A Night with Mom, Dad, , Uncle Brad

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As I walked in the house, I could hear noises coming from my parent’s room. The noises were the sounds of two lovers in the throes of passion. How nice it is that they still love one another to make love, I thought. They’d been married for almost 25 years and I sometimes wondered if they were still in love. They’d fallen into a bit of a rut, I’d say but I guess time and familiarness (is that even a word?) does that to you.

I knew they weren’t expecting me home. I was going to stay over at a friends for the night but plans fell through. I guess they just thought that they’d have some fun while I was gone. It was times like these that I was grateful for the thick carpet that would pad my feet. The last thing I wanted to do was to disrupt them when they were obviously having so much fun.

While listening to them, I couldn’t believe how loud my mom was, dad must really be a stud, I thought about the last time my boyfriend and I made love. Well maybe made love is giving it too much credit. It was more like two 19 year olds pawing one another in the back seat of his mustang. The sounds coming from my parent’s bedroom reminded me of the sounds he and I made.

I could almost feel his hands on my breasts. I could almost feel his cock in my mouth. I could almost feel his hips thrusting into me, driving that cock into my pussy. I always loved the way it felt when a boy touched me. I knew some were just using me, but I was using them, too. It started with kissing at first. That led to hand jobs and fingering. Next were blowjobs and the occasional boy that would lick me. Finally, it was fucking.

I’d even had my ass penetrated once by a boy that missed the mark a bit. Yes, that stung, at first, but it eventually felt nice. I didn’t mind a bit of pain. It only added to the pleasure and when a boy would pinch my nipples hard while playing with me, I would usually orgasm.

I was wet. “My god,” I thought. “These sounds are getting me worked up.”

I’d never heard my parents having sex before. I think they only did it when I was gone. I looked at my phone to see what time it was, thinking was there anywhere I could go, anyone I could call to let my parents have their fun?

My phone was almost out of battery, in need of a charge. Unfortunately, my charger was in my bedroom and my room was down the hallway past my parent’s room. Again, I was grateful for my parent’s choice of carpet. I knew if I went quickly and quietly, I could be in and out and they would never know.

For the most part, the lights were out in the house. Yes there was a light on in the family room where I was at the moment, but the rest of the house was in near darkness. As I looked down the hallway I could see a sliver of light penetrating the darkness, much like from the sounds emanating from the bedroom I imagined my father was penetrating mom. They had not completely closed the bedroom door. “No need to,” I thought. They didn’t expect me home.

I slipped off my shoes, trying to be as quiet as possible and crept down the hallway. I meant to just rush by, but that open door was a bit like the sun. You know you shouldn’t look at it, but you do anyway. The sight inside stopped me dead in my tracks.

There was my mom. Naked. Sexier than I’ve ever seen before. Sexier than I ever imagined. I’ve had a couple of experiences with some girls in my class, but these were girls. My mom was a woman. She was on her hands and knees on the bed. Her head was hanging down. Her breasts were swinging like pendulums beneath her as she was being fucked from behind.

For a woman in her late 40s she could hold her own with anyone. She was 5’6″ 140 with 34DD breasts. I only hoped that one day I would look as good as she did now. Her hips were wider than my young woman hips and her slight tummy made her look the sexy mom.

I couldn’t breathe, I was mesmerized by the sight of my mom. Her brown hair, which had flecks of grey was wet with sweat. Her body shown. I remember as a kid riding horses with my friends and how the horses looked after a long ride where we had been racing one another. The sheen on their bodies. It was the same look as on my mom. I had hear the term “rode hard and put away wet.” Mom was being ridden and she was wet.

I could hear the sound of a hard cock pistoning in and out of her pussy. His hips slapping with each contact of her smooth bottom. I could see his hands gripping her hips tightly, steadying himself and her, as he drove into her flesh. Her breath was being driven from her lungs each time he bottomed out in her.

I’m not sure how long I stood there, watching her, wishing I was her. When I looked down the nipples on my 32D tits were sticking out and I could feel the moisture in my panties. I was so turned on. I was glad that I’d chosen to wear a loose top and a short skirt. The fingers on my left hand reached under my shirt and found my nipples, rolling and pinching them hard through my sheer bar. The fingers on my right hand lifted my skirt and touched the front bahis firmaları of my panties. I felt as if they might catch fire.

A deep groan from my mom brought my attention back to her. I could see her body shudder. I inhaled deeply through my nose and I could smell the scent of aroused female. I knew that scent and thought, “my mom smells like me.” I couldn’t help but wonder if she tasted like me. I’d tasted myself on my fingers many times and even a couple times on the fingers of my male friends.

“Keep going, fuck me hard.” I heard mom say. “Fuck me deeper.” My god. I couldn’t believe she would talk like this. I felt another rush of moisture soak the crotch of my panties. I slid my hand under the waistband of my panties, down into my pussy.

“I’m going to fuck you for hours,” a male voice replied. “Your cunt feels wonderful.”

Wait a minute. That wasn’t my dad’s voice. It was then I looked down mom’s body to the male that was behind her, impaling her with his cock. It wasn’t my dad. It was my Uncle Brad. Well, he wasn’t really my uncle. He was dad’s best friend. They had been best friends growing up. Best friends for the past 40 years.

How could my mom be cheating on dad with Brad? Yes, I knew that wife’s cheated, so do husbands for that matter, but with Brad? It was then I heard dad’s voice, “Do it Brad, fuck her, fuck her hard. Give Christine what she needs, what she wants.

I looked in the direction of the voice and there sat dad in a chair at the end of the bed. He was watching as Brad’s hips continued their thrusting motion. Not only was dad watching. He was as naked as they were and he was stroking a sizeable erection.

I don’t know what happened, but the sight of mom getting fucked from behind, Uncle Brad doing it to her, dad watching and jacking off was too much for me. I had to see more. I leaned forward and as I did the door was pushed on its hinges. It opened, leaving me standing, watching, my hands on my tits and in my pussy.

Mom, dad, and Brad all looked at me. I guess they were too far gone because mom turned her head to Brad and said, “Don’t you dare stop.” She then looked at dad and said, “you either.” They all kept doing what they had been before I intruded.

Mom looked at me and as Brad rammed his cock into her said, “You’re an adult, you’re over 18, would you like a closer look?”

I just nodded and moved closer. My fingers rolling my nipples as hard as they’ve ever been. I shoved a finger deeper inside my bubbling hole.

Mom told me, “You should see the size of Brad’s cock. It’s amazing.” So I went down towards the foot of the bed, down closer to where my dad was sitting.

I thought to myself, “Dad’s cock is pretty amazing. What must Brad’s be like?”

Dad was stroking what looked to be a 7 inch cock. It was definitely bigger than all but one of my boyfriends. I then turned and looked at Brad’s.

He looked huge! I couldn’t not see all of it at that moment as he was buried deep in my mom. His hands on her hips had pulled her bottom outward. I could see mom’s asshole and matted hair that covered her pussy and around the hole in back. As he pulled out her pussy lips clung to a cock that looked to be as thick as a soda can. This time it was my turn to moan. I’d never seen such a specimen.

He continued his onslaught of my mom and she turned slightly and asked, “Does that turn you on? I could only nod my head. “Well, you’ve seen us all naked, would you like to join us in being naked and take your clothes off? After all, you are playing with yourself.”

Again, I could only nod and I slowly removed my clothing. “Come where I can see you, where we can all see you. I haven’t seen you naked since you were in your early teens,” mom said. So I moved towards the center off the room and slowly stripped my clothing.

My shirt and bra were first to come off. Uncle Brad let out a, “mmm, beautiful.” My big nipples were now in their view. Although it felt good to hear him say that I was also a bit self-conscious. Here I was getting naked in front of my parents and a man I’ve known all my life. I knew my body was nowhere near as nice as mom’s.

As I slipped out of my skirt and panties, I turned sideways a bit. Both men could see my ass. I wasn’t quite ready for them to see my bald pussy or how wet I was. My inner lips always dangle a bit when I’m excited and they were hanging tonight.

“Oh, Penny, you look lovely. You’ve become such a beautiful woman,” my mom said.

“Yes you have!” both my dad and Brad said in unison.

I turned a bit more, exposing myself completely to them. It must have been too much for dad. He let out a sound I only hear when a boy cums, arched his back, and shot his load. The first spurt landed on his chest and shoulder. The next several on his hand and forearm before pooling on his midsection.

“Look what you made daddy do,” mom said.

“She’s going to make me do the same soon. Where do you want it?” Brad inquired.

“Honey, come kaçak iddaa sit up here by me,” mom said patting her pillow, “while Brad leaves his load in me.”

“No wait,” said Brad. “Penny if you want to make your mom cum and watch me cum inside her, come here.” I did as I was told and he whispered in my ear.

“Really?” I asked.

“Really!” he said.

I did as he asked. While he was fucking mom, I inserted a finger into myself to get it lubed with my juices. Pulling it out, Brad pulled mom’s cheeks apart a big more and I ran my wet finger over mom’s asshole. Gently I inserted the fingertip into her hole and mom’s head flew back, “Oh my God!”

“I told you she’s like it,” Brad bragged.

“Oh yes, keep going, baby.” Mom pleaded.

I did as I was told and kept inserting more and more. Moving my finger in a circular motion that I know I like when I finger my own bottom. When I got most of my finger in I could feel Brad’s cock through the thin wall that separates a woman’s pussy from her ass. I think he could feel it too.

As he grabbed tighter to her hips he shoved in deep, one last time and held it there. I could feel the warmth being shot into my mom. Brad let out a series of “OH’s” and “Gods” before holding perfectly still. Mom’s body shook violently and her upper body fell to the bed.

My finger was still inside her as Brad’s cock slowly pulled out. A flood of cum followed, running down mom’s inner thighs. When he was all the way out, before I had a chance to pull my finger from my mom’s asshole, Brad pushed his hand between my legs, touching my clit. It was my turn to explode.

I pulled myself from mom’s ass and crawled up the bed, lying beside her. Two naked women, beautiful women, mother and daughter.

Mom rolled over on her back and gave me a gentle, loving kiss. No longer a mother and daughter kiss but the kiss of two people who have shared something loving. “Look what a cock like that does to you,” she said.

I looked down her body. Down to hare matted bush. Down further to the hole that is still wide open. Cum is leaking from her. I then look over at Brad. His cock looks to be over 8 inches and it is not hard. I look back at mom’s pussy, wondering how she can take all of it. I then did something I didn’t think I’d ever do. I reached down and with a finger scooped some of the cum from her gaping hole and licked it. The combined juices taste amazing.

As they watch me do this, all three moan in unison. I feel mom’s hand on my thigh, moving upwards to my bottom. “You can touch me if you’d like, even lick if you want,” mom said.

With that I lowered my face to her. Since my bottom half was near her face, mom slid me over on top of her. As my tongue scooped cum from her pussy, her mouth found my lips. Her arms came up and over my ass, pulling me down onto her face. Grinding my pussy into her mouth.

Juices flowed from both of us. I’ve never been wetter in my life. I was hoping I didn’t drown her. I eventually pressed my mouth on her pussy and sucked. It seemed like a gallon of cum came out of her. When I came, I turned around and shared cum with her. Kissing her right on the mouth, I let cum drip into her mouth.

At that point we needed to catch our breath. Mom and I sat on the bed, talking, while dad and Uncle Brad went to get something to drink. Mom explained that they started playing years ago. Brad and his ex-wife swapped with her and dad. After Brad and Sheila broke up, it just seemed natural that they continue to play. They all love one another so why not.

“Don’t you feel as if you’re cheating since dad isn’t playing?” I asked.

“No, she isn’t cheating. I enjoy it, too,” said dad as he returned to the room. “I enjoy seeing your mom pleasured. There is something for all of us.” Dad handed mom a drink.

“What all have you done?” I asked.

“We’ve done pretty much everything,” said Brad as he handed me my drink. My parents had never let me drink alcohol at home before. I guess since we just did what we did, alcohol wasn’t such a big deal.

“Would you like to see some of the things we’ve done?” mom asked. “Are you ok with being touched by your mom and dad? By Brad?”

“I love you all, so yes.”

With that Brad brought his cock up to my face. I knew I was expected to suck it, but I wasn’t sure it would fit.

“Honey, we like it a bit rough. Are you ok trying that?” mom asked.

“I will try.” I said. I wanted to please them all.

“Good girl,” mom said. “If it gets too much we have a code word, a safe word if you will, that tells everyone to stop. We say asparagus.”

I laughed, but as I did Brad took my nipples into his fingertips and pinched, hard. I flinched but didn’t say anything so he kept going. Dad then came over and grabbed my head as Brad released my nipples and brought his cock got closer and closer. I knew I was expected to suck him and opened my mouth.

He first thrust a couple of inches into my mouth. With each withdrawal, he thrust a bit kaçak bahis more until he was nearly inside my throat. I couldn’t breathe. My eyes were watering. And then he pulled back out, allowing me to breathe again before shoving forward, even deeper. I now knew what it meant to be face fucked. Brad was using my mouth as a pussy.

As Brad kept up a steady rhythm in and out of my mouth, giving me just enough time to catch my breath, mom moved over to me. She once again affixed her mouth to my pussy, licking deeply. This time she also inserted a finger into my asshole. I couldn’t take much more without cumming, but they abruptly stopped.

I lay there exposed to them all. I couldn’t believe all of this was happening. I mean I’m no prude and have done a lot sexually but my parents, they’ve done it all. I looked over at the mirror on the other side of the room and I looked so wanton. The mascara I’d been wearing had run down my face from having such a large cock in my throat. My nipples were sticking out hard. My legs were wide open, exposing my little cunny to my parents.

My dad was looking at me hungrily. His eyes couldn’t leave my body. Mom went over to him and grabbed his erection, bringing him out of his trance. She kissed him, hard, long, and deep. Their tongues dancing with one another. As they broke her kiss she asked, “Can you taste your daughter? She tastes wonderful doesn’t she?” He nodded and looked back at my naked body.

All the time, Uncle Brad had been next to me, playing with my nipples. I had hardly noticed. It was if my dad had me caught by his gaze.

“Why don’t you taste her from the source?” I heard mom ask and he dropped to the bed between my spread legs. His face getting closer and closer to my soaked lips. I closed my eyes and then I felt his whiskery face against my thighs and his tongue extend to touch my hardened clit.

Now, if you’d asked me earlier in the day if I thought I’d be getting eaten by my father, 69 with my mom, and face fucked by my uncle, I’d have told you, you’re crazy. The feeling of orgasm I was feeling wasn’t crazy. It was amazing. I don’t know if it was dad’s technique or the fact that it was so taboo, but I started cumming quickly.

“Your father is an expert at how to please a woman with his tongue, isn’t he?” I heard mom whisper in my ear. I hadn’t even noticed that she had come up to my head. She reached down and as Brad played with one nipple, she played with the other. “Doesn’t your dad feel good?”

“Oh, yes!” I exclaimed.

No man had ever done this to me, made me feel like this. I then realized I’d never been with a man. I’d only had boys. Dad and Brad were men and they were making me feel like a woman. Mom and Brad continued to play with my breasts as dad pulled away. I felt the spongy head of his hard cock touch my lips, spreading them as he thrust into me.

“How does he feel, baby?” mom asked.

“Incredible,” I replied.

Dad thrust into me, over and over. While she watched, mom said, “If you want to really feel incredible, you should experience both of their cocks in you at once.”

My eyes opened wide and I looked at her. “Really? You’ve done that?” She smiled. “I want to see.” I told her.

“We have. Lots of times.” She replied.

“Show me.” I begged.

Mom had Brad lay on the bed. To get him ready she used her moth on him. I was shocked at how easily she took him in. Once he was completely hard, she crawled up on top of him, settling her cunt on his battering ram cock. Dad and I had stopped and I watched as she sank down on him. It seemed to take forever. Inch by inch, he disappeared into her until she announced he was at bottom, but there was still a little over an inch remaining.

She rode up and down on him. Each time she pulled away her asshole was exposed. Every time she pushed down her bottom clenched. After several minutes of doing this, over and over, Brad asked, “You ready?” and mom shook her head yes. As mom keeps up the up and down motion that left the last inches of his cock outside her, Brad grabbed her hips. Dad then came around and got behind her placing his hands on her shoulders.

I assumed he was going to put his cock in her ass and fuck her, but instead he said, “Now!” and pushed down on her shoulders as Brad pulled down on her hips. Mom let out a sound no human can make and the rest of Brad was now inside her.

“You’re through,” she told them and I knew that Brad’s big cock head was now through mom’s cervix. He held her still until she started a slow rocking motion. Her tits were mashed against Brad’s chest, her ass cheeks once again spread.

After getting a bit of lube from the nightstand, dad moved up behind her, coated his cock with the lube, and pressed his head against her ass. The mushroom head sank in, pushing past her sphincter. She moaned again and they started a steady rhythm. It looked amazing. My mom was taking two cocks, big cocks at the same times.

The room was filled with moans and I wasn’t sure if they were her’s or mine. It was evident that dad and Uncle Brad had done this before. No one without experience could keep up this type of fucking. They sawed away at her until all announced they were about to cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32