A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 25

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[This is a continuation of a series. You do not have to read any or all of the previous instalments to enjoy this one, although it does help. This story does include severe discipline and with bodily functions. If either of those topics offends you, please read no further. All characters are over 18.]


Janet had told Eleanor that now that the contract for underwear had been awarded by the Corrections Service to Goose Cookers, they were free to socialize with the women representing the Corrections Service with whom they had been dealing. Janet had invited Annette and Kathryn to join Eleanor and her for dinner at The Lounge.

The Lounge was a favorite women’s restaurant in the second-largest city of the Women’s Republic. It featured a ladies room outfitted for use in disciplining. Dominant women were welcome to take their submissives to the ladies’ room for this purpose. There was also a separate men’s room to which men might be taken by women for disciplining. Not many men were to be seen at The Lounge, but there were always some and usually they had been brought there by their female partners who intended to discipline them in the men’s room.

Annette and Kathryn appeared at the appointed hour to join Janet and Eleanor, who were hosting them. Annette was a bit older than the others, although Janet, a few years younger than Annette, was still several years older than Kathryn and Eleanor. Eleanor realized this might be a bit of an uneasy evening since she had actually been engaged to marry Annette, despite their age difference. Women were permitted now to take a second partner in addition to one of the opposite sex and this would have been an additional marriage for Eleanor, who was married to Jackson as well.

The marriage was indefinitely postponed, however, because Annette was promoted but needed to return to the capital city. Eleanor and Annette decided that they should wait until a time when they would be in the same place. With the great success Eleanor had been having at Goose Cookers, she was loath to return to the capital, where she had been humiliated (see Ch. 1).

The Correction Service pair appeared in their sparkling dress uniforms. Annette was now a lieutenant colonel and Kathryn was a senior warrant officer. Annette’s uniform was truly impressive, befitting her status as a field grade officer. Eleanor had suggested to Janet that they invite the two noncoms of the Corrections Service who resided with Eleanor, Sgts. Denise and Linda. So, these two very attractive women were also present in uniform and seemed only slightly reserved in the presence of senior commissioned officers.

The two knew Annette from afar as a well-regarded veteran of the service and they had come to know her intimately when she had been living in Eleanor’s very spacious apartment where they now resided. Annette tried to make them feel at ease by complimenting them on their appearance and telling them that she missed seeing them every day almost as much as she missed Eleanor.

The newcomer to this party was Kathryn, who did not know the two sergeants and had only become acquainted with Annette when the senior officer had arrived to join her in handling the procurement for the underwear contract. Kathryn was based in the city but had only relocated recently. She had been recruited for the service because of her experience in government procurement. She was a pleasant-looking blonde but not striking as both sergeants were.

Janet went out of her way to converse with Kathryn, recognizing that this was new for her. She was able to suggest good places to shop while Kathryn was assigned to the city and promised to get together with her so that she could show Kathryn around and have her meet some of the key women in the city’s society. Janet was a member of the Victoria, a very exclusive women’s club housed in a well-appointed building of its own that had been the leading club for men in the city before the formation of the Women’s Republic.

It was the kind of place where Janet could host the top officials in both the government and private sector, especially visitors from the capital. In fact, Janet had carefully managed to have Eleanor elected to membership at what was a relatively early age. Kathryn admitted to Janet that she still felt a bit at sea because the city was new to her. Janet conversed with her to give her some ideas about people she might wish to meet through introductions Janet would arrange.

Kathryn gradually determined that the two civilians, Janet and Eleanor, were bi, which she was, and that the two sergeants shared a bed as lesbians. The dinner proceeded well, as all the women seemed to be enjoying the group conversation as well as some chatting among pairs. SGT Linda was not entirely comfortable in this elite company. She looked attractive in her uniform with her brunette bangs cut at the perfect length. She also was drinking more wine more quickly than was wise.

She remembered how her boss, CPT Susan, bahis firmaları had disciplined her and her resentment of the newcomer rose. She looked at Kathryn and said, rather blandly but bluntly, “You’re new here, aren’t you? Don’t push your luck. You’re not a model and you’ll find that some of the women will eat you for breakfast, sweetie.”

Even though Kathryn was bi, she was not interested in getting it on with a confirmed lesbian. She seemed a bit shaken by Linda’s aggressive comments and felt she was being put down, by a noncom in the service, no less.

Annette saw what was happening and determined right then to put a quick halt to it.

“Linda,” she said firmly, “you’ve been drinking too much, and I want you to come with me, right now.”

Linda realized she had gotten herself into deep water and tried to withdraw.

“I’m sorry, Colonel,” she said to Annette. “I didn’t mean anything, and I hope I didn’t offend you or Warrant Officer Kathryn. If I did, I apologize, deeply.”

Kathryn assumed that this would be the end of it, and she felt that Annette had come to her rescue in a difficult situation. But Annette decided to teach the irresponsible sergeant a lesson.

“Linda,” she said firmly, “stand up and come with me. We will deal with this in the Ladies Room.”

Eleanor and Janet were surprised to see Annette escalate the situation so drastically. They both instantly realized that Linda was going to be disciplined in the Ladies Room and would be humiliated in the process.

They both quietly made their feelings known to Annette, but she waved them off.

“I won’t tolerate this kind of behavior in a member of my service,” she responded.

She looked at Linda and repeated her order to stand. Linda complied and Annette took her by the hand and as if in a trance, Linda went with her. Eleanor looked at Janet and Denise and the three rose calmly and walked a bit behind the pair into the Ladies Room.

Annette led Linda to a plinth in the front area that was clearly intended for discipline.

Linda was now very fearful and coming to her senses from her inebriation. She knew she was now in for it bigtime.

“Lift your skirt, Sergeant,” Annette intoned. Somehow Linda managed to raise her tight, attractive, uniform skirt so that she was holding it above her waist, revealing her standard-issue white cotton panties.

Now Annette came over in front of her and her thumbs inserted in the waistband of Linda’s panties, lowered them slowly to her knees.

“Keep your legs apart so those panties don’t fall down further,” Annette ordered crisply, drawing on her years in the service as a Senior Correctional Officer. She then told Linda to sit up on the plinth, which the young brunette sergeant did. Annette had her lift her legs up onto the plinth and then asked SGT Denise and WO3 Kathryn to hold her legs up over her body and apart, placing Linda in the feared diaper position for disciplining.

Her panties were now hanging on her legs and the group was staring right at her bottom, spread by the two women holding her legs apart so that her vulva and anus were revealed to all of them.

Annette retrieved a cane from the Ladies Room cabinet and stood in position to administer the punishment. She laid the cane across Linda’s bare bottom, drew it back, and flicked it twice quickly to impart two red lines, which speared in the moments after the stroke was delivered and Linda had let out a restrained cry.

The Senior Correctional Officer drew the cane back again and now imparted two stronger strokes and SGT Linda let out screams which were heard by the onlookers but stifled by the insulation of the Ladies Room from being heard outside its confines.

Now Annette drew the cane back for a third time and this time gave Linda two stinging strokes right across the lower part of her bottom near the crease with her thighs. These elicited screams of pain but again, these were unheard outside the room. Kathryn was now quite nervous at having been in a sense the cause of this punishment.

Annette waited until Linda had calmed down and told the women to let go of her legs. She then said to Linda that the punishment was over and that she could pull up her underpants, let down her skirt, and stand. Linda slowly followed those directions and did not forget to thank her punisher, “Colonel, thank you for correcting me. I am very regretful to have caused this need for disciplining and will strive to avoid causing any further problems necessitating further punishment.” Annette responded that the statement was appreciated and pointed to Kathryn.

Linda managed to summon her strength to turn to Kathryn and apologize to her for behaving badly and causing her pain and annoyance. “I promise to do everything I can so that you can aim to forget this unfortunate occurrence,” Linda stated and said she had great respect for Kathryn and her position and was sorry that she had offended her and hoped she would forgive her.

Kathryn kaçak iddaa decided that it would be better to demonstrate kindness in this situation and responded to Linda’s apology by telling her that she regretted that it had been determined necessary to punish Linda and that she would forgive her for any offense that Linda had committed.

Annette suggested that they now return to the Lounge proper and that it was probably time to leave for the evening. Janet, who had been silent throughout this entire development, asked that they return to the table for a moment.

When they arrived at the table. Janet rose and proposed a toast to the success of the agreement. All raised their glasses, including Linda, and after Janet spoke briefly, they all drank from their glasses except for Linda, who decided it would be wiser for her to abstain.

They all then thanked Janet for her toast and her hospitality, and they left to return to their respective homes or hotel rooms, in the case of Annette and Kathryn.

When Janet left, she drove Eleanor home. She told Eleanor that SGT Linda was likely to suffer for her unwise statement and behavior. Eleanor asked if the whole episode could be put behind them. Janet smiled and said it was very considerate of Eleanor to feel that way but that she knew the correctional service and that this event would follow Linda to her detriment.

Eleanor did feel that this was unfair, but she kept her silence and thanked Janet for the dinner and for concluding the event on a pleasant and constructive note.

“I had to do something to change the tenor in which things had deteriorated,” Janet responded. “You might want to advise both those ladies who live with you that they must be careful in these kinds of situations. Annette, whom you know very well, too, is not someone who will put up with that kind of nasty interference in her work.”

Eleanor thanked Janet for her advice and said she would definitely make sure it was conveyed in the proper spirit and tone. “Annette was so caring for me,” Eleanor recalled, “but then she still always did her job even when she must’ve not always wanted to.”

“That’s right,” Janet said calmly. “She’s quite dedicated and will do what she thinks is right. But remember that she is in corrections, so that will shape her behavior.”

“I know you have the right attitude and ability to take care of this with Linda and Denise,” Janet said with a smile, and reminded Eleanor of how pleased she continued to be with Eleanor’s total efforts and major constructive role in the company.

Eleanor left the car and went into her apartment. Linda came up to her, still very upset but now seeming to be scared, and asked Eleanor how Janet had reacted.

“Janet told me that you both need to be very careful in your dealings with Annette,” Eleanor said. “You know I love her because we were going to marry, but I met her when she was involved in my awful punishment, and she was quite caring but also always did what she was required to do. But Janet has had a longer relationship with her so she should be the one you pay attention to.”

Then she told Linda and Denise that she wanted to hug them both. They smiled and all three opened their arms and joined in a warm mutual hug.

“I’m promising to intercede for you, Linda,” Eleanor then said, “by going to Annette if she or anyone comes down on you. I don’t want to worry you, but Janet mentioned to me that this wasn’t over for you, and she knows how institutions work. I’ll actually get her to step in. Don’t wave me off, because Janet is an incredibly powerful friend to have in your corner.”

Linda looked a bit shaken and still woozy, from the wine and from what had happened to her.

“You know, Ellie,” she responded, “I engage in disciplining people, mostly men, all day, so I’m pretty hard-nosed about this, but that scene in the Ladies Room, while not anywhere near what happened to you, was fairly heavy duty.”

“It was,” Denise chimed in, “but listen to what Ellie said, and let’s be ready for whatever comes down. We both are learning how things work at these higher levels and I’m grateful for Ellie’s being willing to stick her own neck out for us. After all, Janet is her boss and she has to be careful, too.”

Denise and Eleanor led Linda into Eleanor’s room and Eleanor then smilingly invited them both to stay the night with her. Denise saw that this would be a good way to cool Linda down, so she quickly agreed, and Linda nodded her assent.

They undressed, in fact, they stripped off, as Eleanor brought out some gowns for everyone once they were wanting them. Then they climbed into Eleanor’s marvelously huge bed and fell into each other’s arms. Eleanor moved so she was facing Linda’s hairy pussy as she was poised between the attractive brunette sergeant’s legs.

She gently let her tongue tip trace the outline of Linda’s lovely cunt, along the lips and then a dab to touch the very top of her clit. Linda bucked kaçak bahis at the slight touching of Eleanor’s tongue on her sex. She was ready for a cum after the wretched end of her day in diaper position in the ladies’ room.

Denise also participated in showing her some needed affection. The gorgeous blonde caressed her fellow noncom’s breasts and nuzzled into her upper body, across from one armpit to the other. She stopped to bestow some small, delicate kisses all over Linda’s face and neck.

Finally, Eleanor reached into her night table for a sizeable dildo which she began inserting slowly and lovingly into Linda’s welcoming cunt. In and out until the inevitable crisis arose and Linda lifted her bottom off the bed in her instant ecstasy.

She fell asleep very soon thereafter and then Eleanor and Denise enjoyed each other thoroughly, playing some more with some of Eleanor’s favorite toys. They brought each other off enough to get themselves ready to nod off not very long after the sleeping Linda next to them.

Dawn came to wake them and after they enjoyed breakfasting together, it was off to work. For Linda, the summons came in mid-morning. She received a message on her screen that directed her to report immediately to the commandant’s office. Pulling up her pantyhose, she straightened her uniform, gave her sparkling auburn hair a flip, and set off for she knew not what awaited her, but it wasn’t going to be good.

CPT Susan was waiting in her office and said, “I had hoped you would clean up your act, Sergeant, when last we were together here, but I suppose it was not to be. Now it’s out of my hands.” She showed Linda an official-looking paper.

It was on Department letterhead, and the address was Headquarters, in the capital. Then she read the contents:

“TO: CPT Susan, Commandant, Re-Education Center 37

“RE: Status of SGT Linda, Re-Education Specialist

“This office has been apprised by two senior officers of the untoward behavior yesterday of SGT Linda of your command. As the office has previously been made aware of her misbehavior which resulted in your recent need to discipline her, her instigating a problematic situation which caused LTC Annette to impose on-the-spot discipline in the presence of the leadership of an important contractor requires immediate rectification.

“It is therefore,

“ORDERED that SGT Linda shall report to this Headquarters tomorrow at 0730 hours. And it is

“FURTHER ORDERED that SGT Linda is reduced in grade to PFC, effective immediately.

“Consideration will be given to restoring her rank once she has completed the special re-education program that will commence upon her arrival at Headquarters tomorrow.


“COL Antoinette, Headquarters Commander”

After reading the memorandum order, CPT Susan looked sharply at Linda, and said only, “You have brought this centre into question by Headquarters. I hope that they are able to put some sense into you during the program you will undergo there. If I were you, I would look on this as a second chance, because I have been led to understand that there was significant support for separating you from the Service.”

Linda was barely able to hold off bursting into tears. She had never realized until now how tenuous anyone’s status in the Correctional Service always would be. She went back to her office, packed her small cases, and left the centre as quietly and promptly as she could manage.

No one was home when she arrived at the apartment but Jackson. She decided that she might as well tell him what had happened. She explained the entire course of events and asked him to pass this on to Denise and Eleanor when they returned. Then she gave Jackson a kiss and moved to pick up her bags and depart for the airport.

Jackson was nonplussed as he knew Linda, as well as Denise, had never warmed to him. He told her that he really was sorry for her because he had always felt that Denise and she had always treated him fairly both when he was in the camp with them and then here at the apartment.

“I know you really don’t like men much,” he said, “but you are so striking and seem so capable that you will make it through this,” he added with a smile. “I will talk to Eleanor so that she will want to do what she can to vitiate the worst possibilities you might face.”

Linda was moved, as she had expected nothing supportive from him. “Thanks so much, Jackson,” she said with much feeling, “because I really don’t deserve it from you.”

She leaned into him, hugged him, and then kissed him deeply on his lips.

Jackson smiled and said he looked forward to seeing her there soon and wished her all the best.

“Don’t let the situation get to you,” he observed. “Remember that I went through re-education twice and I don’t feel sour about it. It’s an awful come-down for you, I know, but you’ll come through,” he went on, “you’re the best, Linda.”

Linda arrived after a short flight in the capital city. She had grown up there but had now spent a few years in the service so in many ways, this would be a new experience. Then she reminded herself that it would not likely be an enjoyable one.

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