A Week of Control Pt. 02

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Rebecca took a deep breath and slipped her arms out of her little dress. With a wiggle of the hips she slipped the dress down to her feet to reveal a matching black underwear set.

She stepped out of the crumpled dress and went to remove her heels, although she was stopped from doing so by a wag of the finger from her older mistress.

“I like the heels, leave them on”.

Rebecca blushed, a nervous smile brushing her lips. She stood up straight and got ready to remove her bra. She was, however, stopped in her tracks again by Amanda’s roving hands.

Amanda had seen Rebecca’s flat stomach and beautiful bosom, and was desperate to get to know this perfect body a bit more intimately. This woman was here to be her sexual plaything and she was going to take full advantage.

Rebecca was so aroused. This woman wanted her and it had been so long since she had been wanted in this way. She longed to expose herself to Amanda, quickly groping to unhook her bra and release her supple breasts. They jiggled loose, cause an audible “mmm” to escape Amanda’s lips. The older woman’s hands were immediately grabbing and groping the soft humps, teasing Rebecca’s erect nipples.

“I am going to enjoy these” giggled Amanda.

“I hope so” replied Rebecca, growing in confidence.

Amanda was keen to keep up the momentum. She wanted to make sure that Rebecca understood that she was in control, and so immediately thrust her hands into the front of the younger woman’s panties. This caused Rebecca to gasp and jump.

“Oh wow” Rebecca squealed, feeling Amanda’s fingers exploring her soaked slit.

“You are a dirty girl… I can’t remember the last time I felt a snatch so wet. You love being my little sub already, huh?” Amanda whispered.

“Yes miss, please don’t stop miss”

Amanda stopped immediately.

“There will be more of that later”. Amanda could not encourage this sub making demands of her when it was supposed to be the other way round.

“Remove your panties” Amanda said, determined to resist touching her young lover for a while. As Rebecca pulled her last remaining underwear down, Amanda admired the smooth, hairless pussy that glistened with arousal.

“Very good, Rebecca. You will do nicely”. Amanda’s tone was business-like as she avoided making eye contact with the naked beauty in front of her. “I look forward to using that body.

Rebecca felt both joy and discomfort. She was already loving the fact that this woman was making her so aroused, and knew she had made the right decision in seeking a dominant woman for some sexual experimentation. But the exposure and level of control that she was handing to Amanda, to her mistress, would clearly take some getting used to.

It was at this point that Amanda removed her own dress to reveal her naked form. She had not been wearing underwear, and so with one quick movement the older woman was suddenly nude. A pair of black heels were the only garments remaining on her body.

Rebecca was too stunned to react. She just stared. Her mistress’ large breasts and smooth pussy were all she could look at. The surge of hormones in Rebecca was confusing – she always thought of herself as bi curious, but never as being so totally attracted to the female form.

“Does my little plaything not like what she sees?” Amanda was teasing Rebecca – she knew a lusty stare when she saw one.

“Yes… yes of course”

“Yes what?”

“Yes bahis şirketleri miss”

“Good. How would you describe Mistress’ body?”

“Like a goddess miss” replied the stunned younger woman.

Amanda sauntered towards the other woman, accentuating the waggle of her hips and smiling coyly. “You will be worshipping this body as if I were a goddess, slut. I am glad you are so… enthusiastic about it”.

Rebecca did not reply. She just stared.

Amanda turned and walked to a cupboard in the corner of the room. She did not look back once at the naked girl behind her, but she just knew that Rebecca was watching her ass as it swayed from side to side. The naked guest could not see inside the cupboard, but watched with interest as her mistress rummaged for something towards the back. She had often admired ladies’ buttocks in the past, but had never before wanted to touch and feel one as much as now.

Amanda found what she was looking for and quickly turned to strode back to her visitor.

“Do you know what this is, slut?”

Rebecca’s eyes widened. “It’s a strap on, miss.” It was huge.

Rebecca watched as her mistress put it on with such precision and efficiency that it was clear she had used it a lot in the past. Amanda now had ten inches of rubber cock jutting out from her midriff.

“Now I don’t really like sex toys, slut. I prefer my submissive to use their own tools to satisfy me and themselves. But we must break you in, mustn’t we?”

Rebecca nodded. She was apprehensive about the toy going anywhere near her, but was already so addicted to this woman that she would do anything to please her. How did she have this much power over her already?

“Good girl”, Amanda whispered, leading Rebecca to the table in the opposite corner of the room.

There was no foreplay or building of the tension. Amanda had played this game before and knew that she had to establish her dominance early if she was to enjoy a satisfying week. She pushed her younger lover’s head down onto the table, barked the word “stay” and took a step back. Using her own feet, she pushed apart Rebecca’s legs and took another step back. She took a second, maybe two, to admire the spreadeagled sub in front of her.

Lunging forward, she reached out a hand and rubbed it once over Rebecca’s engorged lips. She was soaking.

Without wasting a second more, the mistress grabbed the tip of the rubber shaft, guided it to her partner’s pussy, and thrust.

Rebecca was shocked by how impersonal and quick the act had taken place. She was humiliated. Here she was, bent over a table, being fucked by a woman she had only known for two hours. Each thrust, methodically timed three seconds apart, reminded Rebecca that she was now totally under someone else’s command. She was exhilarated and petrified at the same time.

After ten minutes, during which time Amanda had slapped Rebecca’s ass cheeks and repeatedly reminded her guest that she was a whore, the fucking was complete. When she finally withdrew, Amanda took a step back. Rebecca stayed exactly where she was, fearful to move.

“You may stand” panted the exhausted Amanda.

Rebecca stood and turned to look at her mistress. Amanda saw the smeared mascara and the puffy eyes on the younger woman, instantly realising that she had been crying.

“You will now have a choice. You may stay for the week, or you may go now.”

Rebecca was torn. The impersonal bahis firmaları fucking was unexpected, but she could not deny that giving herself over to another person was an enormous thrill.

“May I ask a question, miss”


“Will it always be that rough?”

“Well you must know that you are mine. You had to learn that lesson. You have to realise that I can do that if I so wish. But if you are a good girl, it will not always be that rough. And we have a lot of experimentation to do” Amanda was certain she had made her point.

Rebecca thought for a second. She recognised a sincerity in Amanda’s voice and eyes. “I would like to stay miss” she asserted after a moment’s thought. She could not bear to consider letting her nerves and uncertainty get the better of her now. She had to see this through and have this experience.

“Good girl”. Amanda grinned and walked towards the naked woman in front of her. She wiped the tears from her eyes, pushed the hair from her face and kissed her passionately. Rebecca melted into her arms, returning the kiss and realising that she had made the right decision.


Rebecca stood in the shower and let the warm water wash over her body. It was nice to feel clean and refreshed. Her room was nice, but she had been surprised to learn that she had a separate room to her new mistress all the same.

She had been given firm instructions to return, naked, to the living room once she had cleaned up. Amanda had assured her that there was no time limit, but Rebecca was anxious to not keep Amanda waiting for too long.

When she had dried her hair, she put it into a bun. This was another request from the older woman, and Rebecca happily obliged. Satisfied that she looked presentable, Rebecca set off down the stairs.

When she arrived in the living room, she found Amanda sat on the sofa in a skimpy silk night gown, her legs exposed and folded beneath her.

“Hello pet” she smiled.

“Hello miss” Rebecca replied smiling.

Rebecca had immediately noticed that the entire contents of her bag were laid out neatly in front of her. She had actually expected that this might happen, and was keen to understand if Miss approved of what she had brought along.

Amanda had gone through each item one by one, discarding the redundant items that she already had (like the handcuffs and the dildo), putting aside the more boring underwear and excitedly isolating the various costumes and lingerie that she could imagine finding attractive on her new pet.

“You will now model some of your garments for me. We will leave the lingerie for now, but I want to see some of these costumes. Understood?”

“Yes miss” replied Rebecca, smiling to herself. She knew that the four outfits she had brought made her look good and was confident that she would make a good impression.

Amanda liked the nurse’s outfit, but she was not sure of the context in which she might be able to use it. She was not much into playing patient, but she decided to keep it in the back of her mind just in case.

The sexy secretary outfit was much better. Amanda moaned when Rebecca stepped out wearing it, and could not resist standing up to grope and kiss her plaything when she came out. The blouse was too small and the skirt was too short. The tops of her hold ups were visible. But Rebecca was ravishing.

“We will definitely use this later” cooed Amanda, to the visible delight kaçak bahis siteleri of her lover.

The policewoman outfit was also attractive, but again Rebecca sensed a certain apathy towards the look when Amanda first saw her. Amanda had smiled, but Rebecca was quickly changed again.

The maid’s outfit, the last of the four, was clearly Amanda’s favourite. Consisting of little more than a short apron with some back material around the breasts and shoulders, it was he most risqué outfit that Rebecca had brought. It certainly used to turn on her ex-boyfriend years ago and Rebecca was delighted to see that it had the same effect now.

“That is the one for tonight. You look… delicious” Amanda purred, again getting up to kiss and feel Rebecca’s body.

“I am glad that you like it miss” replied Rebecca, enjoying being the object of lust for a second.

Breaking the embrace, Amanda set about defining the agenda for the evening.

“A pizza and some wine will be delivered shortly. We will spend the evening watching movies and getting to know one another. You must remember that I am entitled to do whatever I like with your body and ask anything of you. Is that clear?”

“Yes miss”

“Good, now sit down next to me”

Rebecca joined her mistress on the sofa. They cuddled for a short while, enjoying each other’s gentle embrace. After perhaps ten minutes, Amanda kissed the younger woman and kicked off a make out session that was only interrupted by the pizza delivery boy’s knock fifteen minutes later. With him dispatched with a £20 note and a terse goodbye, Amanda could focus on the beauty in her lounge.

With the pizza served, some salad on the side and big glass of wine poured for both women, Amanda instructed Rebecca to eat. As she started to eat the first slice, Amanda slid off her gown and stood up.

Rebecca stopped eating, again stunned at the naked form in front of her.

“Keep eating” commanded Amanda.

Rebecca resumed chewing and watched as her mistress, this mysterious goddess, knelt in front of her and parted her naked legs.

“No matter what, keep eating”, the kneeling woman ordered.

Amanda hungrily started eating Rebecca’s newly aroused slit. As Rebecca struggled to bite and swallow each mouthful, Amanda was devouring her aching pussy. Squeals and groans erupted from the new submissive every ten seconds, and she writhed in sexual ecstasy with every lap of her mistress’ tongue. Only when she had finished her third slice of pizza did Amanda stop, grinning as she felt her sub climax. Rebecca noticed her lover’s face glistening with her own juices as the goddess looked into her eyes.

“Thank you miss” exclaimed the exhausted Rebecca, unable to fathom the depth and intensity of the orgasm that just engulfed her. She was trembling. She had made the right decision to stay.

The rest of the evening was spent cuddling. Occasionally Amanda would pull Rebecca close and rhythmically slip her fingers in and out of the woman’s wet snatch. At other times she would grope and suckle on her breasts, and kiss her lover’s quivering mouth. By the time the second movie was finished, Rebecca must have cum eight times, and felt more connected to this woman than she ever had to anyone ever before.

“Thank you” sighed Rebecca, as they said their good nights.

“That was only the beginning” promised Amanda, going in for one more kiss. “Tomorrow you will start your training”.

Rebecca slept soundly that night, excited by the prospect of the next morning. In the next room, Amanda slowly brought herself to a climax thinking of the ass, and breasts and delightful pussy that were hers for the week ahead.

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