another plan. I have always had bi fantasies and I have always wanted to act on them, perhaps this was the time. I told Ace as much. I told him that I want him to go seduce another woman, bring her back to my place and fuck her on my bed. I wanted him to cuckold me. He was flabbergasted but soon warmed to the idea. We met every night that week, and we discussed this in length. And every evening the discussions would turn into scenarios and that would get me so hot and eventually we would end up making passionate love.

Finally, on Friday, we decided to act on our idea. I drove him to a club frequented by the college crowd and gave him a key to my apartment. He texted me after two hours that he struck up a conversation with another girl and that they were hitting it off. I was slightly jealous, but I was hornier. Another hour and he texts that they are going to her place. I texted him back, asking him to somehow bring her here, to pretend that he lives here.

Fifteen minutes later, he confirmed that he had managed to convince the girl. They were on the way, but he warned that I couldn’t be found out, I had to hide myself. And soon I heard the lock turn, I quickly hid myself in the closet. Within minutes they were on my bed, making out. She had him naked right after, and looked approvingly at his cock; my cock. A cock that was, for the last couple or so weeks was exclusively mine, was in the hands of this beautiful stranger, who was sitting on my bed and going to fuck my beautiful boyfriend. (Were we a couple? We never talked about it, but right now, I felt proprietary, jealous and yet incredibly turned on)

She soon had him eating her pussy, she was gripping his head and calling him names. He was lapping at her cunt like an obedient little puppy. She did take charge of him and he gave himself up, they fucked. They fucked for the longest time on my bed, while I peeped through my closet like a voyeur. When she finally left, she had him dress her as well. And right after, I jumped out of the closet, teary eyed but equally wet inside my panties. He had cuckqueaned me, he had done it!

He was standing naked, slightly apprehensive of my reaction. I couldn’t wait anymore, I kissed him, full on the mouth and tasted her juices, tasted the stranger cunt that he had just licked on my bed. Then I tasted more of her cunt on his magnificent cock until he was good and ready again. We fucked the entire night and I realised that, despite the humiliation and the shame, I wanted this. I wanted this beautiful boy to become a slut, so that I could become one as well.

And that is what he became; we became. We had at this point, knowingly or unknowingly become a couple. We did all the couple-y things together, like any other normal pair, except that my young eighteen year old boyfriend would let himself be fucked by other girls so that his twenty three year old girlfriend can get herself off. But for so long, I was never part of the actual process until after the girls canlı bahis siteleri had left and being part of it all was something that I had hoped would happen eventually.

He had also not brought back the same girl more than thrice ever, he was afraid that it may lead to a something serious and that would affect our relationship. But we realised, to fulfil my fantasy, to have me be part of the threesome, we needed someone who would take charge of the both of us. And I knew exactly who the woman was.

Alyssa. Alyssa was Ace’s landlady, twenty seven years old, long blonde hair, blue eyes and a nice full figure. Her breasts were large, long legs and a nice voluptuous ass. She was someone I had often fantasied about and told Ace as much but he really didn’t want to go down that line. She had gotten drunk one night and forced a kissed on him, soon after, he started seeing me and they didn’t really speak about it after that. I urged him to talk to her, to be honest about what we wanted. She was attracted to him that was obvious, she did not really like me, that was obvious as well, but most importantly she seemed like the dominant take charge kind of woman, we both wanted. Me, more so, than Ace. And when even after repeated urgings, Ace couldn’t build up the courage, I decided to take things in my own hands.

The next day, I spent at Ace’s, I made sure to send him out to the common area wearing next to nothing, every time I could. She saw his perfectly formed physique and she sure did notice his huge package, pouring out of his briefs. Finally, in the evening, I asked her if she would like to join us for a drink. She was a little hesitant at first but agreed after a little persuasion.

We sat down in front of the fire and I started making small talk. Ace sat there, again, just wearing a tight tee and boxers that showed off his lean and toned body, at my instructions. She kept stealing glances at Ace and wasn’t really interested in my conversation. Soon she finished her drink and excused herself saying that she was very tired as she had been on her feet most of the day.

This was the moment I was waiting for. I quickly asked her if she would like a foot massage and I offered, “Ace would be happy to give you one, wouldn’t you Ace? She’s your landlady after all.” Right on cue, Ace moved forward and said that he wouldn’t mind all. This was too much of a temptation for Alyssa. She wanted him always, and he had been teasing her all day and now the prospect of a foot massage from the object of her desire! She sat up on the couch and proffered her foot for Ace. Ace worked his magic on her and soon she was moaning, which suspiciously sounded like, it wasn’t just for the massage. The quickly increasing wet spot in front of her tights was confirmation of it. I felt a similar wet spot in front of my shorts as well, watching my boyfriend serve the woman I wanted to serve as well was as much a humiliation as it was turning on.

I couldn’t help myself from touching myself and let out an audible moan, this did not go unnoticed and Alyssa looked straight at me playing with myself and realised what was happening. “You dirty little bitch, you get off on watching your partner serve other women, don’t you!” she smirked. “I know exactly what’s happening now. You are a submissive little cuckquean and your boy here is a slut and whore for superior canlı bahis women like me! Aren’t you slut? Answer me!” Ace looked up, gulped and nodded his head. I had already creamed myself.

She forced her foot inside Ace’s mouth and barked an order, “Strip now. Both of you.”

We both quickly did and Ace kept on licking her foot. She kicked Ace away and asked both of us to get on all fours. She climbed on Ace’s back and held my hair like a leash and led us into her bedroom. There she asked me to take off her tights, while Ace took her top off. She stood there in her panties, the hair from her cunt sticking out from under the panties and the room filled with the smell of both of our wet cunts. Ace unhooked her bra to reveal the two largest breasts I have ever seen. Large areola, and larger pink erect nipples. She pulled Ace to one of those nipples with one hand, and her panties aside with another, then looked at me.

I knew this was the moment I had waited for, since ever. I crawled to her and put my tongue on her hairy cunt. She pulled me away and slapped my hard on the face; “That’s for denying me this wonderful cock for so long,” she the spat on my mouth and said, “get back to licking my superior cunt, slave”

I had cum again, just by the humiliation of the slap. I kept licking her, while Ace sucked on her boobs, soon she had Ace on his knees as well, while she stood with hands on her hips and her legs spread. Ace was instructed to lick her ass while I licked her pussy. We dared not kiss, although we were so close to each other’s mouth. After about ten minutes of licking, her knee buckled and she held on to Ace for support while she came in my mouth.

“Don’t you dare swallow that bitch. Spit it in your boyfriend’s mouth. Let him taste his mistress as well.”

Ace opened his mouth and swallowed my spit and her cum. He was rock hard. Yes, he was doing this because of my fantasies, but somewhere his were becoming real as well. And then, she asked Ace to get her pussy ready for his massive tool, and me to suck him hard for her. He already was hard, but why deny myself the pleasure.

She rode him for hours, fucked my Ace, while I knelt there, holding her open for my boyfriend’s cock and when she instructed, licking both of them for a few minutes. She finally came, all over his cock. My boyfriend, her slave. Ace hadn’t come yet, and she had ordered him not to.

“Come here and hold my ass open, bitch. And you put your cock in there but be gentle.”

Ace had never fucked me up the arse, despite my asking him to do so, several times. He thought it was dirty, unhygienic and said he’d never do it. And here he was, bareback, ready to fuck Alyssa up the ass. His mistress had ordered him and he did not dare disobey. They fucked for twenty more minutes before Alyssa let him cum deep inside her arse.

“Get your mouth on my arsehole bitch, form a seal and swallow every little bit of your boyfriend’s cum. And when you are done, thank me for allowing you the honour of sucking it out of my asshole.”

I did as she said and had a massive shuddering orgasm while doing the humiliating task she had set me to. The musky scent of her arse, mixed with his salty cum and I was drinking it all up. Once she was clean, she asked Ace to kneel in front of her and open his mouth.

“Your girlfriend isn’t the only dirty one here, boy,” she said and pissed straight into his mouth.

“Swallow” is all she said and my prim and proper boyfriend swallowed it all.

“On the floor you two and don’t wash yourselves.” she said as she went off to bed.

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