A Mother’s Promise Ch. 12

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When I opened my eyes, I was standing in front of my sister’s full length mirror. Believe it or not, I was so surprised at what I saw I had to look up at my face to make sure it was really me standing there. I would say that the sight took my breath away, but that’s such an understatement and doesn’t really describe the way I felt about the way I looked. I think the best way to describe it is this: I was a girl.

The skirt was made of wool, red and white checked, almost like a school girl skirt. I could see that it really didn’t wrap around enough to be my size since the flaps only overlapped an inch or two. It was incredibly short and when I moved, I could see the top band of the stockings peek out from under the skirt. Pulling the flaps apart, I got my first glimpse of my panties – pure white, with a huge bulge running up the middle. I saw mom’s reflection in the mirror checking me out to gauge my reaction, and she was trying to hide her smile, but not doing a very good job of it.

With the exception of the bulge in the front of my panties and my hair, I had been transformed into a girl. I never had any interest in stockings before, but as I rubbed my legs together and ran my hands over them, I decided that was going to change. My hands traveled up to my bra, and as I touched it, I turned from side to side, looking at my reflection. I squeezed the cups covering my non-boobs and found the bra was, as she said, very well padded. But, looking at the reflection of my profile, it was obvious that I now had a ‘bust’. Maybe not a big one, but it was the chest of a girl, not the chest of a guy.

Admiring my reflection, I hadn’t seen her slip away from Linda’s room. But, I saw her when she came back through the doorway, smiling and holding something small in her hand.

“Bobby,” she said, “if you really wanted to go all the way dressing up as a girl, we would need to get you some clothes of your own, do something about your hairy legs, your straggly hair and your rough skin. But, you’re just as cute as you could be the way you are… there’s just one last thing I want to do now.” She stepped behind me so I couldn’t see her and after just a second or two, I saw her finger come up and touch my neck right behind my earlobe.

“We have to be careful with this,” she said, “I don’t want your sister, and especially your father, to be able to tell when they get home. This is my favorite perfume, baby. It’s not cologne, or any of that cheap stuff. I only use a tiny, tiny bit on special occasions and I love the way it makes me smell. The problem is that when your father smells it, all the blood in his body goes south and the only thing on his mind will be sex. Isn’t that devilish? Seriously, I’m not kidding, this stuff drives him wild. So, we’re only going to use a smidge and maybe it will help you feel a little more feminine. It’s called Halston.”

It wasn’t long before I could smell it. As soon as it hit my nostrils, I immediately recognized it. Yes, I had smelled it before wafting through the house and yes, it was as good as she said. I felt warm knowing she’d shared one of her special feminine secrets with me.

She stood next to me and we looked at each other in the mirror. “Seems a little foolish to spend all that time getting ready and all dolled up just so I can undress you and do what we’re about to do, doesn’t it?” She asked.

“It doesn’t seem foolish to me, mom.” I answered. “I can’t describe the way I feel right now, but, I feel good. It’s not like dressing up for Halloween or anything like that. I know you’re overdoing all of this strictly for my benefit – kind of a ‘try before you buy it’ kind of thing. I really appreciate that, mom. Really, I do. And I’m really ready for the rest, too.”

Turning to me and resting her hand on my chest, we looked into each other’s eyes and kissed very softly, pecking each others lips several times. “That’s true, Bobby.” She said. “I’ve tried to lay it on pretty thick since I don’t know if we’ll ever have a chance like this again. I pushed you emotionally and physically – and I swear I’ve never seen a boy or a man get hard as often or as fast as you can.”

We chuckled together for a minute and then she continued, “Seriously, Bobby, I’ve done everything I can to give you little tastes of the things we talked about, and I’ve exaggerated some things, too. I just thought that if you never got another chance to explore and talk about these things, at least you would have had at least one chance…. with me.”

We kissed again, and I told her I loved her. “I know, baby,” she said, “I know you do, and I love you, too.”

We looked into each other’s eyes for what seemed like a long time as we hugged. Before she spoke, she patted my tits, smiling as she fingered the cups of my cotton bra and then she said it. ‘It’ was the words that I knew she would have to eventually say to me before she fucked me and when my father and sister’s return was imminent.

“Baby, in just a few minutes I’m going to take you by the hand and lead you to my bed where I’m going to make love to you the way you asked me to. You’ll have canlı bahis şirketleri to forgive me for telling you earlier that I was going to ‘fuck’ you, I know that sounded harsh, but I had to see if you really wanted this…. I can see now that you do. I want you to treasure this time so much, Bobby, because you’re only innocent once. When you lose your virginity, everything changes, baby. So, I’m going to make love to you slowly and gently and I’m going to try to make it something special between us that you’ll remember forever. Granted, maybe it’s not the same virginity you want me to take, but, it’s perhaps the best I can do for now.”

“There’s three things I want to say before we do this.” She said. “First, once your father and sister get home, we have to go back to normal. I don’t know what will happen in the future, but when they get home it has to appear the same as it was when they left. Second, I want you to promise me you’ll think about talking with your father. I said this before and I’ll say it one more time. Just give him a chance, that’s all I’m asking. And lastly, remember there’s going to be no regrets, no shame and no guilt.”

“Mom,” I began, “I already decided I would try to talk to dad and I was planning to ask you to be there with me. As long as you’ll do that, I’ll give it a try. It’s not that I don’t trust what you said about him, it’s more that I want you to be there, too. And, I understand about going back to normal, I knew we would have to do that.”

“Good.” She answered. “Are you ready then?”

“Oh, yeah,” I replied, “I’m more than ready.”

“Well, let’s have a quick look at you then and we’ll see if we can get the show on the road. Pull your skirt up for me, sweetie.” She asked.

She stood in front of me with her arms folded across her chest and her breasts cradled upon them. I got a huge burst of excitement as I reached down and lifted the hem of my skirt. “Lift it all the way up for me, sweetheart,” she asked, “I want to check inside your panties.”

I almost came when she said those words. I lifted the skirt above my waist and stood there as she looked at me. I felt deliciously exposed and exhilarated at the same time, too. It felt delightful to stand in front of her like this. I felt my face turn red and my heart rate increased, but I knew that was because of the excitement, not because I was embarrassed. I proudly held my skirt up for her to see me. My cock was angrily pushing against the cotton panties which were tented out by the force of my erection. She stepped forward and put her hands at the elastic of my panties and pulled them out so she could look inside. When she did, my cock perched out toward her, now free to seek its own erect angle. The condom was still firmly in place, but it was obvious there was a significant amount of precum trapped inside. As my cock strained toward the ceiling, she twisted it from side to side to make sure the condom was secure and when she was satisfied, she held my cock against my belly and then pulled the panties back in place and rubbed me for a few seconds.

“I think we’ll just leave the condom on, sweetheart.” She said. “It’s been my experience that guys will either cum spontaneously or eventually masturbate themselves while they are getting it with a strap on. Remember this morning when I put my finger in you?” She asked.

I nodded my head, answering “Oh yes, I remember.”

“Well this will feel a little different than that, I imagine.” She said. “We’re going to use the dildo you’ve been sucking and it’s long enough for the tip to easily massage your prostrate gland. Maybe I shouldn’t say this, but, Uncle Mike and your father both cum bucket-fulls with the strap-on. It can actually be kind of violent sometimes; at least it looks that way to me because it sneaks up on them and the next thing you know they are shaking and convulsing and literally spraying cum everywhere. It might happen to you, too.”

I didn’t know if she was telling me this to warn me or to tease me. To be honest, it sounded wonderful to me and wearing the condom wasn’t a problem to me. I just wondered if she had an ulterior motive with the condom that she wasn’t telling me about.

“Here’s my best advice, Bobby.” She continued. “Most of all, don’t stiffen up on me. I’m not going to hurt you, you’ll see. And, try to relax, especially those muscles you use when you clench your butt together.”

I nodded my head to say that I got all that.

“When you feel it going in, press back with your muscles… I know this sounds gross, baby……. but, like you were going to the bathroom. That will open you up. Once you get used to it, it’ll be fine, and I think you’ll really enjoy it if you relax, let me do the work and just let it happen. Think ‘submissive’ sweetie.”

“Okay,” I said, “I’m not going to fight it, Mom. I want to do this.”

“I know you’re saying that now,” she added, “but when we get in there, something might distract you and make you might lose your focus. Sweetheart, this can be one of the best feelings you’ve ever felt if you just let it happen. I’m not canlı kaçak iddaa trying to brag, but, I’m pretty darn good at this. Just relax and trust me. Okay?”

I smiled and hugged her. “Really, mom,” I said, “there’s no need to worry. I trust you.”

“Well.” she sighed. “I guess this is it.”

“Yeah,” I answered, “I guess so.”

She looked at me for a minute and smiled softly. I put my arms out and wrapped them around her, pulling her close to me. I felt her breasts against my chest. I looked in my sister’s mirror and what I saw made me do a double-take, it looked like two women hugging… breast to breast.

She giggled a little and rubbed her hips back and forth across mine and I could feel the pressure of her body against my cock, safely hidden under my skirt and panties. “You know,” she said, “I don’t know who’s more nervous, sweetheart…. you or me.”

I smiled and answered “It must be you because I’m not nervous at all. Anxious, yes, but nervous – no.”

“Come on,” she said. “it’s time.”

She took my hand and started to turn toward the doorway of my sister’s room, taking our first steps toward something I didn’t even know I wanted twenty four hours ago. In that instant, I flashed back to the previous day in the laundry room and the tender way she got me to open up about the panties I stole from her and my sister. The gentleness she displayed holding her panties to my nose as I masturbated in front of her was more than I deserved. The way she listened to me without condemnation or judgment…. it was all incredible. Taking the last step before we entered her room, I felt blessed – truly blessed that I had a mother who cared for me so much that she would do these things for me.

When we arrived by the side of her bed, she pulled the sheet and comforter back all the way and let them fall off the end of the bed. Patting the bed, she turned to me, raised her eyebrows and said “Up you go, sweetheart.”

I crawled up on the bed, turned and sat down. She went into her bathroom and returned with a tube of KY jelly and set it on the bed. Then she went to her closet and pulled out a zippered bag and brought it over next to me. Unzipping it, she reached in and pulled out a leather harness with straps. Reaching out her hand to me, she asked for the plastic cock saying, “Watch how this works, baby.”

As I watched, she inserted the dildo into the harness and secured it in place. Mounted in the harness, it looked smaller now than it did when I was holding it. It was a comforting sight, but I was still starting to get nervous. “Here,” she said as she handed the harness to me, “can you hold my cock for a second?” I had to smile as I reached out to take the black leather contraption from her. It seemed to be a funny thing for a mother to ask her son, and she smiled back at me as I reached out and took it from her.

Her hands went to her waist and she pushed her panties down her legs and stepped out of them. Picking them up, she tossed them to me and with a smirk she said “I think you’ve earned these, sweetie. They are yours to keep.”

Stretching her hand out to me, she asked me for the harness back and I gave it to her. Her hands were shaking a little now, but she was determined to continue. I watched as she stepped into it, fastened it around her waist and then tightened the lower velcro straps to make the whole thing secure. She put her hands on her hips, took a step to the edge of the bed and crooked her finger to me as if to say ‘come here’. I scooted up to the edge of the bed, but that’s not what she wanted. “No, sweetie, lay down on your tummy with your head toward me.” She asked. As I did, she motioned me closer and closer to her until I was right in front of her cock. “Now lean up on your elbows.” She said.

She leaned forward and without saying a word, put her hands on the back of my head and guided me towards it. I took the hint and immediately opened my mouth and began sucking her. I tried to imitate everything I had seen her do, seen on the internet or in a porn movie. I sucked that plastic cock like a coed at a frat party. I tried to give my best performance, hungrily licking, kissing and sucking it as I looked up to her face for approval. I held the shaft and took it deep. I licked up and down the sides and sucked around the rim. She was looking down at me as she caressed my head and murmured what a good job I was doing. I knew she was pleased – I could tell it in her eyes.

After watching me suck her cock for a few minutes, she leaned over and snaked her hands around my head and under my chest. I felt her burrow into my bra, past the heavily padded cups to find my nipples. At first she just touched them, running her fingers around my little buds. Then she started lightly pinching the flesh around my breasts as if she was trying to pull my flat chest into real boobs. After a minute, she moved her fingers back to my nipples and grasped the miniature tips, rubbing them between her thumb and first finger. Even though her fondling restricted my sucking movements, the sensations being received by my nipples more than canlı kaçak bahis made up for what I lost orally. “Sweetie,” she said, “a man’s nipples are every bit as sensitive as a woman’s. Most people wouldn’t believe that, but it’s true. There are just as many sensory receptors in a man’s nipple as there are in a woman’s”.

I fully accepted what she said as the truth because as she tweaked my nipples, my cock became more agitated and it throbbed more. I even felt it in my belly – every time she tweaked me, my stomach would get butterflies.

In my current position, I could feel my cock aching and pulsing, pushing against my panties. Out of sheer desperation, I began to rub myself against the bed, grinding my cock back and forth just to relieve the growing need to be touched there.

As she leaned over me, she reached down and lifted my skirt up over by butt and spoke very softly, almost in her whispering voice telling me “Sweetie, you look so cute dressed like that, you’re making mommy so wet and excited. And you’re sucking mommy’s cock so well, baby. I’m so proud of you, sweetie, so proud of your courage and your honesty. And mommy’s going to reward you very soon by making love to her little panty man. I admire you, too, sweetie. You get a chance to experience something most men never do, and it will be good for you. Not only will you enjoy it, but, you’ll get a chance to see what it feels like to have anal sex and that means you’ll be better at it when you are the one giving, and not receiving.”

She rose up and pulled my head away from her cock. My mouth and chin were wet with slobber and she smiled down at me as she rubbed the wetness away from my mouth with her hand. Leaning down, she kissed me lightly on my forehead, crinkled up her nose and asked if I was ready. I crinkled my nose back at her and then nodded my head up and down – my way of pleading with her to hurry.

“Okay then,” she said, “move over to the middle of the bed and get on your hands and knees for me.”

While I was moving, she reached up and took two pillows from the head of the bed and laid them down. Climbing up on the bed, she moved up next to me and told me to lift up. She folded one pillow in half and then slid them both between my arms. “This is for your head to rest on sweetie. You’ll be more comfortable with you’re head resting on something once you’re in this position for a while.”

I laid my head down on the pillows and looked at her. Moving up right next to me, she put one hand on my back and started to rub it up and down very softly. “Just rest for a minute,” she said, “I want you to concentrate on my touch for a few minutes while you get used to this position.”

She continued to stroke me and on her down stroke, she straightened out my skirt so it hung down across my butt again as if she was concerned about my modesty. At the same time, her other hand went in between my legs and found my cock. The cotton panties were losing their fight to keep my hardened cock in place and they were tented so much that I knew she could run her hands down inside my panties through the large gap at my waist. Her hand that was stroking my back mysteriously found its way to my bottom, and she started caressing my butt cheeks and running her hand between my legs from the back. Her touch was light and gentle, and thankfully, she didn’t stop as she spoke to me again.

“Sweetie, you can rest your head and close your eyes if you want. You don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to. You can hold my panties, or do anything you want to now. I just need to help you get your legs into the right position or they’re going to get tired and sore and then you won’t enjoy it.”

I closed my eyes and relaxed the muscles in my neck so my head floated down into the softness of the pillow and I concentrated solely on her voice and her touch. “Baby, your knees are too close together.” She said. “We have to move your knees further apart and more forward. At first, you might feel stretched, but you’ll find that it takes almost no effort to stay like that.”

She continued to run her hand all over my pantied bottom and down between my legs while she rubbed the front of my panties. I didn’t say a word – I was content to simply lie there and enjoy.

Without taking her hands off me, she leaned down to my ear and licked around it, sending shivers down my arms and back. I smiled as I silently rested. I felt a big grin overtake my face as the shivers wilted and I felt her breath on my neck. “Sweetie, just lift up and slide your knees out a little more. Can you do that?” She asked.

She told me before she was really good at this. I guess years of using a strap on with my dad or Uncle Mike could have made her an expert, so I did exactly as she asked. I lifted up and slid my knees out with her help. I instantly noticed how much more comfortable it was for me. I didn’t really think I was uncomfortable before, but, this was much better. When I got into the new position, I wiggled my butt to work myself into a stable position. As I did, she pulled her hand away from my cock and ran it up my chest. I know this sounds weird, but, she never stopped touching me. As she was moving me and talking to me, her hands never left my body. And while some might not understand the importance of that, I did. I noticed it and I noticed it was deliberate.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32