A Surprise Massage

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Being forced to live on a fixed income as a disabled veteran meant among other things that it was rare that I could make the trip to see my son, daughter in law, and two grandchildren who had moved 1700 miles away on a new job.

It was not only the expense of the trip, but the trip itself seemed to tear at my insides, bruise my back and cause new aches in every joint in my body.

It created a dilemma, because my heart was begging me to go, my pocket book and body were dreading the trip. It had been a year and my heart was finally winning the battle.

It was a beautiful drive across the Rocky Mountains, looking at the beautiful scenery, watching the antelope bound across the high prairies, and even the variety of tourist that one encounters in such a journey, but the best part of the trip, at least to this point was watching the four of them seemingly pour from their doorway as we braked to a stop in their driveway.

My heart was brimming, my body was begging for a break.

There was hugs and kisses all around then I made my way haltingly to the best easy chair in the house as my wife, son, daughter in law, and grand children began unloading the suit cases and assortment of other junk that always seems to just fall in the trunk of the car on such trips.

With that mission accomplished there were pleas for a trip to town for supper, but I begged off, urging them to go have fun but at the moment all I really was ready for was a hot soak and a chance to lay my body prone on the bed in the guest room.

As I stretched out in the tub of steaming water, feeling the heat soak into my sore aching muscles, I answered the goodbyes yelled through the bathroom door as the family readied themselves for the trip to supper.

Shortly after they had left, I rose from the tub, dried myself, wrapped the towel around my waist and headed for welcome of the bed waiting in the guest room, only to discover that I was not alone. My daughter in law had stayed behind so that I would not be alone and to fix me what ever I might want to eat.

She is a drop dead, beautiful young lady with long wavy dark hair and the deepest brown sparkling eyes that have always melted my heart. Her round face is set off to perfection with soft pouty lips that could easily transform into the most radiant of smiles.

In the ten years that she had been a part of my family I had always found her captivatingly beautiful, but I must confess that it had always been extremely difficult to keep my eyes and my mind from dipping from this beauty to her ample breast.

It was not the sort of thoughts that a father in law should have, but a glimpse of her cleavage had often sent my mind into erotic fantasy that would, could never be. Oh well I guess there is no harm done as long as it is but fantasy, even though at times I swear that she could almost read my mind.

We had always been close and our conversations often would wander into off colored jokes or hiltonbet giriş comments about the fact that apparently her husband had inherited his mother lack of sex drive. Several times I had made the comment that it was a shame that we couldn’t help each other out in that department, then we would both laugh at my joke and move easily on to the next subject.

I trod past her, wrapped only in my towel and eased down on the bed, not closing the door of bed room so that we could visit through the opened doorway.

In a few minutes she came into the room carrying a bottle of hand lotion, sat down on the edge of the bed and began to gently massage the very tired and sore muscles in the calves of my legs.

Her fingers were soft as she kneaded each muscle, stretching them, working the lotion into the dry skin of my legs.

As she would stretch toward my knees she would lean slightly forward and my eyes were focused on cleavage that fleetingly came into my view.

The massage was giving some much needed relief to my legs, the most scenic view of the trip was causing the need for another kind of relief that she could not help but notice as the towel covering me seemed to have developed a very noticeable lump, but she didn’t seem to have noticed.

She started massaging above my knees, her warm tender hands sliding just beneath the covering towel, her eyes seemed glued to just her hands, seeing only the muscles that she was giving sweet relief.

No words were passing between us but the electric current that was radiating seemed to be a very real thing that surely she could not help but notice.

Slowly her hand worked higher up my right thigh and her finger tips brushed so very lightly against my throbbing cock that I wasn’t for sure if it were real or if it was just my wanting it to be real.

She looked into my eyes and said in a nonchalant voice, “Looks like I’m not the only one that hasn’t been getting much attention lately.”

I groaned something in agreement and then involuntarily pushed my hips toward her, my pulsing cock wanting her touch, needing her attention.

She smiled a bit of an impish smile that gave me no clue as to her thought, then carefully wiped the lotion from her hands on the towel that really was not hiding my need and desire at all.

This was happening in slow motion but my blood was racing, my heart was pounding and there were beads of sweat forming on my brow.

Then her hand slipped back beneath the towel and this time did not massage the now forgotten muscles of my old tired legs, but instead lightly gripped my cock, just gently squeezing, releasing, rubbing so very lightly up and down.

I wasn’t for sure if I had died and gone to heaven or if perhaps I had fallen asleep and this was but a dream, but which ever it was I could hear gasp and moans escaping from my lips.

I reached out and lay my hand lightly on her arm, rubbing gently, touching lightly hiltonbet yeni giriş this beautiful woman that was giving me the type of attention that I had until this moment only dreamed of.

I let my hand slide up her arm, squeezing lightly, then transferred it to the soft swell of her breast, letting my finger tips glide across her blouse, searching for her nipples, my eyes straining for a sign that perhaps her nipples were starting to become erect.

I cupped first one breast then leaned forward so that I could cup the other with my left hand as my right hand slide beneath her blouse searching for direct contact with her skin.

Still we were silent as her hand every so lightly stroked me while my hands were in frantic search for contact with her breast.

My fingers worked at the clasp on her bra, my heart racing, my mind in total bliss.

The clasp finally were released and my hand slid beneath the garment touching her skin as my fingers traced the bra marks along her ribs to those heavy beautiful breast.

As I cupped her breast, feeling her nipples stiffen against the palm of my hand, her hand continued the slow gentle massage of my cock.

I unbuttoned her blouse with my left hand as my right hand continued to caress and cup her large firm breast. With each button my eyes were devouring a little more of her chest, her skin until I finally reached the bottom button.

My manipulations had worked her loosened bra up and suddenly I could see the dark areola, the stiffened nipples and my hardness seemed to get only harder as she let me slip her blouse and bra from her, replacing her right had with her left as the garments were completely removed. She sat before me, naked from the waist up, her hand paying a heavenly tribute to my throbbing cock, my eyes and hands worshiping her breast.

She leaned forward, her soft sweet lips pressing lightly upon mine, parting and allowing our tongues to dance an erotic ritual as our hands explored and caressed each others bare skin, locked together in frantic kiss as she tugged the towel from me.

Then she slid down, teasing my nipples with her tongue, playfully nipping me with teeth, her large round breast pushing against my bare skin making it difficult for me to continue my loving tribute.

Lower she slid until I could not reach her.

Then her tongue flicked across the head of my cock and she looked up at me with that impish smile, holding my cock against her chin.

I struggled to say “please”, but the only sound I could get to escape was another moan.

Then with her eyes still locked on mine, she slipped those soft sweet lips over the head of my cock, her tongue tracing the slit, gently circling the head with hot wet velvet of her mouth.

I felt on the verge of passing out from pure pleasure as she slide those sweet warm wet lips down the shaft of my cock, electricity surged through me, my balls seemed to be boiling, hiltonbet güvenilirmi my mind screaming, my heart racing, my body arching toward the pleasure of this beautiful woman’s lips.

“Oh baby” I could hear myself saying, over and over as the pleasure seemed to only get better with each movement of her head slowly bobbing up and down.

I could feel my seed began to boil and reluctantly I pulled that up, loosened those lips from my cock that was screaming to fill her mouth with loads of hot cum, then I rolled her on her back on the bed beside me and pulled her jeans and panties from her.

I wanted to just devour her beauty with my eyes forever, but unbidden my lips were drawn to her breast. Licking, tasting, teasing.

I could feel her nipples hard against my tongue as I suckled first one then the other.

Then my tongue dipped into her belly button, slowly pushing in and out as it traced it’s way to her slit.

My hands cupped and gently caressed her breast as my tongue flicked across the tip of her clit, then traced it in racing circles.

I slide down a little bit, pushing my tongue into her, tasting her wetness, smelling the soft musk of her arousal, feeling her heat against my face.

One hand cupped her soft ass cheeks as the other attempted to pay tribute to her large beautiful breast.

I sucked her clit into my mouth, nibbling gently, sucking, letting my tongue race back and forth across, my fingers pushing into her hot wet pussy, my lips pushed against her pelvis, my head shaking a gentle but insistent “no” against her pelvis as my tongue raced a frantic “yes” across her clit.

She moaned softly, arching her back pushing against my face.

Her wetness drenched my face and my fingers, her sweet musk of arousal filled my nose, her soft insistent moans played like sweet music in my ears as nibbled, sucked, teased and caressed her slit, her swollen clit, her dripping pussy with my tongue, my mouth and my fingers.

She arched her back hard, her hands on my head pulling my face to her as her body quivered and moaned in a shuddering orgasm. Her wetness seemed to soak into my face as her body shook almost violently in release.

Then she lay still as I slide up the bed beside her, laying my hand between her legs just to feel the heat, to hold it there as I lay on my side just looking at the nude body of this beautiful, wild and wonderful woman.

The minutes passed all too quickly as I lay soaking up the beautiful feelings that seemed to float freely in the air.

Then she slid down the bed, kissing my chest, again teasing my nipples with her tongue as she placed my still hard throbbing cock between her breast.

Unbidden I began to make love to this soft warm cleavage.

She bent her head on an upward thrust of my hips and again flicked her tongue across the head of my cock.

“Be careful, Baby” I warned her. “I just was just about one stroke away from cumming in your mouth the first time.”

Again her tongue flicked across the head of my cock, then she looked up at me with that sweet beautiful impish smile and said, “We’ll see about that,” and then I watched as my cock disappeared into that hot liquid velvet of her soft, wet, warm mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32