A Pair of Angels

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Author’s Note: First off, this is my first time writing a story. The inspiration for this story came from Mr_Owlow’s Chalice of Change. This is a celebrity(ish) story, but focuses more on transformation and lesbian sex. It starts off a bit slow, but stick with it; it gets good I promise. Please, enjoy the story and comment your thoughts.


So here Ryan sat, wasting his Friday night away in his apartment playing the latest installment of a major crime video game. It had become his routine over the past few weeks and despite living near to a major university campus, he never really got into the party atmosphere. At well past the overweight mark, he had always led the sedentary video game life, and never quite had the self-confidence to go out and dance and party. He didn’t have a problem talking to girls per-se, but he never built up the confidence to really flirt with them. He’d always just figured they’d reject him. However he had met a really cool girl named Chloe but after a really awkward movie date he gave up, figuring he blew it and that she probably didn’t like him. Nevertheless he still talked to her every now and then, and lately it seemed that he might get another shot.

It was at this moment that he heard a classic video game ‘ba-ding’ come from his phone. He had gotten a new text message from Chloe. It simply read “Hey”. He opened the text screen and replied with a simple “Hey what’s up?”

“Oh not much, really. Kinda bored…”

“Oh that stinks. Me too…” Ryan texted back.

“Hey you wanna come to my place and hang out?” came Chloe’s reply.

“Holy. Shit.” He thought to himself. This is like his dream come true! And to boot his roommate was out partying and blackout drunk. He usually didn’t show up to well into Saturday afternoon after passing out in whatever frat he joined, so he wouldn’t have to worry about him anytime soon.

So he texted her back: “Maybe. Are your room/suite mates there?”

“Well I think my suite mates are here. My roommate will be back sooner or later though.”

He looked at the time on his phone, it read 9:24. “Well it’s still early” he thought, “maybe this night can be salvaged yet”. So he texted her back,

“Well my roommate is going to be out for a while if you want to come here instead.”

“Oh ok. That sounds good ?. I don’t have a car on campus. Wanna come get me lol”

“Ha ok. Be there in ten ?”

He quickly changed out of the t-shirt he’d worn all day into a nicer one. It was a good mix between casual and dressy, but obviously showed that he didn’t really get out often. Hurriedly he switched over to his “nice” jeans and then gave himself a quick spritz of cologne. He did a quick once-over of his hair, decided it had the perfect appeal, threw on his jacket, grabbed his keys and took off.

Upon arriving at her dorm, he pulled up to a meter spot, put some change he dug out of his center console into the meter and went inside. He whipped out his phone and texted her

“Hey I’m here”

“Ok. Be down in just a sec”

He chuckled a little to himself. A popular country song came to mind about how the singer was always waiting on a woman. The thought quickly vanished a moment later as the elevator ‘dinged’ its arrival. The doors slid open and there Chloe stood. She was definitely not the prettiest girl on campus, but by no means was she unattractive. She had super curly light brown hair, a very delicate, cute face, a very nice pair of breasts that were a C cup on her chest, and decent curves. She wasn’t skinny or overweight, but she had that perfect full body figure. She was dressed up more than him, wearing a nice top that dipped just low enough to entice every man within visual range, and a pair of jeans.

“Wow, you look great” He said.

“Thanks” She smiled back. “So do you want to go see that new scary movie that just came out?”

“Sure!” He replied, almost grinning ear to ear. He knew that this meant that he could provide a nice big shoulder to cling to, which was good enough for him.

The movie date ended up going pretty well that time, and she had his arm in a vice grip almost the whole time. He didn’t mind of course. Eventually, they got back to his apartment and started cuddling on the couch while watching a TV series about a time traveling doctor, though not much attention was on the show.

After almost another hour of cuddling, she reached down and unzipped his jeans. He gave her a big grin and she said to stay right where he was. She quickly undid his belt and button, and pulled his pants down to his ankles. He didn’t need any further prodding as his cock was at full attention. She looked up and gave him a sly smile and then took his whole cock into her mouth. She worked her tongue around a bit in her mouth and he thought for sure he was going to explode right then and there.

She started bobbing her head up and down while he sat back and enjoyed the blow job. He kept letting out canlı bahis grunts and groans of pleasure. And soon he could tell he was getting close. “Just gotta go a little longer…” he thought to himself. He was so close, but he didn’t want to lose it too quickly.

That’s when she brought her hand around and started to fondle his balls ever so enticingly, and this was the final straw for him. She felt his cock expand in her mouth, and she didn’t pull away fast enough. Soon his cock exploded, sending a stream of cum partly into her mouth and partly onto her face. She swallowed what was in her mouth, relishing in the taste, and then seductively used her finger to get the rest of the cum off of her face and drip it into her mouth.

Chloe then crawled up him and started making out with him. He thought he tasted something funny in her mouth, which he assumed was his own cum, but he wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to make out with her just because of that. They then made out for a solid 20 minutes, with him massaging and fondling her breasts before he pulled back and asked her if she wanted anything in return.

She simply smiled and said “No it’s fine. This one is on me tonight.” And they went back to making out, eventually making it to his bedroom where they fell asleep together.

This ritual of cuddling and blowjobs continued for several weeks after, and eventually he went down on her a few times, using his tongue to part his wet lips, savoring the sweet juices that came out. After about a month or two, they ended up seeing each other more than just Friday nights. Fridays led to Saturdays, and Saturdays led to Sundays which eventually led to almost every weekday, save for nights she had a long lecture. They eventually became a steady couple.

It was after about a year that they started thinking that this could be a serious relationship. The sex life hadn’t kept pace and had pretty much died off, save for the occasional blow job or hand job, but now they truly loved each other and wanted to be together more and more. And although he was a bit disappointed by the lack of action, he was always happy to be with her. He had one time asked for normal sex, but she vehemently refused, so he didn’t push the issue.

It was their second year anniversary when she came over and they shared a very romantic dinner once again without sex or anything, despite Ryan’s prodding. Instead, she asked for a glass of water. He lazily got up and went into the kitchen. The dishes hadn’t been done lately, but there were still plenty of cups left. Abruptly, a thought occurred to him. He went into his bedroom with the pretense he was grabbing a cup he had used earlier that day. He opened his closet ever so carefully, and reached for the bag down in the corner. He retrieved a carefully wrapped package, and cautiously opened it. Inside was a rather oddly charming mug of sorts. It was a simple thing, and looked like something you buy at an antique store, and definitely old. He quickly returned to the kitchen and filled the mug with water.

He returned to find her on the couch in her “snuggle” position and gave her the mug, saying it’s all that was clean. She happily took a sip. Something felt odd about it, but it was definitely the best water she’d ever had. Quickly she downed half of the water and set the mug off to the side. They snuggled together to watch TV for a little longer to simply enjoy each other’s company. At one point Ryan said he was thirsty, and Chloe gave him her mug and he had a sip.

After just a short while a rather peculiar sensation came over Chloe. She had a…itching feeling all over her body. She couldn’t help but try to casually scratch at it. She noticed Ryan had the same issue. She felt her arms and legs itch something fierce but no matter how much she scratched it wouldn’t go away. Suddenly she heard a soft pop of a bone realigning and felt her face changing shape. It was too much for her and she passed out on the couch.

Ryan was also experiencing the strange sensations, specifically in his chest. It itched like crazy and the more he scratched it the worse it felt, but he simply couldn’t stop. He had to keep scratching. He hardly noticed when it seemed that he was growing a pair of boobs. They kept swelling until they were about an A cup did he notice. He suddenly became very alarmed. Then his relatively short hair spurted and started growing. His scalp felt like it had thousands of little bugs crawling all over it. He scratched and scratched but nothing could get it to go away. Soon enough he could see auburn hair coming down in front of his eyes. Just as his brain started to process this, he felt his bones popping and rearranging right underneath his skin. Much like Chloe he couldn’t handle the noise and soon passed out.

After about three hours Ryan awoke. He was too groggy to remember what happened and simply lifted Chloe up into his arms with newfound strength. He carried her to his bedroom and laid her down on bahis siteleri one side. He then made his way to his side and flopped down, not even caring to remove his clothing.

Chloe awoke to a ray of bright sunshine finding its way through the dreary winter sky, although it was quickly blotted out again by oppressive clouds. She kept her eyes closed, hoping to go back to sleep. She felt a very soft, almost feathery blanket across her back and on part of her arms. Comforted that Ryan had brought her to bed and covered her up, she fell back asleep.

Meanwhile, Ryan was up and about. He had felt the same feathery softness on his body in the morning, and he was absolutely giddy with excitement. “It actually worked!!” He thought to himself.

The mug he gave to Chloe the night before wasn’t just any normal mug. It had been handed down for generations by his family. The tradition was to give the mug to the eldest child first, and when he or she had used it, it would go on to the next child. So on and so forth this tradition went for many a generation. According to his ancestors, the mug transformed the drinker into the giver’s dream partner, and also the opposite, making the giver the drinker’s dream partner. Additionally, the giver could make requests as to what their new body would be, but they still wouldn’t know what they were going to transform into.

In the present moment though, Ryan awoke to exactly what he had hoped for…Well, almost. Chloe lay in bed in serene slumber. She had changed overnight to become a near copy of his dream woman, Anna Kendrick. However, unlike Anna her hair was a dark red, with a smooth flow with few curls. She had kept her lovely C cups, although her boobs were noticeably perkier than before, with cute little nipples capping them. She was a little shorter than before too, and stood at about 5’2″. She had a flat stomach, with no hair below her eyebrows on her body. She had appropriately flared hips and a nice, pert butt. She had a very petite, almost pixie look about her now. The most obvious change however, was the angel wings that spread from her back. They were pure white and were as soft as clouds. They stretched just below four foot in either direction and were lazily spread across the bed.

Ryan had also changed, but instead of waking up expecting to be some dream guy, he was more than a little shocked to find that he wasn’t a man by any definition. It seems that Chloe wasn’t exactly longing for a man…

When he awoke the next morning, it came with the same feathery feel on his back, his own pair of angel wings. Quietly he got out of bed and shook off a feeling of extreme vertigo. He was definitely shorter than before. He sneaked over to the bathroom where he sat and just stared at himself…or rather herself. No longer was he a man. Instead, he had become Chloe’s dream partner, Emma Watson. Her hair was auburn, she had a perfect pair of C cup breasts, and she too had a pair of wings behind her, which stretched four foot in either direction as well, but were neatly tucked behind her for now. He had been about 6′, but now stood at 5’5″. Everything in the apartment seemed so much larger to her now.

As she explored what the mug’s magic had done, she couldn’t help but touch herself. First she started with her C cup breasts. She fondled them and relished in the feeling of pure pleasure that washed over her body. Getting carried away, she decided to slightly twist one of her nipples. She gasped as a spike of pleasure ran through her entire body

“Holy shit!” she whispered to herself, finding she even had the British accent like the real Emma. She experimentally pinched a nipple a little harder this and almost fell to the floor in ecstasy. She couldn’t believe how amazing that felt! Now her hands started to explore their way down, quickly finding her wet pussy. She slicked her fingers up, enjoying the feel of her own juices. She was horny as hell and felt…empty. Softly, she slid a finger up into her pussy. She fell to the floor with a loud gasp.

“Oh my fucking god!” she said, trying to contain herself. She then started to move her finger in and out, and soon the lone finger was joined by another. It felt so fucking amazing and she couldn’t believe it. Then she took her other hand and started to play with her nipples, which sent a bolt of ecstasy through her, causing her wings to spread to their full wingspan. This caused a huge commotion, knocking over the various items around the sink. It didn’t matter to her though, and she kept going, moaning and gasping every few seconds. While she was clearly enjoying her new form the door was suddenly ripped open by an incredulous Anna Kendrick.

A few minutes earlier Chloe, or rather Anna, had been awoken by (as far as she knew) Ryan getting out of bed. She heard him walk off towards the bathroom, all the while keeping her face buried in her pillow. After deciding she wasn’t going back to sleep, she decided to get up. As soon as she had pushed bahis şirketleri herself up, something felt odd. She felt like she her arms were shorter. Next she noticed that her hair was now down past her shoulders, and much more red than she remembered. Feeling confused, she then noticed that the feathery feeling on her back was still there, and turning her head to see what it was, she let out a scream (Emma was so absorbed with herself in the bathroom she didn’t hear Chloe’s scream).

“What the fuck” Chloe said to herself, now noticing that the wings responded to her movement. She was even more surprised to notice that they definitely went into her back and were a part of her. Trying to grasp the situation, she noticed that she could control the wings as if they were her own arms. She stretched them all the way out and was rewarded with a similar stretching feeling as if she had done with her arms. “Oh wow, that feels great” she said, loosening up her wings which had been folded all night. She got out of bed and noticed that she was definitely shorter than the night before. Her hips had been a little taller than the bed but now they were almost even. She wanted to know what she looked like, so she then left the bedroom and went into Ryan’s roommate’s room because he had a full mirror. Taking herself in for the first time, she noticed that she was Anna Kendrick, although she knew she wasn’t an exact copy. She first noticed her breasts were a full size bigger than the real Anna. Her hair was more auburn too.

“Holy shit do I look good” she said to herself, now fighting the urge to touch her body, ultimately to no avail. Her hands reached up and caressed her breasts, slowly fondling them. The feeling was a thousand times better than she remembered. “They’re so sensitive” she muttered, playfully juggling her own boobs. As she went to pinch one of her nipples, she heard a loud crashing sound come from the bathroom. Realizing she was naked she instinctively reached her arms around to cover herself up. Without even thinking, the wings had done like her arms and actually provided a very good cover. “Hey maybe these won’t be as dumb as I thought” she wondered aloud. Keeping her wings covering her body, she walked towards the bathroom. She could hear a woman moaning and gasping on the other side of the door. She panicked a little, thinking that maybe Ryan had another woman in there. Not knowing what else to do, she ripped open the door. Much to her surprise, sitting in the middle of the floor was Emma Watson, with a set of wings like Chloe’s. The shocked Emma sat still, with one hand on her pussy and the other on her boobs.

“WHAT THE FUCK? WHO THE HELL ARE YOU??” Chloe yelled, more surprised than angry.

” I can explain” said Emma.

“Who the hell are you?!?” questioned Anna, now thoroughly confused.

“Look Chloe it’s me, Ryan! That mug you drank from last night wasn’t any mug. It was magical.”

“So it turned us into fucking angels?”

“Well, sorta. Look when you drank from it you became my dream girl, Anna Kendrick. Then I took a sip of the mug, making me into your dream partner, Emma Watson.” Emma said, feeling her already wet pussy moisten up even more. “Holy fuck am I horny right now”, she thought to herself, the sight of a fully exposed Anna only exacerbating the situation.

“Then why the fuck do we both have fucking wings?” Chloe demanded.

“Well the other part of the magic cup is that I can make a sort of…request. I don’t know why but I have this thing for hot girls with wings, and honestly I’m not disappointed. But like I said I thought I was going to be a guy, you’re the one who made me Emma Watson!” Emma said accusingly

“Well… I’ve been meaning to tell you that I’m not really into guys anymore, but we were so happy, I just…I didn’t want to hurt you.” Chloe said apologetically.

“Don’t worry Chloe, it’ll be fine now. We both have what we want now.” Emma said, getting up and embracing Chloe, wrapping her arms and wings around her. Chloe could smell Emma’s scent, and a lustful haze was beginning to descend upon her.

“So, you’re cool with being a girl?” Chloe asked looking into Emma’s eyes, the same lustful haze started clouding Emma’s mind too.

“Well it’s what you wanted…” Emma replied leaning in near Chloe’s face, coherent thought a long forgotten concept.

At nearly the same time Chloe and Emma both attacked the other’s mouth in a no-holds-bar makeout. They remained locked at the face, their hands exploring the other’s body. The slightly taller Emma led them back to her bedroom, and they both flopped down onto the bed, still locked together. They released each other for just a moment as they flipped around into the 69 position. They eagerly started eating out the other, relishing in the juices coming out of their pussies. They remained like that for a few minutes, as moans came from either of them. Suddenly they both climaxed, screaming out in unison. It was the best orgasm Emma had ever had, and was riding the high for several minutes before coming back down to Earth. Chloe had never had an orgasm that good even as her old self, and was riding the high with Emma’s pussy still in front of her.

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