A Place Called Heavynne’s Ch. 01

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My name is Shandee Sullivan. Well, it’s actually Shawna D. Sullivan for most purposes, but I perform as Shandee. Let’s get the stats out of the way up front. I’m 26 years old, 5’3″ inches short, and weigh between 420 and 445 pounds. It fluctuates. I can’t see it myself, but I’ve been told by a guy with a tape measure that I have a 66-inch ass. I know I wear a 50 HH bra that I have to order online, and those damn things are expensive. I’m also a stripper at Heavynne’s BBW Paradise, among other things.

Today I have a bit of a problem. It started when I hooked up with a guy I met at school a couple weeks ago. I’m doing the classic cliché thing of trying to strip my way through college, though a lot bigger and a little later than most girls, I guess. We might get to some of the reasons I got delayed later on. For now, all you need to know is that I am trying my damnedest to work my way through the University of South Carolina as a political science student.

So anyway, I had to go to a student government meeting for an assignment. It was boring as hell and I wasn’t really paying a lot of attention. People were droning on arguing about parking at the football games or some shit. Then this Senator from the law school stood up. I don’t remember what he said but he was cute as hell. Maybe 30, a little stocky, cute red beard. A perfect teddy bear, not too big but with a little meat on the bones, and totally what I am into.

It didn’t take long to figure out he was into me too. I walked up and suggested grabbing a coffee in the student union, and he said that had plenty of coffee at his house. At first I thought he was blowing me off, but when he saw me look down, he reached out and lifted my chin, looked into my eyes, and said “I’ve got plenty for you too.”

Needless to say, these kind of opportunities don’t come around all that often for me, even in my line of work. Oh, I get the occasionally grabby old man or horny nineteen-year old at the club, and I’ll admit that sometimes they pay me enough to get a little more than just a show. Sadly, though, it had been awhile since I’d had a chance to do anything with someone I really wanted to.

So naturally I smiled at this handsome aspiring lawyer and said, “Then by all means, lead the way.” He seemed surprised that I let him get away with being so forward and seemed to wonder if he really wanted me to come over, so bahis siteleri I reached out and gave him a good squeeze on the tushy. He giggled, grabbed my hand and virtually pulled me out the door of the student union.

As soon as we got out the door, I reflexively grabbed my cigarette case out of my purse, not even thinking about what he might think. He didn’t seem to mind though and kinda stared at me as I sucked down the first menthol puff. I held out my case and offered him one, but he just winked and said “maybe later.”

As we walked across campus, he asked me my name. I was already thinking about the intimate possibilities of the evening, so I almost said Shandee, but I caught myself. By the time we got to his truck, parked by the law school, I had finished my cigarette and was also completely out of breath. He didn’t seemed remotely ashamed to be with me, and even held open the door.

His apartment was over on the west side of town and traffic was crazy. I always smoked in my car going back and forth to school, so in a few minutes I was craving another one. I shyly asked if he minded if I smoked in his truck. He said not at all, and rolled down the window a little.

I caught him taking little furtive glances at me while I smoked and I worked up the courage to put my hand on his thigh and squeeze a little, hoping he would return the favor. And did he ever! He reached over and ran his fingertips along my thigh from the knee slowly up, reaching under my shorts and then beginning to massage the outside of my pussy, which was getting rapidly wetter. I took a deep drag on my cig and sighed with pleasure as I let the smoke out.

I could feel my nipples hardening as his fingers gently rubbed along the outside of my pussy, teasing, careful not to reach inside. I let him tease but I was starting to crave much more. “How much further to your apartment?” I giggled after exhaling the next puff.

He laughs and says we’re almost there, but the last few blocks feel like an eternity as he rubs the outside of my pussy harder and harder and I can’t wait for him to reach inside me. Finally he pulls into his apartment complex and parks his truck right in front of the apartment door. I almost don’t want him to stop rubbing long enough to get out, but I am anticipating so much more.

The apartment is on the third floor, so of course I am totally out of breath by canlı bahis siteleri the time we get up there. I am beginning to think he likes making me feel that way. But at least he climbed the stairs at my lumbering pace instead of walking away from me!

We finally get to his door and he squeezes my fat ass before opening it. Then he holds open the door for me and I walk in a couple steps, boobs still heaving as I try to catch my breath. I look around at his fairly nice and not particularly clean apartment. My evaluation is stopped short as he walks up behind me and wraps his arms around me, cupping my nipples and kissing me on the neck.

Mmmm I moaned, trying and failing to reach around my ass and into his pants. He laughed and turned me around, reaching under my shirt and slowly moving his hands up my belly.

“You are amazingly sexy, Shawna,” he said with a smile. I smiled back, but I’m sure I also blushed beet red. “You’re not so bad yourself,” I managed, running my fingertips along his belt line.

My pussy was already throbbing and dripping from the rubbing, and I could feel that he was getting hard as he backed me against the bed and lifted off my shirt. He ran his hands all over my belly and then up under my bra as I undid his belt and pulled his pants to the floor.

I plopped down on the bed and pulled his hard cock out of his underwear. It was a good size, not crazy big, but definitely enough. I ran my tongue from the base to the tip a couple times then he grabbed my head and stuffed it into my mouth. I didn’t mind and started deep throating it as well as I could, moaning as I did so.

After a couple minutes, he stopped me and said he wanted me to get in on the fun too. I squirmed up onto the bed, pulled my cigs out and put them on the night stand and then let him pull my pants and panties off. He stood there admiring for a moment, dick sticking straight out like a flagpole.

Then he came around and got in beside me and said “now, please continue, but turn that sexy fat ass up here where I can play with it.” “Yes, sir,” I giggled, rolling over on my knees then swinging round and reaching for his cock again.

Just as I got it in my mouth, he gave me a good hard smack on the ass that gave a resounding “thwack,” just like I like. “mmmmm” I mumbled around his dick, and began going up and down on it with my lips and tongue.

Next, canlı bahis he reached inside me and began rubbing my clit as I sucked. My pussy was throbbing and I knew it wouldn’t take long for me to gush all over his hand. I sucked harder as he moaned with pleasure. He got to rubbing faster and faster and then stuck his thumb as far as he could up inside me and just started basically fucking me with it while his other fingers rubbed across my clit. Soon I was screaming and gasping as I squirted all over his hand. I orgasmed so hard I completely forgot about sucking him and rolled over on my back gasping for air.

He didn’t get mad at me abandoning the blow job, even when I finally caught my breath and shimmied back up to the top of the bed while reaching for my cigarette case.

“Sorry babe, you’re gonna have to let me have a smoke after that,” I giggled.

He laughed and went and got a small glass with a little water in the bottom for an ashtray while I lit up. He stood there and watched me exhale, his dick still hard. I could tell it turned him on.

“So you’re a pretty heavy smoker, I take it.”

I nodded, “bout a pack and a half a day, occasionally two.”

“Damn, girl, you always smoke that much?”

“Well, I started when I was nine, so I didn’t smoke quite that much back then.”

He laughed as he snuggled back up against me and began playing with my nipples while I finished my cig. I could feel myself getting wet again. When he leaned over and started sucking on my nipple, I feigned an exasperated sigh and crushed out my cigarette.

I reached for his cock as he flicked his tongue across my nipple. I stroked it gently and then a little harder and told him I wanted to feel him inside me. He bit down on my nipple a little and pulled it and then said, “whatever you say, sexy lady.”

He’s not the biggest guy I’ve ever had, but he was probably the best. When he first pushed deep into me I could feel his fingers playing with my clit at the same time. Then he grabbed me by both ankles, basically folded me in half and proceeded to absolutely fuck the shit out of me.

He just kept going, slamming his hard cock deeper and deeper inside me as I screamed for him. He made me cum at least twice more before he finally exploded inside me. After that one he finally joined me in having a smoke.

Well, I still didn’t tell you what my problem was — and no, it wasn’t being stuck across town at a guy’s apartment, Daniel was a perfect gentleman about that. I’m not pregnant either. I’ll just have to answer the question of what was wrong in the next chapter.

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