A Night With Her_(1)

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It all started when Josh was in high school. Her name was Erica Michaels, and she was the focus of his affection. She had long dark hair and hazel eyes that were always flirty. She was one of those athletic girls her had a tight, mature body. Her breasts were a perfect C cup and her buttocks was so perfectly toned.
All through high school, he knew her as a friend. They met up at movies with other friends and they went to parties, but they never moved pass the friendship stage. So they graduated without ever knowing what being with each other could possibly be like. That fact hurt Josh more than anything. He hated saying good bye to her.
Now it was two years later, and Josh was celebrating his college graduation. Several friends had taken him to a local restaurant that boasted of waitresses with enticing bodies. So they were enjoying themselves quite a bit when the waitress got to their table. The moment Josh looked up, his heart skipped a beat. “Erica?” he asked.
“Hey, Josh,” she said.
“How have you been?”
“Okay, I guess. I am still in school. And I do some modeling.”
Josh couldn’t have cared less that his friends were joking and eating. He was focused on the beautiful face before him that hadn’t changed a bit in two years. She wore a tiny white top that accentuated her breasts, and a pair of very tiny black booty shorts. Suddenly, he was sure that he would have the courage to do what he never had. “What are you doing after work?” he asked.
Erica blushed, which only made her look even more adorable. “I was just going to go home and take a bath. escort london Why?”
“I was thinking that perhaps you and I could go out for some coffee.”
She perked up. “I would like that,” she said, and then walked away.
About two hours later, Josh was smiling as Erica walked out of the restaurant. She was shivering as they walked to his car, so he pulled off his jacket and placed it over her shoulders. “Thank you,” she said as they got into his car and headed down the road.
“For what?”
“Everything. In high school, you were so sweet. Now you pop back into my life just when I was thinking that nothing was going right. It’s like fate.”
He rubbed her thigh the rest of the way. Just when he was about to pull into the parking lot to the coffee shop, though, she touched his hand and gave him a seductive look. “You know,” she said, “there is a brand new coffee pot at my house.”
“Would you rather go there?” he asked, absolutely certain that Erica couldn’t possibly be suggesting sex.
“I am certain,” she said, and began stroking him over his pants.
Josh raced down the road, smiling as she gave him directions. Finally, he would have what he had waited for for six years. As they parked in her drive way, he jumped out and followed her to the front door. No sooner were they inside than there lips locked passionately.
Just the feeling of her soft lips made him tremble. He parted her lips with his own and ran his tongue over the roof of her sweet mouth. He pinned her to the wall, and lifted her by her amazing buttocks. And in response, she wrapped her escort service legs around his waist and began grinding against him.
Josh’s knees felt weak as he carried her to her bedroom. Once there, he gently laid her on the bed and kissed her neck as he tore his shirt off. Instantly, her hands ran over his muscles, and then down to his jeans. He squeezed her breasts through her shirt, inhaling her sweet scent as he gently bit her neck.
The moment she unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, he knew that this was really about to happen. He yanked off her shirt and then ripped her bra clean off to caress a silky soft breast. Erica moaned softly in his ear as he suckled on a hard nipple, torturing it with his fingers and teeth. Then she slid off his only remaining garments. “ Are you sure?” he asked as he kissed her.
Erica gently gripped his throbbing sex. “Just fuck me, Josh! I have been waiting for three years!”
Josh pulled off her jeans and looked at her laying there in only her white lace panties. He could already imagine the tight warmth of her sweet cunt. He smiled and slowly removed the only barrier standing between him and the pussy he had longed for since high school. With lightning quick movements, he jerked her legs apart and drove deep into her.
Erica’s back lifted off the bed as he thrust harder and deeper, loving every moment of their erotic reunion. Josh grasped her hips, groaning as she tightened around him. It was like fucking a furnace of passion and ultimate orgasms. He could feel her muscles working him, coaxing out the hot seed that threatened escorts in london to spill at any moment. He held on , though, power driving into her. His balls bounced against her ass as he thrust harder. Her hips moved with his, grind for beautiful grind.
Soon, he had her on all fours, spreading her ass wide. She squealed as he rammed deep into her tight anus. His thrust was harder than before, causing her to moan shake and tremble. Erica held onto her head board and screamed as another powerful climax took her body over. So he pulled out and slid back into her warm cunt from behind.
The sudden sensation of being entirely filled took her by surprise. She cried out as he pounded his hips against that lovely ass. When she came, he was relentless. He continued thrusting hard and deep, making her tremble. Then he pulled out and came over her sweet ass.
Erica fell to the bed, breathing heavily. “I can’t believe I waited all this time,” she gasped.
“I wanted you all through high school.”
She smiled and kissed him. “Well, at least we will always have tonight.”
“I wish it could be forever,” he said as he held her in his arms.
“So do I,” she said as they slipped into sleep.


Josh yawned as he woke up. He reached over and instantly was aware of Erica’s absence. He sat up and saw the note laying beside him. He opened it and read:

Dearest Josh,
I am sorry. I know that you care about me. My life has become some what complicated, though. I am married, Josh. Last night was only because my husband is out of town. It can never happen again. But as I said, we will always have the memory.

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