A Lost Virgin

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Big Dicks

This is not a part in the series I started of the random erotic couplings of the couple. This is an actual true story, slightly embellished (I was probably a lot more awkward in real life), of how I met a stranger online,

You don’t find many 18-year-old virgins. But, alas, I was a semester into community college, still living at my parent’s house, and was a virgin. No cock ever came close to me. The most action I got was the boyfriend in my senior year, who was too scared to grab my ass when we were making out. Ironically, he was the one who believed in saving himself until marriage. He was black and, from lowkey grinding on him, had a huge penis. So I did what any introverted, unconfident female would do. I signed up on an online meet up site and ordered a shit ton of toys. I took some pictures, updated my interests (which were a ton), and went fishing. Ideally, I would have loved to find a fuck buddy, to prevent having to find a new hook up every time. After a few (okay, a lot) of duds, a user messaged me. We talked, exchanged pictures and steamy sex scenes, before exchanging phone numbers. He had a long black cock that looked like it would reach my stomach and I never divulged the information that I was, essentially, a virgin. This continued until one night, around midnight, we decided to meet up.

Plans were made for him to drive to my address around midnight/one am, park on the side of my house, as we were in the country and neighbors were few and far in between, and then we would get busyyyy. I intended to be fucked for hours, ending in my pussy squirting all over him after he came in my pussy and ass. Sounded great but plans don’t always come true.

Prior to the appointed time, I watched videos of tiny women bouncing on black cocks. I pulled out my vast collection of sex toys, dildos, butt plugs, lube, enema kit, nipple clamps. I left my pussy untouched (I had broken my hymen years earlier), wanted to feel his cock stretch my pussy as he thrusted inside of me, but worked on stretching my asshole. I didn’t want my first time, especially with anal, to be slowed down to prep my hole, nor did I want it to be overly painful. I took the time to use my enema kit to thoroughly flush out my ass. My pussy was already dripping wet after the second enema. By the time I was ready to play with my princess butt plug, I could hear my heartbeat throb in my pussy. The torture only continued as I moved up a size plug, and again, until I was pulling and pushing my medium sized plug in and out of my ass. I wanted to feel him stretch my ass, but not have it be painful, so I left the medium plug in my ass and went to get ready.

As an 18-year-old, I wasn’t all that confident in my body. I wasn’t skinny by any means, but I wasn’t fat either. I had large boobs, a bit of a tummy, and wouldn’t be picked out of a crowd. I had long auburn hair that I could barely wrap my hands around in a ponytail. I found my shortest skirt, tightest tank top, and proceeded to wait until I got the text stating his arrival.

Once he pulled on the side of my house, the side opposite from my parent’s bedroom, I approached the driver’s side door of his SUV, swaying my hips back and forth, feeling the skirt brush against the tops of my thighs. Leaning against the open window, “Hey baby, I see you found the right house. I have been waiting so long to feel you deep inside of me.” At one mersin escort point, we had exchanged names, but at that point and still to this day, I have no idea what his name was; making me well and truly feel like a prostitute. In theory this is what happened next:

“Hop into the backseat. I can’t wait to fuck your pretty pussy.” I opened the back door to his SUV while he climbed over the middle to land atop of me. No awkward tumbles of any kind.

In reality, he may have replied with “Aren’t we going inside?” and I might have stuttered something out about my parents. After convincing him that they would not wake up and kill him for fucking their daughter, we awkwardly met in the back of his SUV where I found myself atop his lap, grinding against his slowly hardening shaft.

I pulled his shirt up and over his head, feeling his arms and chest, moaning at the feel of him against my pussy, but still between our clothing. He pulled the straps of my tank top down, freeing my tits to his ministrations. His fingers grasping my nipples, pulling them away from my body one at a time, lapping at them with his tongue. Making them stand strong and glisten after he was done. By this time, my pussy juices were dampening my skirt. His hands moved down to my ass, grabbing each cheek with his fingers brushing against the butt plug that shifted each time, with the intention to control the speed of our grinding. “Take the rest of this off,” he ordered me. I whipped the tank top that had fallen to my waist and the skirt up over my head. Noticing that he stripped himself bare at the same time.

I fell back onto his lap, my legs on either side of him, this time his hot pulsating cock against my dripping pussy. Each hump hitting my clit and brushing against my slit. Our hands exploring each other’s body but our mouths staying to ourselves. One of his hands reached behind me to push against the plug that still remained in my ass while the other continued to fondle my breasts. His grunting and my needy moaning echoing in the car.

I soon got impatient, wanting his cock in me somehow, and moved off of him. I knelt down on the seats to the side of him, before grasping his cock in my hand. I brought it to my mouth, suckling on the tip, tasting his pre-cum. One of his hands finding the plug, occasionally dipping into my pussy, while the other settled itself in my hair, urging me to continue. I stopped teasing him and took him into my mouth. Or tried to at least as I got a little over half in my mouth. I started bobbing up and down on him, trying to suck his life out through his dick, with my hand that wasn’t supporting me stroking the rest of him that I could reach. Spit started escaping the tight seal of my lips, running down his shaft only to be collected into my hand that was stroking him. My moans were muffled by his cock in my throat. I never had that piece of tongue that connects your tongue to the bottom of your mouth, so while his cock was in my throat, I could swish my tongue against the tip that was touching my tonsils.

“Fuck! Your mouth feels so good on my cock but I’m cumming in your pussy first,” he said as he gripped my hair and pulled my mouth off of him. He helped me to re-straddle his lap, his cock once again teasing my folds. He grabbed my ass, forcing me to grind myself against him a few times. “Grab my cock babe, line me up with your pussy.” I lifted up anamur escort slightly, allowing my hand to reach between us to grasp his cock, lifting it to tap against my entrance, before slowing sinking down. His shaft stretched my virgin pussy and could feel the heat of his cock penetrate through my vaginal walls.

“Ohhh fuck, daddy. Your cock is so big, I can feel you in my throat” I half whimpered, half moaned in his ear. My breasts pushed against his chest as I waited for my pussy to accustom to the intrusion. Slowly, I lifted myself back off of his cock, my breath heavy from anticipation, before slamming myself back down on his cock. Somehow feeling even more full, before I did it again. And again.

“Yes baby, fuck yourself on my cock. Feel your pussy stretch and how the toy in your ass moves every thrust.” His hands settled on my hips, helping me to keep the rhythm of bouncing on his cock. His tip almost falling out of my pussy on every withdraw and slam into me with every thrust back in. I could feel my walls quivering, my pussy and ass clenching. My rock hard nipples chafing against his chest with every thrust. My legs started to shake, causing me to slow down. “Lay on your back, I’m going to finish in your pussy.” Pulling my pussy slowly off of his cock, hearing the sound that my pussy made from being so wet, I laid on my back. One leg braced against the side of the passenger seat and the other over the back of the seat we were on. My hips were grinding, searching the air for his dick to fill my pussy back up. With a pleased sigh, he thrusted hard into my pussy.

“Ahh, fuck!” I whimpered as I bit into my hand. My back arching, further displaying my breasts to his gaze, as he continued thrusting with a punishing pace. “Your dick feels so good. I can feel it hitting against the toy in my ass.” Reaching my hand down between us, I circled around his dick, feeling how wet his dick was.

“Shit, your pussy gonna make me cum. Squeeze my cock with your pussy. Milk me, beg me with your pussy for my cum. That’s a good girl, feel my cum drench your walls.” I giggled at the feeling of his softening cock in my pussy. I heard the squelch of my pussy and his cum as he withdrew from my pussy, sitting back in the seat. I sat up more, braving my back against the car door, before reaching and feeling his cum slowly exiting my pussy. I reached for his hand, ignoring his confused look, extended his pointer and middle finger, before inserting them into my pussy. I used his hand to finger fuck myself before pulling them out and bringing tracing my lips with his fingers drenched in my pussy juice and his cum. Pulling his fingers away, allowing him to see me lick my lips, before placing them in my mouth. I closed my mouth around his fingers, sucking on them as if they were his cock. Moaning at the taste of us combined. After I got all of us off of his fingers, I brought them back to finger fuck my pussy, still leading his hand, completely ignoring his “oh shit, oh fuck, that’s so hot” comments. After another few strokes, I brought them back to my mouth. Repeating the same routine until I could no longer taste his cum on my fingers. By this time, his previous soft cock was a rock hard boner, ready for round two.

“I want you to in my ass next. I want you to spill your cum in my ass, pumping me full of your seed, before shoving my toy back in me. erdemli escort I want to go to sleep tonight knowing that your cum is still inside me,” I whispered to him, before turning around and presenting him my ass. “Take that plug out of me and replace it with your cock.” (Even though I was, before this, a virgin, that didn’t mean I was new to dirty talk.) He pushed my plug into me a few times, making me sigh at the feeling, before slowly removing it. I could feel his eyes watching my hole reluctantly release its favorite toy. He set it on the ground, before getting to his knees and rubbing his cock against my pussy to wet his cock. He placed his tip against my puckered hole and slowly pushed in, causing both of us to groan at the feeling of his cock stretching my asshole. Once he bottomed out, he gave me a few seconds to accustom to the feeling, before gripping my hips and pulling out. He pulled out just enough so his tip was just barely inside, before quickly thrusting back in, causing me to release a long moan.

“I didn’t think you could get any tighter, but holy fuck, your ass feels so tight against my cock and so hot too.” Soon we both accustomed to a bruising pace, my hips slamming back against his as he thrusts into me. The only sounds I could make were moans and squeals as he continued to talk dirty, “Your ass feels so good. I can feel it clenching against my cock, wanting some of my seed. I’m going to spill my load into your ass, you are going to wake up tomorrow with cum still dripping out of your ass. Fuck, that’s right, thrust back against me. You have such a needy hole.” His hands let go of my hips, to grip my ass, which I could feel jiggling on every thrust. “This ass is going to make me spill my load,” he said as he smacks my left then right cheek.

“Daddy! Yesss. Spank me again, please. Spank me. Pull my hair. Make me feel you every time I sit down.” So I had a little bit of a daddy kink, and spanking kink, and hair pulling kink, and, well, probably any kink at that point. “Fill my ass with your cum, please, please, please. I want to sleep with your cum in my hole.”

“That’s what you want, huh? I guess since you are begging me so nicely, I can. Fuck,” he moaned, “I am cumming. Your greedy ass is eating my cum.” I felt his warm cum spurt into my asshole, even more than when he was in my pussy. Spurt after spurt, his cum flooded my hole. I could soon feel him soften in my ass, once again making me giggle at the feeling. He pulled out slowly, taking a second to watch my asshole gape and wink at him as I took deep breaths.

“Will you push my plug back in me, I don’t want to lose any of your cum?” I could hear him fumble around for the plug, before pushing it back into me, taking his time. “Yes, that feels so good. Thank you.” As I turned around after letting the plug settle, I could see him wiping my ass off of him cock with a spare towel, before reaching for his phone.

“It is almost 5, I need to get going. Let me know when we can do this again, yea? Next time I want to get you on a bed so I can taste that pussy.” I giggled, before nodding in confirmation. Looking around for my clothing, I resituated myself as we put his shorts and shirt back on. I opened the car door, sliding out of the too-tall vehicle, watching him climb back up into the drivers’ side.

“Bye, this was a lot of fun,” I said to him as he started the car, before turning around and, in the light of his car’s headlights, walked away. Ensuring to sway my hips, knowing that my skirt flew up a bit and give him a peak of the butt plug nicely nestled between my cheeks, keeping his cum safely inside.

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