A Nice Surprise

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It’s been awhile since we’ve been alone together so I’ve set up to make it a night you won’t ever forget. In preparation for tonight I’ve been obtaining certain things, buying them with you, but never had a use for them until tonight. You know you are going to be picked up around 5pm, yet are unsure what plans lay in store for tonight. Alone, in my house, I start unveiling my devious plan, a plan of a most evil desire that burns within my breast.

Upstairs, I unfold the silk sheets and make my bed with them. The silk pressed against my fingertips as I fold the bed sheets, sends a shiver down my spine. How I love to lay naked on these sheets. After making the bed I bring out my black cherry scented candles and place them in various corners in the room to use for a later purpose. In a velvet-lined box, I put my essentials to make the night like no other you have ever spent with me. I place the box on my side of the bed and slide it out of visible sight.

Going back downstairs, I start to prepare dinner for tonight. Not just any meal of course. I make Kool-Aid ice-cubes, tea and cut an assortment of fruits and place them in the freezer. Now it’s time for me to get ready to get you. I take a hot shower and shave all the appropriate places until they are baby-bottom smooth. I hop out of the shower and slip into my black jumper with the matching skin tight top designed with red and white pinstripes. I finish off getting ready and get into my dodge neon to pick you up.

As I pull into your driveway I notice that you are dressed in all black, my favorite attire, I know you are testing my patience. I wait for you to get into the car; I then kiss you passionately and slowly pull out my secret weapons. You’re wearing that cologne again, the one that drives me up a wall, so to get even I take you by your wrists and snap the handcuffs on and blindfold you. We drive to my house and I help you out of the car since your hands are disabled.

We enter the house and remove our shoes. By this time you realize I am up to no good. We enter the bathroom, I start to kiss you passionately and run my tongue down your neck and blow softly on the moist trail I made there. You start to fight to get out of the handcuffs. Not yet. I grab a set of towels and lay them on the floor. Now you’re anxious to see what’s in store. I run the bathwater and place the sweet-smelling scented bath cubes in the tub. I lay you down on the towels and I leave the room for a moment. I return with the chilled fruit and flavored ice-cubes. I dispose of the blindfold about your eyes and watch the look on your face as you realize which each individual thing I sat down on the counter was. I tell you to stay put and I exit the room once more. You hear some commotion in the kitchen for a few moments, then I return with the hot tea. You frantically try to pull away from me, you know what capabilities I have with such things but it’s too late… I start removing your clothes.

I make you lie on your back with the handcuffs over your head. I slowly start to take off your shirt. Only to realize I need to remove one hand of yours halkalı escort from the handcuffs to fully remove your shirt. I undo one cuff and you lie perfectly still as can be pondering my next move. I take off your shirt and decide to handcuff both hands together again, only this time I loop them through the nearby leg of the bathroom vanity so your arms are powerless. I start to kiss softly from the lower part of your hip, up your breastbone, towards your neck. I stop there and you brace for the bite. It doesn’t happen. I kiss down your left arm and open your arms, palms up to kiss your fingertips. You cringe, thinking I might slip one of your fingers in my mouth to suck on. I ignore the request for this and slowly start kissing back up towards your neck. I kiss your neck and then continue my kissing trail down your right arm. I know you’re getting antsy to see what’s going to happen.

I decide to straddle you next and tease you a bit further by letting you notice I’m not wearing anything under the jumper. I notice that a certain area of yours has grown solid, so I rub my body against it. I quietly hear whispers of pleasure expel from your lips. I keep rubbing my body across it and take off my shirt to make it fair to you. Your moans become a little louder and I press my entire body against yours and rock back and forth. After this proceeds for a while, I decide it’s time to get evil. I bite your neck and leave my love mark upon it. Your breathing becomes staggered and you gasp for breath, I release, but at the same time I unbuckle your belt and undo your zipper. Your eyes close longing for what is in store. I lick you from your waistline to your neck and blow on the trail I made with my tongue. It sends a cold jolt down your back and you raise your lower back in response to the coldness. I take advantage of the situation and slip off your remaining clothes. There’s nothing more sexier than admiring you in the buff.

I reach above you and grab the bowl filled with frozen fruits. I grab the handful of grapes and split them open each individually and let the cold juices drip onto your rock hard stomach. You squirm when the cold juices touch your skin and long to be freed from your restraints. I lap up the juices with my warm tongue. The temperature change causes you to groan in pleasure. I lick all the way up to your neck and nibble on it. I whisper “I’m not letting you go yet.” And once again grab for more items to torture you with. Next I bring the ice bowl and cup of hot tea. I take a piece of ice and start to trace from your left wrist, all the way across your chest, and down your right wrist. I then lick my hot tongue against the cold moist trail from the flavored Kool-Aid ice-cubes. I then trace the same route only this time I start at your left ankle and trace the ice cube up and around your bellybutton and back down your right ankle. I trace over the cold trail with my hot tongue. Throughout this entire episode you struggle in the cuffs. I take a sip of my tea, grab your rock hard cock, and slowly lick the tip of it. You let out quite a gasp at this şişli escort point so I decide to put it in my mouth further. I pause every few moments to sip the hot tea before I continue giving you a blowjob. I then start to incorporate the remaining ice cubes into my torture by alternating each time between the hot tea and the cold ice cubes. The sheer sense of ecstasy covers your face like a blanket. And to only think this is just the beginning of what I have planned for tonight.

I test the bathwater temperature and take off my remaining clothes. I step in the bath and lay down. Then I reach over and undo your handcuffs. You stand up and join me in the bath. We take turns massaging each other. I suds you up and kiss you passionately. We fool around till the bath water gets cold. I step out of the tub first with you following close behind me. I take one of the towels and hand it to you and you wrap your body in it. I take another towel and do the same. I give you a hug and whisper in your ear “Stay until I call for you.”

I go upstairs into my bedroom and slip into my matching leopard bra and panties. I then slip into my silk leopard pjs and start to light the candles in the room. I place myself in a provocative manner on the bed and call for you to come upstairs. At first I don’t hear anything, then I look down and see your face appear from the bottom of the floor. You crawl towards the bed. Then you make your way around the bed and get into it.

You glide into my arms, like two pieces of a puzzle, we fit together perfectly. Since you are only wearing a towel, I slowly slide it off of you to reveal your beautiful naked body. You quiver from the coldness of the silk sheets, yet I notice your bulging appendage and it’s not quivering. I can tell you want me. I guess I was messing with you too much downstairs and now you want your just desserts. I lean over the side of the bed and grab the velvet-lined box and slide it out from under the bed a bit. I grab a packet of Poprocks and lean up into the bed again and begin to open the packet. You look over at me and smile. You relax as I scoot myself down the bed until I am flush with your waistline. I wave the Poprocks towards you and then take a mouthful of it and grab you dick. I push the Poprocks toward the front of my tongue and lick the tip of your dick with it, you groan slightly. I begin sucking at the tip of your penis, pausing to eat more Poprocks. After a bit, I take more of your penis in my mouth and add more Poprocks as well, you start groaning louder. I finally dump the remaining Poprocks in my mouth and go all out on your rock hard penis. Deep-throating hard and fast I look up at you and lock eyes with you as I perform orally. Your eyes close from time to time as I vary the intensity of what I’m doing. I stop and switch to giving you a hand job and I move up so that we are eye to eye.

You start unbuttoning my top and then unstrap my bra. I lay there topless and you caress my breasts and kiss me from my lips down to my breasts and slowly start to suck and nibble on sarıyer escort each of them. This really gets to me. You blow your hot breath upon them and they turn rock solid. I groan softly. I go at a moderate pace with the hand job and I notice your hands seem to be moving further and further down until they rest upon my upper thigh. You clench your hand in a fist and flinch it. My right leg starts to flinch wildly; you stop flinching your hand and move it down to my quivering leg. “Whatsa Matter?” you whisper. I just give you my dazed look. You slowly start to slide my pajama bottoms off and I look at you with my “What do you think you are doing” look. You just give me an evil grin because you know that I know better than to ask that question. You slide my pajama bottoms off completely and lay them on the floor. Then you do the same with my panties. I quiver at the thought of your next move.

But before I can think of what your next move is going to be, a warm sensation fulfills my entire body. My eyes close and my body relaxes as the sensation gets more intense. You’ve decided to give me oral sex. The heat wave flows over me over and over as you lick and suck on me. Just as the heat wave reaches its peak I feel something enter me. You return at my side with a grin on your face because you know that this part really gets me. I feel your fingers glide in and out and you begin twitching them inside me to get me fully aroused. We both close each others eyes as we synchronize our hand movements on each other. Slowly the speed and aggression gets more intense, out body temperatures are increasing, I stroke you hardcore and decide to get a bit more seductive.

I move my body as close to you as I possibly can and stop giving you a hand job. I lean towards you and wrap my left leg around your hip. Kissing you lightly on your lips and down your neck, you slide your fingers out of me and grab my left hip. I take your cock and rub it inbetween my legs. Your dick becomes wet from me placing it inbetween my legs, you have stimulated me wonderfully. I rub your dick inbetween my vaginal walls and rub it up and down. Then I grab it and rub it against my clitoris hard. You get up and position yourself into missionary position; apparently you’ve had enough of foreplay.

You slowly lean over to grab protection from the blue tin box beside my bed. While you put it on I ponder which type it is…regular, ultra pleasure, or the evil pleasure mesh. You slide into me, oh what evilness, you have chosen pleasure mesh. The x’s on the condom rub up inside of me; its bad when I know you are so well endowed and you know how to “rock my world”, but using pleasure mesh sends me over the edge. We go at it for awhile until I can’t stand it any longer; I grab your back and grab it in pleasure, slowly scratching down towards your lower back. I whisper in your ear if you would like me to take over for a while, you say you wouldn’t mind. So we both retire to the floor with you on bottom and me on top. I start by rocking back and forth and progress to make the speed a bit more intense. I then move into the bunny hop position and continue while varying the degrees of intensity until we both orgasm and we collapse side by side on the floor. You take off the protection and dispose of it. We lay together on the bed, taking in all that has happened throughout the night. We cuddle and talk until it is time for you to leave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32