A Year Of First Times Ch. 05

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As summer ended and the season shifted to a cool fall, Torrie and I continued going parking on a regular basis. Cool fall evenings turned into cold evenings but we always managed to keep each other warm when we were alone.

December 5th was a sunny, cool day that turned cold immediately after sunset. By the time I arrived at Torrie’ parent’s house for our regular Friday date, the evening was very cold. When we left 30 minutes later, it had turned even colder. It was too cold to spend the evening parked but that’s what we decided to do. We didn’t care to ride around, see friends, go to a movie or get something to eat. We wanted to be alone. Since we had no where else to go, we could only be alone in a car parked in a secluded area.

Leaving Torrie’ we didn’t drive to ‘our parking place.’ Instead we drove to an unpaved road in the back of the housing area where she lived. We had parked there several other evenings in previous months so we knew we wouldn’t be disturbed. At least we hoped we wouldn’t be disturbed because over the last few months our physical intimacy had gone to places it probably shouldn’t have.

We had both been naked almost nightly on our dates. We had kissed and touched in just about every possible way. We had enjoyed oral sex. We had been sexually intimate in every way without having intercourse. There was no reason to think that night would be different and we certainly didn’t want anyone to catch us in an embarrassing situation.

Of course, there had been a couple of times when we almost got caught with our ‘pants down.’ There was the night when Torrie sucked my dick for the first time and a car pulled into the driveway of the deserted farmhouse. (See Part 4)

Then later in the same yard, I was lying across the back seat and Torrie was sitting beside me. We were both completely naked. Suddenly a car pulled directly in front of our car and stopped. Its headlights illuminated the interior of our car like it was daylight. There was nothing we could do except wait to see what happened. After a few moments, the car backed up and left. Maybe that was a final sign for us to not park there any more.

One other time when we were going parking at ‘our parking spot,’ we noticed a fire deep in the woods. Instead of taking a chance, we parked in a cul-de-sacs where there were partially built houses. After about an hour we were shocked when a fire truck came out of the woods and slowly drove past our car. One of the firemen on the back of the truck shinned a bright spotlight into our car. We weren’t naked but I’m fairly certain the firemen got a good look at Torrie’ breasts before she could cover up. I know they enjoyed what they saw because there was a lot of hoops and hollers.

I almost forgot about the night when Torrie and I drove to a nearby lake. When we arrived we parked on a deserted road to change clothes. Torrie changed clothes in the car. I stood outside and changed. Then we drove to the arcade. After parking we walked down the shoreline until we found a deserted dock to sit on. Walking to the end, we sat down. Over Torrie’ objections, I unfastened her top. The more I tried to interest her in an ‘early evening fuck,’ the more she protested. Finally, I gave up and refastened her top. Just then, the dock owner walked up and told nallıhan escort us to leave. Even with my bulging erection, we left to find a place to sit, swim and ‘hopefully’ fuck. We had learned to be careful.

So on that cold December night, we drove to where the road dead-ended. I turned the car around being careful not to get stuck in the loose sand. Turning the headlights off, I left only the parking and dash lights on. Then I moved the front seat as far back from the dash as possible. The night so cold I had to leave the engine running and the heater blowing on high so it wouldn’t get too cold in the car.

My grandfather has died a few months earlier and as we parked I was reminded of why I was so glad my parents had decided not to sell his car. It was a ‘tank’ with a big front seat that was just right to ‘mess around’ in. The seat was so much bigger than the back seat of my car that many times I drove the ‘tank’ so Torrie and I would have the comfort of a large area to fuck and suck in.

Torrie was already sitting close when I put my arm around her. Pulling her closer, I kissed her lips lightly. That light kiss led to a lingering kiss, which led to a more passionate kiss. Soon our tongues were involved in a slow erotic dance they knew well. As our tongues danced, I slipped my hand under Torrie’ skirt and began rubbing her legs, pussy and ass. As our passion grew, I reached under her sweater so I could touch her firm breasts. Her hard nipples strained against the material of her bra.

It wasn’t long before I took Torrie’ sweater off and tossed it on the back seat. Next our shoes came off. Then Torrie unbuttoned my shirt exposing my chest. As we began freely exploring each other’s body, I took her skirt was off and tossed it in the back with the sweater leaving her sitting there in just her bra and panties. As always I was having trouble unfastening her bra when Torrie sat back in order to help me. Letting the straps slip off her shoulders and unfastening the hooks, my eyes were able to feast on her beautiful breasts. After tossing the bra on the back seat, she helped me take off my shirt.

Then she put my shirt in the back with her clothes before unfastening my belt and unzipping my slacks. Torrie put her hand in my pants and began rubbing my growing dick as I alternated kissing and sucking on her breasts and nipples. While she continued rubbing my dick through my briefs, I had Torrie to raise up so I remove her panties.

“Now take your pants off.” Torrie said as soon as she was completely naked. At that moment I wasn’t going to argue with her so I quickly pushed my slacks and briefs down below my knees. As I struggled to get them completely off, Torrie wrapped her fingers around my exposed dick and began to slowly jack me off. This made it very difficult for me to get the rest of my clothes off but I managed. Soon we were both naked.

We didn’t have to explore each other too long before we ended up in what was one of my favorite positions. Torrie was lying across the seat with her head toward the driver’s side and I was lying beside her with my head toward the passenger side of the car. ‘69’ was not only a great year; it was a great position to be in.

Torrie lay there with her legs spread giving me necatibey escort complete access to enjoy her pussy. As I buried my tongue deep between her pussy lips, I could feel Torrie lick up the length of my dick and across the tip several times before her lips encircled the head. Expertly she sucked me into her warm mouth. The taste and smell of Torrie’ pussy was intoxicating as I licked and tongue fucked her but unfortunately all of this pleasure would be over sooner than I wanted. It wasn’t long before a familiar feeling began to build in my balls. As she continued sucking my dick the feeling became stronger and stronger.

I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would shoot globs of cum into her mouth. I tried to concentrate on tongue fucking her pussy but I couldn’t hold back and began to cum. She didn’t stop. She continued sucking as I shot off. Just like every other evening, she swallowed every drop before my semi-erect dick slipped from between her lips. I continued licking her pussy until she gently pushed me away and put her legs together.

While I turned around, Torrie moved on the seat until her head and shoulders were directly behind the steering wheel. I moved over of her, kissing her deeply. I could taste my own cum and I’m sure she could taste her pussy juices as our tongues returned to their private dance. I began kissing down Torrie’ neck toward her shoulders and breasts. It didn’t take long for the kissing, touching and rubbing of our naked bodies together to cause my semi-erect dick to grow hard again. With my dick brushing against her leg, I kissed, sucked and licked down her body until I was kneeling over her legs.

Suddenly, she surprised me when she shifted positions. She spread her legs leaving me kneeling between them. I don’t know what she expected. She probably expected me to eat her pussy again. Instead I moved my body close between her legs. It felt completely natural for us to continue kissing and to rub our pubic areas together. I could feel her legs holding me tight as our bodies pressed together.

That’s when it happened. With no planning or forethought, I put my hand between us. Taking my dick in hand, I slowly rubbed the head up and down between Torrie’ wet pussy lips before stopping with the head resting against the opening to her ‘almost’ virgin pussy. Putting a slight amount of pressure on the opening, I moved my hand away and took a deep breath. I waited to see what her reaction would be. When she didn’t move away, I knew the time had come.

As I pressed forward, she raised her hips to meet me. With one gentle push, I was all the way in her pussy for the first time. Slowly, I began to push in and out. The feeling was incredible. Torrie’ pussy seemed to welcome my dick each time I pushed into her. Soon I was about to cum again.

Since we had never fucked before and hadn’t needed birth control before that moment, I had to decide what to do. Should I pull out and cum all over Torrie and the seat? Or should I continue to fuck her and cum inside her? For the second time that evening I did what came natural. I soon pushed as far into her as I could and shot-off deep inside her pussy. This time my dick didn’t stay semi-erect and soon shrank enough to slip out of her pussy. Because of our position ankara otele gelen escort behind the steering wheel, it was a struggle for me to move off of Torrie but I made it and sat at her feet against the passenger door.

Torrie didn’t move. As she lay there with her legs apart, I reached over and began to lightly touch her soft blond pubic hair and the flesh of her lower belly. At first my eyes were fixed on her breasts, they seemed to swell with each breath she took. Then my eyes focused, in the dim light, on her pussy. Her pussy was obviously wet.

In dimness, I could see cum trickling out of her. It was moving down between her ass cheeks and onto the cloth seat. A small wet spot was beginning to grow larger and larger as I sat there watching. I knew I would have to explain the stain to my parents but I really didn’t care. I would just tell them a half-truth. I would say that something was spilled on the seat. I just wouldn’t tell them it was cum spilling out of Torrie’ pussy.

Torrie lay there brushing her fingertips over my hand and arm until she started getting cold. Realizing how late it was, we began to dress so I could take her home. We had just finished dressing when we saw car lights approaching.

Quickly we changed places. Before the car got to where we were parked I drove off. We never knew who was in the other car and really didn’t care. We were just glad they didn’t show up 30 minutes sooner while we were enjoying the pleasures of the evening.

It only took a couple of minutes for us to get to Torrie’ house. After walking her to the door and kissing her goodnight, I went home to bed by myself although I would have certainly preferred to stay with her.

From then every time we went out we ended up touching, sucking or fucking like a couple of teenagers in heat. Of course, that’s what we were. We were two teenagers in love, who had learned to enjoy each other sexually. At Christmas, we became engaged with the understanding we would wait at least a year before we got married. We were only kidding ourselves because we were married two months later.

Over the years, I had a close encounter with my sister-in-law and a couple of touchy-feely relationships with close ‘lady friends.’ I’ve even had two ‘love affairs’ with very special women that lasted for several months each time.

By her own admission, Torrie has been less than faithful. She too has enjoyed touchy-feely encounters with ‘friends’ that included touching, kissing and ‘given the situation’ (Her description.) giving and receiving oral sex. Although I’m really not sure how many, Torrie told me she has had ‘more than one,’ what I’ll call, ‘one time fucks.’ She even admitted playing touchy-feely-kissie with another woman on at least one occasion. Still, she denies having any satisfying or long lasting relationships. I wonder if that’s true.

The years have been good to us. We’ve been married 33 years and we have definitely had ups and downs in our marriage. I’m glad we’ve always been able to work through anything that came up and I look forward to spending many more years married to the young girl I grew up with.

Maybe I’ll write about some of our other memorable sexual experiences in the future. No maybe about it, I am going to write about them and I’ll simply title them ‘Life with Torrie – Part?’ Don’t forget everything I write will be the memories of a horny teenage boy that grew-up to be a horny old man. I hope you’ll read and enjoy them as much as I will when I remember and write about them. You can read about ‘Life with Torrie’ in ‘Loving Wives’ stories.

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