A Waking Dream

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She woke up with the moon shining through the window onto her bed. The moonlight cast glowing shadows across the room, reminding her of an underwater seascape. She ran her right hand down her body, starting at her chest, moving down her right breast, pausing at her nipple and fingering it softly. Her breast felt soft, full, and supple under her warm winter comforter. After a moment, her hand continued its journey downward across her navel as her left hand moved onto her abdomen, resting lightly against her upper pelvic bone, her fingers moving into her triangle of hair. Her right hand moved into a parallel position with her left and she arched her back. She moved both her hands to rub the insides of her thighs and her lower belly.

She closed her eyes as she felt her inner muscles contract to the soft touch of her fingers. She wasn’t surprised when she moved her fingers over to touch her clitoris that it was already wet. She had been dreaming of a man. A man who had been haunting her dreams, bringing her endless pleasure and longing. She had awoken tonight moments after he had entered her, filling her. Filling her so wonderfully that she had woken in the moonlight desiring to be filled again.

Her fingers were moving inside her now. The image of the beautiful man hovering over her filled her vision as she rubbed her clitoris expertly, her heat and wetness beginning to drip onto the satin sheets under her. His dark hair matched the hair on his strong chest; the muscles on his arms flexed as he thrust against her counter-thrust, güvenilir bahis the two of them moving rhythmically, becoming one in the soft moonlight.

She reached with her left hand to her bedside table, leaving her right hand moving slowly in and out of her. Without opening her eyes, so as to retain the vision of her lover, she grasped a phallic statue from her beside table and brought it into the warmth of her satin bed sheets. The dildo felt cold against her skin as she moved it across her belly and in between her legs. She touched its tip against her pussy and pulled it away again quickly, the coldness of it shocking her.

She brought her moist fingers out of her warmth and wrapped her hand around the dildo shaft, warming it and moistening it. She rubbed it, transferring her inner fluid onto it until it felt warm to the touch. Then, as the man of her inner vision bent low to kiss her lips, she inserted the dildo into her inviting moistness. She pushed it in as the man thrust forward on top of her, kissing her face and neck.

She arched her back as the ecstasy of her movements began to fill her with immaculate pleasure. Her muscles contracted and eased as she felt a tightening just inside, where the man’s erect penis penetrated her. He began to whisper to her as he pressed into her, “You are so beautiful, my dear. I can feel you surrounding me, making me whole. Mon fille belle. Je t’adore.” They moved faster now, so that they slid back and forth on the crisp satin sheets.

As they moved together, she could türkçe bahis feel his balls slapping her, just below where his hardness penetrated her. They moved in unison, becoming one in the cool moonlight, stirring in one another an ecstasy rarely experienced in the sensual world.

She felt close to cumming now, the tension in her lower abdomen building to a greater intensity. The vision of the man on top of her, moving so expertly in and out of her, filled her and became real as they made love, her legs wrapped around his, her lips against his chest, and her fingers digging into his back. Their groins smacked one against the other, their juices mixing, her enticing wetness consuming his hard cock. In and out, in and out, in and out, one against the other, moving together to the music of eternity.

They were breathing together, their breath coming fast now. The man began to moan, which only furthered her ecstasy, and she could vaguely hear herself echoing his moans. She knew she was going to cum any second, the tension inside of her having built into a crescendo of pleasure. In and out, in and out, in and out he moved, his breath coming quick now, his eyes closed and his head back. He thrust hard, deeper than he had before. Again he thrust. And again. And again. Deep. So deeeeeep.

She exploded in an orgasm that shook her whole body, moving in waves from her pelvis down her legs and up again to her crotch, up her belly, wrapping around her breasts, right to the tips of her long silky hair. At the same instant, she felt güvenilir bahis siteleri the man cum deep inside her, filling her with his inner fluid and intensifying her ecstasy. He convulsed against her shaking body, moving smoothly yet jerkily now, as pleasure wracked his body. He let out a long moan and slowed his movements.

But he didn’t stop. He kept moving in and out of her as the last waves of her orgasm swept through her. She could feel the juices dripping from her against her thighs and the man’s erect penis moving slowing into her, and out again.

She slowly came back to herself, reluctant to leave her waking dream. She felt herself moving the dildo in and out of her pussy carefully and slowly, feeling extremely sensitive to every slightest movement. She gently felt around her pussy and the sheet below her, rubbing her sweat and wetness into her skin and up onto her belly

She slowly took the dildo out of her and put it back on the bedside table. She opened her eyes to see the cool moonlight resting against her naked body. Her comforter had fallen to the floor beside her bed. She luxuriated in the cool night air caressing her feminine form. She stretched, arching her back, and raised her arms over her head as she felt sleepiness approaching from the realm of the sacred river. She slowly rolled over and pulled the comforter back on top of her and rested her head on a soft pillow.

She closed her eyes and thanked God for bringing the mysterious stranger into her bedchamber on this cool moonlit night. She curled up and let sleep roll over her. As she fell into a wonderful peaceful slumber, she felt a masculine grasp gently take her hand in his, raise it to his soft moist lips, and lead her on into another dream as yet undreamt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32