A Time to Surrender

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I’m not gay but wrote this story as a bi-curious fantasy. If you enjoy reading it please let me know. I would especially like to hear from those who’ve had actual first experiences and whether or not you think my story is plausible. If not, how could it be more realistic? I hope to hear from you guys soon.

* * * * *

I woke up early that morning, I wish I could’ve slept late and been well rested for the evenings events, but how could I? As I lay awake I began thinking about the plans I had made, I kept pondering if I’d be able to fulfill the fantasies I had been harboring. I knew I wasn’t gay and didn’t want a relationship with a man… but the promise of new erotic pleasures thrilled my imagination. Soon my hand began rubbing myself through my silk boxers. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feelings through my hand and fingers, imagining it was another man I was stroking. I became very aroused. I decided to get dressed, I wanted to keep my edge and knew if I satisfied myself now I may lose the courage to proceed tonight.

As expected, an Email from Rick was waiting for me at work asking if I still wanted to meet tonight. I replied with a simple “yes”. Later that day I got another email which simply stated “good”. We had met on an Internet personals message board. He was everything I was looking for in my first experience. He was gay and wanted a serious relationship, not a fling, which lead me to believe he was safe and I could trust him. He wasn’t a game player… nothing about him gave me bad vibes and we exchanged many emails and even met once for casual conversation over a light dinner before I decided to proceed with the nights plans.

Eventually the workday was over and I was driving down the interstate to the motel where we agreed to meet. My thoughts were flooded whether I should turn around and go home. I knew Rick would understand and I wouldn’t have to live with any regrets. Ultimately I decided to continue, soon I would know what it’s like to experience all of my sexual possibilities.

I arrived first and settled into the room. It was freezing outside but the room was comfortably warm. I started drinking from a bottle of wine I had brought using one of the rooms courtesy cups in lieu of a proper glass. Though I had made the decision to be there with a clear & sober mind, I wanted to be “relaxed” for the evening. I drank much of the bottle then decided to grab a quick shower and freshen up. I stood with the hot water streaming over me, still a little apprehensive whether I should be there. My thoughts were jogged when the bathroom door opened. There stood Rick who is 6′ tall with an average build, perhaps a little athletic but not overly muscular. He smiled and said “I’m glad you made it, leave the water running.” Feeling a bit ashamed of my own slightly over weight body, I donned a robe and let Rick have the shower. I lay in bed awaiting him, I realized I was a lot “relaxed” maybe too much and I began to get nervous.

CLICK, the bathroom door opened and Rick came out wearing only his briefs. I propped myself up and started to say something when he simply held a finger to his lips “Shhh…” I remained quiet. I had previously asked him to take the lead and show me what he wanted. He turned off the lights and lit two candles which gave off a surreal glow… it felt like a dream. The room was eerily quiet and I could hear my own heart pound as Rick approached the bed. He could sense my feelings and whispered for me to relax. “I’m fine” I replied. Rick opened my robe, sliding his hand down my chest unto my stomach, stopping just inches before reaching my cock. I could tell Rick was measuring my reactions and looking for hesitation… but he was eager… aggressive. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feel of his soft kisses on my chest, my nipples… it felt wonderful yet I trembled with the newness of it all. Rick continued his kisses as I imperceptibly became hard. Rick began stroking my cock with one hand. Soon his head was moving down… My breath became heavier, wanting so badly to be pleased. I could feel him bahis firmaları licking the side of my shaft, teasing the head of my hard cock with his lips and tongue and stroking it in a way I thought I was in heaven…. Suddenly the sensations stopped.

I opened my eyes and Rick was above me. Our eyes met and his lips touched mine… I parted my lips and his tongue plunged into me, our tongues swirled together, a smooth wet sucking action as the kisses became deeper and longer. I wrapped my arms around him. In our embrace I could feel the steamy heat of his, still wet, body against mine. Rick broke my grasp and went down again… this time he didn’t tease but took me into his mouth, expertly caressing and sucking my hard member until, in almost no time, I was going to cum. Rick sensed this and stopped again. This time I knew he wanted more than a kiss.

Rick stood at the foot of the bed. I joined him, spreading my legs on either side of Ricks thighs as I sat on the edge of the bed. I made brief eye contact with Rick as he gave me an approving glance. I leaned into him, resting my forehead against his chest. I looked down at the bulge in his briefs. Rick rested his hands lightly upon my shoulders at first, then began gliding one through my hair. I ran my hands up his thighs and waist, hooking my thumbs around the elastic band of his briefs. I pulled them down, freeing him. His cock was only semi-erect proving his patience and self control. I cupped his balls with one hand and wrapped my fingers around his rod with the other, lightly stroking him. I could feel the blood rushing into his cock as he grew harder. I was turned on knowing he was obviously enjoying the moment. Soon Rick was fully erect and I realized he was very thick at the base, tapering off to almost 7″ in length.

I leaned further down and allowed my lips to graze the his shaft. I felt myself trembling in doubt as I continued. I kissed and licked the head of his cock, tasting the small amount of the clear pre-cum that had gathered at the tip. I had licked this fluid from my own fingers many times during masturbation, fantasizing about this moment. I felt Rick’s hands in my hair… nudging me to continue… I formed a small pocket with my lips which nestled the head of his cock… but I paused. I realized this was the point of no return. Rick shoved his hips forward yet holding my head firmly in place. I eased my resistance allowing the head of his cock to slip past my lips. Rick gasped a sigh of pleasure as he was finally given some reward. I held him there for a moment savoring the silky feel of his flesh, then took him a little deeper. I began moving back and forth, amazed at how natural the rhythms came. I slid him deeper and deeper with each lunge until he was against the back of my throat. I tried to relax and not gag as the cadence increased. He felt so hot inside my mouth, his own thrusts began, in unison with mine. Rick began moaning in pleasure. Rick’s hands cradled the back of my head, controlling the depth and speed at which I serviced him. My jaws began to ache as my own saliva flooded around his cock. Rick’s legs began to tremble so he climbed into bed and laid on his back. I nestled between his legs and continued my actions. The light sloshing sounds quickened as my nervousness faded and I began thoroughly enjoying giving my first blow job.

Using my tongue and cheeks I formed a moistened sleeve around his cock and soon found a comfortable depth where we both derived the most mutual pleasure. I slowed the pace as I stopped, taking a moment to admire his glistening cock. I tried to make it last but Rick was hungry for satisfaction so I resumed my bobbing actions. His thrusts would occasionally be stronger, more forceful, with his hands firmly against the back of my head I had to take him deep several times. I didn’t mind, I would take gasps of air through my nose without stopping what I had begun. Rick began to tremble, his cock stiffening as his thrusts became erratic. I anticipated taking his release, wanting to satisfy him completely. Instead he pulled out and away. I was confused, kaçak iddaa both of us panting in a daze of excitement. “let me finish” I pleaded. “Are you sure” was his only reply. There was no need to answer as Rick’s body relaxed beneath me. Grabbing the base of his cock I felt it twitch as my lips engulfed him, I knew he was close… very close. I began to both squeeze and stroke him with my hand while sucking him. Ricks body shuddered as the powerful throbs began. I inhaled sharply and lunged down in that final moment as the first stream of cum sprayed into my mouth. Rick cried out in pleasure as I pulled away just long enough to quickly swallow, his cream splatted against my lips and cheeks. Rick came heavily, each thick burst flooding my mouth and senses with his essence. I kept him inside me for the duration of his orgasm, swallowing when I could until his climax receded. I continued to suck and lick his rod until I knew he was satisfied. Soon Rick pulled me on top of him and gave me a deep “gratitude kiss”.

We continue to lay together for a while without speaking as the immediacy of our urges subsided but the desire remained. Rick had brought some massage oil and we took turns rubbing the warm lotion onto each other, discovering every inch of each others body. The experience was very relaxing. At one point Rick was on his back as I was beside him, rubbing his thighs. I began rubbing the scented oil on his cock, working his shaft until he was almost hard again. I felt Rick grab my leg, pulling me until I was straddling him. I had to stop my actions as I felt his mouth engulf my aching, hard cock… I sighed with pleasure, the wine had my head buzzing and I began to go down on Rick. I was surprised how aroused the 69 position made me, though I was a bit too flustered to completely enjoy either giving or receiving. Soon Rick rolled me from atop him and I nestled into the bed, ready to enjoy the same action from a different perspective, Rick had other plans.

Immediately Rick rolled me unto my belly, I could feel his hot breath against my neck. He nestled his body between my legs and I could feel his stiff cock against my lower back. I closed my eyes, enjoying the sensation of Rick massaging my back, working his way lower until his hands were grasping my bare ass. Then there was a pause as Rick yielded a small jar of thick lubricant. One of his hands grasped my shoulder while I felt a slickened finger probing the entrance to my ass. As it slid into me, I instinctively pulled away… “Here, try this” Rick said as he placed two pillows under me, lifting my ass into the air. I relaxed the second time he slid his finger inside me and it felt strange and new. I was already very aroused and began to really enjoy his gentle probing. Then, as I neared the height of ecstasy, almost ready to cum, Rick stopped again, leaving me on the edge of satisfaction. I looked back as he rolled a condom unto his cock. I closed me eyes and put my head down as I felt him at my entrance again but this time he was grabbing my hips forcefully… with both hands. I wasn’t sure what to do or expect. I spread my legs a little more hoping it would make things easier as he placed his cock at my entrance. Slowly he thrust forward, pinning my body down but he was too big to gain entry. I felt a little relieved as I didn’t think it was going to work. I felt him relax his efforts as he shifted positions, this time he raised his body higher, finding a better angle. Rick spread my ass cheeks with his thumbs and pushed down again. The pressure built with increasing intensity… then it happened. Rick’s cock pierced my tight ass by just a few inches. “Aah… STOP” I cried. Suddenly my blissful delirium had been replaced with total sobriety as I lay there helpless, I heard my own anguished squeals as I tried to accept this new intrusion. “Relax, relax, relax…” Rick pleaded as he held me in place, refusing to pull out. The initial amount of pain eased a little as Rick began guiding himself into me, inch by inch, then out a little. The thrusts became deeper as I mentally dealt with finding the pleasure. kaçak bahis I tightly gripped a pillow beneath me as I relented to continue and in one swift motion Rick buried himself to the hilt.

I felt every second of every minute as Rick continued. I almost imperceptibly began making muted “Aaahs…” with every thrust, feeling his hot manhood deep within me. The thrusts became quicker, increasing the intensity of the moment. Rick groaned louder as he became even more aroused. His cock stretched my body as he began pumping all the way into me, I realized his incredible thickness and could feels his balls against my own. Soon, using his strength and experience, he began to relentlessly work my body. My pain and surrender was his reward to be used as visceral pleasure. I knew I couldn’t take much more as each short powerful thrust shook my entire body. The rhythms had reached a fevered pitch and as if in someone else’s voices I heard my own muted cries “Aah.. ah.. ah..aah…” blending with the clamor of creaking bedsprings and Rick’s guttural moans. I was totally helpless and at a breaking point when Rick stopped, as if he sensed my needs. He began long, slow strokes which felt soothing compared to the level we had reached moments before. Any questions whether I was enjoying the experience were answered as I realized my cock was very hard. I enjoyed the sensations of grinding my body against the soft cotton pillow covers. Rick felt these motions and began thrusting in unison with my writhing body. I gently squirmed beneath him, surging my ass upwards each time he plunged down on me. This excited both of us, Rick more than I as he shifted his body over me, holding me down by the shoulders. This time the tempo of his thrusts quickened rapidly, each thrust became shorter and more forceful as he buried himself into me. Again, I was becoming very sore. I tried focusing on my own pleasure but I had enough. “Stop” I cried out and pulled myself away. “It’s OK” Rick said but his body betrayed his words. We both were breathing heavily and Rick stood on his knees above me during the awkward moment as I tried to compose myself physically and emotionally. I glanced back at Rick and saw him slowly stroking his rigid cock, in need of satisfaction.

“Roll over” Rick said “lets try this.” I rolled unto my back as Rick pulled away one of the pillows and spread my legs wide. My cock seemed harder and taller than ever. I closed my eyes as Rick’s warm mouth flooded over my head and shaft. Using both his hands and mouth to stroke me I began bucking upwards, unable to restrain my pleasure. Rick realized I was at the edge and pulled his mouth away and began stroking me with a fast, tight squeeze. I couldn’t hold it back any longer, I cried and began to cum. I felt my own orgasm arrive in powerful staccato bursts as my semen shot high into the air, landing on my chest and stomach. Rick kept stroking as I kept cumming. Finally it ended and my body felt like jelly, almost to weak to cleanse myself.

I realized Rick wasn’t finished when I looked up and watched him slather more of the lubrication on his rigid staff. Then he leaned into me, lifting my ankles above his shoulders. Rick pressed his cock head against my entrance and shoved into me. I was pleased that it was easier to accept him from this position. We both shifted into our desired positions and Rick began fucking my sore ass. I had never intended on going this far tonight. I began moaning in both pain and pleasure, tightly clenching the bed sheets. Despite wanting it to end, or perhaps to hurry to the end, I cried out “Oh yeah… Oh yeah… Oh fuck me… fuck me hard… I want you to cum.” Sometimes my cries of pleasure became loud but I tried hard to quail the intensity of emotions. I reached behind me, grabbing the bed rails to brace myself, allowing Rick complete control. Rick showed no signs of slowing as his angry thrusts continued unremittingly for what felt like an eternity. I tried to suppress my torment but it finally became too much. I broke my grasp and shoved away, both of us panting heavily as Rick collapsed beside me.

Rick got up to clense himself as I lay back to rest, contemplating the past two hours. We both drifted off to sleep exhausted. I slept soundly for several hours before I was awakened… the night wasn’t over.

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