A Much Needed Vacation

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A Much Needed Vacation

It had been tough for the last while. Separation, co-parenting, all that goes with the challenges of work and just every day stress. All in all I was doing well but in need of some ‘me-time’ . I needed a break from just about everything.

One of my coworkers and closest friends, Laura, has been there to listen to my struggles and to provide the sort of comfort that a human needs in my circumstances. Her patient and caring support was invaluable. Tragically, she too found herself separate and alone from her husband, with children in the middle and dealing with all of the issues as I was.

And so, two women finding themselves in the same circumstances and wanting to find a brief respite of joy amid the chaos of work and marital discord decided it was high time for a vacation in Mexico.

The flight began the excitement. Getting on a plane and leaving it all behind. No kids. No exes. No work. Leaving the cold of Canada and looking forward to baking in the sun.

We buckled in and plugged in the earphones as the inflight movie played to distract us from the time of travel. The movie was dated and not likely one that I would have rented although it provided a distraction, stifling the anticipation of a Mexican holiday that could not come too soon. As I looked to my left, Laura seemed engrossed in the movie. I was watching as well, although my attention to the B grade film was casual at best. To any onlooker I would have seemed as attentive as any other of the headphone adorned passengers. However, in truth my mind was awash with thoughts and impossible fantasies that had my insides churning for a relief. I wasn’t sure I knew how I wanted to be satisfied. Finding myself single once again was not the original plan, but here I was. And now, what to do? To be certain, I wasn’t going to put myself in a bad situation.

I knew that I was a catch and if the right person in the right circumstances came along, maybe…. But for now it was about the vacation and a break from home. Of that I was certain. There would be no rebounds or slutting about just for the sake of it. It was not that I was offended by the notion or need for raw carnal sex but it just wasn’t the right moment with all that I and my travel companion found ourselves dealing with. I knew that I had to find my own happiness and grounding before considering any meaningful or unmeaningful sharing with another. But the problem was that ever present ache. That need to be wanted, to crave, to crave some other. It just wouldn’t go away, and more frustratingly it seemed to increase by the day.

Such were the circumstances that had me appearing to be engaged with the in-flight movie while my mind was so far off in other thoughts. I’m in a plane. The mile high club? Obviously not with my current travel partner. I didn’t see any male candidates that caught my attention while boarding. And even if I had it just seemed too extreme especially while travelling with Laura by my side. But even while recognizing the idea of sneaking into the lavatory for an in-flight quickie was not in the cards, the thought had me distracted from the movie had me imagining myself bent over that small sink in the lavatory with a handsome stranger pressed up behind me. These erotic musings made the flight go by quickly and though I was on the edge of breaking, I decided that I would hold off until the flight home, but at a minimum on the return flight I , would at least sneak into the lavatory alone and mark canlı bahis my own personal in-flight mile high orgasm club.

The moment we disembarked the warmth and sunshine of Mexico began to melt away the far away concerns of Canada during a particularly cold February. We enjoyed multiple Cervesas on the shuttle ride and were treated to an incredibly scenic tour of the island en route to our final destination.

Arriving at the resort Laura and I found it was everything we had hoped for. The accommodations were first class as was the menu. In addition to the daily buffet we had the option of selecting various specialty restaurants for three of our nights at the resort. There were several pools with swim-up bars, an exercise room, kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, trips outside of the resort and many other amenities.

On day one we were quick to change into our bikinis and head to the pool. The swim up bar was fantastic and in no time the two of us were buzzing on the sweetness of strawberry daquiries. Though we had pleasant exchanges with the other guests, for the most part we kept to ourselves relaxing and chatting by the pool.

Day two found us skipping the pool in favour of the warm sand and sparkling blue ocean. After lunch and a few hours on kayaks Laura and I found ourselves lounging, drinking and basking in the hot Mexican sun. When a dark-skinned male employee approached us offering a free massage in a cabana on the beach Laura quickly declined, offering up the explanation that she wanted to continue reading her book. I wasn’t as engaged with my book and decided a nice massage would be relaxing addition to a day at the beach.

Marco led me to a small hut on the beach. It was surrounded by palm trees and close enough to the water’s edge to hear the sea lapping at the surf. As I entered and much to my surprise, Marco announced that he would be leaving and that my masseuse would arrive momentarily. Before leaving, Marco advised that I could stay clothed as I was or remove my bathing suit and lie face down on the table with a towel over my back.

I found myself feeling somewhat nervous at the thought of being completely naked in front of a yet to be known stranger and yet the feeling of being so far away and free of the stresses of home had me discarding my bathing suit and lying naked on a massage table on a beach in Mexico.

So comfortable were my surroundings and the wait for someone to arrive that I drifted off to sleep, laying naked but for a towel on my back and listening to the sound of the waves against the shore. The tranquility of my moment was gently interrupted by the smooth foreign accent of my masseuse. I suppose I assumed that because Marco had promoted the massage and delivered me to the hut, that it would be a male who would be my attendant

At the moment, I couldn’t be certain if I would have been more or less nervous had it been a man which is what I had expected. Instead, I was met with the heavily accented Mexican voice of a twenty-something female.

As I turned my head to greet her in my usual friendly hello, I observed a Mexican woman with dark skin and coal black that were styled in full braids that travelled all of the way down her back to the top of her hips. She was dressed in a sarong that showed off her firm figure and left little to the imagination. Though faint, the darkness of her nipples was plainly evident, and I wondered whether this was her everyday outfit. Talia introduced herself and then proceeded to bahis siteleri work about the room lighting aromatic candles and turning on some music of relaxing ocean sounds.

The beginning of the massage was luxurious. With just the right amount of pressure she worked on the kinks In my neck and shoulders before moving ever so slowly down my back. Her hands were both forceful and yet soft as they travelled south. The towel was now only covering my butt and lower legs as she pushed it out of the way without any hesitation or opportunity for a complaint from me. I felt completely relaxed and though the massage had been without much conversation up to this point, my transcendental bliss was suddenly interrupted by the sound of Talia’s voice.

“Madame, I’d like to begin working on your lower body next and I will need to know your comfort level. Before answering that you should be aware that my training has led me to believe that most of my clients wish to receive more that they might otherwise experience during a typical massage back home. I like to push the boundaries and observe your reactions to my efforts. In this way, I hope to provide you with one of the most memorable and fulfilling experiences you might have while at our resort.”

“So at this point I need to ask, is there anything that might make you uncomfortable with how I am about to pleasure your body?”

The unexpected discussion pulled my relaxed mind out of the soothing ocean and whale sounds playing in the background. I felt somewhat put on the spot for an activity that usually required no thought or participation on my part. Moreover, I had never been asked to define limits to a massage — at least not one from a complete stranger.

The pause likely seemed longer to me than it actually was. I knew that I definitely wanted it to continue and I would have rather not been given any options. And although the question did give me pause to consider what exactly might be meant by my comfort level I resigned myself to abandon all thought and just go with the flow and told Talia to carry on in which ever way she felt would be the most enjoyable.

Talia’s hands continued to apply their gentle but forceful manipulation of my skin as she moved ever so gradually but insistently up my thighs while I found my legs almost subconsciously spreading apart. When the towel was brushed aside leaving me completely exposed I made no move to protest or cover up. The massage had taken on a decidedly more daring intensity and though many thoughts raced through my mind I was determined to submit completely and just enjoy the experience wherever it may lead.

With my senses now more on edge than relaxed, I felt warm oil poured across the backs of my legs and over the cheeks of my ass. Whether intentional or not, it seemed as though Talia lingered while dripping the slippery oil over my bum. Though now growing wet, I felt of small river of massage oil travel between the cheeks of my bum and down over the parted lips of my sex.

Talia’s hands moved up my legs and I held my breath, trying not to be obvious about it. Her manipulation of my vulnerable flesh caused soft moans to unintentionally escape from my mouth. The moment had become decidedly different to my initial impression. I found myself awash in mixed feelings of excitement and self-consciousness. On the inside of my thighs her hands moved up and almost with an accidental nature, faintly grazed my outer labia. My breath caught in my throat with the realization bahis şirketleri that I might be touched, fondled, manipulated, by another woman for the first time. That it was a woman, made the touch so much more electric. So different than the various men who had been permitted unreserved access to my body. Her teasing ministrations and manipulations of my flesh continued to the point where all such concerns were abandoned.

So many times, her hands had accidently grazed my sex while supposedly massaging my inner thighs. And yet, no direct pressure. No dive in for the plunge. Was she just fucking with me or had I come to expect too much after showing myself willing and presenting my fully naked body to her? Was she brushing my lips intentionally or accidently? Even face down as I was but with my sex on full display, could she not know of my growing desire? Surely as a woman – I mean wasn’t that the advantage of two women together, that they could bypass the unknowns of the ignorant male ego bent on it’s own quest for pleasure?

But her hands and fingers just continued to suggest and tempt without delivering what was becoming an ever growing need. Now it was the firm cheeks of my ass. Her grip and her pressure increased. Talia pressed my cheeks together and then with equal force, stretched them apart exposing everything that had been so private. I could feel my lips parting and my anus being stretched. And though her fingers got ever so close to those areas of peak sensitivity she seemed determined thus far to provide the kind of direct contact that was ever so increasingly sought after.

Though I tried in such subtle ways to elicit moans of my approval, still she would not give me the penetration I craved. By the time she had built up the teasing to the point that I was almost ready to speak out and beg for more she told me to roll over, she rolled me over, she asked me to roll over? . I did without hesitation as one might while simply enjoying a more typical massage. My eyes remained closed knowing that this was anything but a typical relaxing massage.

As I lay there with my accelerated heartrate and nipples hardened almost to the point of pain I awaited what delicious feelings I was to experience next. In my mind, I wondered whether she would begin at my shoulders and work her way down or start at my feet and work her way up. In my mind, I couldn’t decide where I wanted her to start, but want her I definitely did. I wanted her to feel my breasts, to hold them, not to tease them — I was already beyond that. I wanted her to attack my nipples. And then the thought hit me — not with her hands and fingers but with her mouth and teeth.

These thoughts made my wetness unmanageable and quickly I could feel it running out of me and trailing down between the cheeks of my ass. Perhaps she would go straight for my sex. Would she separate my lips and plunge two fingers inside? Would she curl them upward to hit that spot that only a woman could truly find? Or would her tongue set fire to my rigid clit? Would she bring me off quickly or draw it out in her teasing fashion? Would she (please), do both?

The answer to my curiosity came not with words but rather the realization that my masseuse was suddenly as naked as myself. My eyes flew open the moment I felt Talia’s oiled body climb onto the table and momentarily hover over me. There I was, lying on a table in a grass hut on a beach, naked, covered in oil, dripping wet with sexual desire with an unknown woman equally naked now sliding her body over mine. As our nipples collided and mashed against one another I felt her thigh press against my clitoris and the first orgasm sent my body into convulsions unlike any I had ever known.

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