A Set of Calamitous Occurrences Ch. 04

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A Frightening Finale

Joan was never accused of rape, everything she did was with full approval from her partners, by the end of this chapter you will know why… my name is Gina Gilson and I have spent all my life trying to piece together Ellen Hall’s life since she met Joan, it is a daunting task and unfortunately, I had little success as you might have noticed. The more I exposed about Joan the more I was shocked to find such a Vile woman exists. For example, take the woman known as Cum Dumpster. You are wise enough to understand that no one is given the name Cum Dumpster at birth, this name was given to her by Joan almost 10 years before Ellen came into the picture. Before that, Cum Dumpster was known as Jenny Lakey, she had a normal life until Joan came into them, her story was much easier to decipher compared with Ellen’s, within minutes of founding out Jenny’s real name I had her life story down.

However, as Jenny is not our subject of interest here, I will quickly go over her story, so you could understand it. Jenny was happily married for 3 years before Joan came into her life. Their first meeting was at a mall, and within moments it was over, Joan accidently impregnated 20 women that day and Jenny was one of them. She was special as she gave birth to only one girl from that pregnancy, you see, back in those days you couldn’t tell the gender of the baby, Joan and Jenny waited 9 months to discover it was a girl. Joan raged, she was sure Jenny will give her a futanari.

Joan’s disappointment led her to do something that will change Jenny’s life, she fucked her for over a month, only stopping to take care of their most basic needs. When she was done with her torture she told Jenny she was only good for one thing, she was a reasonable cum dumpster.

This shouldn’t surprise you as I have told you of Joan’s behavior already, Jenny’s mind was understandably broken after what Joan did to her. A week later, enough cum escaped Jenny’s body and the moment she could move she wobbled her way to Joan, she introduced herself as the Cum Dumpster and swore her everlasting fidelity to the futa, Joan was so thrilled by Jenny’s actions that she rewarded her with another month-long sex session.

Coming back to our Ellen, she was sitting in the van anxiously as Dr. Nakoma’s ruined clinic shrunk into the distance. Next to her sat Joan, her naked body resting across two sits as her balls covered the floor after they took care of Natasha and her assistant.

“Well, Queen Ellen, I am sure you are full of questions,” Joan stated, “let me assure you they will NOT be answered, I will indulge you with a few details about your new situation.”

“Should I take a left here Joan?” Eva asked for directions.

“Can’t you see I am having a conversation Eva? Interrupt me again and I’ll fuck you to death!” Joan screamed it was clear she meant business. Eva took a right and Joan went on with her conversation.

“You see dear Ellen, I am not a young girl anymore, someday I will pass on from the world and I can’t imagine the gaping hole my imparting will leave. I have decided the world needs an heir.”

“I thought you had hundreds of babies.” Ellen thought out loud.

“They are nothing more than a byproduct, you see, the only acceptable heir is a futa, and so far, all the girls I inseminated produced NOTHING BUT BYPRODUCTS!” Joan finished with a roar clearly directed at all the other girls in the van, “but you Ellen, you are my pride and joy, I haven’t even fucked you yet and you gave me a first potential heir, so let me tell you our plan. Do you recall my upstairs bedroom?” Ellen nodded yes, “it is now yours.”

Suddenly a cellphone rang, “right on time,” Joan smiled “please pass it over Queen Ellen.”

Ellen found the cell in the back of the sit before her and handed it to Joan who picked up “Yes? Right, do it… I’ll pay you back, right, both your wife and your three daughters…” Ellen noticed that as the phone call went on Joan’s balls grew bigger and bigger, she guessed Joan’s body was working overtime to produce more cum, which was amazing considering what she just did in Natasha’s office.

“What’s your favorite color Ellen?” Joan snapped at her.

“B… Blue.” Ellen answered.

“Make it blue, you better be done by the time we get there!” Joan stated and hung the phone. “Your new room will be there for you and all my girls are at your disposal, so you could rest and focus solely on giving me my first futanari heir. Once you finish giving birth I will take you and we will keep repeating until one heir will suite our tastes and will be deemed a suitable successor, do you understand Ellen?”

“What if I don’t want to?” Ellen protested, “it is my body and I have rights!”

“I told you Ellen, I won’t have sex with you against your will, our heir will not be a result of rape.” Ellen noticed Joan’s balls where almost exploding in size now, “you see… what I did in Dr. Nakoma’s office was mostly a warmup, I can do it to another five women before my sack is empty, or I could do it all in one girl. I never have before, hope bahis firmaları that girls will survive.”

“What are you saying?” Ellen wondered.

“Shirley!” Joan yelled, a muffled yelp came from the trunk of the van, “want to take my biggest load yet?” another muffled screech came followed my Shirley yelling “Yes please!!”

Ellen could see where this was going, “Okay, okay, you win…” she said in a defeated voice.

“You see Ellen, I knew we could come to an understanding. Eva, please pull over right by the cyclist.” Joan asked, Eva did as asked and Joan whistled at the woman, she was as tall as Ellen and was clearly enjoying a day alone in the woods, her whole body wrapped in a tight spandex suit that complimented her slim body and ample breasts.

Joan stepped outside the car, naked, her cock erect, and her balls crushing to the floor, overflowing with cum. “My name is Joan, and you?”

“I’m Adriana, nice to meet you.” The woman answered, undeterred by Joan’s body.

“I have a massive load, you want it?” Joan directly shot at the woman. Ellen thought it was a strange sight but apparently Joan knew who to ask such questions.

“Are you fertile?” Adriana asked as she came closer.

“She is the most fertile human being on the planet, bitch!” Cum Dumpster’s voice came from the trunk.

Joan banged her hand against the back of the car, “A little, want to take me?”

The woman inspected Joan, looking for something Ellen couldn’t understand. Suddenly she unzipped her top and squeezed herself out of the suit, Ellen noticed her body remained just as tight as it was before. “I’d love to…”

“Great, just one thing, do you mind if I sit in the van while we do it? My legs are killing me.” Joan requested and took a sit at the edge of the van.

“Whatever you want Joan, just do me.” Adriana moaned as she lowered her hands and started playing with herself. Ellen could tell Adriana was dripping wet, it was hard for her to admit it, but Joan was getting her moist as well. Adriana made her way in front of Joan’s massive cock.

“Do you need any foreplay?” she asked Joan.

“Look at her!” Cum Dumpster’s voice came from the trunk once more, “Do you think this goddess needs your pathetic foreplay?” Cum Dumpster was right, Joan’s balls weighed the car down. Her cock, a rock-hard mast that poured gallons of cum as it pulsated.

“Turn around and back yourself towards me slowly,” Joan instructed and Adriana followed, soon Joan’s pole was pressing against her entrance and cum started covering her lower half.

“Your cum is so hot, please do me Joan,” Adriana moaned it was clear the woman was enjoying what she felt, “I… I want you to have my womb, fill it with your boiling cum.”

“With pleasure Adriana, all you have to do is back up some more.” Adriana shook as she heard Joan and started moving back, all the liquids covering her pussy and Joan’s cock made it look easy as more and more of Joan’s colossal entered the woman’s love tunnel.

Soon Adriana stopped mid-way down the length, “God… Ahhha… You’re at the back of my womb Joan, my god… how do you even fit in me? How am I even alive?” she started moaning and screaming with pleasure as an orgasm overtook her.

“But we still have so much outside if you, let me help you.” And with that Joan flexed her cock and Adriana was lifted off the ground, held up only by Joan’s rod. She slid down more and more, her belly distending to contain the invader. She didn’t protest, her mind lost in the biggest orgasm of her life.

“I think it is time to unload now,” Joan said out loud, the girls didn’t have time to voice their thoughts as the car screeched and a deafening sound of an insane flood filled the air. Adriana exploded in size, her belly rushing outwards to try and contain the massive flow of cum. Ellen saw cum was escaping the seal between the cock and Adriana’s cunt by the bucket load.

Joan screamed at the top of her lungs as Adriana’s belly touched the road, it was bigger than the van. Suddenly Adriana began growing at an alarming rate, the Van’s wheels screeched as the van was pushed by the expanding orb.

Ellen had no idea how long this went on but by the time Joan pulled her cock out Adriana was bigger than Dr. Nakoma and anna combined.

“Are you alive Adriana?” Eva asked, but no answer came.

“She is fine,” Joan canceled, “please call a patrol car Eva, tell them to bring the biggest crane they have.”

“Yes mam,” Eva picked up the radio, “Dispatch this is Mama Joan, please send a car to my location, we have a 487.”

“Roger, the biggest one?”

As Eva went on Joan entered the car, she sat, her cock and balls once again flaccid and empty, covering the floor. “You turn me on Ellen, so much, I usually empty like that only once a day but this is the third time. We are going to have so much fun.”

“What do you mean?” Ellen asked, fear was in her voice.

“When you finish your current pregnancy, I will make you much bigger than Adriana, and you will give me heirs,” Joan said with a smile, “Take me to the fire kaçak iddaa department Eva, I need to make a deposit.”

Eva drove for another 15 minutes, a very uncomfortable ride for Ellen, “why are you doing this Joan?” she asked as they pulled up to the fire department.

“What do you mean Ellen? I am doing this world a favor, Take Adriana for example, she had a normal life right?” Ellen nodded with agreement, “But think of her now? She had a sexual experience no living human being ever had, I did us both a favor.”

Joan opened the door and went out, the fire department was mostly abandoned, Ellen followed.

“I am here to make a deposit Bill!” Joan commended.

A rather skinny man appeared from one of the doors, “How much?” he shouted back.

“Everything!” Joan answered and started walking towards the corner of the building, Ellen right behind her. “You see,” Joan explained, “turns out my cum is great for taking out fires.”

Joan picked up a hose on the ground, “Is Bill making fun of me? There’s no way this will hold my load. Please go to bill and ask him for the key, he will know, I trust you Ellen.” Joan ushered Ellen, who made her way to the office.

“Bill, my name is Ellen, Joan asked me to get the key.” Ellen introduced herself.

“The key?” Bill asked, it was clear this frightened him.

“Yes, she said the hose won’t do.” Ellen explained.

“Fuck this, no way I am staying here when Joan unloads.” Her went for the door but not before placing a key into Ellen’s hand.

Ellen walked outside and found Joan standing next to a manhole. “come over here Ellen”, Joan took the key and opened the cover, below a massive tank waited. Joan prepped her cock, lowering it into the hole, she was almost as thick as the hole was “Want to help me?”

“You mean make you cum?” Ellen asked, “if so then no.”

“Your choice, SHIRLEY!” Joan yelled.

As if she was a clown in a circus Shirley jumped out of the trunk, her pregnant belly wobbling with cum, she made her way over to Joan.

“Finish me off and I’ll reward you.” Joan offered.

Shirley didn’t even wait for Joan to finish speaking, she lifted her leg over the pole and placed Joan’s beast against her slit and started sliding along the shaft. Before too long Joan’s pole lifted Shirley and started pulsating, Ellen knew from experience that Joan was unlashing a cum tsunami below their feet.

Soon enough cum started rising and covering the pavement, Shirley squealed with joy as the cock bounced her into another orgasm. Joan just went on and on, expelling unimaginable amounts but before too long she seemed to calm down.

“Great work Shirley, now get back in the truck, I’ll fuck you first when we get home.” Joan said, Shirley’s eyes gleamed with joy over what she just heard and went to the car, Joan pulled her massive rod out of the manhole, the thing was flooded with Joan’s liquid love. She lifted her cock to inspect it.

“C… Can I touch it?” Ellen asked, not knowing what came over her.

“Sure thing,” Joan said, and just as Ellen’s delicate hand felt the starched skin, Joan’s cock bounced and fired a huge rope of cum at the building before her. The shot was thicker than anything Ellen ever saw, crushing the wall before them and filling the office while the end of the stream hasn’t left Joan’s nuts yet.

“Woops,” Joan said as the flow dwindled, “let’s get home.” And with that the girls drove off, leaving behind a cum filled and covered fire department.

“Let me tell you Ellen, our children will be amazing,” Joan said in a smug voice, “did you know our babies will be naturally fit like me, it’s a thing about futanari.”

Ellen sat quietly, trying to process what her touch did to Joan as the drive went home. “Am I going to give birth to a lot of babies?” She asked hesitantly.

“I don’t really know Ellen, I think it’s safe to say you give birth to about 200 futanari until we find the right one,” Joan said, “I have no idea how futanari pregnancy goes, but what does it matter? You won’t really feel pain after the fiftieth child, your body will get used to that.”

As they approached Joan’s house Joan looked at Ellen deeply, “I want you to have fun, but I can’t fuck you like I did with Adriana, our baby will die if I do that.”

“I still don’t want to have sex with you Joan.” Ellen expressed her disagreement.

“I know, and I won’t force you. I have just one request, when we get home please take a sit, I want to show you something.” Joan smiled as Ellen agreed.

As the car stopped, Ellen left for the house while Joan stayed behind with the girls. Ellen opened the lights and took a sit on the sofa as she promised. After a few moments Joan walked inside, still naked.

“My dear queen, I wanted to show you just how much you turn me on. please accept this show as a symbol of my attraction to you.” Joan explained.

Now please pay close attention from here on, understanding what will soon take place in Joan’s house is imperative to understand what comes after. First walked in Shirley, she didn’t speak, only kaçak bahis Joan went on.

“Shirley is pregnant, yet her byproduct is meaningless for me. Do you remember what I did to Adriana and the fire department? I shell do the same to Shirley.” Joan stated.

“Thank you for giving me another chance,” Shirley said as she got down on her hands and knees, pointing her rear at Joan. “Please take me now.”

Joan starched Shirley’s slit as more and more of her cock invaded the woman’s womb. “Last few times I just unleashed myself, but I want you to see Ellen, so I’ll go slow with Shirley.” And with that she lifter the girl on her cock and took her over to the sofa, “you see Ellen, my cock is much bigger than her tunnel, I want you to feel my outline.”

“It’s okay, go ahead Ellen,” Shirley encouraged her, she sent a slander arm and placed her hand, the beast was throbbing with anticipation. “doesn’t it fee-” Shirley suddenly stopped and started moaning, she was in heaven.

“I am going to release just one shot, place your hand at the tip so you could feel it.” Joan offered, and her cock flexed, Ellen could feel a massive wed of cum leave Joan and inflating Shirley. The stream went on and on, filling the poor woman.

“How many times did you cum in her already?” Ellen marveled, her nether regions getting wetter and wetter.

“This isn’t even one, it was just a single stream, I’ll be done soon.” And as promised a minute late Shirley looked properly fucked, but they all knew more will come.

“I have to take her to the porch now, or she’ll take up the whole room.” Joan explained as she made her way out. She sun was setting as she came once more, this time Ellen noticed Joan’s sack was vibrating and wiggling.

“Does that happen because of me?” she asked.

“Yes, now look at Shirley, I hope this pregnancy of hers will give me a futa.” Joan said as she unloaded another massive load, the fifth of the day. As Shirley’s belly grew and grew more and more of the backyard was covered. At one point Ellen could swear she heard a wooden fence crack.

“Please come with me Ellen,” Joan said as she pulled out of Shirley, a huge flood of cum escaping her gaping pussy. Joan made her way to the front door where Cum Dumpster and Eva waited, “Inside the house now Cum Dumpster! Brace yourself Eva.” Joan ordered.

Eva walked over to her old police car and laid on the hood. Joan walked to her and took her Pussy too, Eva screamed and moaned with pleasure as she was filled with a monster cock.

“Now look at my power Ellen!” Joan said as the sound of cum flowing out of her became louder, Eva’s belly started lifting her off the car, soon more and more of the car was under Eva’s expanding midsection.

“My god…”Ellen said to herself, she saw Joan coming a crazy amount of cum today and still she had more? Why isn’t she dehydrated?

Ellen’s line of thought broke as the horrible sound of a car crash filled the air, Joan came so much into Eva that the car below her was crashed under the crazy weight, when that happened Joan stopped and pulled out of Eva, leaving the girl to rest on her broken car.

“Let’s move inside for the final part,” Joan opened the door, inside Cum Dumpster was kneeling on the floor.

“Do I really have to do this Joan?” she asked, Ellen took a sit on the sofa once more.

“Are you refusing my wish Cum Dumpster?” Joan asked in a sinister voice.

“You know I don’t like facials Joan, can’t you take my pussy instead?”

“Your body is useless Cum Dumpster, I have no use for you other than a facial, now suck my cock!”

Joan stood in front of Ellen, her cock, still a massive, rock hard pole. Cum Dumpster kneeled before her and took the tip in her mouth, Joan was way too big for her mouth. Joan moaned and yelped as Cum Dumpster used her hands to massage the rod and balls.

As Joan and Cum Dumpster played Ellen was drifting in her thoughts, her pussy was dripping wet, her urge for sex was overcoming her will. She undressed and used her fingers to enjoy the show before her, savoring each electrical current that wrecked her brain.

Suddenly Joan screamed, what happened next was a huge mess, Cum Dumpster moved out of the cock’s line of fire. Joan’s body unleashed a huge blast of cum that hit the wall inches from Ellen’s head, the stream was so powerful the wall lost the battle and Joan’s stream filled the house next door. Seeing this, Ellen cringed in the corner, had the shot hit her she would surely die. After about 5 more minutes Joan’s orgasm came to an end.

“You failed me Cum Dumpster!” Joan berated the woman, “go to your room, no sex for the next 7 years!”

Cum Dumpster did as ordered and left Joan and Ellen alone.

“I am exhausted Ellen, drained,” Joan made her way to a naked, masturbating Ellen, “want me to take you too? I’ll be gentle.”

Ellen didn’t answer, she just spread her legs wide open and used her fingers to part her lower lips.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Joan said as she pointed her cock into Ellen’s cunt. Slowly she started shoving and extending Ellen’s pussy, Ellen noticed how gentle Joan was, she took more and more, Joan was her best sex and she only had the head inside. “I can’t go any deeper without risking our baby Ellen, I am going to cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32