A Son’s Corruption

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Lukas felt good, very good. He stirred slightly from his sleep. Why did he feel so good? He felt a weight on his hips. Something felt wrong… He blearily opened his eyes, the room was dark but he could make out a woman grinding her naked body on his hips.

“Ooo did my baby wake up?” it was the voice of his mother.

“Mom, what are you…” She pounced, crawling forward on all fours. He felt her heavy breasts drag across his stomach, across his chest, muffling his cries of protest as they fell across his face.

“Shhh baby. Just let mommy make you feel good.” His mother breasts awoke a long forgotten primal instinct, he latched onto one of her nipples and began to suckle. Instantly he was rewarded. Sweet liquid flowed into his mouth, filling him with an impossible warmth. One of his hands squeezed her free breasts, more liquid sprayed out. Where it touched it tingled, and made his skin feel hot and flushed.

“You’ll be all grown up soon. Moving off to college, fooling around with the girls there, leaving me behind.” That was true. He had just turned 18. Soon he would graduate high school and head off to college at the end of the summer. “But mommy doesn’t want that.” As he suckled on her nipple he wasn’t sure he wanted that either. The warmth from the milk settled in his cock, as it swelled to attention his free hand reached down to stroke it. Fuck… it felt so good just to wrap his fingers around it. He was about to start stroking when sanity beat back his libido. He freed her nipple from his lips and looked up to her face.

“Mom! We can’t do this!” Fear and guilt mixed in his stomach, why was he so horny?

“We already are.” Her words seemed final. Sons weren’t supposed to feel like this about their mother. Absentmindedly he squeezed one of her mountainous breasts spraying milk all over his face and chest. The tingling heat spread across his body. His mother smiled down at him, her dark brown eyes hypnotically holding his gaze.

“We shouldn’t be doing this. You shouldn’t be here.” She ground her naked groin on his erection. Only a few thing sheets separated his cock from her pussy. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK that felt good. He let out an involuntary groan.

“No we shouldn’t. But you don’t want mommy to stop, do you?” It was a command masquerading as a question. Of course he didn’t want her to stop. She brought his hands up to her breasts. Without thinking he squeezed them. Milk sprayed out from her nipples. He began squeezing each one in turn, hypnotized by the sight of mothers milk.

“You always did love Mommy’s titties” His mother pulled back, he leaned forward. Louis didn’t want this to end. “Don’t worry, I’m not going far.” She was laying flat on her back now, one of her hands gently caressing her heavy breasts.

Freed for the moment fear and guilt returned, his stomach twisted. I need to leave, I can’t do these things with her… with my mom. There was a deeper fear too, one he didn’t quite understand. A strange dread and anticipation of what was to come! He realized lordbahis güvenilirmi he was still masturbating. The sight of her body mesmerized him, compelled him. He didn’t stop, he wasn’t even sure he could. His eyes strayed south from her breasts. She had crossed her legs, he almost sighed in relief.

The door to his room was still open. Luke made up his mind, he was getting out. He sprang up from the bed and made for the door, he turned around to say something. At that exact moment his mother squeezed her breasts causing two great fountains of milk to spray up then cascade down, coating her sweet mounds in the white milk. Something primal stirred inside him. He paused, he was about to take the final step but…

“Can I put it between them?” the words were out before he realized it.

“My baby can put it wherever he wants.” Wherever? Another dark thought entered his mind. He tried to push it aside but it clung to the edges of his lust filled mind. “Just come back to mommy.”

He hesitated. He looked out the door and then back towards his mother. He made up his mind. Lukas stepped back towards his mother, the door slamming behind him. He straddled her chest.

Lukas looked down as his massive cock sank into the milk coated valley of his mother’s cleavage. He grabbed her breasts, squeezing them, marveling at how big they were, how firm yet how soft and smooth. Her milk sprayed out across his cock causing a pleasurable tingling sensation and lubricating it as he began to slide it up and down, his hips thrusting instinctively. Lukas was mesmerized, held captive to his lust and trapped between his mother’s breasts. He felt a familiar pressure begin to build in the base of his cock. He thrust faster, squeezed harder, fuck he was close now.

He came. Hard. Thick white ropes of cum spurted from his cock head, spraying out across her breasts, mingling with her milk. He’d never seen anything so deeply erotic or incredibly taboo. It just made him cum more. His muscles seized as wave after wave of orgasm hit him before bursting out onto his mother’s breasts. As the pleasure subsided he gasped, trying to catch his breath.

He looked down. He felt a creeping horror as he realized he had cum four or five times as much as normal. As the erotic haze faded ever so slightly he felt that twisting sense return. What did you just do? You just came all over your mother and… and… you liked it.

“Look at how much you came for mommy!” He looked up. Her red slips formed a satisfied seductive smile, she lifted one breast to her mouth and began to lick it, eating his cum. He watched as she cleaned each breast, not letting a single drop of cum go to waste.

She could see the guilt he felt. His blue eyes looked pained beneath his furrowed blonde brows. He brushed his hair off his forehead. “Mom I…” He was lost. Exactly what she needed. His cock, deflating but still half erect, rested gently between the pillows of her breasts.

“Did mommy’s breasts feel lordbahis yeni giriş good?” Her eyes bored into his. He didn’t want to answer. “I said, did Mommy’s breasts feel good?” He closed his eyes.

“Yes” it was just a whisper.

“What?” He knew she had heard him.

“Yes. my Mommy’s breasts felt good.” Mommy? Had he really just said that. He opened his eyes and looked down at her, at her breasts, and at his cock in between them. The sight made him remember how good she had made him feel. He felt it begin to swell again.

“You’ve been such a naughty boy. Making a mess all over mommy’s titties. Did you like watching Mommy clean up your mess” Lukas nodded sheepishly. He liked it very much. He wanted to do it again. “Here let Mommy clean your cock.” He obliged. Her lips wrapped around him, encircling his semi-erect manhood from root to tip.

Again he was mesmerized. The sight of her full red lips traveling up and down his length paralyzed him. He knew he should break free but he couldn’t bear to pull away.

“Mommy” he moaned. Her eyes smiled. She went all the way down and he felt the tightness of her throat. Suddenly he felt her teeth for the first time, they scraped the base of his cock holding him in. Fear filled him. She wouldn’t… Just so long as you cum first who cares? Fear heightened the pleasure and in an instant it was over. He let out a long groan as his traitorous body pumped cum down his mother’s throat. She released him.

Lukas felt exhausted.

“Mom please” he was begging her but for what? The rational part of his mind screamed that he could walk away but… He couldn’t. The promise of what might come next kept him rooted, helpless.

“I promised you could put it wherever you wanted.” She paused, their eyes met. An image of the act floated at the edge of his mind. “I promised you could satisfy your darkest desire” his cock was fully erect for the third time that night. “Are you satisfied yet?” The image danced before his eyes again. His eyes raked her body. One hand still toyed with her breasts, his eyes drifted up to her lips. Perfect, red, their shape reminded him of a woman’s… He gave in.

As his mother reclined on his bed, propped up against some pillows, she opened her legs. He gazed between them only to find himself denied. One her hands cupped her groin, hiding her folds from his view.

“I said, are you satisfied?” her voice was gentle yet commanding. He stared at the hand.

“No.” He didn’t take his eyes off her fingers. For a moment one disappeared, reappearing wet and glistening. But she still blocked his view. Without raising his eyes “I want to see it.” He looked up at her, his will shattered. He knew how this would end but… he wanted it. He wanted her. “I want to see my mothers pussy”

Her fingers parted slowly, revealing her lips then pulling them apart. Letting him see the moist wet cunt between them. Her labia was smooth, hairless, but the mons above it had a well trimmed triangle of dark lordbahis giriş hair. Her lips were puffy, swollen, and wet with her juices. He looked at her pink depths. The sight of her pussy was too much for him, Lukas’ legs gave out. On his knees her cunt was eye level with him as she reclined her legs draping off the edge of his bed.

Unable to resist he grasped his cock and began masturbating.

“You came from there.” Her words were like a punch in the stomach. “Go on, taste the pussy that gave you life.” He kissed it gently, lovingly, longingly. As he did her smell intoxicated him. Then he felt her grab the back of his head and force him down. His tongue plunged inside her, she tasted sweet. He wanted more.

He gave her her first orgasm of the night. She released his head

Do you remember what I said? He nodded. He reached up and cupped her head on either side, locking them in eye contact. The guilt, the fear, the doubt was muted. Replaced by one overpowering need. “My pussy gave you life, now let it give you pleasure.” Her voice was a whisper. She wanted this too. He gave his final surrender. Slowly carefully he pushed inside her. First past the tightness of her lips, then through the warmth of her depths until he felt his tip brush her cervix.

“I’m back inside you mommy.”

“A perfect fit. Now fuck me with the cock I made.” He obliged. Latching again onto one of her breasts he thrust inside her with wild abandon. The silken inside of his mother’s pussy gripped him with an iron grasp. Massaging his length, grasping his head, and pulling him back in on every thrust. His orgasm was building. Only a few more thrusts and he could finally experience relief.

“Tell mommy you love her.”

“I love you mommy” Lukas grunted involuntarily. He couldn’t believe how good this felt. He knew it was wrong, he knew it was unnatural, but he didn’t care.

“Tell mommy you’ll never leave her”

“I’ll never leave! I’m not going to college, I won’t ever love another girl! I’ll just stay here and be with you.” He lifted his head from her breasts and looked into her eyes. “Please” his voice was barely a whisper. He could feel the muscles in his groin begin to tense. The last rational part of his mind screamed for him to stop before it was too late. “Mommy!” he moaned inchorently over and over again.




Their eyes met one last time and her voice broke his trance. “Cum.” he obeyed, the last rational piece of him shattering in a wave of pleasure. He knew this was wrong, he just didn’t care. His thrust became violent jerks, each one pumping his hot cum deep into her womb as the walls of his mother’s pussy milked him dry. The orgasm seemed to go on forever but soon the spasms subsided.

Lukas collapsed, sweaty and exhausted. His face buried between his mother’s beasts, his deflating cock still buried in her pussy. A hand gently caressed the back of his head. He nuzzled deeper into her chest, absentmindedly feeling his way towards a nipple and her milk. As he drifted off to sleep he knew, in his heart, that he was completely lost. No other woman would ever satisfy him, no relationship would ever make him feel secure, and no love would ever compare to that he felt for his mother.

He fell asleep broken yet satisfied.

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