A Mischief Ch. 04

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For the readers who had not read the first three chapters:

I, Kamala in 40s, am a beautiful village woman with necessary curves. My boobs are 36DD full with pride, posing straight like two mountains and my abs also in exact shape so as to make all younger or older people to take a look again.

I narrated every thing to my darling husband, what my cousin Kumar did to me. My husband also had nodded now everything. More than that, he had encouraged me to find a young fucker within the family circle to make my sex life spicy.

So, I decided to go to my cousin as well as classmate, Selvi’s house in the next village, in search of a helping hand and to tell her about my experience with my younger brother, Kumar and slowly open the ideas of my husband.

I have been brought to the world by the sound of the conductor and I am getting out of the bus with thoughts of all.

This was the end of chapter 03.

Selvi welcomed with great enthusiasm. She and her mom were in the house. Her father was no more and her brother, Ram is also abroad. Her son Mohan has gone for an excursion arranged by his college.

“Hi Kamala, you might have rung a phone to me so that I might have made some special dishes,” she told me.

“No, I wanted to give a surprise and am here to have something special from you,” I replied with another meaning.

Her mother, my aunt also received me, “Baby, how are you.” I said, “I am not a baby and am having a baby in his teens.” “Ha! Ha! You are always a babe to me my dear,” said her mom.

“Good, let us have lunch first and we have to chat a lot.”

“Yes, sure,” I said.

After lunch, her mom went to her room to take rest. First it has to be told all of you about her also. Even in her 60s she seems to be much young around 50s, may be because of active sex life she was having or she may still have, I don’t know. Selvi’s description about her mom with her uncle was running in my mind.

Selvi and I started to talk about our other friends and slowly I wanted to initiate the things.

Instead, she with the same mischievous smile asked me, “How is your married life? You got married immediately after completing the Master Degree and we are unable to talk about our private things so far. Isn’t it?

“Yes, I sure want to say. I missed a lot of spicy things which you might have told me.”

“Hi! Friend, don’t try to avoid my question. You first reply me — how is your married life?”

I felt I was cornered, as I didn’t want to narrate my experiences to her then. I was afraid that she might scold or mistook me. I thought she might have changed from those activities and lead a contented life. So if I told her about my aim of the trip, it might leave me in a wrong side.

“Please dear, I will tell you later. I had come here to hear about the experiences you might have got as you were married after nearly two years. Hi! you tell me ya, without any omissions. Ok,” I turned the table on her.

I noticed the same dream in her eyes. My eyes were roaming over her. Like her mom she is also with great charisma and looked much younger than me. I tried to stop my imaginations.

“Ok, my innocent cousin and close friend. Those 2 years taught me many things. I have nobody except you to share those pleasant memories.”

She slowly unfolded, “What was the last thing I told you?”

Blushing, I replied slowly, “With Anand in the room while he and your brother Ram had combined study.”

She began to laugh. I got confused and asked her, “Why are you laughing?”

She continued laughing and said, “I thought you are innocent but now think I may be wrong.”

I could not stop wondering, “Selvi, what do you mean?”

In between laughing, “I was the person who got the experience from my younger cousin, Anand, but you remember better than me. Are you always thinking about it until now?”

I pretended to be in anger and said, “Ok, you need not tell me. Let us talk about something else.”

“Ha! Ha! My dear Kamala, don’t be angry. You want me to let you know what happened in those 2 years. Sure, I will now.”

With her usual smile, she said, “Oh! My God, where to start, how to start and what to start. Everything was extraordinary and went great.”

I was not surprised as I expected, but became more impatient to know what, how, when and also where.

“Hear me my dear, I will tell you everything,” she paused for a moment and looked deeply into my eyes. I immediately looked down.

“Ok, after hearing everything, you must also tell me yours. You should promise me now that you will not hide anything,” she said while again looking deeply.

I thought I was caught by the more experienced friend. So decided not to pretend, “I promise you,” I replied.

“Good, that is really good,” her eyes again went into the dreams and started to recount.

“As usual, that night after I got screwed by my younger cousin Anand aided by my own younger brother Ram, was sleepless. My thoughts were roaming bakırköy escort about the same thing; my uncle touched my private parts, saw me full naked, brushed my pussy with his rod, played with my spongy boobs, sprinkled his juices over me, but his son Anand was the first one to beat all records to enter my longing pussy to give the pleasure.

My pussy was still wet, painful and convulsing. I was not able to touch there; even slightest contact with my hand, created another orgasm. In the next day morning, a holiday for us and I got out of the bed very late. It was already around 9 A.M and I searched for my mom.

I could not found her in the house. My thoughts went to my uncle’s house as I knew that my uncle, aunt and my brother Ram had gone for a function; they will be returning in the evening only. So, Anand might be at home alone and I didn’t know the reason why my uncle and aunt had taken Ram with them instead Anand.

I thought my mom would have gone for some purchase and completed early morning activities. I ate bread and my legs began to drag me to my special room in my uncle’s house.

There was no symptom of anybody there, but the door was open. To find Anand and to secretly saw what he was doing, I went in slowly.

When I was nearing my special room, I heard some sound. So with little noise, I peeped in. I felt that the whole sky had fallen on me,” she stopped and asked me, “What do you expect?”

I also, now devoid of sex and ready to get it from some younger guy in the family with consent of my husband, was able to imagine the scene. So I said feebly, “Is it your mom there with Anand.”

She was stunned to hear these words from me. She slowly responded, “You are half correct. How you said it, my dear.”

“It is just a calculation only, as you said your mom was not in your house and Anand only was there. So I related both”

“You are partly correct, but what I saw there was, my mom kneeling on the bed. Ram, my own younger brother was trying to enter her from the back; luckily both were facing the other side,” she paused for a moment.

I was overwhelmed; I felt tingling in my pussy. I asked, “What do you say? How your mom and your brother might have gone there?”

“Wait my little girl, you will be further surprised if you know that there was one more person in the room,” she stopped abruptly.

I was in total confusion. I heard some sound from the room; Selvi’s mom was coming out of the room. She asked, “Hi babes, don’t you take rest?”

“No mom, we were talking about our college days and didn’t become aware of the time,” Selvi replied.

“You see, it is darkening. Kamala has to go home.”

I interfered, “No aunty, I had told my husband and son that I will be back tomorrow evening only. It has been so long we were talking like this.”

“Is it?”, both Selvi and her mom asked at the same time.

“Yes,” I said sturdily, “I want to talk to her a lot of things.”

“Ok, then I also will join you at night; you continue I will make dinner ready,” saying that her mom went to the kitchen.

“Cool yourself, Kamala. Why are you tensed to see your aunt?”

“No, Selvi, you are telling me about her and it should not go to her knowledge, isn’t it?” I retaliated.

Selvi smiled and said, “We will go to the backyard and continue.”

There she showed the washing stone and the mango tree in the backyard of her uncle’s house. Carefully watching, she murmured, “That is the place under the mango tree, where I felt my uncle and his son in between my thighs. The corner room was my special room.”

Again I got the tingling in between my thighs. We sat on the washing stone and she continued with lesser sound, “The third person, apart from my mom kneeling on the bed and my younger brother entering her from behind, was none but my uncle.”

“You mean, you mean, ….. , ” I could not say more than that.

“Yes, it was my uncle. Further what was more interesting was, he was coaching my younger brother Ram, how to screw our mother.”

“I couldn’t believe my ears,” I said but something was running in my mind that I had selected the best person, my cousin Selvi for my help.

Her eyes dreaming, she said, “Ram was not aiming correctly and my uncle was telling him how to nudge his cock into his mom’s pussy. But he was not accurate. I thought the show had then only started.

So my uncle asked him to move and he came into his place. Then only I noticed that his cock was out of his shorts and standing in respect. He was instructing him how to aim and shoot. Without any intention, my eyes searched for my younger brother Ram’s cock, as I had already seen my uncle’s.

I couldn’t move my eyes from his member; it was as enormous as that of my uncle and my lover cousin Anand. The mushroom head was glistening, I thought because of the juices of our mom. I was comparing my younger brother’s cock with that of my uncle and my cousin; there was no much difference. beşiktaş escort All the three were as long as that of a horse, with more girth I could not encircle even now and above all very attractive to see.

Suddenly, I heard some voice inside me. ‘It is wrong to think so. After all they are your uncle, cousin and your own brother. It is not acceptable in the society. It will spoil your future life.’

Even then I could not hold back my thoughts and eyes were struck on my brother’s member, so far not seen by me.”

“You say, all the three were like that,” I, Kamala interpreted and at the same time my mind was seeing the glorious view of the member of my cousin, Kumar, I had seen.

“Yes, Kamala, I too couldn’t believe my eyes. After some nudging my uncle came to the side; Ram moved into position. He began to move in nice rhythm, as I got with my Anand. I heard my mom’s voice, complimenting her son for fucking her under the supervision of her cousin brother.”

I, Kamala again disrupted, “Selvi, I feel something between my thighs and it seems to be fabulous.”

“Good, I too got the same tingling. My uncle also appreciated him and I was watching the show fully involved. So I didn’t notice my uncle; think he had moved without any sound and got me from back. His one hand closed my mouth to avoid screaming and he lifted me with the other hand. The whole world was swirling and when I opened my eyes, I was also kneeling on the bed in the adjacent room.

I realized that my petticoat was already raised, my panty was sidelined as on that day with my Anand, the son of my uncle who also did the same. I felt the mushroom head trying to enter, encircling smoothly around the entrance of my pleasure box. It felt so good that I was also adjusting myself without my consent.”

I, Kamala, saw the radiance in Selvi’s face. She was in an entirely different world, may be in the world of enjoyment. As I was devoid of sex for many years, I used to satisfy my pussy with my hand imagining my Kumar. That day also, I was stunned to find that my hand slowly went into its working place, but there were four such cocks in my mind, instead of that of Kumar alone; all magnificent and well hung cocks.

Always I was a conservative, trying to obey the laws of the world, but for that happened with Kumar, I hadn’t thought about any one. But, I was totally out of control and my imaginations were flying faster than the words heard about the experiences of my cousin friend Selvi.

Selvi continued, “My mind was comparing the fuck I got from Anand and the fuck I was getting then. First one was aggressive and this is mild. His shaft was rock hard like a steel rod, but this is some what lesser in hardness even though both are equal in size.

That one of Anand was pumping and this one of my uncle is hugging. He went with vigour but my uncle slowly encircled and entered methodically. He cupped my boobs and fucked like a race horse; my uncle is squeezing my boobs and riding gently like a King Horse. To the great pleasure for me, I was enjoying, enjoying and simply enjoying the fuck as I could not describe more than that.

My uncle was better than his son in fucking a young woman. Suddenly, something got into my mind. Then Anand or Ram should be better than my uncle in fucking a matured woman, like my mom.

I slowly turned towards my uncle who was busy in his work; but to my surprise he was looking at me as gentle as he was doing to me. He asked, “How do you now feel, Selvi? On that day itself I told you that I will show you the ultimate pleasure. Be frank with me. I know very well, what is in your mind.” I was thunderstruck; I could not be able to accept the fact that he knew what was in my mind.

I asked him, “What do you say uncle? I am just enjoying the fuck by my uncle for the first time and nothing else.”

The usual grin appeared with the mischievous smile, the trade mark of my uncle which was also seen in my brother and my cousin. “Selvi, you need not tell lies to me. Shall I tell what you are thinking?”

I kept mum. “Ok, let me tell you. You are just comparing the fuck now you are getting from me, your uncle, with that of you got it from your cousin, my son Anand.”

I, regained my full strength and too with the same mischievous smile, replied, “Yes, dear uncle. You are very good fucker for young woman but your son Anand and my brother Ram will be better with older woman, like my mom. So you had trained him to fuck his mother. Am I correct/”

I hadn’t seen so far, my uncle laughing like that. “Very good my Selvi. You got the family secret. Let us complete the assignment now we are doing and talk about it later.”

With that he slowly and steadily increased the action and I was in paradise with my pussy releasing endless orgasms; my thoughts were roaming about my mom spreading her legs in the next room to her beloved son and me here to her beloved cousin; my body was in the state of absolute delight. Finally he beylikdüzü escort finished it with short and fast strokes and I felt his member throbbing inside the pussy. It was filled with his fluid. My panty was choked with the juices of me and my master’s. He slowly caressed me.

Again to my great surprise, inspite of all endless orgasms and enjoyment I was not at all tired, as that day with Anand. My uncle should be the best master of fuck in the world.

We went to the covers of the mango tree after cleaning ourselves. After some time, my brother Ram and mom came there with tray of biscuits and tea cups. There was absolute silence.””

I, Kamala, was also in the same state and Selvi shouted, “Hey your body is shivering due to the workout there by your hands. Good, it had a great turn on for you. Is it?”

My body was shuddering with waves and waves of orgasm, which was experienced way back with my younger cousin, Kumar.

Abruptly, something got into my mind. I bluffed, “You mean, you, your mom, your brother and your uncle all after the action in adjacent rooms, gathered under mango tree. You mean you all know about each others very well. I simply could not imagine the scene.”

“Yes Kamala,” my uncle in his husky masculine voice, which was mesmerizing all, “Good, all of you listen to me as what I am going to inform is the family secret. Ram, Selvi see your mom is the elder cousin to me. We did the same in younger days as I did with you Selvi. Ok. But she got married to your father and me to your aunt. She also knows everything as my son Anand.”

Selvi told me, “I think, I had already crossed all world wonders on that day. So what I heard didn’t surprise me to that extent and appear any secret to me.”

I, Kamala, also was in the same mood and was silent. Selvi continued the words of her master uncle, “So, now all of us know that we all want each other and could not live without that. Selvi and Ram, again to you I swear that your father also knew all these.”

He added, “To start with, let me start from me and your mom. We already had affairs, as I told you and it continued secretly until I was married. Then, it became occasional as we have to escape from the eyes of your father and aunt. My wife was the first one to catch us. She was ferocious and comforted by me. Similarly, your father and was consoled by your mom and me.”

He gasped and drank some tea. “But as all of you know, what matters in sex. Selvi, can you tell me now?”

All my inhibitions had gone. So I answered, “The delicacy, the speed, the effectiveness, the involvement, the method of giving pleasure and above all the size of men matters more.”

I, Kamala interfered, “I totally accept with your views. You are perfectly correct that too when we get around 40s. I personally am feeling it. So I won’t blame your mother.”

“Perfect,” Selvi’s uncle said, “When you girls are young it won’t seem to be such important. But when you get around 40s, your body will long for some more energetic sex. Your mom had also got the fuck from me in younger age and could not afford to lose the monster. Similarly my wife, your aunt also was in the same stage. So both of them got into an understanding and I was the most benefited.”

Again he paused for a moment, “But I too got that shot when my wife asked for the pleasure from young one, as she said that she wanted either Ram or her own son Anand. At the same time your mother also wanted either Anand or her son Ram. They have now reached 40s and want to experience the young cock; that too of the same size as mine as experienced with me in younger ages. I wanted to decide. But, let the both boys to decide on their own.

Ram accepted the offer to serve his mom and aunt. To my great surprise, Anand laid a condition that his first fuck should be with you, Selvi.”

I, Selvi was much delighted to hear that, for the first fucker of me I am the first fuck.

My uncle continued, “I was in dilemma, but all others accepted the deal. So, I started to play fool around you and gave the arousal so that you would not want to lose the opportunity when you are approached by Anand. All of us helped Anand in one way or other to take Selvi first.

I gave training to both Anand and Ram. Anand screwed Selvi and Ram enjoyed with his mother. But today, you Selvi got in the middle of everything. As Anand had the condition that he would be the first fucker of you, I awaited for my chance, the second fucker. So to shut your mouth and also because I waited to fuck you as you are like your mother in those days, I took you to the room and enjoyed young pussy. Now everything has gone smoothly. Let us be united and share ourselves with others’ consent to enjoy the sex life to make a paradise in our houses.”

Nobody objected. In the night, we all including my aunt, Anand and my dad had dinner at my uncle’s house.”

One way or other, on hearing this I, Kamala had felt jealous on the entire family. But I am also a lucky woman to have an understanding husband who had already given consent for the act.

I asked Selvi, “All were in one house. There were three females, you Selvi, your mom and aunt. Three males, your uncle, your younger brother Ram and your younger cousin brother Anand were there. Who fucked who at that night and who were the viewers?”

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