A New Life for Dr. Mitchel Ch. 06

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As with previous chapters of the story of Dr. Mitchel I’d like to start with a heartfelt THANK YOU! To RecHiker! He edited this chapter, inspired me, and has helped me stay focused. He’s taken time from his BUSY schedule to advise me, and edit this chapter.
I’d also like to thank RecHiker for allowing me to insert my characters into his story, The Morrisons. And for allowing me to borrow some of his characters to insert in mine. It’s actually a lot of fun to exchange events, and blend dialog between both stories. THANKS, RecHiker!

One more note of recognition. Congratulations RecHiker! After dropping out of high school and taking a few years to tour the little country of Vietnam, with some of our country’s super heroes, RecHiker graduated from high school, with his granddaughter, after a forty-six year delay, on June 28, 2014. Oh, I also want to add, he completed all the qualifications for a GED in ’84 and graduated from college with honors in ’96. Thanks for your service RecHiker, and congratulations! I also want to say Thank you to my readers. Thank you even more to the readers who like the story and go to the trouble to tell me. Feedback is a great motivator. Knowing someone liked what I’ve written helps me want to continue. Also thank you to the readers who send constructive criticism. Writing to me and calling me names does nothing to improve the storyline or the writing.

If you are looking for a story with quick, dirty, irresponsible, sexual encounters, this is not for you. This story is about loving relationships, and builds the characters in what I consider to be safe, loving situations. It does contain descriptions of graphic sexual encounters. Some of these are faded memories of certain portions of misspent youthful encounters. Others are complete fantasies and wishful thinking. All are intended to be entertaining.

I readily admit to being an amateur, and I write mostly for my own entertainment. Believe me when I tell you I sometimes entertain myself way more than I should. You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff that gets edited out. Thank God for the delete button. I’m old enough to remember typewriters, carbon paper, and white-out. I wouldn’t do this under those conditions. I’ve even owned an IBM Selectric, and a Xerox Memorywriter…. With either of them this story would not exist.

This story, the characters in it, the events described, and the activities of the characters are all figments of the imagination of the author. Any resemblance to real life, or actual people, is strictly coincidental. Some of the locations mentioned do in fact exist, and most of the inanimate objects are real.

The characters that are involved with sexual encounters are/will be adults, and capable of making responsible decisions.

Please take the time to rate the story. If you like the story, give it five stars. If you just want to make my day that’s OK too. I like five star ratings, and positive feedback.

I hope you enjoy this chapter.



Marshall Mitchel woke up with a strong feeling of home. Home, not because of the location, though that was a small part of it. More significant was the feeling of love. Not something someone was saying, but the sensation of being engulfed in it. Real love. The closeness of the two women that were lying beside him, Patricia Turner and Rebecca Andrews. Again, not just the physical closeness, but the tightness of the emotional bond.

Marsh felt a slight pang of guilt, as he thought about Trish’s other daughter and granddaughter. They had given his life meaning four years ago. Their loss had turned him in a direction he had not even known existed. Today he had a nickname, The Killer Doc.

“The Killer Doc” had not been in existence while Becky and Elise had lived. He had been born of the intense grief that had come from the senseless waste of the two lives that meant so much to Marsh four years ago.

Becca took a deep breath, and the hand that was on Marsh’s chest moved. Only a half inch or less, but enough to bring Marsh’s thoughts back to the present.

Trish and Becca had broken up the dark cloud that had been the spawning ground for The Killer Doc. Marsh knew that he would always be able to kill again, as he did at the Best Western, but he didn’t feel the same evil in his soul. Marsh marveled at the soothing effect of the love he had experienced in the last two weeks. Two weeks ago he had gotten up as soon as he awoke and gone out to run in the forest, to soothe his soul. The love of these two beautiful women was now just what he needed.

Marsh closed his eyes and took in the scent of the women. Becca’s shampoo and conditioner was scented with lilac and lavender. Trish’s was a rich strawberries and cream. They were both very subtle, but a pleasure to the senses.

Marsh could also smell the forest outside his open window. And hear the distant sound of the stream on the property, and the nearer sound of birds bakırköy escort in the trees around the house. Marsh felt immersed in warmth and beauty.

In the four years on the mountain, Marsh had trained his senses to be keenly aware of his surroundings. That awareness was augmented by the senses of his canine companion, and had been a life saver on several occasions. This morning they were serving Marsh a double portion of pleasurable sensations.

Marsh heard Wolf rolling and stretching. He knew it would only be a matter of seconds until the big canine would get up and come to the side of the bed to get someone’s attention, and Marsh decided he was not up to the beating he’d likely get from Becca if Wolf woke her the way he had before. He thought maybe the best way to avoid that was to move about a little and wake his female companions himself.

Since both of his arms were under a ladies shoulders, (one on each side) he just tightened his grip on each of them and softly spoke their names. Trish woke up first, and responded to Marsh’s call by stretching toward him and kissing him, first on the cheek, then a warm kiss on the lips. “Mmmmm”, she hummed. “What a pleasant way to wake up after having been put to sleep so nicely. I sure hope I get to do this a lot more times in my lifetime.”

Marsh smiled at the beautiful redhead. “I can’t think of any reason you should not.”

After a slight stir from Marsh’s other side, a sleepy voice asked, “Can I have some of that too, momma?

Marsh quickly turned his face to the other side. “Absolutely! When I started this little group thing I distinctly remember that I had two gorgeous ladies say that they were willing to share.” With that Marsh kissed Becca a couple of times, too.

Wolf had listened to the human interactions long enough. From standing at the end of the bed, he took a leap onto the foot of the mattress, and walked up to lick first Marsh’s face, then both of the ladies. “Good morning to you too.” Marsh said to the dog as he reached up with both hands and scratched both sides of Wolf’s neck. “I bet you think we should get up and let you out, eh? At least you didn’t scare the pee out of the ladies this morning. We’ll have to give you some credit, right ladies?”

Trish and Becca both laughed. “He’s really not such a bad guy after all, is he?” Trish asked as she reached up and stroked Wolf’s head.

Becca groaned something unintelligible.

“Just remember, both of you, I wouldn’t be here if that mutt hadn’t saved my bacon a few times.” Marsh told them. “And he sure was instrumental in a little event at the hotel earlier this week. I’m sure glad he was there to help me take out those goons that were after you, Trish.”

“I know you’re right Marsh,” Becca replied. “I just wish he’d warn me before he plants that freezing nose of his on my skin.” Becca was laughing as she finished her complaint. “Or maybe I’ll just have to get used to it. He really is a good companion. He took great care of me when you were gone.”

Trish was smiling and spoke up when Becca was finished. “You’re so right Marsh. That dog was like super dog or something. He came over that desk and took out his target with precision. If I’d been not quite so scared I think it would have been a thing of beauty to watch. I can say with assurance, if it hadn’t been for you and Wolf, I’d be dead now. Thank you both! Now let’s get out of this bed, and get to the bathroom,” she said as she moved to the edge of the mattress. “I don’t want to soil the linens.”

Becca rolled out on one side of the bed, and Trish rolled out on the other. Becca went straight to the back bathroom. Trish headed to the front one, and Marsh and Wolf went down the stairs so Marsh could let Wolf out the side door. Wolf headed for the tree line, and Marsh went into the bathroom in his office.

Within just a few minutes all three of them met again in the front bathroom in their bedroom and they each brushed their teeth and got into the shower together. There was some playing around, as well as everybody taking turns washing each other, and then they turned off the water and dried each other.

Trish paused and looked at Marsh and Becca. “I have no idea how or why I got so lucky, or you might say blessed. I had a pretty rotten childhood and adolescence, but between the two of you and my real father, I sure ended up with a super great family. I love y’all so much I think my heart will explode sometimes.”

Marsh reached out and pulled Trish and Becca into a bear hug. “This morning just before I woke you two, I was having very similar thoughts. For the last four years there has been a really dark cloud over and around my soul. During that time that cloud spawned the man that earned the name “Killer Doc”. I’m pretty sure I’ll never live that name down, but I’m not the same man as he was now. You two killed him off. I’ll never be the gentle giant I was before Becky and Elise were killed, but beşiktaş escort I don’t need to seek retribution any more. There’s a peace in my soul now that wasn’t there two weeks ago. I’m going to try to cultivate that peace, and with you two beside me, we can maybe make our little corner of the world a better place. Let’s get ourselves dressed for public scrutiny and get down to the helo before we get Jimmy on our case. We’ve got about twenty minutes to spare at this time. Wouldn’t it be nice to be the first ones there?”

Right then, Becca’s phone rang with a priority ring she had set. She walked to the bedside table and picked it up. As she answered it she sat on the side of the bed.

Marsh and Trish stood in the doorway to closet and just held each other. It was really nice to have a quiet moment with someone you love deeply.

Becca conversed with someone for just a few minutes then joined them in a three way hug for a couple of minutes.

They all moved over into the closet and selected appropriate work-day attire. While they were getting dressed Becca told them about the phone call. Joanna had called to ask Judy/Becca to meet with her as well as Dan, Ted, and Mary, this evening at 1830, out by the waterfall on Dan’s estate.

Marsh chose a pair of jeans, a western shirt, and a pair boots. Trish picked out a skirt and blouse, and slipped on a nice pair of two inch pumps. Becca wrapped herself in a jump/flight suit that fit her really nice. She laced up a pair of light weight desert boots. All three finished dressing about the same time, and they headed down to the hanger, with Wolf loping along beside the Gator.

Jimmy was just coming down the steps off of his porch when the Gator stopped beside the hanger. He got to the helo in time to help Marsh roll it out to the pad. Marsh and Becca did a preflight inspection. Marsh even grabbed a step ladder and checked the main rotor blades for nicks or cracks. As he expected there were none.

Sue and Jenni came out of Jimmy’s house and down the porch steps just a minute before Rick and Marguarita arrived in the Cobra. Rick drove straight into the hanger to park the classic, and nobody seemed the least bit surprised.

Everyone said good morning to each other and hugs and kisses were freely exchanged, as everyone got in the helicopter and buckled up. Wolf was included, and Marsh snapped his flight harness into one of the floor rings that hold the seat belts down.

Becca and Marsh went through the pre-start checklist, and then Becca spooled up the turbines, checked all the flight instruments, and lifted off. The flight out to The Hole was very short, and Jimmy took the time to explain that even though they had a very short flight, he would make up for it after breakfast, with the tour he had planned.

The parking lot at The Hole had quite a few motorcycles, and several dozen cars and trucks. On one side of the building there was a very large helipad, and the 230 was the fourth helicopter to arrive. There was already a Huey, a Bell 412, and a Super Cobra gunship. Becca put the 230 down at the front of the pad, and shut it down. The turbines had barely even gotten warm, so a cool down was not necessary. There were a couple of guys sitting in the doorway of the Huey that were dressed in tactical gear, complete with what Marsh recognized as AR-10 rifles. Marsh was pretty sure nobody would get a chance to mess around with any of the helicopters.

Everyone climbed out of the helo, and Becca stepped over and spoke to the security guards in the Huey. She called Marsh over and introduced Marsh to the two men. Pleasantries were exchanged and Marsh introduced Wolf.

One of the guards looked Wolf over and looked from Marsh to Becca. “So let me guess, the old man brought in a personal bodyguard for his favorite pilot, and he just happens to be a K-9 handler as well.” Marsh could hear the laughter in the man’s voice, and knew he meant no offense.

The other man laughed and retorted. “Tom, you know the Widow Maker don’t need no bodyguards. The new guy is probably her new boy-toy, and the K-9 is around to keep him in line.”

All four of them laughed at that one, and Becca took over. “Gentlemen, Let me start over. I’d like you to meet the new CEO of the Turner Companies, Dr. Marshall Mitchel. If you don’t recognize him by that name, let me introduce my fiancé aka The Killer Doc. He’s only killed three men since Sunday, and the K-9 has killed one. He had my six on Monday night, when the Butcher was in town. You’re welcome to try him out, but don’t say nobody warned you. You’ll both end up in the hospital like the Butchers crew did.”

Tom stood up and stepped up to Marsh with his hand extended to shake hands. I’m pleased to meet you boss. Doug told us about you. You like to work in a team, and you’re a stand up partner. He said you took a blade covering Becca’s six, and finished the operation on your feet. I hope I get to work with beylikdüzü escort you sometime.”

Becca laughed. “Yeah, he wouldn’t have had to take the blade if he would have just moved out of the way when I was throwing out the trash.”

Ralph, the other guard, looked at Becca and replied, “Way I heard it he was neutralizing some goon with a KaBar that was working on a plan for carving up your backside. I heard he’s hell on kitchen cabinets and counter tops.”

Marsh laughed and said, “So I guess that means you’re not going to invite me over to cook you your supper, eh? Oh well, you’d probably get food poisoning from anything I made in your kitchen anyway. Speaking of kitchens, Becca let’s go in this fine establishment and see what they can cook up for breakfast. I think we should eat that before lunch time.”

Marsh turned and took Becca’s hand. “I ‘spect we’ll see you guys on the turn around. Stay safe out here.” He told the guards. “Maybe we’ll work together some time.”

Marsh and Becca walked to the door of The Hole. Marsh spoke to Wolf as he opened the door. “Come on in buddy. You’re welcome in here with us, but you probably better stay out of the kitchen. A lot of chefs aren’t very understanding about things like having dogs in their kitchen.”

Marsh held the door open for Becca and Wolf, and then followed them in. He noticed that the main entry doors, one of which he had just held open and walked through, were single slabs of solid oak. As he stepped into the room Marsh’s view went straight to the bar. It was eight feet from the outside wall he had just come through, and there was a bat-wing door on Marsh’s right that entered behind the bar. The bar top was another piece of amazing beauty. It was also one piece of solid oak. On the end nearest Marsh and Becca the bar was close to three and a half feet wide. It was at least thirty five feet long. Marsh actually guessed closer to forty. On the far end, there was about a nine foot return to the right. Marsh figured out that whoever had built this had cut down and milled an oak tree that was forty feet from the ground to the first branch. The bar was still nearly three feet wide on the other end, and the branch that had made the return was at least two feet wide at the “trunk”, and the return was still over a foot wide where it ended nine-ish feet from the front of the bar. The top of the bar had been sanded and finished with a clear epoxy/resin finish, and it was BEAUTIFUL!

Marsh stood with his mouth open and his jaw nearly dropped to the floor. That piece of timber was immense, and beautiful, and amazing, and impressive and a few more words Marsh just couldn’t think of at the moment. Marsh quickly realized that the building had to have been built around the bar, or someone had to have driven a semi-truck through the building to unload it in place. Either way it was a very handsome labor of love.

When Marsh could pry his sight away from the bar, he noted that all of the tables in the restaurant were also solid oak. On the far side of the building, to the right, there was a hallway that probably went back to the restrooms, and Marsh guessed there were a couple of private banquet/meeting rooms. Along the far wall and to the left there was a small stage with a couple of microphone stands and there was one microphone that was in use as Marsh and Becca entered.

The room appeared to be about half full of people, with varying stages of meals in progress. On the far end extension of the bar Marsh saw most of his new family. The person using the mic on the stage was Jimmy.

“….and finally they show up. Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce your new CEO, Dr. Marshall Mitchel and his VP Rebecca Andrews. Come on up here Marsh and say a few words.”

Marsh took Becca’s hand and led her and Wolf over to the stage, where Jimmy handed him the mic.

Marsh looked around for about half a minute before speaking to them. “First of all,” he began. “I have no idea what Jimmy has told you already, but I’m pretty sure things are not really that bad.” Everyone chuckled at that.

“I see a few faces here that I saw at the first gathering I attended when I came here. If y’all want to just tune out, that’s alright. For those of you who don’t already know, I prefer to go by Marshall, or just Marsh. My executive vice president, and more importantly my fiancé, is Becca. Most of you probably know her as Jimmy’s private executive pilot and personal body guard.”

“My K-9 partner is Wolf. Wolf has been my personal escort for almost four years. He prefers being out in the forest, but he’s also comfortable killing the bad guys that make it indoors as well. I’m sure at least some of you have heard rumors about the little altercation he and I got into over at Jimmy’s hotel. Neither of us will ever come looking for a fight, but if you bring it to us, we’re a lot like SEALs and Marines. We’re not gonna run. You might want to take notice we’re still here. Draw your own conclusions from that little fact.”

“If you were expecting some old man with gray hair, from the geriatric set to take over the company, you’re going to be disappointed. I want to be a member of a team that works together to solve problems that other people can’t figure out how to fix.”

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