A Lesson Learned Ch. 2

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I was late for class the day after it happened. As I walked in Renee looked up and smiled. But Diane completely ignored me. My heart sank as I went to my desk and began pulling out my folders. Of course I wasn’t expecting a great display of affection, but an acknowledgement of my existence would have been enough.

The day dragged on and my mind kept wandering back to the afternoon previous. I could still smell Diane’s sweet pussy, and each time I thought of her I would steal a glance in her direction, but she did not look up. Renee leaned over and laughed. “You’ve fucked her off haven’t you?” I blushed furiously. Of course she wouldn’t know, but a part of me became paranoid. “What happened yesterday with you too?” she prattled. “Must have been something. Are you not up to standard? Is that what it is?” Renee continued on saying that Diane had not even glanced in my direction all day, which she thought was odd as every day was the same. She’d see her watching me but today was different. I know I wanted to scream at her. But I forced a laugh about the situation and tried to focus on my work.

Finally, the day came to an end. I purposely took my time to gather my things so I could steal some time alone with Diane, but just as I was about to approach her she up and left. My head was spinning. What the hell was going on?

Once home I went straight to pour myself a gin. I didn’t care that it was only four in the afternoon. I was getting sloshed because I wanted to forget the day I had just had. I downed my first drink and quickly poured another. And then another. My head buzzing, I couldn’t stand the silence of my house anymore. Dragging myself from the couch to put some music on, I heard a knock on my door. “Fuck off and leave me to my pity party,” I thought.

But opening the door I was pleasantly surprised. Diane stood there dressed in a long coat and boots, and carrying an oversize handbag. “Hey sweet thing,” she smiled. “I’m coming in.” Wordlessly I lead her into the lounge and watched her throw herself down on the couch. She looked so beautiful, but I wondered what the hell she was playing at. My face must have looked steely, because Diane frowned as she asked me what my problem was. God, the bitch. I just wanted güvenilir bahis to scream at her. But instead I felt tears prick behind my eyes. “Oh poor baby. Let me fix this for you.”

I stood expecting to soon feel her arms around me, soothing my tears, but instead as I looked up at her, she’d dropped her coat to display that underneath she was wearing nothing but stockings with a suspender belt. It looked so cheap and slutty, and made my cunt ache at the sight.

“Come on,” she said. “Come closer to me. Enjoy every inch of this body. I know it’s what you’re aching to do.”‘ My cunt began to drool in anticipation as I moved closer to her. “Take your clothes off my little slut. I want to see your delicious titties.” So caught up in lust, I clumsily took the clothes from my body. I began to remove my juice soaked panties, Diane asked me to leave them on. She gave me her wicked smile, and as I stood naked before her, she began to play with her breasts. They were absolutely magnificent. They were large, and hung quite heavily and her nipples were the most beautiful dusky pink I had seen. Her nipples were almost obscenely large, and jutted out from her tits in a way that begged to be sucked. She twisted these magnificent nipples between her fingers, and roughly pulled at them and clawed at her breasts, leaving red marks where she had been. Her groaning and obvious pleasure made me want to join her show. But she pulled away and continued to delight herself. Watching helplessly as this beautiful woman began to circle her clit with her other hand, while still assaulting her nipples, I began to caress my own breasts. Softly and carefully, unlike the way Diane was playing with hers. She watched me as I began to moan in absolute satisfaction, and in still keeping eye contact, lifted one of her great tits to her mouth. I gasped as I watched her tongue flick over her nipple. The sight was incredible and my knees almost gave way. She had her nipple deep in her mouth and was making pleasing little sucking noises.

I could stand it no longer, and pushed her to the floor and honed in on her breasts. Letting me suckle for only a brief moment, she pushed me away, and we engaged in a brief struggle on the carpet. I wanted to touch türkçe bahis her, lick her, chew on her. But she was obviously enjoying the teasing, and the tension she was creating. She pinned me to the floor, and began to grind her pussy into my stomach. Her juices were warm and the sloshing noises of her wet cunt against my skin was an incredible feeling. She moved down my body, and it was then that our pussy’s connected. I let out a yelp as her hot cunt touched mine. Diane leaned back and began to push her cunt furiously into mine. She leant back on one hand and with the other searched my body until her fingers found their target. She pulled at my nipples, stretching them out and then dropping them. She pinched them hard between her fingers, and scratched roughly at them. I could feel an orgasm building inside me, and was looking forward to release it would bring my body. But Diane had other ideas and as my groaning intensified, she pulled away from me.

I lay there unsure of what was happening. The drinks I had consumed earlier, and the unadulterated lust I had just been a part of made my thinking fuzzy. All I wanted was to finish what was started. My body was so on edge, I needed to cum, I needed to release the heat within me. I reached down to my clit and began to rub it slowly, but as soon as I was beginning to find the relief I so desperately sought, Diane was there again, hitting my hand away. “You filthy whore,” she spat.

“Seeing that you are such a little whore, I have just the thing for you!” From behind her back she produced a large vibrator, and a smaller, slimmer one that I assumed was for my asshole. My pussy began to convulse at the sight of them and what was in store for me now. I could not hold my orgasm any longer, and cried out as I felt the warm juices slip from my hole. It was then that Diane rubbed to smaller of the vibrators against my pussy and slipped it into my ass. I cried out again as she began to assault my asshole, and another orgasm ripped through my body.

Diane did not stop. She was relentless. My body absolutely ached, but as I tied to wriggle free she clamped her mouth down on my hole and began to suck me. Her tongue probed into my wet pussy while she continued to pump my ass with güvenilir bahis siteleri the vibrator. I had never experienced anything like what I was feeling now, and I suddenly felt that I never wanted this to end. Her tongue was slipping in and out of me, and she lapped at the juices my pussy was still oozing.

With a pop the vibrator was out of my bottom, but before I had time to lament this loss, she had replaced it with her tongue. I had never been licked there before, and the feeling was beyond belief. Diane was not gentle and thrust her tongue violently and with great grunts into my little hole. Occasionally she would nip me there or suck so hard it would burn. With her tongue buried in my asshole, Diane took the opportunity to then to introduce the large vibrator.

She spread my lips wide and began to inch it into my cunt. It was huge and I really felt I couldn’t take it all. But Diane kept pushing despite my protests. “You’re nothing but a whore. You’ll take it all in, and love every inch of it.” That bitch was right too. Because once my pussy had swallowed the immense plastic cock another orgasm coursed through me. Diane pushed it even harder into me, while her mouth was still on my asshole. I screamed out as my cunt continued pulsating over the vibrator. I couldn’t believe the power of the orgasm but I needed it to stop as my body could not take another moment of this. I begged for Diane to remove it, and she actually complied. With a vulgar squelch my pussy was now empty. My thighs were covered in hot cunt juice as I lay trembling and waiting for my body to calm. I had to close my eyes to stop my head from spinning. I could hear Diane groaning and managed to sit up and see as the glistening vibrator was being urged into her pussy. She’d only managed a couple of inches before she began to cry out. She came loudly and violently, and as she slumped over in relief, she spat onto my pussy. As a final humiliation, she held the vibrator out from her cunt and made me lick it clean.

After Diane had left me that night, I lay in bed and thought about what had just happened. I realised then that I was somebody’s bitch. I was Diane’s whore, and she held complete control over me. That thought, and knowing that the next day she was coming back for more, was enough to rock me into another orgasm before I finally feel asleep.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32