A Night Out

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“Will, my brother! I want you to go with me tomorrow night for some nightclubbing! I need to meet someone intriguing, a beautiful, mysterious woman who will sweep me off my feet!” Helen was vivacious and excited! “This is one of those times I’ve told you about when I need to meet a new person and have a new, sexual partner.”

Helen had been back with us for nearly three months now, and I was lying on our big bed watching her try on outfits. She was venturing out into the nightlife scene tonight in search of an unknown fuck.

“Sister, I’d be proud and happy to escort you anywhere, but don’t you think I’d be a third wheel? An unnecessary accompanist who could derail your search?” I was puzzled by Helen’s request, she’d never taken anyone with her on these forays before.

“I need you there, Will, to keep me from getting too carried away and doing something that might not be so very good for me. Remember what happened the last time I went out? It took me a week to get over that. They were both very cruel and sadistic and at the time, I responded as I did because it had been such a long time since I’d fucked a new person that my judgement was flawed.” Helen was pensive. “Actually, I knew they were bent but I was so turned on by them I went despite my better judgment. I want you to be in charge, I’ll do whatever you think is best and rely on you to keep me from making another mistake like that.” She continued to hold dresses and jackets up in front of herself as she contemplated the affect in the large mirror.

“Well, of course I will, Sweetheart! I’m not certain that I’ll be as valuable as you think, you’ll be able to duck out any time you want and I can’t stop that from happening, but yes, of course, I’ll go with you. Any man who wouldn’t want to go out with you likes other men much more than he likes women!” I was complimentary and even looking forward to this.

“Thank you, Brother! This time we’ll be going to a well known lesbian bar on the east side of the city. I’ve been there before and I like the class of women that frequent the place. Thanks, sweety!” Helen was in an elated state. “Would you wear that beautiful Armani tux that Leah bought for you? You look like a male model in that thing, it’s completely flattering to you!”

“Helen, I’ll wear anything you prefer, if it’s the tux, I’ll have it on tomorrow night when we leave.”

She continued trying different outfits in anticipation of her night out. As she slipped in and out of several revealing and sexy outfits, she thought back about what had happened the last time she had felt the need to experience what she now thought of as faceless sex.

She had come back to her sisters and brother, rid of Tom, wanting to get away from the strange feelings and compulsion to be of service to the strictest, most unforgiving dom she could find. She had found, after Tom started strapping her, that punishment and hard use held a nearly uncontrollable fascination and attraction for her. She had imagined time and time again what it would be like to be owned, to belong to a dom who would use her without regard for her preferences or fears. The thoughts held a high powered sexual and mental satisfaction that she was hard pressed to control.

She had been very happy to be home again, and she knew that she was in the best place she could be until she learned to control these destructive urges. That knowledge hadn’t prevented the thoughts from occupying her mind, hadn’t stopped the dreams of being a slave. Helen would awaken from those dreams in a state of total arousal. Her clit would be swollen and stiff, fluid would be pouring from her sex, her nipples would be stone hard centers of erotic sensation! It would take several hours of hard masturbation before she was able to get back to sleep. If she was lucky, one of her sisters or Will would be awake and she would fuck herself to sleep. She felt as though she was taking something from them when she fucked because of the dreams. It wasn’t honest and it wasn’t guiltless, and she knew her brother and sisters felt the difference. She would sometimes intercept a puzzled, measuring glance from one of them.

In any case, after about two months, she had gone out on one of her forays in search of some strange pussy or cock and she found both! She was in an S&M bar she’d frequented before, watching the crowd, looking for the right person, when she realized that someone had moved up against her from behind. Immediately, she felt lips tuck up against her ear and a deep basso voice began telling her that she looked like the type who needed a good, brutal fucking! A crotch was insinuated against her thigh and she felt a monster of a cock through the person’s clothing! It felt as if someone had rolled up a thick magazine and was holding it against her! Helen reached back, took the heavy, massive thing in her hand and tested, making certain it was a real cock and not a dildo of some kind. It was real, and the massive istanbul escort head alone completely filled her grasping hand!

On her other side a huge pair of breasts that must have been surgically augmented moved into her field of vision, and a pair of painted lips moved against her other ear. A female crotch was glued to her other thigh and a feminine hand cupped her ass cheek and began massaging and plumping the ripe flesh. The fingers slid into the moist cleft between her cheeks and explored her tight anus thoroughly, rubbing slowly up and down and occasionally forcing open her sphincter slightly. A contralto voice spoke to her, telling her that she would really like to have her cunt filled with Helen’s tongue as her husband fucked Helen to a roaring climax! A musky scent of aroused female filled Helen’s senses and a large male hand cupped her pudendum tightly from her front! His large thumb burrowed between her pussy lips and began sliding up and down over her clitoris while his other hand unbuttoned her blouse, dipped into her bra, and took an erect nipple between his thumb and forefinger and began rolling that sensitive nub back and forth! Helen still hadn’t seen his face.

The female moved her beautiful face into her field of vision, and Helen saw waves of dark brown hair and large brown eyes. Her red mouth took Helen’s mouth and began feeding voraciously on Helen’s saliva, the pink tongue darting into her mouth and throat! The beautiful brown eyes remained wide open gazing into Helen’s black eyes as she filled Helen’s mouth with her tongue and her hand continued to handle Helen’s ass! Her other hand took Helen’s other nipple and began manipulating it just like the still unseen male was doing. Helen had yet to speak a word!

Helen felt her juices start flowing from her stimulated cunt, and the large male hand at her pussy immediately exerted more pressure on her clit with his thumb, while he buried three fingers deeply inside her dripping pussy and began to finger fuck her! Helen grunted from the sudden onslaught then she sighed in satisfaction and began rotating her hips, stirring those fingers around her wanton, needy pussy! Now, the male mouth joined the female mouth at hers and two juicy tongues were driven deeply into her throat, and began a coordinated fucking in and out of her wonderfully filled mouth! The female fingers at her ass dipped further down between her legs and rubbed her own pussy juice on them, then they drove hard into her anus, penetrating her fully! These fingers also began a rhythmic motion in and out of her receptive ass!

Helen stood there in the middle of the crowd, and for several minutes she was openly handled and kissed by two people she didn’t know. They were both at her mouth, and their two tongues were working in concert, fucking her mouth! Her skirt was pulled up, her thong was pushed to the side, and her blouse was unbuttoned, her breasts bared. Her anus was being fucked by two feminine fingers as the male fucked her pussy with three of his large fingers. Their wet tongues filled her hungry mouth and their fingers filled both her holes as they used their other hands and rolled her nipples into rock hard arousal! She was beginning to pant with need and her knees were getting week! Both of them began filling her mouth with their saliva and Helen drank it hungrily, savoring the taste and slick wetness as her mouth was filled again and again! Her hips began to rotate on the fingers that were filling her holes, and a moan from deep inside her began to escape her lips. She was completely under their spell, the only thought she had was getting fucked, getting fucked hard and long by the two who had her in their hands right now!

Helen felt a calmness of purpose descend upon her. It was right and proper that these two should take her. It was her place to be fucked by them, she owed herself to them because they wanted her and would use her often and harshly. Her proper order in things was to have these two own her, to do whatever they wished with her, to have her body put to their use! Having herself finally taken over was very satisfying for her and a strong sense of achievement and completion was filling her senses. Having her cunt and anus assailed while her mouth was raided felt right, felt meaningful, felt like she was fulfilling her purpose.

The two tongues withdrew from her mouth and the deep voice of the male told her that they were taking her to their car so they could take her home and fuck her. He told her that she wasn’t allowed to speak, she was only allowed to be fucked! Their hands remained busy with her body. Helen nodded her head slowly, taken away by the hands that were invading her body and only wanting to be fucked by these two! They began moving slowly to the door, bringing Helen along with their hands that were inside her cunt and ass. As they moved, one mouth, then another, would claim hers, avcılar escort their tongues raiding into her mouth and taking saliva from her. As she was led by her pussy and ass, Helen became more and more aroused and pussy juice began running down both legs! The trio would stop every couple of yards and Helen would be sandwiched tightly between her heavenly captors as their fingers and tongues would assault her with a vengeance! She was light headed now, the juice was pouring from her cunt, and the only sounds she was capable of making were soft grunts and loud moans as her body was completely taken, as she gave herself to the two who had decided to fuck her!

It was a scene from a porno movie. A beautiful woman, amidst a large crowd, was being finger fucked wildly and led around by her cunt and anus! Helen’s skirt was hiked up to her waist, her thong had been ripped from her by the male and was lying in a sodden heap on the floor. Her top was open and her bra had been pushed down off her breasts. The male and female were busy with her anus and cunt. You could plainly see their finger’s buried in her pussy and anus, fucking back and forth busily. The fluid running from her snatch and down her legs left shiny tracks that gleamed wetly. The two who were busy with her body had a nipple and were rolling, plumping, and snapping the aroused peaks. Both of them had their mouth at hers and their tongues could be seen pumping her mouth rapidly. As they moved to the door, you could see their hands at her pussy and anus guiding her, moving her along, steering her. She was truly being led around by her cunt!

Out the door and into a large, black car that must have been chauffeured as it began moving as soon as the door was closed. Helen found herself sitting in the male’s lap facing away from him. He lifted her short, leather skirt, pried her vaginal lips widely apart with two very rough fingers and started working his thick, meaty cock slowly into her dripping pussy, filling her to the very top with a rigid, throbbing penis! Helen screamed loudly as the cock filled her cunt with what she wanted and needed! After socketing his cock firmly into Helen’s accepting and eager pussy, he brought both hands to her bared breasts and began working her aroused nipples very hard, pinching pulling, rolling, cupping. His grip was firm and possessive, and Helen could tell that he regarded her tits and her pussy that was gripping his cock so very tightly, as belonging to him, and she was thrilled to her very core by the knowledge that she was his!

The female was on her knees on the floor of the limo in front of Helen. She took Helen’s head in her hands, rose to her knees, and pulled Helen’s hungry mouth to that fragrant bush between her legs. Helen’s tongue came out automatically and found that sweet bud of clitoris and wrapped around it! The woman began flooding her mouth with sweet pussy juice immediately! She grabbed two handfuls of Helen’s hair and forced Helen’s face hard into her pussy, grinding her snatch over Helen’s mouth as Helen’s tongue dove inside her! Finally, with his cock fully buried inside her, the male began fucking her very hard and violently! The slapping sound of his belly colliding with Helen’s ass filled the car. He took both breasts firmly into his hands and used them as handles, moving Helen up and down on his raging cock! Helen felt her nipples harden into tight knots as her male captor worked her tits roughly, squeezing them hard, pulling her entire body up and down, using her tits as his levers for working her filled pussy on his cock! He crushed her breasts firmly, working the luscious mounds into diamond tipped readiness! The hard battering from the male was making it hard for the female to keep Helen’s mouth glued to her dripping pussy!

Helen was transported by the casual, everyday treatment she was getting. Both of her captors treated her like she was old, used property, fit only for using hard, good only as a way to provide them entertainment. They both projected an aura of ownership that was strict and required unquestioning obedience and submissiveness. Helen was eager to meet both of those needs!

Her head was full of the sweet musk of the beautiful pussy she was licking! Her cunt was filled with a steel hard, thick piece of active cock! Her breasts were covered by two large hands that were kneading and pinching her to a painfully ready state! She was completely mindless to anything except the two creatures who were fucking her!

The car stopped and the male stopped fucking her and drove his cock inside her to the very root, forcing a grunt from Helen with the violence of his move! He gripped her breasts even harder, and using them for handles again, he pulled her back tightly against his chest. Then, still holding Helen firmly by the tits, and with his cock securely socketed inside her, he scooted across the seat and out of the car. As he stood up, Helen reached behind şirinevler escort him with her legs and wrapped them around his muscular thighs, clamping herself tightly against him, making certain that his wonderfully strong and pleasing cock would stay inside her hard packed pussy! She laid her head back on his shoulder and he leaned his head down and took her mouth again, her mouth that was wet and smeared with pussy juices from his female companion! She opened her eyes groggily and saw the form of the female ahead of them walking up to a door and unlocking then opening it. She entered the room sitting on the huge cock that had her pussy sensually stuffed, and saw a fully equipped bondage room lit by strategically placed candles.

The large male took her straight to a rack and his companion began securing Helen tightly to the bars. He kept his cock inside her until his companion had her securely bound to the rack, then he backed up, popping his cock from her pussy with a loud slurping noise! She was spread widely open across three bars, with each of her orifices bared and pushed forward. She felt a tube entering her anus and straps holding it securely inside her were fastened. A flow of warm, thick, viscous liquid began running into her. She heard an electric motor start and soft rubber cups were fastened to each nipple. When they were securely attached, the motor whined up to a high, singing sound and Helen felt her nipples sucked hard into the center of the cups! The sucking continued until her nipples were pulled well into the cups and held there by the heavy suction! She heard a wheeled table being rolled up under her and felt a flexible dildo being inserted into her pussy. Another motor started and the dildo began pumping in and out of her cunt! Her body was slowly rotated back until her head was against a slim bench that was narrower than her head. That fragrant pussy appeared over her face again and the female sat on her face, grinding her pussy to just where she wanted it.

“Eat me, bitch!”

Helen heard that same throaty contralto voice but now it was thick with menace and threat. She shivered in happiness and fulfillment and ran her tongue into the slick passage and began loving the pussy that covered her mouth tightly!

Helen heard a faint whistling sound and pain exploded across her ass! The male was beating her ass with some sort of stiff whip! Again the pain exploded in her ass! Helen tried to scream but the pussy covering her mouth muffled the scream to a faint sound of distress! Just then her anus gave up the struggle and the thick, warm fluid being pumped into her anus began running from her and splashing to the floor! Another bloom of pain across her ass and another scream into the pussy covering her mouth! Immediately after the whip burned into her ass, another blow crashed between her legs as the female began beating her between her legs! The pain was immense and all consuming! The screams ripped from her with each painfully intense stroke of leather against her ass and pussy!

The pulsing dildo in her anus continued to force very warm, thick, viscous fluid into her anus. The pumps attached to her nipples maintained an extremely strong suction, sucking blood to her nipples and causing them to extend well away from her breasts. The pussy covering her mouth worked back and forth relentlessly, and her senses were overwhelmed by the taste and smell of hot cunt, a full anus, nipples that were being stimulated continuously, and leather crashing into her ass and her mindlessly stimulated pussy! Despite herself, she felt her hips beginning to move in time to the blows falling on her body!

“Look at that!” Helen heard the male’s deep voice! “We’ve found a great one! She’ll be the best one yet! She’s responding better than anyone we’ve ever found! Look at those hips come up to meet the belt! We’ll keep her! She’ll make more for us than all the others put together! We’ve got us a walking gold mine here!”

“She can eat pussy like a pro, I wonder how she got this good at it, do you think she’s a hooker?” She heard the female talking.

“Nah, she’s just one of those cunts with an affinity for the straps and for being in service! She’ll work hard and enjoy most of it! The way she responded when we picked her up in the club told me we had a winner, but I never expected a pussy that loved the work and the pain as much as this one! I think she’ll love being controlled and used as hard as we can use her! Look! Look at that clitoris! It’s hard as a rock! Every time she gets hit, it gets stiffer and harder! Look at her pussy lips, they’re almost purple right now! She hasn’t quit tongue fucking your pussy for a second! This is a working pussy! This pussy will be the best we’ve ever found! Helen felt urine start pouring from her cunt as the beating continued! She was unable to move in the slightest and her two tormenters ignored the flow of urine and really began to pour it on! Their arms rose and fell in a hard, steady rhythm, and a harsh crack rang out with each blow to her body!

Helen felt her bowels release but the fluid being pumped into her anus simply washed it away as fast as her body released it and the beating continued! She felt consciousness slipping away and finally escaped into blackness!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32