A Love Like Ours Ch. 02

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This is the continuing story of Linda, Tom and David as written for the wonderful Linda. These are our fantasies brought to life so apologies to those who might not like them! 🙂 As readers of the first chapter will know this is my first effort in the female voice so apologies for any gross errors of feelings or bodily functions! Any and all constructive feedback is welcome.


“You look a bit flushed Lindy,” David said with some concern as he passed me my Diet Coke. “Are you sure you’re ok?” I smiled weakly and reached out to touch his hand.

“Thank you darling, you’re so sweet,” I said. “It was just a hot flush I think. I’ll be fine.” David gave me what lady novelists in the past would have called a ‘significant look’.

“Oh, right…I see,” he said, obviously embarrassed.

“Don’t worry,” I grinned, taking a swig of my drink. “I’m fine now, just needed some air.” At least I’d be safe from any further enquiries. As every woman knows, the safest way to shut down an awkward conversation with a man is to mention bodily functions – they just can’t handle it.

It didn’t seem to dampen David’s desire, though, for I could tell by the way he was looking at me he was planning to have his way with me when we got home. At one point he leaned over and whispered.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you look so sexy Linda. There’s something about you tonight, that dress, a glow about you. I can’t wait to have my way with you when we get back. You know I’m going to.”

I blushed and touched my hair, smiling down at the trestle table where we were sat. I felt tingly all over. I loved the way that David was looking at me, I felt sexy in the daring blue wrap dress I was wearing but most of all I was basking in the afterglow of my first fuck with my son. Tom’s cum was still inside me and I could sense it dripping slowly into the gusset of my royal blue knickers. I’d have to deal with them before David got his hands on me properly.

Shortly before we left, I said that I needed to go to the loo and made my way to the portacabins in the car park. Hardly the most glamorous place in the world but it served my purposes. The smell of disinfectant mingled with urine was strong and I sat myself down on the toilet, kicked off my shoes and carefully removed my tights so as not to ladder them.

I pulled my knickers down my thighs and then off my legs past my painted toenails. I brought them towards my ace so that I could inspect the damage. There, in the gusset were the tell-tale signs of sex, the evidence of my adultery, of my crime. Tom and I had broken the law by what we had done. I smiled, trying to imagine a more pleasurable way of committing a criminal offence. I knew then that I wanted to keep them as a trophy. First, though, I brought them to my nose to sniff the heady cocktail of my own juices and my son’s cum. It was intense and I felt my pussy muscles clench, pushing a little more of Tom’s seed out and onto my inner thigh.

I placed the knickers carefully into my clutch purse as if they were some holy relic. Then, a wicked smile on my face, my fingers trembling with anticipation, I dipped them between my legs. I gasped as I scooped up a dollop of cum. I quivered as I brought my finger to my lips and I groaned as I tasted its salty goodness. I wanted to make myself cum but I didn’t want to take the edge of what David would give me later. I wanted to savour him fucking me. I knew it would be wrong to do it and to enjoy it so much but I loved David and didn’t want to deny him nor, truthfully, myself. David was a great lover and what I had done with Tom didn’t lessen my love for my husband. Not in my mind anyway, though David might not have seen it that way I admit.

I joined David at the car and Tom was already lounging on the back seat. Part of me wanted to join him but I wasn’t stupid. I knew we had to be careful and, besides, I was so on edge sexually that I needed to loving caresses that I suspected that David would give me as we drove the short distance to our house. Sure enough, David’s big, strong hand rested possessively on my nylon thigh, moving slowly, applying and releasing gentle pressure as I squirmed ever so slightly in my seat.

The sexual anticipation between us was obvious and I couldn’t help but look in the rear-view mirror to glimpse Tom and to see his reaction. I’m not sure now that I really expected or wanted to see. Did I want him to be jealous, angry, frustrated, excited even? As I say, I don’t know what I wanted to see but I was surprised that it was calm acceptance that I saw in my boy’s eyes. There was no jealousy, he didn’t seek to deny me my rights and duties as a wife. He knew, perhaps better than I knew myself, that loving David the way I did didn’t mean that I loved him any less.

As we pulled into our drive, David’s fingers touched my flesh exposed by the crotchless tights I was wearing and I had to bite my lip not to gasp. He grinned at me, his eyes flickering with desire as I turned my head illegal bahis towards him. When we got out and into house, Tom smiled.

“I’ll, um, leave you two love birds to it and be in the living room. I’ll put the TV up loud shall I?” He said calmly with just the hint of amusement in his voice.

“That’s a good idea son,” replied David. “Let’s leave him be darling,” he added tugging me towards the stairs. I blew my son a kiss as I reached the bottom step.

“I love you,” I mouthed.

Upstairs, David bundled me into the bedroom and then all but slammed the door behind him. Before I could even turn around he was on me, his strong arms holding me from behind, his weight bending me forwards slightly, thrusting my ass back against his groin, where the evidence of his excitement was already clearly defined.

“Mmm David!” I giggled. “You naughty beast, you,” I teased and wriggled my bum against his crotch. One of his hands was moving under the front of my dress to grasp my breast, while the other moved between the folds of my dress. I held my breath as his hand moved northwards, anticipating his reaction when he discovered I wasn’t wearing any knickers.

“Fuck!” He breathed when his fingers encountered my bald pussy. “You’ve been like this all night? And I never knew?” I giggled.

“All night,” I lied. “Waiting for you.” Another lie but it was what he wanted to hear and I liked to please him.

“You naughty little minx,” he chuckled. Well, I’m not going to wait you wait any longer,” he promised and I sighed happily as he hoicked up my dress and bent me over my dressing table. I gripped the wooden edge as his fingers traced my pussy lips. My heart was in my mouth as I wondered whether he’d spot the cum that was still in my pussy. If he did, he must have assumed that it was just my own juice, all men want to feel flattered after all. Perhaps I was just fortunate that we hadn’t put the big light on!

Whatever the truth, David was too excited to hang about and I felt him push into me, just seconds after I heard his trousers coming down.

I closed my eyes and moaned, “Oh yes, David, that’s it. I can’t tell you how much I need this.” That was true. My pussy was aching to be filled again and it gripped David’s cock as firmly as it could given all the lubricant that was present.

“My God you’re wet Lindy,” David groaned. “You’re like a bitch on heat in there.” I couldn’t help but gasp in guilty excitement at the true cause of my slickness. My own son’s cum coating his father’s cock inside my pussy. It felt my mind was going to explode with the taboo.

“Then fuck me like the big dog you are David!” I urged him, licking my lips and thrusting my hips back, trying to suck him deeper. I felt like a wild animal and I wanted to be taken like one.

David read my mood, he nearly always could, one of the reasons I love him so much. Grabbing my hips, he drove himself into me in hard, fast strokes. Given his age (he’d be 50 next birthday), I was constantly impressed and flattered by his energy and stamina. I had no complaints – it wasn’t neglect that had driven me into the arms of my son, as happened in so many of the incest stories that I had read and enjoyed over the years. It was just that my love for Tom was too great for me to deny. I don’t seek to excuse, only to explain but all I can say is that I didn’t love David any less now than I had before I’d let his son make love to me, if anything I loved him even more. I had no need to hold back now, to access that secret fantasy because it was now a reality and so I could just be with my husband without that being between us, even though he’d never known that it was there.

I loved being taken from behind, it’s so open, exposed. It can be impersonal I imagine, but with the one that you love, it’s deeply intimate to reveal oneself to him in such a vulnerable manner. I moaned and whispered happily as David ploughed me with that hard cock of his. It didn’t take long, what with the state I was in, for him to bring me to orgasm and I remember gripping my dresser until my knuckles went white as my pussy clenched his cock as tightly as I was able.

David was pleased, I could tell – he always was when he made me cum first – and paused just a moment to let me regain my composure, knowing that the moments after I cum are highly sensitive and any sudden movement could hurt. My breathing was heavy, my breasts rising and falling in my dress but eventually I was ready again. Ready for him to finish. I nodded and pushed back, squeezing him with my pussy muscles.

“Now don’t stop until you cum darling,” I told him and I saw him grinning in the mirror that was right in front of me. I had barely noticed it before, so intent was I on my own orgasm but now I could watch my husband to my heart’s content. I caught his eye and held his gaze. Now I didn’t need to say anything out loud, I could just mouth it.

“Fuck me,” I whispered. “Fuck your wife David. I’ve been so bad, you don’t even know, illegal bahis siteleri you need to punish me with your cock.” He groaned and I felt him step up the pace again. He wasn’t far now. I twisted my head now, looking him straight in the face.

“Oh yes, Lindy…fuck!” He said, his eyes wild. I smiled back like the kitten with the cream as he started to give it to me. I could feel his cock spurring inside me, his seed mixing with my son’s.

“Yes, yes, fuck yes!” I hissed passionately. “Give it to me, cum inside me, oh God David, I’m yours.” It was true. I was his. I looked down at the framed photo of Tom by my left hand and, as David closed his eyes letting his orgasm wash over him, I kissed my fingers and touched them to my son’s smiling face. “Yours too angel,” I mouthed.

* * * * *

The next day was Sunday and I had been hoping that we could all go out together to walk Belle, our two-year old Labradoodle, along the beach, then maybe grab some ice-cream – an idyllic, normal family Sunday for a family that, thanks to me, was becoming a highly irregular one. It rained, however, and Tom said that he didn’t want to go out. I had had my hair done on the Friday in anticipation of the Barn Dance. David sighed from his armchair where he was sat with the Sunday paper, perusing the sports section.

“I guess that means, I’d better walk her. Belle my girl,” the dog looked up from her rug by the fireplace, all expectant, her big puppy eyes staring at David with devotion and hope. “Let’s go – you can trust your old Dad when everyone else fails you!” As he stood, I slid my arms around him and whispered seductively.

“Old? You weren’t old last night darling,” I purred, “Not old at all.” Tom looked at me and I could feel his gaze on me as David lowered his head and kissed me on the lips.

“You’re such a naughty little thing,” he mumbled under his breath so that Tom wouldn’t hear. “I’m going to have to punish you for that,” he promised and I noticed him adjust his trousers as I pulled away from the embrace.

Having both my men staring at me in my jeans and black blouse made my almost blush and I had to beat a hasty retreat to the kitchen, saying that I’d get Belle ready and on the lead while David grabbed his coat. How was I feeling, the morning after the night before? Truth be told, like I was walking on air. I was in love with two wonderful men and they were in love with me. Each understood me and my needs and the fact that one of them was my son was driving my libido into overdrive. My feelings and emotions were too much in control for me to be able to think clearly about the consequences of my action and what it might mean for the future. At that moment, all I could think about was that David going out would leave me alone with Tom.

I gave David a goodbye kiss on the cheek, my heart beating faster. He opened the door, looked outside and shook his head at the rain. “The things one does for love, eh, Belle?” He said and stepped outside leaving me alone with my lover. I wandered back down the corridor to the living room. I leant on the doorframe and looked in to see Tom sitting on the sofa, looking up at me. He was just dressed in blue jeans and a black polo shirt. He ran his hand through his hair and grinned up at me.

“He’s gone,” I said softly. I wasn’t sure what to do, suddenly feeling slightly awkward, exposed even. Tom just smiled and got up and immediately I felt calm. I knew what I wanted and what was going to happen. He approached me and slid one hand onto my waist and the other stroked my cheek. I held my breath and looked up into his big hazel eyes. He was so handsome, so calm, so strong, my heart seemed to stop in that moment before he leaned down and kissed me. I flung my arms around his neck and pulled him down onto my lips. My mouth opened and our tongues began to dance together, eyes half closed as our bodies pressed together and I felt the firmness of his cock against my belly. I pushed one denimed thigh between his legs and he responded by moving his hand from my hip onto my ass, squeezing one cheek firmly. He broke the kiss and licked his lips, tasting my lipstick there.

“Christ, Mum, but you’ve a fucking amazing ass. All that dog walking is definitely worth it!” I giggled in response and rested my head on his collarbone, planting kisses on the exposed patches of skin there and then across to the bottom of his throat. I kissed, licked and nibble there as he groaned, one hand slipping beneath my jeans to massage my ass through my knickers and the other holding my head in place at his neck. “Oh that’s so nice,” he whispered, “so good Mum, I love you so much.” His words warmed my heart and I kissed him firmer there.

“I know baby,” I told him. “That makes Mummy so happy.” He stopped me for a moment and with both hands held my face between them, tilting my head up towards his.

“You’re ok Mum?” he said, eyes suddenly serious. “No regrets from yesterday?” he asked, his thumb stroking my cheekbone. After canlı bahis siteleri a moment I smiled and shook my head.

“No,” I said. “I know I’m supposed to, given that I’ve broken my marriage vows for the first time and that I’ve crossed a line with you that no mother is supposed to, but no I don’t regret it. I don’t even feel guilty, not for myself. I don’t want to hurt David and you know, or I think you do, that I don’t want this to change things with him. But I love you Tom, madly, intensely, and I want this…I want you more than I can say and last night only made me want you more.” Tom smiled, lent down and gently kissed me on the lips, like he was venerating a holy relic in church.

I gasped and then squealed as suddenly he lifted me off my feet and began to carry me towards the stairs. “Tom, where are you taking me?” I asked, as if I didn’t already know the answer.

“To bed Mum,” he replied. “The only question is, mine or yours?” Part of me thought that for decency’s sake (whatever remained of that in this situation), we should go to Tom’s room but then how exciting would it be to have him in my bed, my marital bed, the very bed in which he was conceived nearly a quarter of a century before? On reflection, in the state I was in, there was really only one choice.

“Ours Tom,” I said firmly. “Take me to the master bedroom. Now.” He grinned, obviously pleased with my answer and carried me up the stairs. I was pleasantly surprised by his strength. He was slim, with a swimmer’s build, but he was clearly powerful enough, or excited enough, to get me upstairs without breaking sweat. The door to my bedroom was partly ajar and Tom kicked it open. He carried me inside and laid me on the bed. Fortunately, I’d made the bed that morning rather than leaving it unmade and the sheets felt soft and clean as he gently placed me there.

I lay there as he slowly undressed me, piece by piece, casting each garment to the floor until I was left naked except for my stud earrings and a very wide smile. A casual glance down at my groin would have revealed the extent of my excitement. My pussy lips were glistening with moisture and it felt like my insides were bubbling with juices as the excitement grew within me with each item of clothing that disappeared. Tom was so gentle, so loving but so commanding, I felt like putty in his hands. He remained fully dressed and placed one hand between my thighs. With a small amount of pressure he levered my thighs apart enough for him to be able to climb between them. He leaned over me in total control as I stared up at him devotedly. Then he kissed me again, one hand behind my head, the other on my back, lifting me slightly from the bed and into his embrace.

We kissed for I don’t know how long, time no longer seeming to matter as we joined our bodies and spirits in the most intimate of acts. I’ve always found kissing, really deep kissing to be even more intimate than sex or oral sex. It can be so very intense and that day it made my body tingle all over, each kiss shooting pleasure to every fibre of my being. I felt so alive, so electric and then, slowly, he began to kiss his way down my naked body. Each part received full attention, my chin, my throat, my chest, my breasts. Each nipple was suckled gently but firmly between his strong jaws and I gasped in pleasure as he nipped at them gently.

“Oh Tommy,” I moaned softly, my hands running through his hair. Before I could say any more, he was headed further south, over my curved belly and then down, down, down. Oh God, yes, I thought as his lips touched my pussy. My own son is going to eat me out in my marital bed. This must be so wrong but I don’t give a fuck, I love this, I love him.

“You smell amazing Mum, is this all for me?” I couldn’t say a word, it was like I’d forgotten how to. I bit my lip and just nodded, my throat making some sort of sound that could be taken as affirmation. And then his tongue was on me, licking up the valley of my pussy, under my hood to expose and savour my clitoris. When he touched the sensitive button with his tongue my whole body jerked as if hit by an electric shock and I had to grip the duvet hard between my fists. Suddenly I found my voice again.

“Oh fuck Tommy, yes, suck your Mum. I can’t believe you’re kissing your Mummy’s pussy, yes my pussy, my cunt. No, your cunt Tommy, I’m all yours, just don’t stop, please I beg you.” I moaned, the words pouring out of me now. Tom just looked up and smiled, his lips gleaming with my juices, as if he’d just applied some clear lip gloss.

“Don’t worry Mum, I’m not going to stop,” he promised and returned his lips to my pussy, his tongue now pushing inside, his hands now under my ass, gripping it and pushing my pussy into his face. I could feel my orgasm coming, like a train in the distance, gradually getting closer, brighter louder in my head.

“Tom, Tommy, am close,” I gasped, “Don’t fucking stop, please, please…please, don’t…oh fuck! FUUUCK!” I all but screamed as the train hit me, the lights bursting in my head as I closed my eyes and let my body take over. I don’t know if any words came out, I may just have whimpered as my son made love to me with his tongue as I surrendered myself utterly to pleasure and to him.

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