A Quiet Kind of Day

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I’m sitting on my couch with my guitar and a half of a warm beer nearby on the table. It is just a boring, quiet kind of day. Drowsily I reach for the TV remote to change the channel to something else I really won’t watch.

I hear a faint knock at the front door. Peering out I see Sheryl is here, cool!

“Hey sweetie! What brings you to this side of town?”

We hug and she says, “I was nearby and wanted to see what you’re up to.”

Making our way to the couch we sit next to each other.

“Are you ok? You look down today!”

She replies, “I feel better now that I’m here and really, just wanted to see you.”

She begins to unload her problematic day, the boss said this, and the boss did that.

“He’s such a prick and . . .”

I have her turn her back towards me.

“Keep telling me about your day” I instruct her as I begin to massage the back of her neck.

She pauses, “oh that’s nice, mmmm, very nice”

I put my left arm around to her chest so I can get better pressure.

Lifting her shirt so I can feel her skin, I run my thumb and forefinger on each side of her spine, slowly moving down her back and then again up her neck.

“I, uh . . . I forgot what I was saying,” she moans quietly.

“Let’s get your shirt out of the way, you’re too stressed today.” I suggest. I pull her shirt up over her head, and then unsnap her bra.

She takes my left hand and moves it to her right breast. I lightly swirl my fingers around her erect nipple.

As I’m massaging the muscles in her back around her shoulder blade and then up and down her spine, I lightly kiss the nape of her neck.

She lets out a sigh and quietly moans and asks, “Can we stretch out somewhere?”

“That my dear is an excellent suggestion” I reply.

We stand and I take her hand and lead her to the bedroom. She sits on the side of the bed as I bend down and kiss her neck.

“Let’s take your shirt off too” she says as she is already pulling it towards my neck.

She begins to lightly kiss my chest in the middle and moves to my nipple, kissing and biting it softly. Her hands have begun rubbing my swollen cock under my jeans. She kisses her way to my waist then works at unbuckling my belt. Slowly unzipping my pants, she glances up at me with a sly look in her eye. Pulling my jeans down, she kisses my still hidden, swollen cock, up and down through my shorts. Pulling casino şirketleri my underwear down a bit until my cock springs out, slapping her cheek.

My mind replays her reason for stopping by. I knew she’d been craving me all day, maybe for days. The kind of craving that is more than I need to see you, but to smell you, to tastes you. She wanted my day long scent as her nose pressed into my musky pubes.

Her fingers feel electric as she lightly runs them down my shaft, as she kisses my swollen head.

I bend over and take my jeans off while she finishes undressing herself.

I get the Eros oil out of the night stand and instruct her to lie on her stomach. I straddle her thighs and drip oil down her spine while I press my hard cock into the crack of her ass. She pushes her ass up to greet me.

Leaning forward, I massage her back starting at the base of her neck, spreading the oil. My hands are working in a circular motion around her shoulder blades then back down her spine. As I lean forward to deeply massage her back, my balls and hard cock slide up and down into her ass crack.

She reaches around and runs her hands on my thighs. I so love her touch.

Dripping more oil at the base of her back, I spread it on her ass cheeks and into her crack with my fingers that sneak a brush with her asshole.

Rising up off of her thighs, I motion her to spread her legs. Spreading her ass cheeks, I drip more oil onto her ass hole and watch it slowly run down. The oil drip is making its way around thin hairs of her taint, then to the back edge of her pussy slit. My left hand is flat, rubbing her lower back while I run my finger in between her ass cheeks, pausing at her ass hole for a moment. In a teasingly circular motion, I lightly finger her asshole, but barely penetrating.

Her quiet moans give approval to anything I have in mind.

Following the path of the oil, my finger moves down her taint, into the slit of her pussy. My finger just barely enters her pussy lips, and slowly making its way downward, finding her clit.

“Oh my god,” she sighs.

I push my thumb into her pussy, deep to find the rough texture of her G spot. My first and middle fingers find their way to each side of her clit. In a rhythmic motion, I massage her G spot and clit. She pushes her ass upward making it easier to push my thumb deeper into her pussy. Her moans are soft and lasting longer, casino firmaları sometimes muffled by her face on the mattress. I sense her body tightening up as her lovely sensations slowly turn into an orgasm. Her ass is quivering as orgasmic tremors shake her soul.

She lets out a loud, long gasp and her body begins to relax. I continue to massage her ass and lower back as she recovers. I notice there is quite the wet spot on the sheets that her pussy left behind.

I lie on her back, kissing the back of her neck. My hard cock slips easily into her wet, oily pussy.

“Oh god” she moans.

I slowly push my cock in, as deep as I can, and then lie motionless.

“Oh baby,” she gasps, and begins to roll to her left side.

My oily hand reaches around to her breast, pinching and rolling her nipple.

She begins to push against me, signaling that my cock deep inside of her, needs to start moving.

Holding her tightly, I slide my cock out, but too far, and it pops out of her oily pussy. Reaching around, she takes me with her hand, strokes me a bit and guides me back into her.

I manage a slow rhythmic motion, deeply in, and slowly out.

I push my hand down her ass and toward the inside her thigh, so that I can take my cock in hand. I take hold and push it around so that I can tease her clit with the head.

Easing my cock back into her slippery pussy and I begin stroking her clit with my forefinger and thumb.

I can feel her breathing intensify as she grabs my hand and pushes it harder against her pussy.

I whisper, “Baby, roll over.”

I pull out and she rolls onto to her back. I position myself between her legs and push them apart. As I slide my cock back into her pussy, she wraps and squeezes her legs tightly around my hips. We kiss deeply.

“I feel you throbbing”. She whispers to me.

“I bet you do, baby.” I whispered back.

Her arms are wrapped around my back as she moves them down and squeezes my ass cheeks, instructing me to thrust my cock. Teasingly, ever so slowly I ease out of her pussy until the head of my cock pops out again. Quickly she reaches down to guide me back in. She pulls on my ass wanting my cock deep within, but I only push very slowly, until I’m in her as far as I can. I grind my hips pushing my cock inside.

“Oh baby” she whispers in my ear.

I pull out and push back in, harder and güvenilir casino a little faster with each thrust. We hear the sound of our flesh slapping against each other’s oily skin. Her pussy is squirting juices, lubricating to the point that there is hardly any friction on my cock.

Her eyes are closed as she moans out while she cums, this time harder than before. I feel her body quivering as she tightens her legs around me.

I notice tears forming in the corners of her eyes. This intense orgasm that I’ve brought her to has brought me to the edge.

I’m getting close to cumming and I tell her I don’t want to yet.

She pushes me off onto my back and moves her head to my wet cock. Taking the shaft with her hand and lowering her mouth onto me. She licks and sucks on my cock and pauses for a moment and says, “I love the taste of my pussy on your cock!”

She finds the bottle of oil and drips some at the base of my cock, watching the drips run through the crevasses in the skin of my balls. A few more drips fall and follow the same path, pushing the first drops down to my asshole. She runs her fingers over my balls as they follow the same trail as the oil. Stroking my cock with her hand, she begins running her finger around my ass, teasing me by lightly inserting it.

She licks the head of my cock while stroking with her hand as she pushes her finger into my ass. Sucking my cock harder and pushing it all the way into her throat. As she comes up, reaching the head, she strokes my cock faster with her hands.

With her fingering my ass, she is getting me to the point of no return. I’m trying to hold back but she won’t let me. She feels the head of my cock throb and stops, pulling down my shaft with her hand to the base. She wraps her lips around my throbbing head, I cum, hard, into the back of her throat; she swallows every drop while continuing to stroke me, working out all she can.

As I go limp, she keeps sucking on my head and the sensitive sensation is driving me crazy. I’m squirming and trying to push her head away, but her hand is locked onto my balls and my limp shaft. I can hardly stand it and she begins to laugh with a mouthful of me.

Finally she relents and I pull her up to me and we kiss, deeply. I taste my salty cum in her mouth.

We kiss for a while and lie embraced, falling asleep . . .

I suddenly awake, startled, I sit up on the couch. Looking around the room, I feel a bit confused. I’m all alone. The day has faded into night. The evening news is on the TV. My guitar is on the floor. I pick up the bottle of warm beer from the table and take a sip.

“Shit”, I mumble to myself. “What a fucking dream.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32