A New Friend and Our Daughters Ch. 03

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All participants in the sexual activities are over 18. Since this is my fantasy, there are no STD’s or unwanted pregnancies in my world. All my characters exhibit good hygiene and no mention of showers, etc. will be made unless it involves sexual activities.


Feeling his daughter was approaching her first orgasm induced by his tongue, Rick began to lash his daughter’s clit with his tongue. With no further warning, Kim’s body locked into spasm, spurting what seemed like a gallon of her tasty, fresh, young, fluid into her father’s mouth.

“Daddy,” his daughter gasped, “that was so fine, you will have to eat my pussy every day!”

Kim plopped herself down on the couch beside her father.

“Daddy,” she started but faltered and stopped.

Rick glanced at her, raised any eyebrow in question and, not receiving a response, returned his attention to his tablet.

“Umm…daddy,” Kim tried again.

Again her father looked at the blonde bombshell that was his daughter. Again no response from her. Again he put his attention on his tablet.


“Kim, what are you trying to say? Spit it out, girl.”

Kim pulled her long, athletic legs onto the couch in order to leverage herself closer to her father. She picked up his arm closest to her, draping it across her shoulder. The beautiful, young girl, just a few months past her eighteenth birthday, leaned on her father with her hand on his thigh close to his dormant cock.

“Baby, what’s up?” asked her father.

Taking a deep breath before starting, Kim said, “Daddy, I can’t tell you, I don’t have the words, I mean, well, you are the best daddy in the world.”

“You know I love you with all my heart too, Babygirl.”

“I know you do, Daddy. I want you to know the last few weeks have been…so… I really don’t have the words…Daddy.”

“Kim, my love, are you trying to say you want us to stop sleeping together?” asked Rick almost with a grimace on his face. He waited for his daughter’s response, hoping, fingers crossed, that she didn’t want to put an end to their sex life together.

Rick loved his daughter, sincerely loved her. Yet, he lusted after his teenaged daughter as well. He found it difficult to keep his large hands off her C cup breasts. The taste of her pussy juices would launch him into outer space. Her cunt muscles would grip his cock, milking him until he shot his cum into her.

There was so much to love and even more to lust after, indeed, to fuck. Ever since the night a month or so ago, when the father daughter duo played with her best friend and her father, Kim and Rick had shared the same bed.

Many a morning had seen a bleary eyed Rick trying to make coffee while still distracted by memories of the marathon fuck session from the night before. Kim never seemed worn out in any way as she would, on the same mornings, dance down the stairs to the kitchen in order to plaster her youthful body against her father’s form.

“No, daddy, never. I spend all my free time every day dreaming of making love to you. I could never stop that. Besides, I need my sleeping medicine,” said the daughter, moving her hand even closer to her father’s dick. Her “sleeping medicine” was a teasing reference to Rick eating his daughter’s pussy to orgasm most nights before going to sleep.

“Daddy, when we have sex, I think of it as us making love. It is beyond words but I want you with me each and every night for the rest of my life.”

“Oh, Kim, I never want to stop loving you either.”

“When we played with Aria and Rick last month, it was different.”

“What do you mean by different, honey?”

“When I was with Chris, I didn’t make love to him, Daddy. I let him fuck me. There was a difference.”

“I understand what you’re saying, Sweetheart. As much as I enjoyed being with Aria, I wouldn’t ever trade you for her. I wouldn’t dream of being with her all the time like I do of you,” said Rick.

“Would you want to be with Aria again, Daddy? Would you like to fuck my best friend?”

“I would as long as it wouldn’t cause any trouble between you and I,” responded the slightly bewildered father. He couldn’t imagine where his daughter was going with this.

“Daddy, would you think less of me, love me less, if I admitted to you that I want to fuck other guys?” Kim’s face had a slight yet growing blush to it.

“You mean guys from school? Is there one of your friends that you want to have sex with?”

Placing her hand directly on her father’s hardening cock, his daughter answered with a vehement “NO”.

“I don’t want to waste any time on boys, Daddy. Nothing comes of being open sexually at school except for a reputation as being a slut.”

Kim was squeezing her father’s cock.

“I don’t understand, Baby, what do you want?” Rick asked.

“Men, Daddy, I want to fuck men. And make love to my Daddy in our bed. I don’t want any selfish boys!”

“Okay, Kim, okay. Are you saying you want Chris to come around again?”

“He bahis firmaları was okay, Daddy, but I want something, someone, different.”

“Baby, I sense you have an idea of what you want. We can sit here all afternoon with you playing with my cock,” said Rick pointing down at his groin, “But why don’t you just tell me what you want.”

Wordlessly, the daughter ripped her father’s sweats and briefs from his body. By this time, Rick was sporting a full hard on. Kim stood to strip off her booty shorts and panties.

Sitting back down, straddling his legs, the teenaged daughter held her father’s cock against the entrance to her pussy. Teasing Rick just a little, Kim rubbed his dick against her pussy for a few minutes before sinking right down on it.

She was so wet, she slid right to the bottom of his dick, filling her pussy completely. Using the well developed muscles of her cunt, the teenaged daughter caused the walls of her pussy to ripple along the length of her father’s prick.

“Daddy, will you join a club with me?” she asked between groans.

“A fuck club, Daddy. Where you get to fuck girls like me.”

Rick’s cock gave a lurch after hearing those words. His teenaged daughter responded by squeezing the dick inside her yet again.

‘I mean, it’s a father and daughter thing,” she said while squeezing his cock some more.

Rick tried to leverage his cock further into his daughter, he tried to pull it out of her pussy, but his daughter was in charge of this scenario. So, he did the next best thing. Rick removed her top and began to run his tongue over his daughter’s tits.

“Daddy, don’t hate me.”

“I’d never hate you, Babygirl.” Rick’s tongue teased one of his daughter’s rock hard nipples.

Realizing his daughter sounded guilty, he said, “Uh oh, Kim, what did you do?”

“I invited my friend Jessica and her Daddy over for coffee. They’ll be here in an hour or so.” With that the teenaged blond bombshell began riding her father’s cock as hard and fast as she could.

With the word having many different meanings and possible connotations, Rick yelled out “Fuck!”

Kim, wearing a neon blue boob tube of a top and navy blue booty shorts with the words “juicy ass” embroidered on them, stood at the bottom of the stairs trying to urge her father to pick up the speed.

This was actually the second time Rick had dressed for this meeting. Kim thought he was dressed far too formally for the coffee by the pool meeting of her friend and father.

Rick came down the stairs in much more casual shorts and a polo shirt this time. He walked towards the kitchen and saw that coffee was already brewing. He looked around the room, at a loss with himself.

Rick just found it impossible to be very outgoing socially. He had no issues with his work life, he was the master of his own domain there. It was outside of the work atmosphere he had issues dealing with people.

Standing on her toes, Kim gave her father a kiss on the lips with just a little teasing tip of tongue thrown in. She then shooed her father outside to wait their visitors at poolside.

Sitting with his back to the pool, Rick was staring out at the forest behind their house wondering how he could deal with this meeting. What should he say? Or not say? How should he react? Or not react?

Before he could decide on answers or on more questions to ask himself, Rick’s reverie was interrupted by his daughter calling out from the house, “Daddy, our guests are here.”

Rick hesitated before climbing to his feet. He was far from anxious to meet the newly arrived daddy/daughter couple. Finding his inner strength, Rick turned towards the house to be greeted by his guest. Obviously this guest was a take charge kind of guy.

A big, black monster of a man with a shaved head and bulging biceps, strutted his way back to the pool area. With a loud, gruff voice, he bellowed out, “Rick, I’m Jason, it’s great to meet you!”

Nervously, Rick approached the giant of a man with his arm outstretched to shake hands, Jason swept his arm aside wrapping Rick in a huge man hug. The strength demonstrated by this man and the new guy’s pats on the back actually took Rick’s breath away.

Fighting to get himself under control, Rick waved at the other man indicating he should take a chair and make himself comfortable. He sat back on the lounge chair himself with both feet planted firmly on the ground.

“Welcome to our home,” said Rick.

“Man oh man, this is going to be a great afternoon. Jessica showed me a picture of your daughter the other day and I’ve wanted to fuck her ever since! Seeing her in person just now increased my desire for her,” boomed the new father.

Thrown fully off stride by the frankness displayed by the other father, Rick had nothing to say except, “Umm…yeah.”

“How long have you been fucking your little girl?” asked the giant.

Before he could even begin to struggle with the answer, Kim came out of the house carrying a tray with a coffee kaçak iddaa server and cups. Behind her came her friend, Jessica, also carrying a tray, this one filled with all the fixings, creamer and such, for their coffee as well as some biscotti.

Rick’s eyes locked on the little black girl approaching them and couldn’t turn away. Rick sucked in a deep breath and let it out very slowly.

Jason noticed his new friend’s reaction to his daughter. Leering, he said, “Yeah, that little girl is one damn fine piece of ass. I hate to share her.”

Rick stammered out a question, “Then why are you sharing her?”

“It’s all her idea,” said Jason. “I’d be happy with just having her to fuck. But, Jessica says I’m just too big for her to handle on a regular basis. She doesn’t want my cock to stretch her little pussy. My little girl likes to fuck grown men though, not school children, so we came up with this idea to get white boys like you for her to fuck,” he laughed uproariously.

Jason was a jolly fellow and slapping his knee, he guffawed loudly enough to wake the bears known to sleep in the forest behind them. Putting down her tray on the table, Jessica stood beside her father.

With a very quiet hello, Jessica said, “It’s good to meet you, Rick. I’ve been looking forward to this all week.”

The black skinned girl was a beauty, simply a beauty. Rick had little to say while his eyes roved over the petite body in front of him. The little girl could have barely reached five feet in bare feet. She had additional height today resulting from her four inch high heeled sandals.

Her legs were muscular and gave the impression of a length that was not really there. Other than her choice of footwear, the teenager was wearing the stereotypical schoolgirl’s outfit. The ensemble consisted of white stockings, a short, tight plaid skirt, a white blouse partially unbuttoned and showing off what had to be D cup breasts peeking out over her bra.

Forcing himself to raise his gaze above the tits he was beginning to hope would be his for the evening, Rick checked out her face with perfectly applied makeup accentuating her cheeks, eyes, and mouth. Jessica’s full, bow shaped, red lips invited kisses. Her hair was long, dark, and curly tucked over one shoulder.

Kim realized the difficulty her daddy was having with the newness of the situation. Taking Jessica by the arm, Kim tugged the girl towards the chaise lounge her father was sitting on. With just a brief glance, the teenager realized her father already had a chubby tucked away in his shorts.

She whispered the information to Jessica before guiding the black girl to sit down on the chaise lounge with the nervous father. The petite little girl leaned up to whisper in Rick’s ear that he shouldn’t be nervous, it would all be great for everyone.

Jason drew the conversation back to himself.

“Rick, what do you know about our club?”

“Umm…nothing really. I didn’t even know it existed before today.”

“Yeah, well, we started the club, me and a buddy, a few months ago, just after our daughters turned eighteen. It’s a very simple club with just a few rules. A father and daughter must join together. They must have sex with partners other than their own father or daughter. Meetings can be held in either family’s home or location of choice. Only two daddy daughter hookups at a time. That’s it.”

Rick struggled for something to say. He failed miserably. The scenario was simply too much for the teenaged daughter’s father to handle.

“Umm…yeah,” said Rick.

The other father looked askance at his opposite number having expected a much different response.

“My daddy is very shy around new people, Jason,” said Kim. “He approves though, don’t you, Daddy?”

Jason looked back at Rick, expecting confirmation of the daughter’s summation. Rick nodded vehemently, saying in as few words as possible that he and his daughter wanted in.

“Okay, then,” Jason said, “Do you have any questions for me, Rick?”

Finding his voice, Rick said, “I have some questions. The first is, we can opt out of the club anytime?”

“Yup,” said Jason, “anytime.”

“What if a girl doesn’t want to be with a certain father?”

Rick was flummoxed by the petite black girl placing her tiny hand on his cock and whispering in his ear.

“I want to be with you,” said Jessica. “Don’t you want to fuck me?”

Jason must have heard what his daughter said to the older man as he chuckled, “Well, Rick, what do you say? Want to fuck my baby girl?”

“Yes, but…”

“No problem, Rick,” boomed the giant. “There is no forcing in this club. Anyone can say no at any time and their decision will be respected. No means no.”

It was difficult again for the newest daddy addition to the club to speak. Not due to his innate shyness around new people though. This time it was due to the tiny hand squeezing his cock. The black teenaged beauty’s hand.

“How many couples are in the club?”

Jason was being kaçak bahis distracted by Rick’s teenaged daughter. Sitting on his knee, Kim had been sliding her hand up the strong, muscular thigh of her soon to be lover.

Rick was glad the patio set was built of wrought iron otherwise the two would have overburdened the chair. Hell, a regular lawn chair would not have supported the gigantic black man.

“How many daddy daughter couples are in the club, Jason?” asked Rick.

“Well,” boomed the big daddy of the club, “as you can imagine, we would have no problems filling any number of spaces we chose. The only criteria we established for membership was that the daughter need be recommended by an existing daughter member. And, we decided, there would only be twelve family memberships. You and your daughter are couple eleven.”

“And, that’s it?” asked Rick while watching the black arm wandering around his still clothed groin.

“It’s not…um…really…a rule, but, umm…uh…it has worked out that all the families consist of single fathers and their daughters.”

Jason had some difficulty making his last point since the blonde teenager on his knee had fallen to her knees in order to rub her face up and down the length of the giant black man’s cock. Not quite fully hard yet, it seemed Jason’s dick matched his overall size.

Watching his young daughter playing with his new friend’s immense prick made Rick fight off feelings of inferiority. Jessica, having been in the situation before, did her best to assuage the newest father’s sense of inadequacy.

“You don’t need to worry about him, daddy,” Jessica nodded at her own father, “he is so big, it is difficult for him.”

The little black girl adjusted her position on the chaise lounge so she was straddling it as well. Pulling his attention back to herself, Jessica scooted as close as she could to Rick. Putting her hands on his shoulders, the petite black girl arched her massive jugs towards him.

As much as he loved his daughter, Rick lost interest in what his teenage daughter was doing with the giant of a father. He was mesmerized by the little nymph sitting in front of him. Yet, before he could get too active with her, he needed to address one more matter.

“Kim, Jason, I think we should go in the house if we’re going to get more active. Sometimes, we see hikers come out of the forest behind us.”

Kim squealed and pulled herself to her feet using Jason’s massive thighs for leverage. As he was standing up, Jason threw the blonde teenager over his shoulder. Together this way, he walked to the house with Kim screaming all the while. Playful screams, of course.

Rick and the diminuitive little girl walked into the house, hand in hand. By the time the new daddy and daughter entered the livingroom, his daughter had already removed Jason’s pants and, with it grasped in hand, she was raining kisses all over the humongous cock.

Amazed that his daughter was working at such speed, Rick wondered if Jessica expected the same breakneck speed from him. There was no doubt in his mind that the tiny ebony creature knew how to read people.

“Daddy,” said the black daughter to the substitute white father, “don’t worry about them. Just pretend it’s just the two of us here. We can do anything you like, any way you like.”

With that being said, the little black girl, jumped at Rick, forcing him to fall back on the couch across the room from his own teenage daughter and her adopted, for the evening, daddy.

Jessica adjusted her seating, placing her arms around the white father, plastering her oversized breasts against him and initiated the first steps in a make out session.

Rick was impressed with how soft the girl’s lips were. They seemed to just caress his own, their bow shape inviting him further in. Rick was a fan of long, slow romantic kisses and Jessica seemed to recognize this in her substitute daddy.

Jessica gave him exactly what he desired while tightening her grip on his shoulders. Rick wanted to embrace this ebony child as well but was experiencing difficulties finding portions of her body to hug.

Placing his hands on her back, he discovered there was insufficient space that would allow the embrace without mauling her breasts with his arms. Her waist was out for similar reasons. Rick felt it was too early to turn his lust loose on those big boobs.

He settled for her ass. Rick felt it was small, of course, defined, and well toned. He had to fight to get a solid grip on her checks. In the meantime, the two soon to be lovers continued with their oral play.

Jessica had many facets to her persona. Outside, by the pool, the little girl was rough and tumble, outgoing, like her father. Inside the house, she was much more demure with a hint of friskiness. Rick was enjoying her demure qualities while waiting for the other side of her to leap out.

Still with her hands on his shoulders, the tiny black girl teased his mouth with her tongue. She would dart just the tiniest sliver of its tip between Rick’s lips. He, in response, would try to capture what little of her tongue he could reach between his teeth. Jessica was too quick for him and obviously enjoyed teasing her white friend’s father.

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