A Moment’s Passion

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I sat on the edge of the bed wondering what I was doing. Oh sure, I knew why I was there at the motel. I was there to meet a coworker of mine, Kevin. No, not just there to meet him, I was there to have sex with him. I, Eve Thomason, a married woman, was actually waiting in a motel room to meet a married man and have sex.

I was bored. With a husband, three children and a full time job, I was bored silly. Being with Kevin excited me. He was attractive and flirty and just the tonic I needed. I began fantasizing about him soon after we were assigned to work closely on a project. The things I imagined him doing! Soon I was lusting after him all day while we worked.

Finally he caught me looking at him. I had just about been drooling at the thoughts running amok in my brain when he unexpectedly turned around.

“You know, Eve,” he said, “Looking at a man that way could make him assume things.”

“You know, Kevin,” I fired right back as I looked him in the eyes, “A woman who looks at a man like that might just want him to assume things.” I was more excited than I had been in a long time. My heart was beating fast, and my breathing was a little funny.

“Be careful,” Kevin answered as he covered the two steps between us, “You might get exactly what you’re asking for.”

It almost felt like slow motion as he reached around my back with one hand and put his other on the back of my neck. Our eyes met and I know the arousal in my eyes was obvious. He pulled me up on my toes as he bent toward my face. My lips parted and my eyes half closed, I watched him come closer. I could feel the heat of his lips as they neared mine.

We seemed suspended in that moment… our breath the same, our hearts thundering a crescendo in our ears… at last our lips touched, and a thrill coursed through me I hadn’t experienced bakırköy escort for years. As his tongue found its way between my lips, my knees weakened. My arms went round his neck and I clung to him like a woman drowning. Indeed, I was drowning in my lust for him and my need to do whatever it took to satisfy my craving.

“God I have wanted you, Eve,” Kevin groaned as we pressed against each other. I could feel his own arousal becoming more evident. “Please tell me I can have you,” he whispered in my ear.

Just then there was a knock at the door. We jumped apart and began shuffling the nearest stack of papers. The secretary, Iris, poked her head in the door and said she was leaving for lunch if I didn’t need her. I muttered something about everything being fine and she closed the door.

I looked at Kevin. He knew as I did that if Iris ever caught wind of anything she would tell everyone she knew. She was the best secretary our company had ever had, but she was a nosy gossip. We had learned to keep the coffee room chatter down to a minimum since Iris had come around.

Kevin took me back into his arms after a minute. “I need to make love to you, Eve, but we can’t do anything here,” he murmured against my ear, “Will you meet me somewhere?” With my heart pounding I looked up at him. His warm, brown eyes gazed into mine and I was helpless to do anything but give in to my desire. We made arrangements to meet at a nearby motel during lunch.

So there I sat in the motel room, waiting to cheat on my husband. I arrived about ten minutes before I expected Kevin, so I just sat there nervously. I remembered how it felt to have another man’s body pressed tightly against mine. I felt my arousal returning.

I heard a light tap on the door. I got up and walked quickly beşiktaş escort over to open it and greet Kevin. He stepped in and kicked the door closed as he took me into his arms again. His tongue invaded my mouth, wrestling me into submission with his insistent probing.

He lifted me as my arms twined around his neck, and carried me to the bed. In one swift motion he laid me down and stretched out beside me. He lowered his body onto mine and kissed me again. I could feel myself becoming damp with anticipation of our bodies joined together. I was swimming in our shared passion.

Kevin unbuttoned my silk blouse while I unbuttoned his shirt. We pulled at each other’s clothes until they lay in a careless array on the floor. He gave a little moan of approval as my breasts were exposed to his gaze. My nipples firm under their sudden exposure, he grasped them gently in both hands. He bent his mouth to one, sucking the taut nipple into his mouth, his tongue flicking back and forth across the tip. I could feel wetness seeping from me as he plied his mouth on first one, then the other.

My nipples were swollen from his attention, and throbbing for more. He took each one between his fingers and squeezed. Gently at first, then more urgently Kevin pinched and twisted them until I was sure I was making a pool on the bed. My pussy was throbbing for needing to feel him inside me. His naked cock was beautifully erect and already dripping pre cum.

I squirmed beneath him as once again he kissed me until I could gather no coherent thoughts, only need. Kevin pushed between my thighs and poised himself to enter me. I could feel him slipping against my wetness and thrust my hips upward to hurry him. I moaned from deep inside as he filled me all at once.

He began to fuck me fast and hard, beylikdüzü escort driving into me like there was no tomorrow, only this moment to take what enjoyment we could. He pushed my legs up until my knees were up to my chin and drove into me. I was so ready to cum. As he plunged into me over and over, slamming into the deepest parts of me, I could feel it building. I began to tighten around him until finally I began to spasm. My inner walls squeezed him as he still thrust into me. He didn’t slow his pace until I could see the sweat beading up on his forehead.

Finally he eased his assault on me and lowered himself to me. He began a slow, grinding motion between my hips and I slid my legs around him. With each stroke I pulled him into me with my legs. We writhed against each other, wallowing in our passion.

It seemed like hours that we wrestled the tides of desire there together, though it was only for a little while. Kevin became more energetic once more with his thrusts into me, and I lowered my feet to the bed to brace and push back into him. I could feel him getting ready to cum, and was quickly approaching the same pinnacle. Our moans filled the room as we neared our mutual climax.

At last he exploded into me as my inner walls gripped him tightly. I clutched at Kevin as my body seemed to expand and contract at the same time. He stiffened and his body rocked back and forth as he emptied himself into me. Then he collapsed on his elbows, smiling at me and kissing me gently.

“You are a beautiful and passionate woman, Eve,” he whispered. “Thank you.”

Startled from my daydreaming, I rose from the bed and answered the insistent ringing of the telephone. It was Kevin. He told me rather impatiently that he’d had a flat, but had fixed it and was on his way. He was sorry for the delay but would try and make it up to me.

I picked up my purse and walked out, closing the door behind me. When Kevin got there, he would find my note explaining that I just couldn’t do it. When my husband got home that night, he would find a wife hot and ready for him for the first time in months.

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