A Mother’s Family Love

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Tara Johansen slowly opened her eyes as the morning sun slipped through her bedroom window. Yawning she stretch her arm over her head as the silky material of her night shirt to pull over her breasts causing her nipples to harden. Her nipples have always been sensitive but more so as of late. The slightest touch caused them to harden and set the juices flowing between her legs. She knew she would have to satisfy her pent up sexual desires. This was only a temporary solution but the only one she allowed herself for the last three years. Finding that time alone was not very difficult since she and her son Justin lived alone in a large farm house.

She had lived in this farm house all her life. Raised as an only child by a loving father and a shrewish mother. At the age of eighteen Tara became pregnant with Justin. In high school Tara was what many would consider a bit wild. This was provoke in large as a rebellion against her mother. She grew to hate the way she treated her father, the most loving man she ever knew. Not wanting to identify who the father was she raised Justin with her father for most of Justin’s life since her mother died two years after he was born.

Tara devoted herself to her son and father and the family business. While they ran the farm the real business was as a supplier of grain and farming needs to all the surrounding farms and as the selling agent for their produce to the food companies. Tara’s dedication to the business put her in contact with all the town’s people. The change of her wild ways and hard work to get everyone a fair price soon endeared her to everyone. Indeed Tara stopped her wild way in the public eye. But, she still had deep dark desires that would only be fulfilled when the shades were pulled tight and no one would find out.

She slipped out of bed and pulled her night shirt over her head as she walked to the bathroom. As the shower warmed she assessed her looks in the mirror. Thick blonde hair and a fair complexion with Scandinavian features and pouty lips she was a Midwestern beauty. Tara was still the same weight as she was in her senior year. She always stayed attentive to her looks for the one she loved. She was a petite woman, 5’5″ well proportioned with the exception of her breasts. They would not normally be considered large but on her petite frame her 34C breasts stood out. Truly they stood out round and firm with her nipples set high. Tara admired herself knowing she was blessed with good genes to stay this attractive with relatively little effort.

When she finished washing in the shower she began to slowly feel her body lingering as she rubbed her breasts, pinching her nipples. She closed her eyes as has her hands moved down her stomach and between her legs finding her larger than normal clit. Tara’s pussy started to swell and became wetter as she recalled the first time.

They had struggled with Tara’s relentless seduction. She loved him and hurt inside knowing how unhappy he was and how terribly he was treated. Alone again he knew what was coming. He was tired of resisting and more tired of feeling alone and beaten. Just being with Tara gave him joy and happiness.

Tara entered the room wearing her baby doll PJs. She had decided tonight she would not be denied. She moved quickly to the couch sitting with her legs pulled up and her body and head laying on his chest. He put his arm around her shoulder. ‘I cried myself to sleep last night. Every time I woke up I cried some more. I cried because I was thinking how sad and unhappy you looked. It made me sad.’

‘Tara you being around makes me happy.’

‘I want to make you happy. I want you to always be happy.’

‘I know Tara we talked about this before.’

‘Do you love me?’

‘Yes more than anything.’

He breast were pushing against his chest. The sheer material of her PJs did little to cover her naked body. He cock was hardening as he had trouble breathing. He was in this situation before but he was now in a weaken state.

Her hand moved to his inner thigh rubbing up and down as she kissed his chest. Slowly she inched higher and higher till she grabbed his hard cock. There was no resistance or discussion as with all the other times. She jerked his cock over his pants as she felt his body rise to meet and encourage her hand. Taking this as a sign Tara undid his pants and zipper. Reaching in she felt the warm silky flesh of his cock. She wrapped her hand around it and gently jerked him. Her pussy tingled, swelled and moistened. She wanted desperately to touch herself but resisted. Tara moved to the floor between his legs to removed his pants. He lifted himself almost involuntarily as he remained with his head back and eyes closed. He felt her warm breath as she took his cock into her mouth. He let out an auditable moan.

Tara suck the head of his cock swirling her tongue around as it swelled in her mouth. Slowly she slide her mouth down a few inched the back up while she sucked as hard as she could. She devoured more and more of his cock with each stroke of canlı bahis her mouth till she could take no more. Pulling off she tongued the length of the underside till she could lick and suck his balls while jerking him off.

He grabbed the couch cushions with each hand trying to steady himself. Each time he felt he was about to explode she would stop until it past. He had never had anyone do anything like this to him before. Never had anyone been so intimate with him. It was like a dream he had resisted but was now deeply entrenched.

Tara removed the condom she had brought with her. Placing it in her mouth she put it on his cock as she continued to pleasure him orally taking him deep in her mouth. Standing she dropped her panties to the floor and straddled him. His eyes opened as she guided his cock into her wet pussy. He watched as the first touch of his cock on her lips caused her to stiffen and orgasm. He began to thrust his hip as she rode him. Removing her top she reached for his hands bring them to her hard swollen breasts. She encouraged him to caressing and pinch her erect nipples. She as now pumping him furiously as her hand found her clitoris. His body arched forcing his cock deep in her. She felt his cock pulsating as he let out moan after moan each time cum pumped out of his cock. Throwing her head back Tara began to orgasm.

Falling forward their mouths met open and wet seeking each other with their tongues. When their kisses ended Tara stared into his eyes. ‘I love you more the anyone in the world daddy. I always will.’

Tara’s orgasm exploded as she feverishly rubbed her clit. Three large streams jettison against the shower wall. Her orgasms became more intense as she aged spurred on by the excitement of her incestuous perversion. She missed her father, husband and father of her son. Turning off the shower she dried off and prepared for the day.

Justin was already in the office when Tara arrived. He was an earlier riser and an amazing business person for his age. He was a quick learner and grasped the fine details of business and negotiation under his grandfather’s tutelage. At eighteen any customer that knew him knew better then to underestimate him. His grandfather was extremely proud of his son and Justin love him very much. He looked up as he heard his mother enter the store. The sight of her lit up his face with a broad smile. She was dressed down in a light cotton flannel shirt and jeans. Her thick blonde hair was pulled back in a pony tail. Still Justin thought she was the most beautiful, desirable woman he had ever met. He had been infatuated with her for several years. Knowing that lusting for his mother was not how a son should feel the dark taboo of the thought excited him more and more.

Justin had his grandfather’s looks, build and good nature. His grandfather would always say that he was lucky to take after the best side of the family tree. ‘Hi mom! I’ve done the billing. You need to take care of the receivables and I’ll go and check the inventory.’

‘If you keep it up I’ll not have a job.’ Tara gave him a loving smile.

‘Don’t think that. What would the customers have to look at to brighten up their day if we let you go.’

‘Are you saying your mother is nothing more than eye candy?’

‘Well you do look quite beautiful today.’

‘You better leave before you dig yourself deeper young man.’

‘Yes ma’am.’ Justin laughed as he turned and left.’

Tara had know for some time that Justin had been overly attentive to her and would spy on her. She convinced herself that it was innocent and he would grow out of it. Each year his attention grew he reminded her more and more of her father. The fact of the matter is she enjoyed the attention. As time went on, known to her or not she would subtly revel more of herself. Walking from the shower wrapped in a towel when she would occasionally forgetting to take a change of clothes with her. Leaving the bedroom door ajar when getting ready for bed or just not covering up as well as a mother should when alone with her son. All the while she pushed the dark reality of her action out of her mind.

Justin returned to the office when he finished the inventory. His mother was engaged with a new sales representative who was flirting hard and trying to low ball a deal. Justin let the banter go until he had heard enough. ‘Excuse me, I don’t believe we’ve met I’m Justin Johansen.’

‘Well you must be this fine ladies son. Nice to meet you. Your mother and I were just about to close a deal. So if you don’t mind.’

‘Actually I do mind. See you are not anywhere close to a deal. If you do want a deal you had better come up with a better reason why we should give you our business. So far I haven’t heard any reason to continue this conversation.’

‘Listen son…’

‘No you listen. We purchase a half a million dollars of the product you are trying to sell. Our current vendor gives us a fine price, plus scalable discounts based on volume. So what you are going to do is come back same time next week. bahis siteleri You will have a proposal of what you have to offer. If you are in the ball park we can talk a little more. Now you can show yourself out.’

‘I was speaking to your mother and she…’

‘I am speaking to you now. If there is something I said you didn’t understand then we are done. Otherwise we will see you next week. Good day.’

‘OK well I guess I will see you next week. Good day.’

Tara had not taken her eyes away from her son, her protector. Forceful, with a gentle hand. She wondered what it would be like to have him hold her forcefully and gently at the same time. Many times she was embraced that way by her father. Tara could not distinguish the features of her father or son as the images of those embraces flashed through her mind. Unsuccessfully, she attempted to fight off the arousal that flooded through her body, but she could feel the tingling between her legs as she became wet.

Mrs. Johnson entered the office as the sales representative left. ‘Good morning Tara, Justin. Tara are you feeling OK? You looked flushed.’

Tara stumbled slightly, ‘On no I fine. That salesman was giving me a hard time but Justin handled him.’

‘Well I’m glad to hear it. I wouldn’t know what to do if you didn’t bring your famous pies to tonight’s fundraiser dance.’

‘I’ll be there. I was just finishing up here then going home to bake. I’ll get there early.’

‘Wonderful! And how about you Justin? Can we expect to see you there tonight?’

‘Oh I don’t know Mrs. Johnson. I don’t have a date to bring.’

‘Well son I don’t know why. You are a good looking young man and sharp as a tack. At the very least you should escort you mother. Help her sell all the pies people are bring. You never know you may meet someone there and get lucky.’

‘We’ll see Mrs. Johnson.’

‘Alright then see you two tonight.’ Mrs. Johnson left as quickly as she arrived.

Tara looked at her son not quite believing what she was about to say. ‘So do you want me to be your date. You have to ask me if you do.’

Justin was a bit taken back by his mother’s suggestion. The reality was he couldn’t think of anything he wanted more. With a grinning face, ‘Well gee Ms. Tara would you consider going to the dance with me tonight?’

‘I would be delighted to. You’re not going to get fresh are you.’ Tara’s eyes were sparkling as she teased her son.

‘Well I can’t guarantee anything. Mrs. Johnson said I might get lucky and after all you are quite a beautiful woman. I guess you’ll have to take your chances.’

It was Tara’s head that was now spinning. Her pussy was becoming wetter and wetter. She couldn’t deny the fact that she wanted her son, as much as she believed he wanted her, maybe even more. With a bit of a heavy breath and looking down, ‘I guess I’ll have to take my chances. I’d better go and bake those pies and get ready for my date.’

Tara walked towards her son as she left. Standing on her toes she kissed him gently on his cheek as she brushed her breasts across his chest sending shock wave through both of them. ‘I’ll see you at home. Don’t be too long we have to get there early.’

As Justin turned to watch him mother she was gone. He had hoped she didn’t notice the ever growing bulge in him pants. The prospect of dating his mother aroused him. It was as though she was coming on to him. He couldn’t let his imagination run wild and do something foolish. Even so he intended to enjoy this evening.

When Justin arrived home the pies were on the kitchen table cooling and his mother was already in her room getting ready. He rushed up stairs to shower and change. He want to start the evening as quickly as possible.

Tara again masturbated while in the shower. This time her son was the center of her fantasy. Try as she did to resist the thought she relented as the fingers of one hand entered her pussy and the other rubbed her clit. The vision of her son holding her, kissing her, and discovering her willing body caused her to once again gush streams of her orgasm as her hands furiously pumped and rubbed. She recovered hoping this would satisfy her enough to get through the night. She was not ready to entertain her fantasies, not yet. Satisfied or not she didn’t want to disappoint her date. She didn’t want to disappoint herself for that matter. This was the first time in years she had a reason to get dressed to impress. She took extra time to make sure he would be pleased with his date.

Justin was ready before his mother. He packed and loaded the pies while waiting. He saw his mother standing in the kitchen as he came back into the house. He was stopped in his tracks. ‘Wow!’

She wore a white pencil mini skirt that stopped 3 inched above the knee, off the shoulder black lace top and 3 inch black and white pumps. She looked fine, even hot but not over the top. No one would think ill of her appearance but she would be a stand out for her date.

‘I guess you approve.’

‘You look fantastic. bahis şirketleri I load the pie we can leave.’

Tara walked past her son. He followed not able to take his eyes off her round butt and naked shapely legs. He start to feel himself getting aroused. He opened the door to the truck and watch as she had some trouble getting in with a skirt on. Gently he held her arm and eased her in.

Tara could feel her son’s eyes as she walked to the truck. Shivers went through her and her heart swelled at the gentle way he helped her in to her seat. She knew it would be difficult to keep control but she felt she must.

Tara was pleased that Justin was chatty the entire ride to the dance. It helped keep her mind off the tingling between her legs even with him catching glimpses of her legs as her skirt rode up when she fidgeted in her seat. When they arrived Tara exited the truck quickly to breathe some fresh air and steady herself.

‘You go ahead mom and find out where they want the pies. I’ll follow with them.’

Tara walk ahead. She saw Mrs. Johnson as she entered the hall. ‘Hi Mrs. Johnson!’

‘Hello Tara. My you look stunning. Do you have your pies?’

‘Yes Justin is bring them in. Where’s the table we are manning for tonight.

‘Oh good I’m so glad he decided to come. You have quite the son. I’ll tell you the truth, if I were a hundred years younger I would peruse him for all I was worth. Follow me I’ll show you where you’ll be.’ Both women laughed even though Tara felt a little jealous.

The dance was in full swing. Tara manned her table with Justin’s. There wasn’t much room between the table and the wall. It made it difficult to pass without rubbing up against each other. As the night progressed and they busily serviced the buying customers less and less care was take as they squeezed by. Eventually, mother and son were enjoying the close quarters.

Tara’s nipples had become rock hard under her top. She now took every opportunity to rub them across her son’s muscular back. Each time sending shocks of arousal surged through her breasts and down into her wet swollen pussy. Rubbing herself against her son in public was too much for her to resist. Even though she was losing control great care was taken for her actions to not be notice. This added to the excitement.

Tara’s rubbing did not go totally unnoticed. At first it seemed innocent enough. After all the space was cramped and they need to work the table. As time went on Justin knew his mother was making as much and effort to rub up against him as she took not too earlier. He didn’t understand exactly why she was doing this but, he didn’t care. He was enjoying the feel of his mother’s body against his. So much so that he have to concentrate to keep the bugle in his pants from growing too large. He was going to push the envelope. After all she started it. The next opportunity he had to pass behind his mother he paused to ask the customer a question. He pushed slightly forward pressing his bugle firmly into her back just inches above her butt. He heard a low soft moan. He remained pressed against her as she stood frozen. He became fully erect subtlety rubbing himself against his mother. He squatted to hide the bugle in his pants. ‘I’ll get more pies from under the table. Will you get an apple pie for this nice lady mom.’

Tara could hardly speak. Her mouth was dry and her panties soaked with her pussy juices. With a shaking hand she took the money from the lady buying the pie.

‘Why dear you looked like you are about to pass out. Are you OK.’

‘Oh yes I’m fine. I just haven’t had anything to eat today. I’m going to get something now. Justin do you want anything?’

‘Sure anything you get is OK with me.’

On shaky legs Tara quickly moved to the food stands. She tried her best to steady herself but the encounter with her son was overpowering. She didn’t think she could fight off her own feelings as well as her son’s. She purchased a burger and went to the BEER and MARGRITA stand.

Tara didn’t return for some time. She was caught up in conversation and a number of margaritas with the ladies on the activities committee. Everyone had worked very hard on the fundraiser and now was the time to unwind. Justin couldn’t take his eyes off his mother. Try as he could he didn’t know what to do after the events of the evening. He wanted to take her in his arms and do all those things he fantasized about. But that was a large leap from the rubbing session. He would take in one step at a time.

The night ended and Justin drove home. The ride was a quite one. Tara took a cat nap brought upon by the cocktails. Justin tried to concentrate on the road. It wasn’t easy as his mothers skirt had ridden up to the top of her thighs. He wanted to reach out and touch her inner thigh as he made his way up to her panties. He knew this was not to be.

When they arrived he slowly woke Tara. ‘Hey time to wake up.’ Justin picked her up in his arms as she started to wake. Her arms wrapped around his neck and her face nuzzled in his shoulder. His strong arms and warm body made her feel safe and comforted. She did not release her arms as he sat her on the couch. Dreamingly she asked, ‘Did you enjoy your date tonight?’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32