A stallion lights my fire.

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At 21yo I moved back home to my parent’s farm after my marriage broke up. Ted, my ex, promised me an escape from my parents and at 18yo and just out of school it sounded like heaven. Unfortunately it anything but. He was over bearing and watched every move I made. He was a dud in bed as well but I pretended to be satisfied. Truth be known I never orgasmed with him. I always got myself off. Masturbation was the only thing that kept me sane. I did it all the time and although nice that is all it was, nice. Not earth shattering, not wonderful, just nice.

Finally I had had enough so I skipped work one day, wrote him a note and went home. I hired a lawyer and had sex with him so he would push my divorce. Then had sex again with him to say thank you for not giving me a bill. But still I never had an orgasm with him either. Back home I found my parents hadn’t changed much. Dad still was grumpy and mum just seemed to operate on auto-pilot. The farm had basically fallen in disrepair and when I mentioned it dad got grumpier. They made money from agistment fees for several horses. “If you intend to stay here” said my father “you better do some work around the place”. So it was my job to make sure the horses had feed and water and shelter out of bad weather. My “uniform” was a shirt, jeans and boots.

There were usually 3 or 4 horses at any time. The owners would call in from time to time. They were mainly ex-race horses that had retired. After a month they got used to me. I noticed that 3 were geldings and quite placid. There was also a mare, also well behaved. One day a guy dropped by with a stallion. 16 hands of brute force. “Watch him” the guy said “he can be a handful”. I told him not to worry as I was well versed in taking care of horses. Obviously a lie but he believed me. I lead him into the barn and he noticed the mare in another stall. She must have been on heat and as I watched the stallion’s cock began to show. I was surprised but then delighted as it continued to grow until it was at least 18” long. I stood staring at his cock. “Oh shit” I thought and immediately got turned on.

Not having sex for a couple of months made me stare at that horses cock and long for a good humping. I sat down and rubbed my crotch through my jeans but I hardly felt it. Undoing them and slipped escort izmit my hand inside my knickers. My pussy was so wet. I began to finger myself and rub my clit. My other hand went under my shirt and bra and I fondle my boobs. All the time I was staring at that huge horse cock and imagining it between my legs. I came quickly but it wasn’t enough. I came twice more before I managed to calm down enough to zip up my jeans. That night in bed, naked, I relived the sensations while imagining being fucking by a huge horse cock. Right there I decided I had to have it, just once.

I was aware that planning was required. First, I had to get the stallion used to me handling him. Then I had to think about clothes that would allow him access. As well I had to be careful not to get caught. I couldn’t imagine being found engaged in bestiality with a horse. As I planned how to go about it I found my body responding to my wonton desires. I found myself constantly horny and I played with myself every chance I got. I had to have that horse cock or I would go crazy. Then providence played a part. Dad’s brother had an accident or something and he and mum would be away for a week looking after him. “Will you be ok here alone?” asked mum. “Yes mum, don’t worry about me” I said, trying to temper my excitement “it is only a week after all”.

I stood in the driveway and waved mum and dad goodbye. Then I rushed back into the house. I quickly took off my work clothes and underwear. I then put on a t-shirt and a skirt, no underwear, and headed down to the barn. My body was tingling and my pussy twitching as I walked into the barn. “Hello big boy” I said out loud “Tracy is here to enjoy your lovely big cock”. I entered his stall and rubbed his head and then along his back. Teasing myself I just rubbed his flank. I was biting my bottom lip trying to make myself more excited, if that was possible. I slipped my hand under his belly and over his balls. They were enormous and I started to shake. “Oh shit” I thought “what if he doesn’t respond”. In a panic I looked down and moaned. His cock was beginning to show.

I squatted down and started to handle his cock. It was growing longer as I stroked along the length. I guess he was about 12” by this time and he seemed to get restless. “There, there my darling” I said izmit escort as I continued to work on him “we are going to have so much fun”. Up until now his cock was sort of limp but as it continued to grow it got stiffer. “Oh yes, you like me stoking your cock don’t you boy” my voice breaking with emotion. I had sucked my ex-husband’s cock and didn’t particularly enjoy it but I moved closer and holding the horses cock I began to lick it. The taste didn’t matter. I was too far gone to care. I ran my tongue up and down the length of the now 18” of cock. The head was flared and I licked that too. The horse snorted and his front hoof stamped on the ground. “Mmm you love it too don’t you” I said and my free hand found my now soaked pussy.

I tried to suck his cock but the flared head was huge and I only got part of it in my mouth. Still, it felt so disgustingly sexy sucking it. I was now rubbing my clit and I came with a rush. I must have looked quite a sight. I could now get three fingers into my pussy so I decided the time was now. I turned and bent over and aimed that monster cock at me fuck hole. I squealed as I tried to push it into my pussy. “Oh God” I squealed as it spread me like nothing had before. I thought it wasn’t possible but then it happened. The head did enter me and I pushed harder. I felt so full and I groaned. I pushed more and took more. The cock had entered me further than any man had but I wanted more.

Having gone as far as I thought was possible I began to work it back and forth. The stallion snorted again and got restless. He moved forward and drove his cock deeper. I screamed as I felt his cock opening me up further. I began to rock back and forth while I rubbed my clit. I squealed, I groaned, I moaned, it was the most amazing feeling. “Yes, oh yes” I wailed as I thought I felt his cock twitch and then it happened. His cum surged through his cock and into me. And boy, did it surge. I swear my stomach swelled as I took his load. I was sealed so tightly that there was no way for it to escape. The cock went limp and he pulled away. I assumed as he would if he was servicing a mare. He pulled out and his cum sprayed out of me causing me to squeal again. The sensation was indescribable.

I straightened up and I kept leaking. My legs and boots soaked izmit kendi evi olan escort and a huge puddle on the ground under me. But I had a smile from ear to ear. It had even exceeded my fantasy. I looked down at the cock slowly withdrawing back into its sheaf. I was still shaking for the experience. “Oh darling that was so good and I hugged him. I suppose he had no idea what had just happened. But he whinnied and I imagined him saying “that was good, let’s doing it again”.

I headed up to the house and had a shower. My pussy was sore but I didn’t care. An hour later I headed back to the barn. “Hello my sweet darling” I said, hugging him “I want more, much more. This time I wanted the total experience. I stripped off, except for my boots, and again squatted down and coaxed his cock out. I sighed as I watched it grow. I stroked it and tried my best to suck the head and I got myself off before again bending over and pushed his now fully extended cock into my already punished pussy. I ignored the pain as I worked it back and forth until I was again full of that lovely big cock.

Now wedged inside me I moved back and forth while one hand rubbed my clit and the other fondled my boobs. I was so out of it as I moaned and groaned and eagerly waited for the rush of horse juice and it didn’t take long. With a snort from the stallion and a shriek from me I again was filled with horse cum. Again he pulled away and I gushed like a fire hydrant. I looked around and saw his cock still dripped cum. I grabbed his now limp cock and began to lick it while I reached down and with my hand soaked in his cum I rubbed it over my boobs. I was in a trance as I told him I loved him and wanted to fuck him every day. And I did. My parents rang and said they were staying another week. I was overjoyed. For two weeks I used that stallion three times a day. I just couldn’t get enough.

Mum and dad drove up the driveway and I signed. My days of wonton pleasure were over. Well maybe, I wasn’t sure. We still had the stallion and the owner had rung to say he was paying for another month. Fortunately my parents were early to bed and early to rise so they would go to sleep around 9pm so I would head down the barn and fuck with my lovely horse by lamp light. It actually made it feel romantic as I was worked that huge cock into my pussy and got myself off while he filled me up with his cum. I hope that guy never comes to pick up his horse as I am completely hooked on my love of animal cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32