A One-Time Encounter Ch. 01

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I only knew her by her screen name. I only communicated with her via e-mail. But the e-mails were so intense and detailed, I felt like we knew everything about each other, at least everything that we wanted the other to know. The communication had reached a point when a rendezvous as inevitable. The scrip had been written through months of back and forth fetish exchanges. This is my story:

I’ve never seen you. I’ve never even spoken to you. But I know it’s you. You stride up confidently, right on schedule. Your looks are exotic and your hair is enchanting. Your high heels make you look a little taller than 5’3″, as your profile says. And as you reach the door I can see that your nails are long, square tipped and pink, as I requested.

You know it’s me. I am the only one waiting outside the barbershop at the appointed time. I can see that you are a bit surprised at the length of my hair. Your eyes sparkle in anticipation of the shearing you are about to witness, it’s not going to be a little trim.

Without saying a word, I open the door for you to enter the barber shop. As you pass by I cannot help but stare at your fine, little body. The scent of your perfume adds to the excitement I am beginning to feel.

It is a three chair shop. The waiting chairs line the wall opposite the barber chairs, perfect for the show I expect you to put on while I’m getting skinned. Two barbers are busy cutting hair. The third chair is empty, apparently not being manned today. There is one male barber and one female barber. The male barber looks to be about 60. He is chatting with the man he is giving a haircut to. The woman barber is about in her mid 40’s. She is attractive and appears to be finishing her customer. It looks like I’ll be lucky enough to draw the woman barber. I prefer woman barbers.

We sit in the waiting chairs. No body else is waiting. I survey the barber shop and the barbers. You casually sit, cross your legs and pick up a magazine. As you read, you place your hand over on my leg. With your hand resting on top of my leg, you lightly scratch the inner part of my thigh with your long, pink nails. My already stiffening cock comes to immediate attention. You continue to read the magazine. We act as though we’ve been together for along time. We’re going to fuck in a few minutes and have not yet ever had a direct conversation.

The woman barber finishes her customer, receives payment, and asks “next”, as she looks in our direction. I stand up and walk over to the chair. As I turn to sit down I see you close your magazine, keeping it on your lap. As the barber places the tissue tightly around my neck we are staring confidently into each others eyes. You have a slight smile on your beautiful lips. As the barber places the cape over my body and fastens it up around the tissue paper she asks me how short I want to go today.

As we continue to look directly at each other, I tell the barber that its ladies choice. Without hesitation you tell the barber to give me a shaved recon, skin tight on the sides and back. I tell the barber to leave it about ¼ inch on top. Smiling, you get in the last word by telling the barberette to make sure the sides and back are clipped using a #0 blade or less. You are looking at me with a sexy smile as the barberette bahis firmaları prepares the clippers.

As the barberette returns with the clippers and turns them on, you slightly reposition yourself so that your body is directly facing me. She brings the clippers to the side, places her hand on top of my head to steady it, places the clippers in front of my ear and pushes them up the side of my head. Very seductively, you sweep your long bangs up on top of your head. Almost taunting me because you your hair is so long and beautiful, and mine is about to be history

The clippers do not hesitate as they easily shave my long hair off, leaving a bald path as they move. Your smile turns more playful as you enjoy the events unfolding before your eyes. Your hand, below the magazine, appears to be pushing down into your crotch rubbing whatever it can. Your excitement makes you a little fidgety.

As the barber moves around to the back the baldness left in the wake of the clippers is dramatic. You uncross your legs and spread them slightly. Although it is dim in the waiting area, I am able to confirm that your pussy is totally bald, just as advertised. And from the glint in the lights, it appears to be a bit wet as well. I can only smile, and be thankful that the cape is hiding my raging hard-on.

Finished for the moment, the barberette pauses to tend to her clippers. You have been rocking about in your seat, unsuspecting of the casual observer, letting the ben-wah balls (that I sent you) in your pussy raise your level of excitement. You no longer look as composed as you did. We both can’t wait for the shaving to be completed so we can retire to the privacy of the hotel room, and the multiple releases that will follow.

The barber returns the clippers to my scalp, taking care of the hair that remains on top of my head. Pushing the clippers from front to back, over and over to ensure a smooth cut, the transition is soon complete. Only a very short mat of hair remains on the top of my head. As she removes the cape, all of my former hair makes an impressive pile on the floor. I quickly pay and we exit without any additional words. I am so excited that I want to sit you in the barber chair I just stepped out off and ram my prick in and out of your steaming pussy, but that’s not part of the plan.

Outside the barber shop, we walk at a quick pace to the hotel across the street. You are rubbing your hand over my new haircut as we walk. You allow your long nails to tease my skin, as you know how I love the feel of a woman’s nails anywhere on my body. I hope to feel them everywhere.

In the elevator, your perfume, your touch, the emotion of meeting up with you and the barbershop experience begin to overpower me. I can’t get to the room quickly enough. Before the door closes, my hands are exploring your ass, your breasts and your dripping pussy as we lock in a passionate, open mouth, panting kiss.

Our clothes were no match for our animal passion. As I rip your skirt and blouse off, you are negotiating my belt and pants. Once my shirt is off, your nails punish my hungry flesh, I am in pure heaven. Soon we are naked, pressing our bodies together on the bed.

Knowing that I needed a few minutes to get control of my body, I lay back kaçak iddaa on the bed and tell you I want to eat your beautiful, bald snatch. I joke about how I want to see if your pussy flows cum like you claim. You smile and offer that you’re going to glaze my whole head with your cum.

You straddle my face and proceed to remove the ben-wah balls directly in front of my face so that I can get on with my work. I eagerly start licking your sweet, bald pussy lips. With one hand you rub my head and the other you reach back and stroke my cock and rub my swollen balls, allowing your nails to continue teasing my now sweating flesh.

As the pace quickens my tongue probes the inside of your hot slot. It is easy for my tongue to locate your swollen clit, which I intermittently tease as I explore everywhere I can reach. Your excitement grows, you sweep your bangs away from your face again. Then you lean back a little, occasionally moaning in pleasure. I start to caress both of your breasts. They feel so soft and firm. I gently pinch your hard nipples between my fingers. This brings you to the edge. The urge is overpowering, you can’t put off cumming any longer.

I feel the beginning of the muscle contractions in your pussy as your start to moan loudly. I press my tongue deeper into you slot but you move your pelvis forward and grab my head with your hands. Your body shudders, I begin to focus on your swollen bud. Soon your moaning turns into a scream. I’ve never felt anything like it. I close my eyes tightly. Your warm juices begin to flow out onto my face and head.

As the intense orgasm begins to pass you relax forward resting on your hands. I am still licking away the last of the pussy juice stream dripping more slowly onto my lips. I am drenched, as is the sheet below my head. I am breathing heavily, feeling for a moment that I was going to drown in your sticky sweetness. You began to recover, sensing that it was now your turn to release the cream from my swollen nuts.

You stand and rub your hand over the already stiffening, short hair on top of my head. You smile as you feel the “coating” over the shaved sides and back. You snicker and refer to me as your little glazed donut.

You walk over and pull something out of your purse. As you turn and look at me I see that you have lipstick in your hands. You are looking directly into my eyes as you apply the lipstick to your perfect lips. I see that it is a perfect match with the polish adorning your beautiful nails. Finished, you rub your lips together and announce that you want to look your best when you empty the cream from my long john.

I slide up on the bed so that my head is on a pillow, I don’t want to miss a minute of the action. You slip seductively back to the bed. You climb onto the bed between my legs and gently grab hold of my hard pecker. As you kneel down you’re looking into my eyes and you sweep your hair back with your free hand. You comment on how you like my freshly shaved cock shaft and balls, and the neatly trimmed area around them, just as you requested.

You lick your lips, open your mouth and lower it on top of my cock. There is no more beautiful site to any man than to see his cock sticking into the mouth of a woman. You work my unit expertly, slowly raising kaçak bahis and lowering your head as you gently twist and pump it with your hand. The matching pink of your lipstick and nails is a huge turn on to me. You take it nice and slow, sensing that all of the excitement has left me with a very short trigger.

I ask you to slide your butt over to the side for a minute. You stop to reposition yourself as I ask. I place my hand on your hot, firm ass and tell you to continue. You again lower your mouth down on my cock. As you resume the blowjob I find your asshole with my finger and rub around it. You gently moan as you continue.

Pausing the rubbing for a brief instant, I stick my finger into some KY , conveniently placed on the night stand next to the bed, and return it to your bung hole. After circling it a few more times I press it through the opening into your ass. You squeal in surprise and then moan and push back against my hand, burying my finger all the way in. I am laying the groundwork for bigger things to come later on.

You quicken the pace on my cock. I can’t last much longer. I place my hand on top of your head. You get the signal and dive all the way down on my rod. It feels so warm and tight in your throat. You twist your head and raise your head up, then go all the way down again, repeating the process several times. You squeeze my sack with your hand, then lightly scratch with those long, pink nails, and we both feel the contractions start to begin.

I tell you to roll over on to your back, because I want to return the favor and empty my first, and biggest cum load all over your face. You roll onto your back and I position myself resting mostly on one leg, with the other stretched out over your chest, resting on the bed on the other side of your body. I’m leaning down on one hand so that my cock is pointing at the target.

You grab my penis and resume pumping it at a fast pace. I tell you to lightly scratch my balls with your other hand. You point my one eyed snake at your mouth, watching carefully, ready to open it and receive my thick, white load at an instants notice. I place one hand on your head to ensure that it stays in place and then I shift forward a bit. My idea is a bit different from yours because I want to be sure that most of the load is delivered above your mouth, onto your face.

In seconds the moment is upon us. The pumping and scratching have worked their magic. My body tenses as the muscle contractions in my nut sack speeding up to pump the thick elixir.

The first shot is dramatic. It is big, thick, warm and white. It hits you on the cheek. You flinch and close your eyes. A rapid succession of spasm delivers an incredible volume of sticky cum all over your face, some into your hair. As the spasms slow down, I re-aim so that the last bit trickles over your lips into your open mouth.

I roll over onto my back. We’re both ready for a little rest. I look at you and can’t help but laugh a little. You lick as much sperm off you face as you can, but you don’t really put a dent in it. Laughing, you jump up saying we both need a shower, using a towel to wipe the spunk from your face. You rub my head, the short hair now as stiff as a board. As you turn to walk away I can only smile in amazement at your fine body. For the first time I notice that your toenails match your lips and fingernails.

I ease off the bed, grab the KY and follow you into the bathroom. I’m conserving energy for the action yet to come……..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32