A New First

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The first time she said it, I thought it was just a drunk joke. But, the idea of going down on another guy while she watched grew more and more interesting and finally I told her I’d go along with it. But, she would owe me, I told her. This was about 7 months into our dating, not exactly exclusive, but we stuck together for the most part. So, I figured if I gave into her fantasy, she’d return the favor.

The problem in a small town like this one is finding someone who’s bi and open with it. The Bible Belt’s not exactly an easy place to find “men” who will admit they’d like to try another guy. Turns out, I was being set up. There was no real search another of her “friends” had talked her into it, and I was the mark.

So we agree to a small dinner at his apartment. Ultra modern must have made a lot of money before the dotcom bust. The table was set and over dinner we discussed politics, then movies, before settling on the same thing we were all thinking. Kind of a truth or dare game, where truths are the only option. The wine was starting to let my head spin lightly, and I admitted to going down on my best friend in high school. Kate, the girl, she’s one who’d seen it all and wrote the book on how to do it. Alex, her cohort enjoyed men and women equally. “Eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we may die,” but his ran closer to fuck and drink, he couldn’t have weighed more than 160 at almost 6 feet. Turns out he ran canlı bahis several clubs in town, so had hook ups for all kinds of chemicals and fun.

I was the oddball of the group. Too much weight, not enough money, and couldn’t tell the difference between chardonnay and zinfandel if you paid me. But as Kate said, any man who can wrap his tongue around her clit and make it vibrate for 30 minutes was good enough for her.

After the dinner we retired to the living room and put a movie on. Usually in cases like these something Basic Instinct to set the mood. But his plasma screen was displaying the most beautiful woman I think I’ve ever seen being pounded from behind. After a few seconds I realized it was Alex. Kate confessed to taping the event, but wouldn’t tell if she’d gotten to play too. In a game that you’ve got nothing to lose, it’s easy to go all in at the beginning. I asked Kate what she’d like to see us do. “Kiss him,” she said. The couch wrapped around the brick wall, and she’d taken to sitting between us. So, I put my hand under her skirt and leaned to kiss him. His tongue wasn’t shy at all; it darted in and out of my mouth sliding over mine as if to taste the wine from dinner. Before I knew it, my hands were around his neck, scratching, where I’d normally stroke. My cock had been hard since the video started and hearing the moans from the speaker just added to the intensity. I could feel drips starting to bahis siteleri soak into my pants when the precum started to flow.

Kate, in the meantime had drawn back and had a hand up her skirt, I know the way she rubs her clit around before moving up and down, I’m sure that smooth pussy was nice and wet. After the first kiss ended I felt a bit timid, usually I know where to take things, but this was a rather new experience.

So, I put my hand on Alex’s crotch and unzipped it. His cock was beautiful. Probably 7″ long perfectly smooth and curved slightly upward. He only moaned as I stroke it, so I assumed I had permission to keep going. I ran my tongue up his neck, I could still smell the Calvin Klein cologne behind his ear.

“Are you ready?” The question broke the trance I’d entered while stroking Alex’s cock, who was content to just sit there. Later I found he’s quite the submissive under the right circumstances. Kate had removed her black, tight skirt and her panties were on the floor. Her shirt was unbuttoned, but still concealing those nice smooth 36c’s that I love so much. I must have looked confused, because she said “Are you going to go down on him or what?” I looked around to make sure there were no video cameras in sight and got down on my knees.

I slid the khaki’s down and saw that he’s another shaver. Not a pubic hair in sight. The veins criss crossing his rod were starting to bulge and there bahis şirketleri was just the first sign of precum on the tip. I quickly flicked my tongue and remembered that salty, almost syrup taste. Don’t cum in my mouth was all I said. I’d never swallowed before and new that Kate loved the way cum drips off a face, so I told him to let it go on me. As much as I like to give a facial, getting one was a fantasy I held in my hand, literally.

I slid my tongue up the shaft stroking the underside of the head with my tongue in that “U” shape they say is inherited. Once I felt it was nice and wet, I slid my hand down and put the head in my mouth. I cupped his balls and moved down till his cock was at the back of my throat. I kept hearing moaning, so I went ahead and pushed till my lips hit my fingers.

“He’s the quiet type,” Kate said. “If you don’t hear anything, it doesn’t mean your doing it wrong.” One hand was rubbing her clit, the other was sliding in and out of her slit.

After realizing that I could deep throat his cock, I went to work. Slow at first, up and down, massaging his balls then stroking it. My left hand went down under and started to press at that spot right before the ass hole, the one that will make me cum if I’m not ready for it. I moved up the rhythm, my mouth and hand at once stroking him. In 30 seconds I heard “I’m going to cum” and pulled back. He took his cock and stroked it until the first spurt hit my face, then a second, and after three his muscles relaxed and he let go. At that point, Kate moved over and started to lick it off my face, she kissed me and I realized that was a taste I was going to get used to.

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