A Motel Visit Ch. 02

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The next evening was our typical evening at home, nothing had been mentioned about the previous night, but Eve had seemed unusually quiet through dinner. She had gotten her shower and was sitting in her recliner as we watched some mundane show on the television. I glanced over at her and thought to myself that even dressed in her old comfortable cotton nightie she was still an attractive lady. I could see that she seemed to be lost in thought and not really watching the TV but I just shrugged it off figuring she was thinking through some problem at work, which she often did on our quiet evenings at home.

“I got a call today from the college where Rob goes. They want me to give them a bid on some construction.” I glanced over to see if she was listening. She nodded her head so I continued on. “They want it as quickly as possible so I’ll just take the laptop and discs, spend a couple days then be back.”

“Ok, just let me know when.” She looked over at me and went back to mulling over whatever was going through her head. We both went back to watching the TV.

“Did that really happen last night?” She startled me with her question and when I looked at her she was staring straight at me.

I nodded, “Yes sweetheart it did.” I was going to say more but her attention went back to the program so I kept my mouth shut and went back to watching the TV too. It was five or ten minutes before she spoke again.

“Dave, did he say that or were you just telling me that to really get me off….” Her voice trailed off and I looked over towards her. Reaching down I took the remote and turned the TV off.

“It really happened Eve.” I looked at her and smiled. Her hand was resting on her thigh but I could see that two of her fingers were slowly moving at the juncture of her legs. “It really happened just as I told you.”

“Was anything said when you took him to his parents?”

“No, actually nothing was mentioned. But then it wasn’t like he saw me standing there watching him, I tried to be real careful of that.” I felt my cock growing inside my pants so I laid my hand over it, enjoying the feeling of it hardening. “I will admit though I drove all the way over and back with a damn hard-on thinking about it.”

“I bet it did. Just like now?” She looked directly at my hand. “Let me see that hard cock you’re trying to cover up.” She smiled and spread her legs slightly, allowing her fingers to push the material down between her thighs.

Standing, looking directly at her moving fingers and the wet spot that was beginning to appear on her nightgown, I undid my pants and pushed my boxers down around my ankles and stepped out of them. Her eyes stared directly at my hard cock as I reached back and turned my chair to face her. As I sat down I spread my legs wide and slowly stroked the length of my shaft.

“Is your cock hard from thinking about what you saw,” she smiled and began pulling her nightgown up until she was fully exposed to me. “Or is it because of what my fingers are doing?”

I had to slow down, as watching bakırköy escort her play with her wet cunt was getting me close to blowing my load. “A little of both ….. I guess…” Using only my index finger and thumb I gently continued stroking.

“Do you ever think about Mike and Jan from years ago?” Two fingers of her free hand disappeared into the slick wetness of her outer lips. I could only nod as I watched them work slowly in and out, the hairs around it becoming matted from her juices. “Watching Rob jack off did you think back when you used to suck Mike’s cock? Remember when Jan and I used to ask you to do it for us and you guys would watch us finger fuck each other until Mike would cum in your open mouth?”

“Y-Y-Yes-s-s-s…” I remembered that first night, the memory still as vivid now as if it was just yesterday and not twenty years ago. My cock strained against the light touch of my fingers wanting me to grip it tighter; the veins, distended and a dark blue; the head of my cock swollen and a deep purple color. Images of that night flashed through my mind.

“Tell me about it….tell…me…” Eve stared at my cock as her fingers made short jabbing motions in and out of her cunt. Her finger and thumb held her clit moving the hood back and forth over the hard pink clit.

It took all the will power I had to release my grip on my throbbing cock. “Yours and Jan’s faces were covered with one another’s juices. You had just gotten off going down on each other while Mike and I watched.” Eve’s fingers began moving faster as she stared directly at me. “You looked at me and then at Mike’s cock. I knew what you wanted me to do. I…I… reached over and wrapped my fist around it. It…it…felt different but good in my hand….you and Jan began playing with each other’s pussy’s. Mike groaned as I began running my fist the length of his shaft. You opened your mouth and nodded towards his cock….I didn’t want to, but at the same time I did…you smiled as I leaned down. Mike took my cock in his hand and began jacking me off.”

“Yes…oh yes…tell me….hurry!…” Eve’s finger and thumb was stroking and pulling on her hard clit.

“I took the velvety head in my mouth and my fist was slapping against my lips…..I felt his cock begin to throb and suddenly my mouth was full of his hot cum! I sucked all his cum out and swallowed all of it!! His fist didn’t stop and I began shooting my cum all over both of us!!” As I spoke the last words I stood and moved to the edge of the bed. Eve watched me come towards her my cock pointing straight up and swaying as I moved towards her. “When he was empty I moved my fist and took his cock completely in my mouth!”

“AHHHHHHYESSSSSSS……..YESSSSSSSSS….” Eve’s fingers fucked her swollen pussy, her fingers were a blur as she rubbed her clit and came to a climax. “OHHHhhhhhgawdddd I loved that….” She slowly relaxed as I watched her orgasm peak and subside. She smiled up at me and reaching over took my cock in her hand, gripping it tightly she began the movement up and down the shaft. beşiktaş escort “You want to suck another cock for me, don’t you?”


“You want to suck Rob’s cock?…..he has a big cock doesn’t he?” I could only nod, my balls began to draw up tight. “You want to see him FUCK ME! And FILL ME WITH HIS CUM! THEN YOU’LL CLEAN MY FILLED CUNT! WON’T YOU?” I couldn’t hold back!

“YESSSS….yesssss….YESSSSSS……aawwwWWWGAWDDDddddd…..” Load after load landed against her tits and ran down her belly “ohhhhhgawd…fucking….damnnnnnn….” I sank to my knees beside the bed, completely drained.

Eve gently stroked my head. “So when do you have to go to do that bid?”

“Next week sometime.” I managed weakly.

The week passed quickly and I found myself in my motel room working on putting the bid together. Finally about 8 I put everything away and reached in the small room fridge and opened a beer to relax. I thought about our fantasy and what had happened and noticed that my cock had begun to harden and poke out through the opening in my boxers. ‘Damn, I’d love to call Eve and jack off together.’ I thought to myself. ‘No, I’ll save that for later. I should call Rob and tell him I’m in town.’ I muttered to myself, reaching for the phone I called his Frat House. One of the guys answered and it took a few minutes to track Rob down.


“Hey Rob, how’s life treating you?”

“Uncle Dave! WOW, I didn’t expect to hear from you! What’s going on?”

“I have to do a bid for some work at the college and staying downtown at the motel. I just finished for the evening and thought I give you a shout and see if you wanted to come down for a couple beers.”

Rob thought that was a great idea so I gave him my room number, told him to pick up another 12-pack and began flipping through the channels on the TV. About 30 minutes later I Rob knocked and we sat down and after the usual “hey how are you doing, and what’s going on” we settled down with a couple beers.

“Uncle Dave, you have an Internet connection for that laptop, don’t you?” I nodded and Rob went over and began connecting it up. “I have something to show you. A couple of girls have a Webcam set up in their room. You’ll love this.” He set the laptop on the bed and got logged on. I grabbed a couple more beers and sat down on the other side of the bed with the laptop between us. “You sure look comfortable.” He waved his hand over at me sitting there with just boxers and a t-shirt.

“Yeh, my usual garb for an evening.” I laughed, and noticed that the way I was sitting that the fly to my boxers was wide open. I moved slightly so it wasn’t so obvious.

“Mine too, when I’m in my room. Mind if I join you?” I shook my head and watched as Rob took his clothes off and sat down beside me with just his boxers on. I couldn’t help but notice that he was half hard and his cock was lying against his upper thigh as he sat back down. “You’ll like this site. I’ll give you the Web address.”

I looked back at the screen beylikdüzü escort and couldn’t believe it. We both sat in complete silence and watched. They must have had a number of cameras because it was a split screen image showing different angles of their room. There were two girls and they were knockouts, and moving about in just bras and panties. As we watched they began removing one another’s under things and began caressing each other’s bodies. My cock was getting hard and glancing over I could see that Rob was having the same reaction. He glanced over at me just as I was rearranging my cock and saw where I was looking.

“You enjoyed watching me jack off that last night at your house, didn’t you?” He laughed quietly and reaching into the opening of his boxers pulled his now fully erect cock out. “I knew you were watching. I really got off knowing you were standing there. Then when you went to your bedroom I listened quietly at the door while you did Aunt Eve.” I watched as he pulled the foreskin from his uncut cock back and forth over the glistening head.

I was taken by surprise at first, then realized that he wasn’t at all upset with any of it. “Yes I did enjoy it, and you probably got an earful if you listened at the door. Maybe you should have come in.” I smiled at him and pulled my t-shirt off and lifting my hips slid my boxers down and dropped them on the floor. Rob followed suit and pulled his boxers off. We both sat naked holding our cocks and watching the girls do each other on the Webcam.

“I guess you know then that I would really like to fuck Aunt Eve.” Without hesitating Rob reached over and pushing my hand away wrapped his fist around my hardness and began stroking my cock. His other hand continued on his cock, I watched as both hands worked our cocks. Reaching over I took over the motion that he had been using on himself. The feeling of his cock and sliding the foreskin up and down over the head was erotic. “Oh damn, Uncle Dave that feels good. It doesn’t upset you that I would….uhhgg…like to fuck-k-k-kagghhhh…..Aunt Eve?” I could feel the pulse in his cock and knew that he was getting close. I was having a hard time concentrating on his cock as I was getting just as close to cumming as he was!

“Uh…no..no…not at all….Eve likes the thought of it….tooooooo….especially when she sees your ten inches of uncircumcised meat….” I gripped his cock as my own began shooting hot cum up into the air and down onto my belly. “OHHHHhhhhhhh yesssssss……”

“SHE WOULD-D-D-D-D!!!!…..” Rob grabbed my fist and finished pumping himself off; his cum erupted and cover his chest and belly as we both finished emptying our balls. “FUCKKKKKMEEEEeeeee….”

As we both recovered, I got up and went into the bathroom for a couple towels. Returning Rob had disconnected the laptop and set it on the table. I tossed him one of the towels and as we cleaned ourselves off I grabbed a couple more beers.

“I think I’ll give Eve a call in the morning and have her drive over tomorrow afternoon. I think it would make one of her fantasies come true.”

Rob smiled as I handed him a beer. “I don’t have any classes tomorrow since it’s Friday. Maybe you and Aunt Eve should just plan on spending the entire weekend.” Taking a long swallow of beer, he reached out and held my cock and balls in his hand. “I think it would be a great weekend.”

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