A New Meaning for Compliance

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I cannot believe it has been three years since my horrendous ordeal with our IT guy. I have only ever told my closest friend about the event and thankfully she helped me get through it, but I still shiver when I think about it and thanks to Literotica I am now able to share this story without feeling violated.

My morning routine has been the same for many years. I roll out of bed into my spandex at 5 am. I drive to the gym where I conquer the elliptical rider for 30 minutes and then head to the office. I usually arrive at 6, which gives me ample time to shower, change and enjoy my smoothie. The shower is not private, but I am always the only one there at that time and have never had a problem. I apply my makeup and blow my hair and dress in the change room, but sometimes, as a bit of a thrill, I walk the twenty or so steps in the nude to my office and change there. The shower was installed thrifty years ago by my boss after he had divorced his wife and spent many long hours at work. Now I am the only one who uses it and as controller and second in charge no one questions it.

It was early spring, three years ago and again I followed my morning ritual. When I stepped from the shower stall into the change area I suddenly froze. Standing there, blatantly staring at my nakedness, was Alec, our It guy. To this day I can still visualize the lecherous expression on his face as his eyes travelled from my breasts to my thighs, resting briefly on the parts in between.

I shrieked and grabbed my towel, which I held in front of me. I yelled and told him to get out. He smiled and slowly walked away. I shook from fright and felt violated by this disgusting act of voyeurism. Do not misunderstand me. I am not prudish and have become aroused when being stared at when I’m in a bathing suit or nearly nude, but that day I was caught off guard by a mid-fifty year old, overweight, unshaven slob, who compromised my safety.

I quickly dressed and hurried back to my office where I closed the door. I sipped my steaming coffee and sighed, but a moment later a knock on my door caused me to jump in my chair. It was Alec and I felt fear race through my body. “What do you think you’re doing?” I asked. Alec looked and again I saw the same sneer come to his lips.

“I want to show you something,” he simply said. I looked at his hand as he held up a thumb drive. Confused, I asked what it was and he handed it to me. I placed it into my computer and after a moment the colour drained from my face, as I was confronted by dozens of compromising photos of myself. I could feel the blood rushing to my face as I stared at the photos, confused why they would be in Alec’s possession.

“Where did you get these?” I simply asked.

“From your laptop,” Alec responded.

“That’s my own, personal laptop. You have no right to access it. When did you take it?”

“A few days ago, while you were in a meeting, but none of that matters.” He paused a moment. “I just wanted to tell you that you look great in the pics.”

I was embarrassed and ashamed. I have several hundred photos of myself, mostly nude and many with friends and acquaintances with whom I have had sexual encounters. I model regularly for a photo class and many students have sent me pictures. All I could do was stare in awe at the man on the other side of my desk who stood smiling at my situation. “”What do you want?” were the only words I could utter.

“Don’t worry, Mrs. Douglas, I would never show these to anyone.” He paused. “Maybe tomorrow I could watch you shower.” he smiled and left, telling me to keep the thumb drive, as he had another. I felt sick at what had just happened. I had never liked Alec and had suggested we fire him upon several occasions, but that has all changed, because of a simple mistake, which I made. I cursed myself at my stupidity. I had meant to delete the photos from my laptop for this very reason. I looked at them again and felt sicker as I realized how damaging they would be. Some even bored on illegality and I knew if bahis siteleri anyone at work saw them my 38 year old career would be at an end.

The next morning I skipped the gym and went right to the office. I did not have a plan and simply removed my spandex and stepped into the shower. At one point I thought it had all been a dream, but that idea quickly vanished when I stepped from the shower stall and saw Alec leaning against a wall staring. I felt cheapened as his gaze travelled my body. “You have great tits,” he said as he stared at my breasts. I am quite proud of my body, not because I am vain, but because I work very hard to keep it looking as fit as possible. Although I was 55 at the time of this encounter, my breasts were still firm, even though they had sagged slightly from a C to a D cup. They were still 36 inches around and my tummy had remained flat. I had a few cellulite lines on my buttocks but fortunately, mostly due to the elliptical rider, my butt had remained firm. I know by constant stares when I wear tight fitting clothes or small bikinis on vacation, that I can still turn heads.

After a few minutes, Alec left and I dried off and dressed. As the day wore on I thought less of the event. I was surprised when the next morning Alec was not there. Perhaps he had experienced a change of heart or maybe he thought his extortion was a little too dangerous, but all that vanished when, on the third morning, as I was about to enter the shower, not only was he standing there, but his penis was exposed and he was stroking himself, as he watched me stand naked in front of him. I did not know what to do and it must have been obvious for he smiled and told me to go ahead and shower, making sure I carefully washed ‘certain’ bits.

I did as I was told soaping my breasts and vaginal area as I glanced at this pervert masturbating to my nudity. I rinsed off and saw that he had reached an orgasm. Disgustingly he left the small puddle of semen on the floor and returned to his duties. I was still shaking when I returned to my office. The same thing happened the next morning and twice more during that week. I was grateful for the weekend, but dreaded Monday. I tried to develop a plan which would stop this evil from happening, but had no escape from his blackmail.

Monday morning arrived and as I suspected, Alec was waiting for me in the shower area. Unlike the previous times he was already exposed and as I began to remove my spandex top and tights I saw his member stiffen. He looked at me and smiled. “Today I want you to help me,” he said. I stared in awe at what he was expecting. “You know I will show those photos to people, if you don’t.” I froze in my tracks, as I thought about what he expected. He moved closer to me and motioned for me to touch his erect penis.

I looked at his manhood and was quite disgusted at the layers of fat, which hung like a canopy above his penis. I moved my hand forward and touched his tool. It quivered and I heard him moan softly when I put my hand around it. I was surprised how small it stayed as it grew hard and decided to quickly jerk him so he could cum and leave. I have masturbated many men in my life and was not new to the act, but doing it under threat to someone as out of shape as Alec was, became frightening.

I jerked him quickly hoping he would cum soon and felt filthy when his hand reached up and began to fondle my breasts. It was enough to send him over the edge and he came. I immediately showered, scrubbing my hand harshly as if I wanted to rid myself of his evil touch.

The next day was a repeat of the day before and the ritual continued for another week. The following Monday, as I again reached for his penis, he told me to kneel and use my mouth. I stared in awe and refused. He said he would not hesitate to show the photos and maybe even mail them to my husband. He knew, that I knew, that my life would be ruined if I allowed that to happen.

Defeated I knelt before him and hesitatingly opened my mouth as he pushed his penis between canlı bahis siteleri my lips. I felt his hand on the back of my head as he pressed me harder against him. His hard cock pushed deep into my mouth. I was grateful that it was not long, but his flabby stomach flesh hitting my forehead caused nausea to form in my stomach. It did not take long for him to cum and he held my head in place, yelling for me to swallow his load. I felt his sperm soot like a bullet from a gun and it hit the roof of my mouth as it trickled down my throat.

I had no choice but to swallow and when he was finished he quickly left. My husband is fond of oral sex and I satisfy him regularly by swallowing his semen. Over 36 years of marriage I have become used to doing it and actually quite enjoy the act and the taste, but being forced to suck off a disgusting stranger leaves me feeling used and degraded.

Two more times that week I was forced to strip naked and suck Alec’s cock until it spat its juice down my throat. That Friday afternoon I called him to my office. I explained that I had enough and wanted to know what his plans were. He said he really had none, but he understood that it must be discomforting for me, so he would change things slightly. He explained that from now on we would only meet once a week on Monday and if I satisfied him properly he would not bother me the rest of the week. I told him that was not acceptable, but we both knew that I had no option and he was in full control. I even threatened to tell his wife, but he simply laughed.

The following Monday I again knelt naked before him, but to my surprise he told me to stand. He said if we were only going to meet once a week it would have to be a bit more enjoyable. With that he told me to walk to my office, which I did. Once there he closed the door and commanded me to face my desk. I knew what was coming and shivered at the prospect. I felt his hand push against my back as he made me lean over my desk. He told me to spread my legs and I stood in anticipation.

I felt his stomach before I felt his penis against me. His hand guided his member into my opening. I felt the head penetrate my womanhood and squirmed slightly when he pushed hard as he entered me. His groping hands moved around my front and he squeezed my breasts as he fucked me like a whore. It did not take long for him to cum and I felt his body slump from exhaustion. He no sooner pulled out when I ran to the shower to rid myself of his wretched ardour.

The next Monday was a repeat of the previous and I knew I had to do something. I decided it was time and met with my girlfriend over dinner to explain what was going on. My best friend since I was nine years old, she understood my pain and agreed something had to be done. Another week and another fucking session passed before she called me with an Idea. I listened tentatively as she unrolled her plan. It sounded good and for the first time in two months I felt a reprieve was possibly in sight.

The following Monday Alec again met me, but this time, as I had planned, I stayed dressed. He looked at me questioningly and motioned me to undress. “I want something different,” I said. “You may find this strange, but I am actually enjoying our sessions.” I lied convincingly and Alec s seemed quite pleased that he was able to turn my desires.

“I knew you would, eventually,” he sneered. “What did you have in mind?”

“I like, it rough,” I explained. “I think that is what turns me on about you making me have sex with you.” I forced a fake smile and he responded with a nod.”

“What do you want me to do?” he asked.

“Take me,” I said. “Take me against my will and be really rough with me.” I knew by the gleam in his eyes that he was excited and I had no sooner spoken when he grabbed me and pulled my spandex top from me. I pretended to struggle, constantly encouraging him to continue. He did and it did not take long for him to have me over my desk pushing his cock into me as hard as he could. I grimaced in agony canlı bahis as he continued to thrust and he came much quicker than before. My plan was taking shape.

The next Monday I had taken control. Instead of wearing my usual fitness outfit I was dressed in a skirt and matching jacket and was seated at my desk. Alec came in and looked confused. I asked him what he wanted and he stared confusingly at me. The he realized I was roleplaying a scenario, which I knew he would enjoy.

He stared at my cleavage and I pretended to pull my jacket a little higher. “Nice tits,” he said, with a sneer on his face. I told him that was inappropriate and he reached forward and grabbed my breast. I shrieked and pulled back and he walked around my desk. I saw him stare at my legs, somewhat exposed by my skirt, which was riding up my thigh. He smiled and for a split second I smiled back at him. The encouragement was enough for him. He leaned forward and grabbed my hair. I screamed and begged him to stop. My defenseless roleplaying encouraged him and he pulled my jacket from my shoulders exposing my breasts for him to see.

He grabbed them and squeezed. I pushed him back and screamed. He released his grip and I could smell his eagerness, as his face was next to mine. “Keep going,” I whispered. “This is such a turn on for me. Take me against my will,” I commanded, softly in his ear. He was excited and tore at my skirt. I was squirming, but he was strong. I felt him lift me onto the desk and push me back. He stood between my legs and took his penis out. He moved forward and thrust himself into me, at the same time grabbing my breasts and pinching my nipples. He was so aroused by our role play that he did not realize he was actually hurting me. I screamed, still acting my part, but the pain of him pinching my nipples was causing me to cry and I felt tears running along my cheek.

I watched as he rolled his head back continuing to thrust his hard cock into me. He began to shake and I heard him scream. His orgasm was riveting through his body. Suddenly, as quickly as it had begun, the pain in my nipples stopped, as he released his grip. He looked at me and realized he had hurt me. He pulled his cock out and left my office.

I continued my fake sobbing, cuddling up on my desk. I waited a moment and slowly stood pretending to be in agony. I leaned over to my laptop and pushed the stop button on the recorder. I quickly dressed, as best I could and put my laptop in my drawer. I went to the washroom to fix myself as best as possible.

Alec was waiting when I came out. “That was amazing,” he said. I smiled and agreed. “Maybe we can do that again next week. I am so glad you are now enjoying it.” I felt sick at his words. How could this pig actually believe that I would enjoy his disgusting advances?

That evening I met with my girlfriend and we looked at the video I recorded. It looked very realistic and it was impossible to see me whispering encouragement into Alec’s ear. We transferred the video onto a thumb drive and the next morning I called Alec to my office.

He walked in feeling very confidant. I told him I wanted to show him something and inserted the thumb drive into my PC. His mouth went from smiling to shock in an instant. “What is this?” he asked, gaping at the screen.

“This is a tape I am going to show your wife, and the police. Anyone who sees it will know you are raping me.”

“You can’t,” he hesitated. “I still have your pics.”

“I know, but as soon as I explain that you stole my photos and forced me to have sex with you it only makes sense that you would rape me when I refused.” I sat back and crossed my arms. “I think you will do jail time for this.”

I could tell he was visibly shaken. He began to plead and tell me that he was sorry. He begged me not to show anyone the video. I told him to return all copies of my photos and to lever speak to me again and I would keep this hidden. He agreed and for the next four months he stayed away from me. His manager caught him stealing from the warehouse and it was decided to fire him. I have not heard from Alec in three years and do not ever expect to, but every now and then I watch the video from that day and find myself becoming quite aroused.

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