A New Orientation

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Before starting this story, I’d like to share the credit with one of my friend who really inspired one of the character because of a story we are writting together. Thank you Rosered!


The sun shone high and bright in the clear sky, announcing another hot and beautiful day, the type of day where everyone is happy, where the kids are heard playing in the streets of the secluded beach side neighborhood, where birds chirp and couple take walks in the white sand shores.

But for Ryan, it was just another day to mark with a red X on the calendar. One more day without the ability to get anything. Three months ago, he’d received a real gift from god. Twins! Two little boys with light skin and blue eyes. The fourth and fifth children of the family, living together in this big house. Sadly for the happy even, it was followed by mild complications, and Gina, his wife, had to undergo a surgery. She was fine and all, but their sexual life was put on the bench for quite some time. “Three to six months.” had said the doctors. It didn’t sound so bad on the spot, but now….oh ho, it wasn’t the same story.

One month after that eventful double birth, the family had grown again. See Chris, Ryan’s best friend, had lost his house to a terrible fire, a very unlucky electrical accident having burnt all of his belongings. Good thing nobody was in the house at the time. So of course, until things would get rebuilt, Ryan had offered him, his wife and daughter to come reside with him.

So now the house had two married couples, two newborn babies and three toddlers. Needless to say quiet times alone had become practically nothing but a memory of the past. And it was seriously starting to drive him crazy. By nature, Ryan had always had a strong sexual drive, unable to be happy with the average “once a week” the statistique give normal couples. Of course he wouldn’t go insane, it would simply annoy him to be put on the bench. So with now a count of three months without any sex or even the ability to shift himself into manual drive, he was dying inside. He found himself back to his teenage years where a simple close up of naked breasts in an action movie would make his cock tingle to the start of a semi-hard on.

Thinking of it more, staring out the window, a hand in his short brown hair, he realized it might be a bit more than just a red X on the calendar. Gina and Chris’s wife had taken the kids for the week-end, gone to Gina’s parent’s home in the country. Two days all by himself, and he was happy and prepared. A quick run in to the store to rent himself a cheesy porn with big breasts and a tube of lubricant for additional pleasure, he was set, and there was no way he could wait for tonight.

Even though he felt ridiculous for the anticipation of a simple jerk-off, he eagerly went about and started the DVD, plopping his 6’3 of height on the L shaped black leather couch, a hard on already growing before the first images had even spurred on.

Fate would have though, that he would be denied this simple pleasure, Chris walking in the room after having silently entered adana escort through the back door. And there he stood in the door way, a toned and tanned man of six feet height, locking his light blue eyes on his own chiseled figure, curious.

“Whatcha watching?”

Chris casual walked and sat right next to a very frustrated Ryan, oblivious to the deep frown of the man’s dark brows, to the squinting of his icy green eyes. Twenty years, they had been friends for twenty and still, Chris often shocked Ryan with how naive and blind he could sometimes be. Under any other circumstances, he probably would have just told him exactly what he was doing, having practically no secrets from one another. They were close, but this was a little private. Even though he had a strong drive, Ryan had always been a bit of a prude.

“Can I just have some time alone, please.” he spat between gritted teeth.

“Wow, someone is grumpy today.”

Chris had finished by slumping his back in the couch, clearly having no intentions of leaving, looking at the screen as the cheesy lines of the porn script began to echo in the room. Placing his medium length raven hair away from his face, he stared at the screen intently, watching the well endowed blond trip all over her lines..and over he “co-star”.

“You’re watching porn in the middle of the day? Ouch. Man you really DO need to get laid.”

Of course Chris was teasing, knowing of the problem Ryan was having in this sector. He just enjoyed being a pain in the ass like that, given there were no serious consequences. As for Ryan, well this wasn’t as fun. Digging his nails in the palm of his fist, his frowned turned into a glare, boring it deep into Chris’s mischievious expression. Already the movie began to give off low moans, confusing Ryan’s angry and frustrated mind, strange thoughts crossing his head. As he pictured himself punching Chris in the jaw, another one came and barged in the confinement of his head…how attractive the man was. Too overwhelmed by frustration, unable to find the right way to react to Chris snide comment, he did something he never thought he’d do. Instead of swing a punch, he lundge himself forward and planted his lips right on Chris’s plumped ones. Every went blank and he froze, both surprised, eyes wide and still. It took several seconds for him to just pull back quickly, a deep crimson blush covering the average tanned skin of his cheeks.

“S-sorry. I have no idea why I did that.”

Of course, his fairly more open minded friend wasn’t nearly as shy or baffled by the little mishap, bursting out in a series of low chuckle, his natural deep voice rolling out in amusement.

“I do. That is what you call desperation.”

“You’re an ass and…”

Barely had begun to defend himself that Ryan was shocked to silence once more, Chris having moved forward to intentionally place another kiss to him, holding him there with a firm grip at the back of Ryan’s neck. At first he just stayed there, not moving, eyes opened as he felt Chris’s lips move on his own. What was going on? adana escort bayan Either of them were gay, he was pretty convinced on that. At least he was sure about himself…used to be. But the more seconds passed, the less stiff he felt, and he eventually gave in, closing his eyes and kissing his friend back, gently at first. They just brushed their lips against one another, their breath mixing while he wrapped their arms around one another.

His heart was already pumping rapidely, confused, scared, anxious and so much more, but the more it went, the more it sped even faster, pumping harder, raw lust beginning to overtake the mix. Still present of mind, knowing he was on the edge of just losing it fully to passion, he stopped, parting his lips and look questionningly at Chris through is half lidded eyes.

“What..why…are you?”

Again, Chris first answered with a chuckle, nodding his head in negation.

“No, but I might be bi. Can’t know until you try. And honestly, there were a few times when I was curious and you looked like you could use that right now.”

There was no time for Ryan to try and argue the logic, no time for him to doubt or think this was a bad idea. Instead he was assaulted by passion, Chris returning to kissing with more vigor than before, his lips playing his with crude sexual hunger. He was too good, it was too good, the taste of Chris, the moist of his plum lips, the scent of his freshly shaved skin. Never in his life would he have dreamt kissing another man to be this arousing. Enough to find himself parting his friend’s lips with his tongue, exploring the inside of his mouth avidly.

Rapture and pure insanity. Ryan had never found himself getting so hard so quickly, his hands now traveling up and down Chris’s back, his throat letting way to a rumbled humming of pleasure, the heat flaring in between the two. He didn’t care that he was with another guy, that this probably wasn’t right giving they both were happily married, didn’t care that the window was opened wide or of anything really. He just wanted to keep kissing him, Chris, his best friend for the past twenty years, this attractive man that normally made women drool whenever he’d walk on the beach in nothing but board shorts.

Possessed completed by his own lust, Ryan grabbed solidly at a chunk of hair at the back of Chris’s head, tugging him away from his face, the expression turning into a flinch of pain. A pain soon welcomed when the wet sensation of Ryan’s tongue and lips coursed against the skin of his neck, forcing a loud gritted moan to escape Chris’s lips, his eyes closed shut, hands tightly wrapped around the fabric of Ryan’s shirt. His lips played to the stiffed muscle lines of Chris’s neck. find the weak spot at the cove near the collar bone, trigger louder reactions with sucking at the skin, nibbling at the sensitive surface. Every sound he created in Chris made Ryan’s blood boiled through his veins, filled with sexual currents. He could barely believe it himself, but he wanted this man, very badly. All of his body.

Incapable to escort adana withstand the annoying layer of fabric blocking the way to his desires, he stopped working Chris’s neck, letting go of his hair to bring his hand down the man’s back, lower and lower, pressing firmly on the way down until he found the bottom of his shirt, surge as he felt the upper section of his round perked ass. In a short and fluid motion, the shirt was passed over the man’s head, exposing his well defined pecks, the perfect lines of his smooth abdomen and the dark trail of black hair trickling down from the navel to the hem of the jeans, taunting anyone to follow the secret road to pleasure.

Subconsciously, Ryan licked his lips as he overlooked Chris’s bare upper body, only now seeing the sensuous beauty of it, the carnal attraction it gave off. Fabric cut his observing session short, blocking his view as his shirt was passed over his head, now also bare. He had nothing to be ashamed of himself, mildly tanned, muscular with broad shoulders and scattered trickles of dark brown hair at his chest, funneling down into a line which formed a happy trail of his own. Ryan found the same admiration in Chris’s eyes as he had a moment ago, knowing his friend was noticing his physique under a new light. But the distance between them was becoming agonizing, more and more by the second. Just mere inches that felt like miles. Grabbing the hem of Chris’s jeans on both sides, Ryan pulled him in, locking lips once more, kissing avidly, longing for more. His lips moved to the right, trailing little kisses all the way along Chris’s jaw line, suckling on his earlobe, nibbling a little around the ear. He ended giving a deep founded groan as he felt his friend place his own mouth at nook of his collar bone, his breath making Chris’s hair sway. It felt so good and yet so wrong. The problem was, the fact that it felt kind of wrong made him want to keep going more and more.

Drunken by lust, he clumsily moved his hands to undo the other man’s button and zipper, tugging the jeans down to let them slide down Chris’s legs. Even through the fabric he could see that his friend was well equip, a large average in the least. Seven, maybe closer to eigth inches. A strong desire to touch touch it, grab it, feel it against him alienated Ryan’s mind. He wasn’t about to try and fight it, not with how far he’d already gone with this. The fabric again unwanted, he tugged the grey boxer briefs down to meet the jeans lying at Chris’s ankles, revealing the erected cock of his current lover. Without one second of hesitation, he wrapped a firm hand around it, the skin warm in his palm. The gesture, along with the start of his gentle, slow pumping motion, sent a strong shiver down Chris’s spine, the man stopping his kissing to sink his fingers into Ryan’s back.


He was unable to word anything more, lost in moans and groans. The rapt reaction turned Ryan on even more, his own erection throbbing agaist the rought cotton of his boxers. Gradually, he sped up the pumping of the shaft, squeezing his thumb a little whenever he reached the top. It felt a little different from his own given he himself wasn’t circumscized, a little smoother and different than the rest of the skin. Tortured by pleasure, Chris made a move of his own, and a moment later, Ryan also found the rest of his clothes resting at his ankles.

To be continued….

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