A Submissive at Heart Ch. 02

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If you have not read part one I encourage you to do so! This story is much better read from the beginning.

So the next morning when I awoke, as best I can recall, I had very conflicted emotions about our kinky night before. To anyone reading this who has not lived out a kinky fantasy at some point you often feel a bit ashamed or jealous the first time.

Michelle went to her moms early the next day before we had a chance to talk, it was defiantly a Saturday or Sunday because I lay in bed until about eleven. Even though I pleasured myself 3 times that morning I remember my range of emotions going from painfully horny to exceedingly jealous. While that may seem odd given our open relationship, it was the first time either of us had explicitly talked about another partner.

When I finally got up I did what I always did when I was alone; which of course was look at and read porn. I remember several hot stories about guys eating creampies and like always I end up hard as a rock and rubbed my cock till I was Cumming on myself. Sorry to deviate but I imagine a lot of you will agree, streaming videos, high definition and even 40 inch monitors for your ocular pleasure (as I have currently), will never be as hot as a great story.

It wasn’t until about 7 p.m. that Michelle returned. I remember she was hornier than usual and within about 10 minutes, after a bit of polite chitchat, we were in bed fucking. After the events of the night before I was rock hard the entire time, we truly fucked each other’s brains out. Unfortunately for me all the masturbating that day made it impossible for me to cum. After two orgasms for her and about 20 minutes I rolled off her feeling completely spent but still horny as hell.

She cuddled up into my arms and we both lit smokes. After a rare 1 or 2 minute period of silence Michelle smiled a naughty smile and said:

“So are you as turned on from last night as I am?”

I think as a result of not having an orgasm and the honesty of the moment I confessed that I had wanted to eat another mans cum out of her for a long time; I went on and explained how I found the whole submissive thing incredibly taboo and kinky. She was rubbing herself by the time I finished my diatribe, she asked me if I would like “it” to happen again. I smiled at her and said, “more than anything babe”. The next thing I knew we were fucking again. During our love making we continued our discussion although, in an attempt to recall this tale as accurately as possible, I have to admit I have little recollection of the actual conversation, what I can say with certainty is that it was one of the hottest sessions of my life.

Over the next three months things fundamentally changed in my relationship with Michelle. I lost touch with my “stable”, as I called agrı escort it, of other woman and Michelle appeared to drop her other partners with the exception of Mark who she visited 3 or 4 times a week.

At first there were often nights I would end up angry and jealous when she came home after a “date” with Mark, inevitably though I would get turned at some point after her return, eat her cum filled pussy and tell her how hot it all was. I have to admit over time the jealousy faded but not the eroticism. We eventually got into a routine where she would come home from a date, get me in the sack and then crawl up onto my face and tell me all about her time with Mark while I eagerly ate his cum from her pussy.

For the first few months we would always have sex afterwards but after awhile she would simply get me to eat her and then roll off and pass out. Of course I was always rock after and would rub my cock until I came. Oddly her not fucking me after really added to the fantasy and made my eventual orgasm that much better.

It was about the 3-month point of our new lifestyle when she started to bring Mark back to our place after a night out. The first few times they would fuck quietly and he would leave immediately after. About 4 months into our new lives we had our first threesome which basically entailed me getting sucked off by Michelle and Mark fucking her; of course it ended with me on my back eating her pussy and Marks cum.

Oddly meeting Mark was not as awkward as I thought, he was a bigger guy and fairly muscular, we also had the same facial structure, hair and eye colour. Michelle definitely knew her type I would say.

Anyways Mark and me became pretty good friends. It seemed he was as turned on fucking another guy’s girl as I was eating his sperm from her. Ultimately though I think after you have spent enough time sharing a girl with another guy you reach a certain comfort zone, which is what happened with Mark and me.

Eventually we would even go out together get hammered and when we stumbled home he would fuck Michelle and I would pass out in our spare bedroom. As time went on Mark would visit more and more and Michelle and me seemed to have sex less and less.

It was about 5 or 6 months into our new “lifestyle” that Mark, Michelle and myself ended up getting extremely inebriated at our house. After two 750ml bottles of vodka we started to play truth or dare. About two or three turns in Michelle dared Mark and myself to strip. Never one to back down I tossed my cloths off and sat before them in my birthday suit; oddly it wasn’t awkward at all. Mark shrugged a moment later and did the same, throwing his cloths over the couch. After about 20 minutes of our game the subject of anal sex came up. Mark admitted to me escort ağrı that he had never done it despite trying to coax Michelle into trying it on several occasions. I laughed and told him not to worry she had never let me fuck her there either. Michelle giggled then commented that it wasn’t that she was opposed to the idea but she thought we were both too big for her, she went on and comment that her pussy got sorry enough from our cocks without bringing her ass into it.

After a few more drinks and questions Mark ask Michelle what her biggest fantasy was. As I recall at this point she was already out of her mind drunk, after a thoughtful pause she got a smirk on her she said she would love to see two men have sex. This was defiantly news to me and left me stumbling for words. She followed up the question with a dare for me, I probably should of seen it coming, she looked up and down my naked body and then said I dare you to give Mark a blowjob. At this point Mark and myself both laughed uncomfortably this was followed by us both telling her that we weren’t fags, and a few more macho type comments.

About three drinks later Michelle had passed out on the couch. Mark and me moved to the kitchen and continued drinking what ever was left at that point (tequila if memory serves). We were both so drunk neither of us had the sense to put our cloths back on. As we continued to drink like fish we talked about sports, politics and of course sex.

About an hour later I remember laughing at some joke Mark had made and my eye caught his cock, which to my surprise was rock hard. I noticed it was at least 2 inches longer then my own and about the same girth; I remember thinking no wonder Michelle liked it so much. Mark definitely noticed me checking out his package and said “Sorry man, I just get so dam horny when I’m drunk”. I smiled and said, “no problem man, I’m the same way”. There was an uncomfortably long pause after this, finally Mark look up and ask me “Michelle tells me you eat her out after I have sex with her, is that true”. I explained how it might seem weird but the whole submissive thing really turned me on. I continued with how my fetish started on the Internet and naturally progressed. I realized when I had finished taking I had a hard on as well.

We continued drinking for another hour until I remember the room starting to spin and telling Mark I had to crash. I quickly stumbled up stairs and lay down face first in Michelle and my bedroom. About 5 minutes latter I heard someone come into the bedroom and lay down beside me. I assumed Michelle had woken up and sought more comfortable sleeping arrangements but as I turned over to my shock it was Mark lying beside me. I looked at him questioningly and he said “Well …er… since you’ve eaten ağrı escort bayan my cum so often I figured maybe you’d be willing to take some directly from the tap tonight”. I looked down and noticed he still had a raging hard on.

I had never really had a notion that I would ever want to be with another man. For some reason though, likely a lot to do with my inebriated state and partially to do with my submissive tendencies, I crawled down the bed took and began to suck Mark beautiful cock. I remember despite eating his cum many times from Michelle’s pussy his cock had an odd taste like nothing I had experienced before.

After a couple minutes he pulled out of my mouth and rolled me on back. He proceeded to crawl up the bed and put his massive tool back into my mouth. After I adjusted to the new position he began to slide in and out of my willing mouth; every time he went deep I gagged a little. Mark kept telling me I was doing a good job and he would run his hand through my hair. For some reason this was an incredible turn on and made me go wild.

After about 15 minutes as mark was stroking my face and sliding his cock into my mouth he said “baby this is great but I just cant cum”. He slipped out of my mouth and lay down beside me.

As I caught my breath he looked over at me and said, “My god that was amazing, it always takes me forever though”. Next think I knew Mark directed me onto my side and pushed his body up against mine. For all intense and purposes we were basically spooning although I was on the inside which was always the girls place in my experience. Mark began to rub my ass with his hand and I could feel his hard cock pressed brazenly against me. Without thinking I lifted my top leg, next thing I knew his hands were spreading my ass checks open and I could feel his penis begin to push up directly against my hole. At first the friction was crazy and I felt like his cock was tearing me apart, slowly it began to slid in inch by inch. After what seemed like forever I felt Mark’s balls resting directly on my ass crack and I knew his manhood was completely inside of me.

He began to slowly pull out and then push back in, as if some primal instinct I began to moan as he took me like a woman. My moans seemed to really turn Mark on because he started to pick up the pace. After a few minutes he gently moved me onto my back and pushed my legs up onto his shoulders, as he looked into my eyes he re-entered my willing ass. All at once I felt humiliated, dirty and as turned on as I had ever been in my life.

Mark started to really give it to me and I resumed my girly moans. He told me my ass was as hot as Michelle pussy, I responded by wrapping my legs around his back and letting out a huge moan. After several minutes of solid fucking he began to rub his hands through my hair and grunt. Before I realized what was happening I felt him explode inside my ass and fill me with his seed. He rolled off me and despite still being rock hard I drifted off to sleep almost immediately.

Little did I know where this night was going to lead….

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