A Sister’s Awakening Ch. 06

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Megan found the thought of seeing her Dad masturbating plaguing her mind over the next couple of days. She was at something of a loss as to how to make it happen though. Its not like she had any idea when he did it or anything.

She was intrigued by the fact that it even interested her. She hadn’t even wondered about having sex with a boy lately. She had been satisfied with everything that had been going on between her, Cindy and Vanessa and therefore hadn’t thought to look elsewhere for pleasure. She didn’t know whether it was fucking her sister with the strap on (which she still intended to get payback for) or just the way Vanessa had told the story of what she’d seen her Dad doing that had aroused this curiosity, but now that it had seeded itself in her mind, she was finding herself more and more determined to do something about it.

She had no plans for today (it was Saturday) until she went out with the girls that evening. As such, Megan decided that lazing by the pool whilst the sun still shone was probably as good a way to spend the day as any other.

Happy having decided what it was that she’d be doing for the day, Megan dashed up the stairs to her room so that she could put on her bikini. She slipped out of her shorts and t-shirt, folded them and tossed them on the bed for later, threw her underwear in the corner with her the rest of her clothes that needed washing and wiggled her way into her black bikini bottoms before enclosing her breasts in the top.

Megan noticed during her change that her tan lines were becoming quite pronounced. At least that means that I’ve been getting plenty of sun, she thought as she went downstairs, grabbing a towel from the linen closet on the way.

Outside, she laid the towel out on one of the sun chairs that they kept around the pool before laying down on it and closing her eyes, basking in the warmth of the sun’s caress. In order to maximize the impact of the sun on her body, she’d had to put her back to the rear of the house, but she was pretty sure that everyone was out for the day so it shouldn’t be a problem. After all, it wasn’t like her skin would stand up to hours of this anyway.

As she lay there, thinking about tan lines, Megan decided that there was nothing stopping her from doing something about eliminating them and so she removed her top. She did make the concession of rubbing some sunscreen into her nipples though. There was no point in letting them get burnt! It didn’t hurt that rubbing the moist cream into her nipples made her feel horny either.

Laying there enjoying the sun, her nipples erect from the recent attention, her mind drifting dreamily through the various sexual encounters that she’d had over the last while, she found her hand sliding beneath her bikini bottom. Her fingers found their way across her neatly trimmed mound to caress her slit. She moaned quietly as she pleasured herself.

Megan was in this position when Vanessa returned home with Cindy. They’d been intending to see a movie, but when they got to the cinema found out that they’d had the wrong session times. There wasn’t anything else that had really appealed to them, so they’d decided to come back to Vanessa’s house for a swim.

The two girls were upstairs in Vanessa’s room getting changed when Cindy (naked, in themiddle of changing) looked out the window (which over-looked the back yard) and noticed that Megan was out there topless and with her hands in a suspicious position.

“Hey Ness, check this out,” she called to Vanessa who wandered over to the window in her swim-suit to see what Cindy was talking about.

“Doesn’t she look hot!” Cindy said wistfully, peering down on the lithe semi naked form.

“Mmmm, she sure does,” replied Vanessa. “Do you think that she might like some assistance? Or should we just let her finish that all on her own?” she asked, her hand running over Cindy’s naked butt.

“Oh I think she can finish herself off, but I think we should definitely not let that be the end of things for her. I think she deserves more pleasure than just her own little fingers,” laughed Cindy.

“Hey, I’ve got an idea, put your suit on and come with me,” said Vanessa, indicating that she was about to lead Cindy out of the room.

Cindy pulled up on her suit quickly as Vanessa watched, smiling. Her suit consisted of a yellow traditional triangular bra and a matching high cut thong. It sure looked fantastic on Cindy’s body, showing off all her attributes to advantage. Vanessa was tempted to take it straight back off her, but resisted and led the way into Megan’s room. Once there, she quickly made her way into Megan’s stash and pulled out the strap on that they had used a couple of days previously.

“OMG!” exclaimed Cindy. “There’s no holding you two back is there? I can’t believe how far you’ve come since you came to me all nervous and tentative about having sex with a girl!” As she said so she took the toy from her friend and started strapping it on her body. “Ooo look at my big fat cock!” she lauged.

Vanessa giggled klasbahis güvenilirmi and bent down to suck at it, giving her friend a blow job. “oh yes, suck me honey, love my big penis,” laughed Cindy, thrusting her hips at Vanessa. “Are you suggesting that we take this downstairs and surprise your sister?”

“Of course that’s what I’m suggesting,” laughed Vanessa. She fucked me with it the other day and I want a turn at fucking her too.

“As long as I get a piece of the action, that’s fine by me!” smiled Cindy, unstrapping the toy and passing it back to Vanessa. “Damn, I’m getting wet already!” She told her friend, thrusting her pelvis forward to show her, but there was no evidence visible. At least, not yet.

The two girls left the room giggling and Vanessa wrapped the toy in her towel as they made their way downstairs. They burst from the back door laughing and shouting, deliberately scaring the crap out of Megan who was lost, laying on the sun lounge, twiddling her clitoris whilst sunbathing.

She swore and cursed at the two girls for doing it, but they simply dropped their towels on the way past as they leapt into the pool. She sat up, getting over the shock of being caught in the position that she’d been in and watched the two girls surface, gasping for air and giggling all at the same time.

“I thought you two were going to the movies?” she asked them.

“we screwed up the time and decided that it was too nice a day to sit in the theater. So we came home for a swim instead,” Vanessa informed her. “We didn’t realise that it was porn day at the pool though!”

“Ha ha!” Megan replied sarcastically. “One simply can’t find a quiet backyard to masturbate in these days!”

The girls laughed swimming about the pool and splashing around as they chatted. Watching

“You know, I never realised how horny I could get sitting here topless and daydreaming in the sun, anyone care to have a little fun?” Megan asked in mock innocence after they had chatted for awhile.

“Show us what you’ve got to offer and maybe we can help you out there,” Cindy said, swimming over to the edge of the pool closest to Megan. Megan stood up from the sun lounge and peeled her bikini bottoms down her legs. She walked over to the side of the pool, naked and squatted down before Cindy, spreading her knees to display her pussy at close range.

“How’s this young lady? Enough to entice you out of the water?”

“Well it could be, if it tastes good enough,” replied Cindy as Vanessa swam up beside her to have a look for herself. Cindy reached out with her hand and ran a finger down Megan’s wet slit before pushing it into her hole. She then withdrew it and presented it to Vanessa for a taste. Vanessa seductively sucked the finger into her mouth before letting it slide slowly out again, her tongue licking at the nail as it left her.

“Is that good enough for us, lover?”

“could be, maybe you should check too though,” replied Vanessa, reaching out and sliding her own finger into her sister’s pussy before offering it to Cindy. Cindy sucked on Vanessa’s finger, slurping in mock appreciation of the taste.

“mmm, you know what, I think its just good enough for us to bother getting out of the pool for,” laughed Cindy, leaning back and splashing water at the pussy that was spread just before her before ducking under the water. She surged out of it again, using her momentum to propel herself up to climb out of the pool. Megan stepped back, delightfully watching the water cascade from Cindy’s full breasts, wishing they were naked as she came out of the water. She reached out to offer a hand and helped her climb out.

Vanessa started to climb out as well, anticipating help from the two girls standing alongside the pool.

“Oh no you don’t, not like that young lady!” said Megan. “I can’t let you out of the pool in that one piece bathing suit you know. It may look damn good, but there’s no way you’re wearing it out of the water. Remove it and then we might let you out”

Vanessa laughed and went to ignore her sister and get out of the pool anyway. Cindy was closer to her than Megan, but rather than offering a hand to help her, she pushed Vanessa back in the pool.

“Hey!” spluttered Vanessa as she returned to the surface.

“You heard the rules, now do as she says,” laughed Cindy “And make sure you ask permission next time too,” she added thoughtfully. Vanessa sighed and decided to go along with their little game. She slid the swim suit off of her shoulders and peeled it down over her breasts to her waist before taking it further. Then she wiggled and squirmed in the water until it was off, at which point she tossed it onto the ground in front of the other two girls.

“May I please get out now?”

“Oh I don’t think so. I think you need to float on your back over here where we can see you,” replied Megan cheekily, “then we’ll see if you’ve the kind of body that we like to play with.”

Vanessa moved over to the area of the pool that had been indicated klasbahis yeni giriş to her and floated on her back, her breasts breaking the water and her bald mound bobbing up and down. She was getting very turned on by the attention of the two girls, one naked, one not, peering intently at her body like a mannequin on display as she floated there.

“Enough.” said Cindy, “but there’s one more thing that you have to do to prove to us that you really are a suitable playmate. Come over hear and lick me.” As she said this, Cindy knelt down on the edge of the pool, facing away from the water, her feet out over the water so that her butt stuck out towards the pool. She reached around behind her and pulled her thong aside, revealing her arse and bare pussy lips. Vanessa moved closer, then lifted herself up so that her face was level with the pussy and licked lovingly along the slit towards her arse. Megan had sat down with her feet in the water, her butt perched on the edge of the pool.

“Don’t forget me you horny little slut,” she said to her sister, spreading her legs wide. Vanessa changed positions, placing herself between her sister’s legs and burrowing her tongue into her pussy, loving the taste of her juices. She moved her arms around under her sister’s legs so that she could hold herself up out of the water and went to work on her clitoris. Megan moaned in response, her pussy melting under the attention that it was receiving.

“Hey, that’s enough now,” said Cindy. “Time for you to get out of there miss so that we can ALL enjoy the fun.”

Vanessa laughed, letting herself fall back into the water. This time when she tried to get out, both girls reached out and helped her to clamber up over the side of the pool. Megan immediately moved to take up the position on the sun lounge that she had occupied when the other two had first disrupted her.

“I think I deserve to just lie back and be pleasured thank you,” she said to the other two. “You may please me how you will, ladies.”

Vanessa was ready to take up that challenge and crawled forwards across the lawn to position herself between Megan’s legs. Once there, she licked her way slowly up her sister’s left leg, kissing her ankle, licking along the inside of her calf. She nibbled and suckled at the skin at the back of Megan’s knee before moving up further to her inner thigh. Megan was moaning and pinching at her nipples, rubbing her small breasts, her bottom squirming on the seat at the sensations progressing up her legs.

Cindy watched briefly before reaching behind her to release the tie of her bikini top, freeing her breasts to the wind and air. Her nipples went immediately hard and she squeezed her breasts together and proffered them towards Megan as she walked around the chair to kneel beside her. Megan leaned over and took her left breast into her mouth, sucking on the wonderful nipple. Just as she made contact with the nipple, she felt her sister’s tongue finally make contact with her pussy. She groaned around the nipple in her mouth, clamping down on it as her pussy lips were spread and her holed drilled by her sister’s tongue.

Vanessa used her tongue to lovingly explore every nook and cranny of her sister’s pussy, paying special attention to her clitoris, taking time to suck at it and capture it between her lips, pulling on it. Megan was in heaven, her pussy pulsing with pleasure from her sister’s manipulations, her breast massaged and an erect nipple in her mouth.

Cindy removed her breast from Megan’s mouth and released the nipple that she was playing with in her hand. She stood up and stood up on the edge of the sun lounge with her left foot, swinging her right foot up over the action that was going on below to place it on the other side of Megan on the sun lounge. She then placed a hand on each corner of the top of the lounge and now that she was braced, lowered and thrust her pelvis towards Megan’s face.

Megan reached out to help support Cindy in this athletic position, cupping each of her bottom cheeks in a hand and drawing the bald pussy towards her watering mouth. She ran her tongue quickly up the slit, getting her first wonderful taste of pussy for the day before sucking greedily on the tongue, determined to draw an orgasm from Cindy before she herself exploded.

It didn’t take long and she hadn’t managed to draw Cindy over the edge, but then, they’d had an unfair start on her after all, when she felt that familiar feeling of the pleasure building until it was almost unbearable. Just when she thought she could take no more it happened. She orgasmed, pleasure spasming through her body. Cindy relaxed her position, sliding down along Megan’s body, her pussy leaving a wet trail across one breast. She followed it with her tongue, first stopping to kiss Megan, sharing the juices that were smeared over her face. She then lapped at the trail down across her chest, sucking the juices from the breast as Megan gasped in the final throes of her orgasm.

Vanessa was licking at Megan’s thighs having cleaned klasbahis giriş up the juice of her pleasure.

“I think that it’s time that I got a turn in the chair,” announced Cindy as she sat down next to Megan on the chair. “And I think that you might just be the one to service me sweety,” she said to Megan who readily agreed. The girls all re-arranged themselves so that Cindy was splayed out on the chair with Megan on her hands and knees on the lawn ready to eat her pussy. She set in to enjoy herself, parting Cindy’s lips with her fingers so that she could have good access to the nectar within.

Cindy pulled Vanessa to her, kissing her, their tongues dueling and sharing the juices on Vanessa’s face. As they broke apart briefly, Cindy whispered in her ear, “Do her with the toy now, I want you to fuck her when she’s eating me.”

Vanessa was only too happy to go along with the plan, leaving Cindy to enjoy Megan’s ministrations long enough to strap on the dildo. She then came up behind her sister and gently fingered her pussy, making sure that it was nice and wet. Megan moaned with pleasure as her recovering pussy was again brought to a state of excitement. She gasped as her sister spread her pussy and started pushing the head of the fake cock into her. She realised what was happening though and thrust back against it, her pussy stretching to accommodate it.

“God yes, fill me with that thing, fuck me with it,” she murmured, not wanting to break for too long from the attention that she was giving her friend splayed out beneath her. Cindy watched, fascinated as the younger sister started to slide the strap on dildo in and out of her older sister’s pussy, the rhythmic movement being echoed on her own pussy as Megan’s body rocked back and forth.

“Oh yes, fuck your sister, give it to her,” Cindy said as she looked on. Vanessa moved with the encouragement, sliding it back and forth, fucking Megan as she had been fucked a couple of days previously. Cindy started to whimper as her orgasm approached and Megan focused her attentions on her clit, sucking and nibbling, circling it with her tongue, driving her towards the peak of her pleasure.

Cindy wailed out loud as she tipped over the edge, her pussy convulsing as the waves of pleasure enveloped her. The sight of Cindy orgasming under her sister’s attentions, and her sister’s pussy lips sliding back and forth on the dildo was driving Vanessa wild and she reached under her sister to play with her clitoris as she increased the rate of her thrusting into her sister. The added attention on her clitoris was too much for Megan’s already heightened state of excitement and she burst into her second orgasm. Vanessa withdrew the cock from her and watched contentedly as her lips pulsed with her subsiding pleasure. She ran a finger up her sister’s wet thigh and between her lips before sucking the moisture from her finger.

“Looks like there’s only one of us left to bowl over,” Megan said looking back over her shoulder at her sister. “Give me the cock please.”

Vanessa removed the toy and passed it to Megan who took the strap on and sucked on it like a cock, savouring her own juices before strapping it on herself. Megan laid herself back down upon the sun lounge and said to Vanessa, “I want you to ride me. I want you to fuck this cock.”

“Baby, you know I’d do anything for you,” laughed Vanessa as she climbed up on the sun lounge, one foot either side of her sister. She squatted down, her hands reaching down to guide the cock inside herself. She moaned as her pussy was spread by the toy as it slid inside her. She put her hands forward on her sister’s breasts, using them to help to support her weight as she slid herself up and down the cock. Cindy stood alongside the girl pleasuring herself on her sister. She reached out and caressed her breasts, turning her head to kiss her.

Cindy then knelt down beside her, putting her hands between the two girls, feeling the toy slide in and out of her friend’s pussy, sliding a finger between the lips along side it. She wrapped her left had around the front and her right hand around the back, her left hand working on her clitoris and the fingers of her right explored her pussy as she slid up and down the strap on. She removed these fingers from Vanessa and inserted them into Megan’s pussy beneath the toy. Having lubed her fingers well, she pushed her middle finger into Vanessa’s anus. Vanessa tensed at first, this was something entirely new and unexpected. Cindy whispered to her to relax, to feel the sensation, to enjoy the experience, not to resist.

Vanessa was in a place of pure pleasure, the only thing intruding on it was the presence of the finger pushing its way into her arse. She relaxed a moment as she moved up the dildo. In that motion, Cindy pushed her finger deeper into Vanessa’s arse. As it penetrated, Vanessa moaned in pleasure. The downward movement onto the dildo combined with both the movement of the finger in her arse and the attention being applied to her clitoris became too much for her. She orgasmed. Her pussy clutched at the fake cock within her and her heart raced. Cindy withdrew the finger from her arse and Vanessa couldn’t believe the added pleasure. She collapsed forwards onto her sister, their breasts meshing together. She kissed Megan as her orgasm slowly washed away from her body.

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