A Kentucky Story

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Luisa loves horses and men. Lots of men.

Warning: This story contains group sex.

Caveat: All characters in the story are at least 18 years of age when anything sexual takes place.


I grew up around horses. I’ve known horses all my life. My parents gave me my first horse when I was 16, and I took the best care of that horse in recorded history, I’m sure. I bonded with the horse, whose name was Pepper. I loved to ride Pepper all over the Kentucky countryside around my parent’s farm.

Pepper was a beautiful horse. She was a rich brown color with a white streak down her nose. I named her pepper because she had all of these little black dots on her underbelly. Somehow too the name just fit her! Remember I was an excited girl of sixteen when I received her as my sweet sixteen gift. I was beyond excited!

It got to the point where Pepper and I could communicate. She knew my moods, and she would trot, canter, or even gallop accordingly. It was as if we communicated telepathically. I would always stroke her neck, fondle her nose, and give her only the best carrots from our own farm and the occasional sugar lump. I rewarded her of course but I did not want to sabotage her health. I got lots of appreciative neighs.

I always spoke with her. Did you know horses can understand some words? There was no question Pepper understood what I would lovingly whisper to her and she ‘spoke’ back to me with neighs, whinnies, snorts, and body language.

By the time I was 18 I was riding Pepper bareback. I still used a bridle, but I preferred to ride her bareback. My father never understood why, but he knew girls always preferred riding horses bareback if they were skilled enough, so he was fine with it. That’s just the way girls are I’m sure were his thoughts. My mother knew why I loved it. Oh yes, she certainly knew.

I taught a few of my girlfriends to ride and they would go out with me, but they needed to use both a saddle and a Xanax or two to deal with their fears, especially at the beginning. I could not canter nor gallop when riding with my girlfriends, but that was okay because I enjoyed their company, and we would gab constantly.

My girlfriends soon learned to follow my example and to wear thin yoga pants with no panties when riding. With our legs spread far apart by the body of the horse, the erogenous benefits were marked. We had fun, and the amount of giggling was extraordinary.

My favorite girlfriend to go riding with was Cammie. She became pretty good on a horse. Nobody could compare to me I guess, but Cammie could canter and even gallop and she was as fearless as I was. We had tons of fun together.

Shortly after Cammie and I both turned 18, during the summer of 2018, post high school and before college, Cammie and I were out riding in the deep countryside. I took her to a little pond I knew about and we dismounted, giving Pepper and Salt (Salt was the name of the horse Cammie always rode. He was owned by my parents) a little rest and a drink. We sat on the ground by the two horses as we gabbed.

Salt was a male horse and he was hung like a horse. It’s not surprising, really, since he actually was a horse. Cammie and I were both quite aroused by the stimulation the riding had given to the region between our legs. Maybe Salt had smelled our arousal of something but in any event, he had gotten an erection. We’re talking a big, big erection!

This was not the first time Salt had gotten an erection in my presence. He and Pepper had gotten it on a few times. That had been amazing to watch! Salt though was not interested in Pepper just then. No, he was interested in us.

I knew what to do. I stripped off my clothes while Cammie just watched. Naked, I went to Salt and stood right in front of his nose. I stroked his head lovingly. He nuzzled me with his nose, bending down towards where my smell of sex emanated. I let him of course, standing in front of him with my legs spread apart. Salt got more aroused. I walked over to where his huge cock was, stroking his midsection as I went, mumbling sweet nothings to him. Salt gave a neigh of approval. Pepper was getting a bit agitated.

Cammie went over to Pepper and calmed her down, whispering to her and stroking her nose lovingly.

“Let’s ride the horses with you naked,” Cammie exclaimed. “I dare you!”


I should explain. In my small circle of friends from high school, dares are sacred. They must be obeyed. As a consequence, we don’t give each other dares casually. Towards the end of high school however we were all getting randy in anticipation of college and the liberation it promised from our prudish high school constraints on life. Dares began to get sexual.

Andrea once dared me to go without a bra on a school Friday. I had to do it of course, and when Joanie saws me braless at lunchtime she dared me to flash Anthony. He was not my taste in boys, so that’s why it was a bit of a nasty dare. Anthony never got over güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the free sight of my boobs. I had let him play with them too for a few minutes behind the band building.

Anthony had no clue why I was doing this until I told him it was a dare. I saw his erection inside his pants and smiled smugly to myself, but I was surprised to find that I was also aroused. Inevitably he asked me out and the way things go at that age it’s perhaps not surprising that he saw my boobs often, in fact on each and every date as we would make out at the end of the date. After around a month of dating he began to grow on me and little by little he began to see more and more of my body. Last week he went beyond reducing me to my panties and he got me naked for the first time. That was exciting!

Andrea’s timing was perfect. When she dared me to “go all the way” with Anthony it was right after he had rendered me naked the previous evening. I wondered if she knew? People talked at that age. Anthony could have bragged to someone who then told Andrea? The next date, which was the very next evening, Anthony got me naked again.

This time I removed the brakes, and Anthony was surprised that not only was I not stopping his hands from exploring my body wherever they wanted to go, but my legs were spreading when Anthony’s hands inevitably wanted to explore the apex between my legs. You know, where the tops of my thighs meet my torso? Anthony got to see exactly what my thighs typically hide at that apex.

When his fingers began to explore inside me he and I could both tell I was wet. The way his hand was positioned his palm was inadvertently massaging my clitoris. How fortuitous! I noticed that somehow he had undressed too. I began to moan with pleasure due to the ministrations of his fingers. I raised my pelvis to encourage his fingers to go deeper. As they did, his hand pressed down exquisitely on my clit.

When my orgasm came the drama of it surprised Anthony but it surprised me even more! I let out a little cry of surprise and ecstasy but even more startling my entire body began to shake in some sort of epileptic fit. I am not epileptic, but that’s the best description I can give of what happened to me. It was novel. I had no idea sex could do that to a girl.

As I was breathing rapidly and recovering from the bliss of my experience with Anthony’s fingers, Anthony was kissing my boobs and all over my body. He even kissed me down there, and I giggled softly. “I brought you a present,” I said in my most seductive voice possible. “Hand me my purse.”

Anthony reached over and grabbed my purse. I opened it and removed a package of three Trojans. I had gift wrapped them in a small box with a red ribbon and an oversized bow. I thought of the box as symbolically representing my virginity.

“It’s too cramped here in the car. Take me to the meadows,” I said. “You can open your present out there.”

Anthony drove like a madman out into the countryside to the region widely known locally as ‘the meadows.’ Anthony opened the box and looked at me lovingly and questioningly. I think the smile I gave him in return removed any lingering doubts he might have had about my willingness as to what we both knew was about to happen.

The bow was still in tact. So was my hymen. At least one of the two would soon no longer be in tact!

We left the car, both of us naked. Anthony lay me down on the ground, climbed on top of my widely spread legs, and he made a woman of me, bursting easily through my hymen. It was wonderful.

I was excited to let a boy slip his nice, hard cock inside me for the first time. I had read about it, watched “first time” experiences on Internet porn, and heard descriptions from Andrea and Joanie about their first times. None of it prepared me for how wonderful it actually was!

I had been hoping it would feel nice, but this was beyond anything I could have imagined. As he entered me I felt completed. With his hard cock inside me I felt as if I owned the world. As his cock rubbed along the sides of my vaginal canal I felt the tingles my nerve endings created in my head as his cock rubbed against me.

As he went deeper and deeper inside me I felt more and more completed, as if this had been my mission in life: To be filled and fulfilled with Anthony’s hard cock. When he came inside me I could feel his cock retract and squirt his seed into the rubber. Thank goodness for that. I liked Anthony but I did not want to carry his baby!

We did it twice more. The second time was rear entry and I had visions of Salt and Pepper going at it as Anthony fucked me silly. The third time was with me on top, with my boobs bouncing around above Anthony’s voracious eyes. We used all three of the Trojans that had been in the packet. I was hooked. We had sex every time after that. I remember saying to Anthony, “From now on it’s your job to bring the condoms, big boy.”

One time Anthony forgot to bring the Trojans and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I denied him my body. I bought off his frustration however by giving Anthony his first ever blowjob. It was also the first time I had given one to a boy. That night I gave him two blowjobs and a hand job. Anthony was ecstatic but he never again forgot the Trojans!


Anthony had fucked me three times once again the night before Cammie and I were riding. Cammie knew this because I had told her as we gabbed by the pond. Cammie made me describe it in great detail for her, too. I had yet to give Anthony a second session of blowjobs. He was still too infatuated with fucking. I had almost no experience with blowjobs. I was not in a hurry however. That time would come.

I was still naked and Cammie suddenly decided to join me as she stripped off her clothes too. She has a nice body. It’s the type teenage boys love. She has nice mature boobs and curves exactly where they’re supposed to be. We made a luscious pair of sexy young women, Cammie and I.

We left Pepper and Salt there to graze and we went to relax on the other side of by the pond, both of us still naked and aroused, trying to calm down. Once we were downwind from Salt and our smell was gone, he calmed down too. We talked incessantly about how hot that was to see Salt all aroused and we lay on the grass, closing our eyes. I drifted off to sleep and I think Cammie did too.

The Jackson twins woke us both up with a start. They too had been out on their horses and they had stumbled upon us. Once they saw us there, both naked, they tried to be quiet to let us continue to sleep as they drank in the sight of us both naked. They also took countless pictures of us with their cell phones.

Cammie shrieked which abruptly woke me up and her cry agitated Salt and Pepper. As my eyes focused and I saw the deranged smiles on the Jackson twins I quickly became aware of the situation. Now being an old hat at being naked in front of a boy, thanks to Anthony, I stood up trying to retain some dignity.

“It’s not nice to sneak up on a girl like that boys. You certainly gave us a start,” I said, as Cammie was still screaming and looking for something to cover her nudity. Our clothes were over at the other side of the pond. I had a flash of genius.

“Cammie, I accept your dare, but let’s both of us go riding naked! We’ll pull a Lady Godiva. Want to ride with us, boys? Come on Cammie, I dare you,” I said, seeing Cammie’s shock and horror in her eyes. This way I would be turning a bad situation into something fun.

“I know it’s a dare and I can’t say no, but please retract it, won’t you please Luisa? Please?” Cammie said.

That was three pleases in one short reply. God is merciful we’re always told, and as it turns out, so am I. “Okay,” I said. “I’ll ride alone with the twins. Come on, boys. Marvin, give me a hand mounting Pepper, won’t you please?”

Marvin’s twin Harvey sniggered, apparently at my use of the word ‘mounting.’ I guess since I was naked he took it as suggestive. Maybe it was? If it was, it was definitely not on purpose!

I was not afraid of the twins. They lived on a neighboring farm and I had grown up with them. We all three had often played together from when we were little. We all had a love of all things equestrian in common. They were good men.

My boobs were a little too big to ride a horse without a bra or better a sports bra! I knew I could not do this for too long. I had given my clothes to Marvin to put in his saddle bags. Marvin cupped his hands to give me a leg up so that I could swing my other leg to the other side of Pepper. Pepper gave me a nice snort hello and Marvin let out a low whistle when he saw my exposed pussy.

Well, it couldn’t be helped. Get over it Marvin, I silently thought. In truth however, I liked the tease of flashing my pussy at him. I loved teasing the twins. This however was my first time teasing them sexually. I was excited.

Harvey announced he would hang with Cammie for a little while. We should ride on ahead. I turned to look and he had his arm around Cammie with his hand on her boob. Cammie was not protesting, just blushing. I knew she had long held a secret schoolgirl crush on Harvey, and now she was naked in his arms. Hmmm.

Marvin and I rode off slowly, talking as we rode. Marvin could not take his eyes off my boobs as they constantly jiggled from Pepper’s bouncing motion. Given the sexually charged atmosphere any intelligent conversation was not really an option. At one point he asked, “Is it true Luisa that girls like riding because their privates get rubbed a lot and that makes them hot and bothered?”

“That’s not why I ride, Marvin, but I have to admit it sure is a nice side benefit! It’s especially pronounced riding naked. I am thoroughly turned on,” I said.

“Want to do something about it, Luisa? You look stunningly gorgeous today.” Marvin said.

“I’m Anthony’s girl. You know güvenilir bahis şirketleri that,” I said.

“Everyone knows it, Luisa. After Anthony posted those pictures the whole school knows!”

“What pictures?” I asked, as my stomach entered my throat.

“You don’t know about them? Nobody told you?”

“That’s right. Am I compromised in them?” I asked.

“You could say that. Two especially. I’ll show you when we dismount.”

“Let’s dismount now,” I said. I needed to pee I was so upset! “What makes those two pictures special?”

“They’re pictures of you engaged in sex,” Marvin said. “You’re blowing him in one picture and having sex in another.”

“Oh my God. Oh my God. Now I’ll go to jail, and be in prison the rest of my life!” I said.

“It’s not a crime, Luisa. Calm down,” Marvin said.

“Murder is a crime. My Dad has a large gun collection. I know just the gun that will do the job. I’ll use his Smith & Wesson Model 19 Classic. Not much recoil, good balance, and accurate. I’m a good shot. Anthony will think we’re going to fuck again and I’ll simply blow him away. Don’t warn him, Marvin. Come on, let’s dismount and you can show me the pictures using your phone.”

Marvin dismounted first and cupped his hand to help me. Once again, he enjoyed the free look at my pussy. It was now red and engorged from all the rubbing it incurred whilst I was riding naked on the back of the lovely Pepper.

I was so upset I had forgotten that I was naked. I stood next to him as he scrolled through all the pictures of me that Anthony had started circulating among the boys at our high school. I was too upset and I ran around 20 feet away from him and vomited. Then I collapsed in a puddle and cried. My world had collapsed around me.

I’m sure Marvin did not know what to do. Probably he was jealous of his brother who was doing who knows what with Cammie while his girl Luisa was naked, sure, but she was vomiting and sobbing. Marvin was smart. He left me alone and stroked the horses, talking calmly to both of them. I saw out of the corner of my eye the skill with which he handled Pepper. Pepper could tell I was upset and she had become a bit agitated on my behalf. Horses are like that.

Horses are a lot like dogs. They’re faithful and protective. Horses can be your best friend and Pepper was certainly my best friend.

Eventually when I had cried myself dry Marvin came over to comfort me. He sat down next to me and we exchanged banal conversation. It was strange I suppose for me to be naked and having such a conversation with Marvin. I was impressed with Marvin for resisting the urge to molest me. The temptation of my nudity must have been formidable. His eyes were certainly glued to my boobs much of the time.

The gallop of a horse with a hysterical, naked young woman on it woke us up from our reverie. Cammie dismounted and Marvin and I both tried to calm her down to the point where we could get a story out of her. All she could say was “Harvey.” I did not see any signs of cum on her or oozing out of her vagina, so I was not worried on that score. Harvey had not forced himself on her.

Harvey however had come close, as we eventually learned as Cammie sobbed out the recounting of what had happened. They had made out and things got hot and heavy as things tend to do. At one point they were both naked and Cammie was blowing Harvey when he pulled her from his cock and decided it was time for the real thing. He pushed her down, spread her legs, and mounted her, ignoring her increasingly urgent protests.

Cammie apparently hit him in the face and stunned him. That cooled his ardor and Cammie quickly mounted Salt and rode off naked, at a gallop. We got her calm, too. “Did you two do…?” Cammie asked.

“Marvin was the perfect gentlemen. He’s going to visit me in prison after I kill Anthony” I said. We explained the pictures to Cammie.

“Here’s a better idea. If Marvin’s willing, why don’t you cheat on Anthony with Marvin? I can film it and we can arrange for the bastard Anthony to see the video? Marvin looks to be pretty big. He’s no Salt, but still,” and then we both began to giggle at the thought. “Harvey is also hung, too, by the way.”

“Well, they’re identical twins,” I said.

I was a little unsure about this prospect. It would be cheating on Anthony of course, but after what he did that did not bother me. Cammie would be watching me and filming it too, but videos of Anthony and me getting it on were apparently already circulating widely. No, what bothered me was that I grew up with the twins. I loved them as if they were brothers. If we made the relation sexual it would be changed forever. Did I want that? I was scared, quite frankly. My mouth made my decision for me.

“What do you think, Marvin? You up for a little hanky-panky with Cammie being the cameraman?”

“Camerawoman,” Cammie said.

“Very much so,” Marvin said, drinking in the beautiful naked body of my best friend Cammie. “Most definitely a camerawoman,” he added as Cammie blushed.

On the other hand, I thought, I did love Marvin, and he had matured into one hell of a sexy man. I would much prefer making love with him to doing it again with Anthony. I guess I would be trading up. Hold that thought, I told myself.

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