A Kind Stranger Changes My Life

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*disclaimer fiction

I was 18/m and a couple months away from graduating. Unlike some other kids my age who were either starting or finished applying to college, going to college was never really on my mind. The main reason was that my mom didn’t make enough to pay for college. I was also mildly autistic. I am not intellectually disabled by any means, only slow with emotional and social development, and a bit clueless in social situations. Classes always bored me, and I did not have the ability to focus on things I was not interested in, so I never thought of it as an option. I was an introvert and didn’t have any friends. Never went out on a date.

I did have a plan on how to make a living, though. Over the years, helping around the house and volunteering for people, I got really good at assembling furniture. I eventually picked up furniture repair, refinishing, and re-coating too. I had become pretty damn good and fast at it, saving people a lot of time and money on calling an actual handyman to do the work.

I started posting ads on craigslist and some apps for my furniture assembly/repair services, and started getting some really interesting gigs, enough gigs to make me think about buying a van to bring furniture home at night and get work done faster. My mom was also getting tired of me using her car every night.

Then one day, someone called me up, answering my ad. His name was Karl (Name changed for the story). Karl had a deep mature voice that you could tell was softened up with a reassuring vibe. He explained how he had a couple of vintage french 19th century bedroom “Armoires” and dressers whose paint were starting to peel off, and was wondering if that was something I did, and if I was available that day.

My first thought was that this was way beyond my experience. I had worked on probably close to a hundred furniture pieces by then, but never anything antique or French-made. and was afraid of messing things up. I explained this to him as genuinely as possible, while also hoping he would agree and just hang up. I did not want to take the risk of breaking this man’s furniture.

“Yes, they are even older than me. They make me feel like 64 is not that old,” he joked.

“I’m not looking for, nor expecting perfect results. I am sure you will do a fine job at it. I won’t hold you to damage. Bring your usual tools. can you stop by today?” He asked.

“Yes, I can come by after 6 pm,” I said.

He bahis firmaları gave me his address and I Hung up, his reassuring voice making me feel like everything will turn out okay. After school, I jumped in my mom’s car and headed over to his address. When I arrived at this address, a half hour away, in an area that was mostly woods, I felt a little confused. The road had no houses on it, only mailboxes and dirt roads leading out behind them.

I saw the street number on the mailbox, and turned into the dirt road next to it, feeling a little bit concerned. After slowly driving a few dozen feet further, I noticed a large beautiful house at the end of that road.

“These are just houses. I should have know that,” I thought to myself.

Until that point, the only service calls I had gotten were from friends and neighbors and then a couple of suburban homes and apartments in the area. This was my first time driving out like that, and I was pretty amazed at what I was seeing.

This property must have been an easy 10 acres. The dirt driveway was actually gravel and extended nearly 1000 feet down with trees and farm fields, and finally a huge yard with a pretty decent 2 story house that looked pretty luxurious.

I parked, grabbed my tools, and knocked on the door. Karl opened the door and introduced himself with a warm smile and a handshake. He showed me to the furniture and left me to the work. After the work was done, Karl looked over it, and complimented my effort. He was genuinely impressed. He called me over to his huge kitchen, and we sat down at the island counter for some dinner he had ordered in.

“You’re a hard working young man. Do you go to college during the day?” He asked.

“Thanks! No, I am doing this full time. I’m saving up for a van to get more work done and maybe take some moving gigs on craigslist too,” I responded, while blushing.

I did not want to admit that I was just a high school student. I was getting really pleasant and friendly vibes from him. vibes and feelings I had never felt talking to someone before. It felt amazing and I did not want to scare him off.

We started talking more about my work and about how i was planning to grow and make more money, as well as the type of van I was going to buy. Karl had an amazing way of making me open up emotionally and verbally like no man or woman ever had before. His personality was absolutely warm and charming and irresistible. kaçak iddaa We moved to the couch and started watching some TV while chatting. As the conversation grew deeper, the light and joking conversation grew subtly more personal in context.

“You are really easy to talk to. I love that about you. Your girlfriend must love that hum” He asked with a cheery genuine tone.

“oh no, I’m a virgin. I’m not even sure that I am into girls,” I responded, like the marvel nerd that I was.

“Maybe you’re into both. I was married for 8 years when I was younger, but I like men too. Besides, it’s more fun going vacationing and going on cruises with your best guy friends” he confidently confessed nonchalantly.

I suddenly thought back to the words just I used. Did I make it sound like I was into guys? That was not what I had meant, but I may have worded that wrong. At this point, I was so comfortable with him that I wasn’t worried about what he thought of me. He felt like a safe-zone.

“You know, All these years of staying single and investing wisely has left me with a solid nest-egg. My brother may have a family and kids, but I’ve got a few million in the bank,” he gloated. He was on beer number three and getting a light bu it seemed.

“How would you like to fast forward your dreams some?” He asked.

“I really like you, and I would like to help you out with this so you can get a new van and a workplace and everything else you need to get started. you can even start out of my garage if you just need the space. I have a lot of faith in you” he suggested.

My heartrate all of a sudden went shooting up. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This amazing incredible kind stranger was going to help me become really successful.

“Yes, I would love that! Thank you!! thank you!!” I yelled out in bliss.

I practically lunged towards him on the couch, arms spread open, hugging him as hard as I could. I was only 5’7, which barely moved his 6’2 frame. The loving hug, that felt like what lasted minutes, turned into soft cuddling and petting. While his legs were slightly wrapped around mine, I felt something poking me in the leg. His dick was getting hard.

“OMG,” I thought to myself.

I had never felt another guy’s hard-on before. It was reallu hard and getting bigger. As we kept cuddling, I was starting to get hard too. He must have felt it, because he started slowly pushing his clothed dick into my thighs. kaçak bahis His lips got close to mine and we started making out.

It felt amazing. Not only was my hard dick touching another guy’s hard dick through our pants, slowly running our hands against each others dicks, but I was making out with him too. I felt a type of acceptance and loving bliss for those moments of the day, that I had never felt before.

“God. You’re so cute and so young. Do you mind if I take it out?” He asked.

“No,” is the only thing I managed to mutter.

He got up on his knees, pulled his shorts and briefs down, and slowly laid back down on his back, gently pulling my face along with him, directing my mouth to the tip of his cock.

His dick was bigger than mine. It looked at least 7 or 8 inches, and it had a upward curve, It was only about as thick as mine, but the head was thicker.

Things had moved a little fast, and I was still pretty shocked and shy in the moment. Everything that transpired that day was still being processed in my mind, but I willingly just let it happen.

I let him slowly direct my mouth to the tip of his cock, which i kissed. He pulled my head down to the head of his cock, just an inch back and forth until I started getting more comfortable sucking it.

He pulled in a little deeper, and kept fucking into my mouth with increasing rythm, while caressing my cheeks, holding me by the back of my head and my chin until he moaned really loudly. Suddenly, I felt my mouth filling up with something warm. I quickly backed up, and spit a tiny bit of it into my hand. It was cum. Another man’s cum. And my mouth was full with it.

My instinct was to clean up quickly and leave in shame. But what happened was different. He looked me in the eyes, and said I looked beautiful with his cum on my lips. It made me feel loved and I couldn’t resist. He told me to stay like that. He laid me down, laid down on top of me and started making out with me, tongue-fucking my cum-filled mouth while squeezing my ass with one hand and rubbing my dick with the other. The weight of his body on top of me and his lips against mine were too much to bare, and I hit a peak and shot cum all over between our stomachs and on his hands. It felt like complete ecstasy.

We laid there in bed together,cuddling some more. He told me to come back the next night to do some more repairs and to discuss how I was going to build my business.

I started missing him the minute I got home. I skipped dinner and went right to bed, wanting to taste his cum on my breath for the rest of the night.

This kind but kinky stranger was going to change my life!

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