A Perfect Plan

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“So you’ll come?” My mother asked again.

I pulled into my underground parking garage and turned off the car. “Yes,” I replied, “I’ll drop in after work tomorrow.”

“Splendid, I’ll prepare us a meal,” she began. “Do you still like Beef Wellington? It was always your father’s favourite.”

“No Mom, after dinner,” I explained. “I’ll be working late. You have dinner without me, I’ll be eating at the office.” Although over the phone, I could see the disappointment in her face. I’d not been around as much of late. The firm keeping me occupied and my new love interest Teagan, taking up any spare time. Mom had countless times suggested I introduce her but to be honest I didn’t see it going far and her meeting the parent wasn’t something I felt needed doing.

Mom had been on my back about something to do with Father’s affairs for some weeks now and I’d neglected focussing on it to my shame. Now that I thought of it, it wouldn’t have killed me to have dinner with her on more occasions and I felt the pangs of ‘bad son’ coming on. Nevertheless I had promised to see her the following night and that I was determined to do.

* * * * *

I was later than I’d told her I’d be and to this she seemed overly perturbed when I arrived. After pleasantries at her front door however, she calmed herself and I followed her into the apartment. She wore heels, which although not uncommon seemed out of place for a weekday evening at home. I also noticed her stockings as she walked ahead of me. A seam running perfectly straight up the back of her shapely calves, meeting her knee length pencil skirt. In fact her overall appearance led me to think she’d been out or was planning on heading out.

When we reached the living room she made to prepare the brandy she’d promised at the door and I challenged her. “You look nice Mom,” I complimented her. “What’s the occasion?”

She smiled as she returned with the snifter. “No occasion. Did you think I’d just let myself go after your father’s passing? Become one of those cat ladies?” She handed me the glass and touched the front of my own shirt, having left my jacket in the car. “You’re not too bad yourself Darling. What is that, Ralph Lauren?”

“Jeez! You’re good,” I marvelled at her knowledge of clothing. Forty years in the fashion industry, it was no wonder she could pick a designer by look and feel.

She again smiled and took up a seat opposite me on the lounge, her legs crossed.

“So what is it you need me to do?” I asked before breathing in the brandy and taking a sip.

“Oh,” she sighed. “It’s your father’s firm. They want any documents Dennis had stored here.”

“But he was retired!”

“He was still working on cases occasionally, part time.”

“Okay, so what’s the problem?” I asked. “Why don’t you just give it to them?”

“Well here’s where we run into a problem.” She paused as she took a sip from her own sherry. “They’re on the computer!”

“Ahh,” I laughed, the problem immediately becoming clearer to me. My mother hated modern technology. ‘Those infernal machines,’ was her name for computers whom held a special hatred in her eye. It was no wonder she hadn’t sought the documents out. “So why didn’t you just hand over the computer or have one of the partners drop by and find them?”

She again paused before answering and this time it was far more reflective.

“Well there’s the other issue Nelson. A sensitive one.”

“Oh?” I leaned in, curious as to where she was going.

“This is obviously difficult for me to say but your father enjoyed certain, what are they called? Adult based pages on the computer,” she blushed around the collar as she said it. “I walked in on him many times, saw them with my own eyes. Now I’m aware this is normal behaviour but I’m also aware those infernal machines can hold onto the images somehow. I wouldn’t want anyone at his law firm discovering something objectionable and rumours spreading, do you understand?”

I did understand. I felt for her, the poor thing. It must have taken courage for her to raise the whole issue with me, the uncomfortable nature of the business. It didn’t diminish the comical essence of the whole enterprise however and I couldn’t help laughing as I responded. “Okay, so you just need me to find any files relating to Dad’s work and save them on a hard drive?” I stated. “Don’t worry Mom, I can do that.”

“Oh goodness what a relief. You know there’s no way I could get my head around the thing. I haven’t even attempted to turn it on.” She explained, noticeably calmer.

“It’s fine,” I stated, rising from my seat. “I’ll get to it right away.”

“Thank you Darling,” she said, standing with me and taking my glass. “Another brandy?”

I sat back in my father’s leather office chair and switched on the pc. Before it had warmed up, Mom brought in another brandy and touched my hand gently before promptly leaving. I opened the desk drawer in search of a USB and found a couple handy, sealed and still in the packet; cutting it open with a letter opener before the ageing computer lotusbet güvenilirmi had even hit the opening screen.

Dad’s desktop was as ordered as his life. The few icons on the home screen gave me little need to go searching as he’d labeled them according. Budget; Work; Personal; Photos and one other. Opening the Work folder I made sure it was relevant and dragged the entire contents onto the USB icon. The last icon on the desktop held the most immediate interest to me. Titled Nelson, my own name, I assumed it to be photos and I clicked on it while I waited for the Work files to copy across.

The folder opened a Word document and I felt my heart beat quicker as my father spoke to me from beyond the grave.

“My dear son. As you know my health is ailing. Due mostly in part to my own proclivities, namely my devout worship of all that is Bacchanalian and let us not forget, fine cubans. These words that follow are not those a father would ever wish to deliver to his son, equally as hard to write but I feel I must divulge information I feel pertinent to your continued happiness within our family unit. That you are reading this surely confirms my departure from, shall we say ‘this mortal coil’ and I pray is coming to you in the most timely of fashions, i.e. before it’s too late!

As you know full well, the love of my life and I expect a great deal of yours, your mother, lives on and with her spritely disposition will live on for a great deal years to come. God bless her. She is a wonderful being whom we are both so fortunate to have met in our journey. Yet it is of her I write. Forgive me my boy but from hereon I will be less obscure in my dissertation. To be frank with you, your mother exists entirely for fornication! From the earliest age we met our love life was as grand as any man could wish for. Through our days we were as libertine as any and met each others desires with aplomb. Of course for any man, time is a poor bedfellow and my capability to keep pace with her voracious libido has reached its zenith. I tell you she is primal. She lives only for sex. Her lusts have grown from the perverse to the sadistic; from the masochistic to border on the scatological. She cannot be sated. All this I would not dare elucidate to you had it not been for her latest confession.

She has expressed her profoundest desire to include…”

There was a loud crash from the adjoining room followed by raised voices. A man’s, followed closely by my mother’s scream. I leapt from the desk and ran to the door, opening it to a scene of despair.

My mother stood facing me, her eyes wide with horror but it was the man behind her where I focussed my attention. Dressed entirely in black, his head covered with a balaclava, sunglasses over his eyes, he aimed a pistol directly at my mothers back, before moving it slowly onto me.

“What is this?” I attempted to ascertain the situation and my mother shook her head slightly.

“This is a bunch of nothing if you all be good,” the man more than calmly answered. “I’ll be out of your hair soon as I get word. Till then we all just gonna get along, okay?”

I couldn’t place his accent. New York mixed with shades of ‘gangsta.’ If anything I would have said he was putting it on. “Look dude, we don’t wan’t any trouble. We have a little money here. I’m sure if you let my mother go, you and I can head down to an atm. I’m wealthy. I can withdraw whatever you need.”

“Man I’m not here for your money!” He replied.

“Then what are you here fo…?” I tried to ask before he interrupted me.

“Your mother!?” He repeated my words. “This here fine looking woman is your mother? Shit I thought she was your lady.”

Although I couldn’t see his eyes, that he was looking at my mother allowed me to scope the room and a potential weapon. A sturdy vase caught my eye as holding promise and I endeavoured to make for it first opportunity I had.

“Turn back around there Momma,” he ordered.

Mom’s eyes were locked on mine and I nodded for her to follow the man’s directions for the time being. “Shit your titties is as fine as your ass!” The man proclaimed.

Hearing him talk of her in that way disgusted me but I tried to remain calm for both of our sakes.

“Don’t you even think about it man,” I stated, trying to get his attention back onto me.

“Hey buddy,” he shouted, raising the gun at my head causing me to wince. “You ain’t the one giving orders here. But if it calms your mind,” he continued, his own voice lowering. “I ain’t no rapist.”

The words, though coming from an unknown assailant holding a gun were of some comfort and he lowered the aim to my general chest area. “Now you, Momma. You gonna get that drawcord on the blinds there and bring it back.”

Mom looked at the thin rope hanging alongside the velvet drapes and back at the man. “How will I get it down?” She asked.

“Oh you look like a smart woman,” he said. “I think you can figure something out.”

Mom looked to the empty dining table and the set of drawers lotusbet yeni giriş behind. “There are knives in the cabinet.”

“See, you a bright light ain’t ya?”

I kept my eyes on him as she walked around the table as so it seemed did he to me. “You know whatever you’re thinking of doing Jack. Don’t!” He calmly stated. “As I said, you all be good, I’ll be out of here no trouble.”

“Then go. Why are you here? We don’t know you, we can’t describe you to the police. Go now and this will all be forgotten about,” I ventured.

“Nah, man I can’t leave yet. Not till I get word. I’ll just lay low right here for a bit. I’m a man of my word, no one gets hurt if you just play nice.”

Mom had returned from cutting a length of the draw string and holding it and the knife she stood between the two of us.

“If you don’t mind,” the man said, leaning into my mother. “I’ll just take that knife from you. Don’t want you getting any ideas.”

He walked across to the dining table, the gun still aimed on me and pulled a chair to the middle of the room. “Okay Jack, you come and take a seat here.”

I did as he suggested watching him back away out of lunging distance as I did so.

“My name’s not Jack,” I stated. “I’m Nelson Fortesque. You can look me up. We have money. As I said, take me downstairs I can still help you out of this.”

Without answering my proposal he directed my mother to tie my hands to the chair. “Do it tight Momma. I’ll check it!”

I placed my hands down the legs of the chair and Mom knelt down beside me as she secured each hand, annoyingly tighter than I expected. I could see her hands were shaking but she was handling it better than I’d ever expected her to. Not that I could ever have expected this. She stood back up to receive further orders from our captive and now I was incapacitated I was fearful of what he had in mind.

“Okay Momma that was good,” the man praised her, visibly relaxing now he’d taken one of us out of the game. “Now as I said. Until I get the word I’m just gonna kick back here and we can all play happy families.”

I struggled to find anything that could identify the man. Black jeans, boots. A black nondescript jacket, pulled down over the leather gloves he wore. Not even a hair protruded from the balaclava to give me a clue. Of average build, I felt I could have overpowered him given the opportunity, now completely taken from me.

He walked to the door of the dining room and opened it onto the hallway. I could see the damaged lock on the front door, explaining the crash I’d heard.

“There anyone else here Momma?” He asked as he looked down the hallway.

“Her name’s Lily you fuck,” I ejaculated, possibly unwisely. “Show her some respect.”

He approached with speed and pressed the gun to my forehead, my mother screaming. “I’ll show you a fucking bullet if you don’t be good,” he yelled before again calming himself. “Now as I said. No one needs to get hurt here.”

Mom was standing alongside me and placed an arm around my chest looking up at the man. “Please. We’ll do whatever you say. Just don’t hurt him. I beg you.”

He turned his attention from me to her and Mom’s plea seemed to do the trick, the man backing away. I watched him walk to the table and bring back another chair, placing it against the wall across the room and sitting down.

“Look Buddy,” I began. “My car keys are in the study right there. My wallet also, you can…”

“Your mother,” he cut me off. “Oh I’m sorry, Lily.”

Mom remained beside me, loathe it seemed to remove her hand from my body.

“You’re a very attractive woman Lily,” I could see his face turn to look again at me. “I bet all your friends at school said you had the hottest Mom. Am I right?”

He was right, but I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction or enter into this conversation. “Don’t you touch her. I swear I’ll fucking kill you!”

He carried on ignoring my threat. “Man, tits like hers! If I was you I’d have never stopped breast feeding if you know what I’m saying.”

Mom had both hands on my shoulders from behind and I felt her grip a little tighter, almost massaging my trapezius at his words.

He crossed his legs and seemed to relax and the gun for the first time wasn’t aimed in our direction.

“You ever see her naked Jack?” He asked. “You ever catch a glimpse of your mother in the shower or something?”

“My name’s Nelson. And no!” I answered.

“I bet you wanted to though huh?” He stated. “Yeah can’t blame ya. She’s damn fine; for an older woman of course.”

He tilted his head to look up at my mother again. “And what about you Momma, oh sorry, Lily? You ever leave your panties lying around for your boy to find? Huh?” He asked. “Ever part those long legs a little more than necessary, give him a little peek?”

I didn’t know if he expected her to answer but I looked up at her. “Mom. Don’t listen to him. We don’t have to answer his questions.” I looked at the man. “What are you fourteen? Cut this shit out.”

In lotusbet giriş response he aimed the gun squarely at my chest and my mother let out another shriek.

“Don’t!” She cried and leaned down to hug me. Her hair smelled like cherries and I caught the scent of her cologne. Chanel of course.

“Ah I’m thinking I’ve maybe hit a nerve here,” the man interjected. “Is that it Lily? You like your boy looking up your skirt?”

Mom didn’t answer though changed her position to squat down beside me, an arm across my lap. It was a protective gesture I was sure but it was strange to have her elbow pressed directly on my groin. I hated myself for even thinking it in the current situation, sure she had no idea of what she did.

“What do you really want from us?” Mom calmly asked. “You said you don’t want money, the car. You’ve told us you don’t want to hurt us. Why are you here?”

“Maybe I just want to see how a real happy family looks. Yeah. Maybe that’s it,” he stated.

“So what do you want us to do?” Mom asked, I thought engaging too much with him.

“Mom,” I whispered. “Don’t.”

But she went on. “How can we get you out of here sooner?”

The man re-crossed his legs, sitting back in the chair further. “Hmm, let me see. How about you show us your titties!”

“Fuck you,” I challenged, struggling in the chair. Mom’s elbow ground down into my cock and but for the circumstance it might almost have felt intentional.

The subtle movement of the gun in our direction caused me to settle and Mom rose from beside me. She turned to face me and placed a hand on my cheek.

“Mom, don’t,” I told her but her hand left my face to head to her blouse.

I looked directly at the man, Mom in my peripheral vision as she began to unbutton her white satin shirt. She took it off and dropped it on the floor at her feet before turning in the direction of the man.

“There,” she stated. “Are you satisfied?”

The man placed the gun in his lap and clapped his hands together. “Very nice Momma. But I think it’s your boy you want to impress.” He twirled a finger in a motion for her to turn around and face me.

I looked into Mom’s eyes expecting tears but was amazed how stoic she remained. Though not directly looking, I could see the pink of her nipples through the basically sheer material of her white bra.

Our captor approached my mother from behind and stood beside her. A full head taller he looked bigger now I was so close. I noticed he no longer held his gun, having summed up my mother was seemingly no threat. “What do you think Jack?” He asked me. “Do you like your Momma’s titties?”

I didn’t justify it with a response which was probably a mistake.

“Oh Lily, looks like you ain’t showing enough for your boy to make a decision,” he remarked. “Here let me help you.” Mom jumped a little when his gloved hands touched her body but allowed him to, one by one lift each of her breasts from the bra. He performed the task almost dispassionately even, I would say, without interest before again backing away.

“There now Nelson,” he said, I noticed using my real name for the first time. “What do you think of your mother’s tits now?”

I wasn’t looking at them, keeping my eyes firmly fixed on my mother’s. I could see however her nipples were hard.

“I can’t hear you,” he called from the chair behind her.

Mom nodded down to me and whispered. “Just say something Darling.”

“They’re beautiful,” I in turn whispered.

“Say again?”

“They’re beautiful,” I spoke up. “My mother’s breasts are beautiful. There is that what you wanted?”

“Hey I just want you all to be truthful. Just to play happy families,” he added.

Mom turned to look in his direction and with her eyes off me I admit I did look at her breasts, her nipples I was right, standing to attention in the warm room. Nerves from the situation, I assumed.

“So what now?” My mother asked as if seeking further instruction. I could understand her wanting the man gone, any way necessary but I didn’t see the need to hasten his demands.

“Hey Nelson,” the man looked around my mother at me from his chair. “What color panties you think your mother’s wearing?”

I could see where this was heading and it didn’t look good. “Don’t man. We don’t have to do this.”

Again he ignored me. “I’m thinking black, what do you say?”

I looked up at Mom who was watching me. She seemed to be waiting for me to answer, almost willing me to respond.

I shook my head. “I don’t know, white?”

Mom looked at the man and he nodded as if giving her permission to reveal. To my surprise Mom leaned down and began lifting her skirt.

The grey pencil skirt was tight around her hips and ass and she had to twist to effectively pull it up her legs. Unlike the bra, this time I watched. Her tan stockings ended high on her thighs, held up by similarly colored suspenders. A small patch of bare skin before the sheer white material of her underwear came into view. She pulled her skirt all the way up to her waist leaving her panties fully exposed. Turned sideways to us both I couldn’t see her vagina or ass crack although the see-through material would do nothing to hide them if she turned. That she wore her panties over her suspender belt didn’t immediately come to mind.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32