A Night to Remember

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My husband Trevor looked at me with smoldering eyes. I knew exactly what was on his mind. I leaned over to give him a kiss, the kind that is passionate, where I was hoping he could feel my desire to have him at that exact moment. It was the type of kiss that left both of us gasping for breath.

I had him lay down on the bed, naked. As he laid there, I took in the sight of his perfect body. Just seeing his huge cock hard for me was almost irresistible. But I knew I couldn’t have him just yet…. I had something else planned. As I straddled him, he could feel my dripping wet pussy, and he let out a quiet but desperate moan. I could tell that this was going to be fun!

I can be a master at improvising when the situation calls for it, and this time, it did. I took a thick elastic headband and put it over his eyes, and ordered him, “Don’t move”. As I exited the room, I could see how shallow he was breathing from anticipation.

casino şirketleri I came back to the room with one more thick elastic headband and one of my thongs. I bound his wrists with the thong, and his ankles with the headband. He was mine, and I was going to torture him. And he was going to like it!

I slid my wet pussy over his erection, to which he let out another moan. I placed one hand strategically on his throat, but being careful to make sure he could still breathe, and my other hand raked through his thick hair, trying to find a handful that I could gently tug on. I know how much that drives him wild! Another moan escaped his lips. Then my hand found its way out of his hair and I took the other off his throat. I bent down to nibble on his chest and tease his nipples, being careful not to leave any marks. He loves the way my tongue flicks over his nipples.

After a few minutes, I proceeded to make my way down casino firmaları to his feet, kissing every inch of him, and gently biting his inner thighs. I made sure to stop my mouth at his dick, where I took as much of his length into it as I possibly could, and then quickly withdrew it. I knew he would not be able to take much more. He needed to feel his cock buried deep inside of the pussy that he loves so much.

I took his cock in my hand, and moved it along my slit, making sure he could feel my wetness once more. He loves the way I tease myself with his cock. Then, I impaled myself on his massive erection, to which he let out a very loud moan. This pleased me more than I can express! I started rocking back and forth as fast as I could. I knew that for both of us, it was pure ecstasy. But as much as he loves it when I ride his cock, I knew he wanted to fuck me as hard as he possibly could. He told me to release his hands, to which I güvenilir casino happily obliged.

He tore off his makeshift blindfold, and looked at me with the most intense gaze I had ever seen. I knew I was in trouble for as long as I had teased him. Before he really started to pound me, Trevor grabbed me by the throat and pulled my head down to where our lips met for a powerful kiss. He grabbed my hips and lifted me up a little bit, and I knew he was going to have no mercy on me. Thrust after thrust, slam after slam, he got me closer and closer to the edge of orgasm. Breathlessly, I told him, “Come with me, Trevor!” A few thrusts later, both of our bodies tipped over the edge. He maintained his position as he felt me quiver on top of him. He let out the loudest moan I have ever heard. I knew I satisfied him just as much as he satisfied me.

This was the most intense session we have ever had, and as we lay there in each other’s arms, enjoying a post orgasm cigarette, I knew he would be thinking about this night for many more to come, and wondering if I will ever be able to top this. If only he knew what was going through my mind as I lay there, enjoying my smoke!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32