A Lunchtime Dream

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I was just thinking about a lunchtime encounter that should have happened, but didn’t. It has to do with all the times you called me late at night, asking if I wanted to come over, or if you could come over to my place.

I would always tell you that it was late and that I had to get up early and needed to get some sleep. You’d tell me that you’d just shaved your legs and tell me how smooth they were and offer to come over and show me.

Again, I’d tell you, no. You’d tell me how wet you were and ask me if I was hard, all the time knowing that I was. Again, you’d suggest that I come over to your place and you’d show me how wet you were. And again, I’d say, no.

You’d offer to take me into your mouth! But, again, I’d say no, not go over to your apartment, and end up staying awake almost all night, thinking about you. This is what should have happened the next day!

I’m standing at the copier when you walk up. You say hi and ask how I am. I reply, “Tired, thanks to you”. You ask why and I explain. You smile and whisper in my ear, “Next time you ought to come over and I’ll make sure you sleep really well”!

I smile back at you and reply, “I’m sure I will”. I ask if you have plans for lunch, which you don’t, and ask if you’d like to meet me at your place over your lunch hour. We can get a snack, do what we didn’t do last night, I’ll take you to dinner and we can go back to your place for dessert.

You smile and say, I’d love to”. I let you know when I’m leaving, and head to my car. I can’t wait! I sit in the car in your parking lot, removing my tie and coat, waiting for you to arrive. I walk over after you pull up.

You’re standing beside your car, smiling, as I walk up. Your cotton dress is blowing in the breeze, showing your legs. I smile, watching, waiting to see if I get a glimpse of your panties.You make no effort to hide them.

We step into each other’s arms, yours around my neck and mine around your waist, pulling each other close. We kiss, passionately! We break and I smile at you and say, “You look good enough to eat” and kiss you again.

We separate and I whisper to you, “Why don’t we go upstairs and I’ll show you what I mean”. You smile back at me and say, “OK”. You lead me upstairs, unlock your door, step inside and lock the door behind me. I’m standing in the middle of the living room and you walk over to me, slowly, smiling, teasingly.

You step into my arms and we kiss, enthusiasticly! canlı bahis I reach up and slowly unzip your dress. I slip it off your shoulders, over your hips and drop it to the floor. I pick it up, lay it over the barstool and turn towards you.

Again, you step into my arms and kiss me. I reach up and unhook your bra, slipping it from your lovely shoulders, before tossing it to the stool. Again, you step to me and kiss me, my left arm around your chest, pressing your breasts against my chest and my right arm around your waist, pressing your hips to mine so that you can feel my excitement!

I pat your bottom and ask you to lie down on the floor. Smiling, you watch as I remove my shoes, socks, shirt, pants and finally, my underwear. The head of my cock glistens with fluid, and my shaft quivers in anticipation of what is about to happen! As I step over to you, you spread your thighs and I kneal between them.

I lean over you, softly kissing your lips and take a breast in each hand. They are so warm and soft. I begin to play with them, licking, teasing, kissing, and caressing each until the nipple is hard. You moan softly and I can feel you rubbing your mons against my stomach.

I kiss my way down past your stomach and bury my face between your thighs. I can smell your excitement through your panties, and there is a wet spot on your crotch. I then move down to your thighs and kiss the inside of each.

You spread them wide. You are very warm and very wet and I’m excited by your musk! I grab your ankles and put your feet on my shoulders. I ask you to raise your hips, which you do. I slip my fingers inside the waist of your panties and slide them off your hips, over your thighs, knees, calves, ankles and feet, before tossing them aside.

Again, you spread your thighs wide. The lips of your pussy are swollen, enflamed, and glisten from the juices of your excitement. I look up and see you watching me as I run my tongue up one lip and down the other.

You smile! I then run my tongue up the center of your slit, stopping just short of your clit. I run my tongue back down your slit and slip the tip of my tongue inside you. You moan softly. I slowly move my tongue up to your clit, covering it. I can feel it quiver and swell under my tongue.

I take my time, caressing, teasing, pleasing. You place your hand on the back of my head and raise your hips to meet me. I begin by slowly massaging your clit with my bahis siteleri tongue. You moan more loudly. I then begin flicking your clit and you inhale deeply.

I have moved my hands from your hips to your breasts, caressing one in each hand. I feel your body tense as your climax approaches. Your hand forces my face against your feverish pussy. You begin a slow satisfying groan as you go over the edge.

Your body convulses and you wrap your thighs tightly around my head. I lay my tongue on your clit and feel it quiver. Finally, your body relaxes. I get up and lie down beside you. You regain your composure and roll over, lying on me.

You kiss me and tell me that this was the best lunch you’ve ever had in all your life. You ask me if you can do that to me. I respond, “If you’d like”. You raise up and begin kissing your way down my chest, stomach, and hips to my thighs, dragging your breasts over my skin as you go.

You kiss your way up the inside of my thigh to my balls. I can feel your lips on my balls as you tenderly tease them. Then I feel your tongue as it flicks them, playfully, then licks them. My cock quivers uncontrollably.

You move up to the base of my shaft and slowly run your tongue from the base to the tip. You glance up and see me watching you, as you lift my cock from my stomach. You swirl your tongue around the head, before slipping it slowly into your mouth.

The feeling is unbelievable! You hold the head just inside your mouth and I can feel your warm, soft tongue caressing the head. I watch as you slowly take me completely into your mouth. I feel the head of my cock on the back of your throat and can feel your tongue massaging the shaft.

You slip my cock from your mouth and climb over me. You raise your hips and slip the head of my cock between the lips of your hot, wet pussy, and slowly take me inside. You reach behind your back and between my legs and take my balls in your fingers, caressing them.

You lean forward, your breasts hanging in my face, and you say, “Let’s just see if I can make you feel as good as you just made me feel”. I have my hands on your hips and I move them up to your breasts. You smile as I play with them.

You rock your hips, back and forth, stroking my shaft with your pussy. You can tell how much I am enjoying you. You tell me how hard my dick is and how much you enjoy the way it feels inside of you. I lie there, watching you and thinking.

I bahis şirketleri think about the smell of sex in the air and about the slurping sound your pussy makes as it trys to suck the semen from my cock. I think about how you’ll soon have my balls tingling and I’ll roll you over onto your back and begin thrusting.

I think about your breasts dancing on your chest and my balls slapping against your warm, wet, upturned ass. I think about my hips slamming into yours until I can’t hold it any longer, and with one final urgent thrust, I’ll bury my cock inside you.

I think about the look on your face when you feel my cock throbbing inside you as it shoots streams of warm, sticky semen into your eagerly awaiting and highly receptive pussy. Your hands will be on my ass, holding me in until I’m finished.

I think about your fingers, stroking my ass, and your hips, rocking back and forth along my shaft, teasing the last drops of semen from me. You squeeze my balls, bringing me back to the present, and whisper, “I hate to say it, but we need to leave in a few minutes”.

I smile and roll you over onto your back, my fingers locked above your head. Your arms are around my chest and your legs are wrapped around my waist. I grind my hips into yours and can feel your pussy caressing my cock.

My balls are screaming and I begin thrusting. You hang on tightly. Your breasts dance and my balls slap against your soft ass. I feel myself going over the edge and I bury my cock inside you. You see the pleasure on my face as you feel my cock quiver deep inside you.

You slide your legs from around my waist to around my legs. Your hands move from my back to my ass and you caress it. I feel your hips rocking back and forth along my shaft, teasing the cum from me. You whisper into my ear, “Give it to me. I want every drop”.

I lie there over you, grinding my hips into yours, savoring the exquisite feelings. We kiss, passionately. Finally, I regain my composure. I raise up and we both look down at my cock as it slips from your pussy.

It glistens with semen and continues to quiver. The strips of fur along your slit are matted with semen and the lips of your pussy are covered with it. I bend down, run my tongue along your lips, licking them clean, before leaning over and kissing you again.

I lie down by your side. You throw a leg over my thigh and put your head on my shoulder. I can feel your breast on my chest and your fur against my thigh. I can also feel the semen dripping from your slit. We lie there and relax for a minute until we get dressed and leave. I can’t wait for dessert!

Sure wish we had found time to make it happen!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32