A Japanese Adventure Ch. 09

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Chapter 9: Stability and Security

We left the store feeling so good. My joy lessened when noticing Wen often moving her hand to press it against one eye. It troubled me she was still dealing with repeated headaches. Deciding to celebrate the news of the Tanaka-takedown, we decided on a restaurant we had never visited. It was close to home and from the number of patrons inside, we knew the food would be good. While waiting for a table we met another couple who lived but a few doors from us. They extended an offer to join them and Wen accepted. We had a great lunch with our new friends although kept the real reason why we felt so joyful to ourselves.

When we arrived home, we found an official from the Chinese Consulate waiting at the curb. “I have orders to bring you both to my supervisor in Nagasaki.”

Nagasaki was more than an hours’ drive from Sasebo.

“Good or bad news,” Wen asked in Chinese.

“Good. Very good for you.”

The gentleman at the front desk greeted us warmly. How curious it was to see the change in his demeanor. When we first met, he was all business and skepticism. Today he was all smiles, bows, and handshakes.

“We have all your documents,” he told Wen. “Your information all checked out.”

She looked at him questioningly. “Did you think I was lying?”

“Oh, no, ma’am. Not at all. I meant to say that we were able to verify everything. We even located the original documents you brought with you to Japan some years ago.”

He handed her the manilla envelope. Wen looked inside. “You got these from Tanaka, didn’t you?

“I only work in the office. I don’t know where they were obtained.”

“They came from Kaito Tanaka. She held up her passport. This one did, anyway.”

“As I told you, I only work at the front desk. I didn’t do the research.”

Wen changed the topic. “Did anyone speak to my mother? Did anyone find her?”

“Yes, yes. She is living where you said she was.”

“Can I go see her?”

“That is the other reason why we came to pick you up. The Chinese government wishes to extend a hand of welcome for you to see your mother or for your mother to come and see you.” He smiled and grinned.

“What about my American friend. Can he go too?”

“So, you have a passport, sir?”

“I do.”

“Then I don’t see a problem. I believe he will only be permitted to stay a month. If longer he will need to appeal his stay with the Chinese government.”

“That will be fine. Thank you for all you did on behalf of Wen.”

“It is my pleasure to serve her,” the man answered. He walked from behind his desk and escorted us to the front door. “Your ride is outside and will return you home.”

Wen looked at the man. “No thank you. We will get back home later. First, we will celebrate in Nagasaki. Later we will take the train to Sasebo.” She giggled. “Maybe we will spend the night here and play. I don’t know yet what we will do but we are not going home now.”

I shrugged. The man grinned. We both looked at Wen who was now beaming with joy.

She left the Consulate on cloud-nine. In the span of 24-hours, her world flipped upside down. Kaito had been taken down, Mistress Su and Meiko’s life had been forever changed, her fellow slaves were now free and best of all, her mom was alive. Wen grabbed my hand and skipped down the walkway while I jogged along beside.

“Take me somewhere to eat! Take me away! Take me to bed! Take me to China!!” She cried. “Oh, mother… I am so happy for you!”

Wen was elated and I was thrilled to see her life take another positive turn. “We can do all of that,” I yelled.

She kissed me on the lips. “Then, we will do all of that. First, let’s eat something fun.”

Rather than going formal, we opted for a sushi bar and spent the next hour filling our bellies and talking about the day. Most of Wen’s thoughts centered on her mother. I listened mostly but asked questions frequently. I asked about her home. I wanted her to go back to that place in her thoughts and tell me all about life growing up as a Chinese girl. I learned much.

Wen’s mom, Nadia Li, worked on a farm about an hour southwest of Chengchun, the city where Wen was spotted and taken by Kaito. On that fateful day, she had accompanied her mother and the farm-owner into the city to handle some financial matters. Nadia, although growing up as one of the many workers on this particular farm, had made her way from rice-planter to office-worker. It was a promotion she had obtained only months before Wen’s abduction.

“Her promotion came with a pay increase,” Wen informed me. “Mom is really smart and even though she worked doing mindless jobs in the fields for all those years, the owner finally noticed how smart she was. I remember the owner calling her into his office to see if she could do the work of the previous worker who had been taken ill. Not only did Mom know everything about the workings of the farm but she did well. I was so happy when she came home with the good news later that day. Life güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri wouldn’t be easy but at least she wouldn’t have to spend the remainder of her days bent over in the fields.”

“Does she live nearby?”

“Yes, everyone lives on the farm. We don’t travel like we do here. People travel, but the farmworkers all live in clusters around the main owner’s house. If you were to look at the farms in China from a plane, you would see lots of fields with little groupings of houses everywhere.”

I sat thinking about Nadia. Wen stopped talking and then asked, “What are you thinking?”

“About money.”

“Do you always think about money? You have more than you could ever spend.”

“Not always. I was thinking about your mom. Wondering if we could help her in some way.”

“We could take her with us. That would help,” Wen offered.

“I wondered about that. You know her. I don’t. I don’t know what her ties to home are, what family she has there, what friends, or even if moving is something she would even consider. What do you think she would like?”

Wen considered my question. “I don’t know. All she knows is work. It’s all she’s done all her life. It’s what everyone does. We all work.”

“Some people like to work. The man who started the business with me is that way. He will work until he is 80 if he can. He loves it. I don’t know if your mom is that way. She’s worked out of necessity. Maybe she loves it. Maybe she hates it.”

I stopped staring at the plate of fish and turned to look at my pretty woman across from me. “I guess you two will have to talk. Do you think you should let your mom know you are coming?”

“Yes. I can call the owner. Mom doesn’t have a phone.”

“Maybe we can see if she can get away from her obligations for a few days. It would be good for the two of you to spend some time together. Is that a possibility?”

“I’ll ask the owner. I hope so.”

We walked the city streets for another hour. Wen spotted a small hotel that garnered her appeal. “Let’s stay there for the night.”

She checked us in and together we went to our room. It was small and simple but clean.

“Ready my bath, slave,” she said some while later. The show on TV had just ended. Wen stretched as I stood. “I don’t know why, but I feel tired.”

“Me too. Maybe it’s been all the excitement.”

Wen shrugged and then smiled. “I don’t know,” she said with a yawn. “But I am so happy for the other slave-girls.”

“It’s hard to believe we took down Kaito, isn’t it?”

“You took him down. I didn’t know how to do it. But those girls, I didn’t even know their names. We never shared that information. We are all just numbers. I was number five.”

“Did you ever talk?”

“We all talked. Little here. A little there. Never to the guys but we knew what was happening in the house. It was always in whispers and only when our heads were so close that no one could hear.” She smiled thinking.

“I never spoke a word to any of the guys. I hardly even looked at them. Only that first day. The slave that showed me around the garage spoke a little but it was all business.”

When the tub had filled, we continued our reminiscing in the warm water while enjoying a lazy bubble bath. After drying my pretty girl, she pressed her naked body against mine and draped her arms around my neck.

“I want to try another one of my fantasy positions while you eat me.”

“What does my beautiful girl have in mind this evening?”

“Something you’ll like. Come. Watch.”

Wen dropped her towel and climbed on the bed. She knelt while I watched from just beyond the foot of the bed. Backing toward me she brought her feet to the very edge and then spread her knees wide apart. I watched her pussy open.

“God, you are beautiful, Wen.”

Wen arched her back and pressed her tummy to the bed. Her ass turned upward while her chest and head rested on the plush cotton sheets. With her legs spread so far apart, even her labia separated. I could see deeper in and couldn’t wait to press my tongue three inches into that sweet wetness.

“You are so seductive. Damn you are hot!”

She giggled. While still laying in her contorted but erotic pose, she bent her body to the right – and far enough to see behind. “Come and enjoy. Make me feel good.”

Kneeling, I planted two hands against silky smooth ass-cheeks. Her pussy, looking as inviting and as alluring as ever yearned for me to please it. Wen smiled. Reaching behind, she gripped a fistful of hair and pulled me into her sex.

“Mmmmm. Yep, this is how I thought it would feel,” she mused.

With her legs spread so wide, her ass splayed open and permitted me easy access to her hole and crease. While my mouth ministered to her delicacy, I ran my hands up and over her back. Feeling the small of her back arching so far down I could see why her ass looked so hot.

“Mmmm, I sighed thinking about how she looked in my mind from afar. The vision was too powerful. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I pulled back to look. I caught her still looking behind. She was smiling.

“Wen, you are amazing. I can’t believe how sensual your body looks.”

Bending toward her, I kissed her lips.

“I like you telling me things like that but I want you to stop talking and center your efforts on what is in front of your face.”

Wen smiled brightly. Before making her command. “Lick me, my slave.”

“Yes, my mistress.”

Finding her flower already somewhat open, I brought my lips to her parted labia and played with them. It was a technique she loved me doing. Wen’s flaps were so sensitive and soon she lay cooing with delight. She grabbed my hair and pulled me into her again. Figuring she wanted more I delved inside to begin rimming her tunnel on my way to her prized spot – that little patch of super-erotic tissue that sent her feelings heavenward. I took my time and while I played with her cunt, I allowed myself the freedom to explore her body with both hands.

“Mmmm,” she sighed.

Deciding to try something a little different I withdrew my tongue and inserted first one, and then two fingers into her soaking wet hole.

“Ohhhh!! Yesss, Nameru. Keep doing that! Mmmm”

Fucking her tunnel with one hand, I licked and played with her ass with my tongue and finger. Soon after, she was ready. Rather than bringing her to fruition this way I stood with legs wide and replaced my fingers with my stalk.”

Wen grunted. Wen moaned. Wen sighed. Wen gasped and soon Wen began begging for more.

Pumping my pole in and out of her pornstar body, I drilled on until she came.

I waited for her to calm with my cock still buried inside. When the rush of emotion passed Wen pushed me back using the heel of one leg. She rolled over and motioned with open arms for me to join her. While I laid on one side with my lower leg bent, she lay facing me but situated her body on my lower leg. She felt so yummy! Her tiny body lay within mine. My arms and legs closed around her frame and pulled her in tightly.

“I want you inside. Don’t move. Just come inside.”

I aimed my manhood at her crevice and once more united myself with this gorgeous goddess. Once in, I pulled her ass tight until all of me was lost in her world of black desire.

We kissed and stared into one another’s eyes. It was a time of quiet closeness and one I knew I’d remember as one of our more special times. Now and again, Wen pumped her hips but mostly we remained united as one.

“I want to marry you when we go to see my mom.” She stroked my face with her delicate hand and waited for me to respond.

At first, I only smiled. Then we kissed again. I didn’t need to say anything although I was certain she could see my answer in my eyes.

Wen added, “I want to marry you and I want you will become my husband. Everyone will know you belong to me because you will take my surname. You will be known as Chaun Li, wife of Wen Li, and the son-in-law of Nadia Li, the woman who will witness our union.”

My eyes welled with tears when hearing this additional information. I couldn’t have imagined a better thought or outcome to our burgeoning relationship. She wanted me to be her slave and by taking her name, I would move closer to being that man in her life.

How differently she approached slavery than Su or Meiko. Wen was spectacularly-gorgeous. There were no two ways around it. She was stunning, both in facial appearance and physical attributes.

What name she wanted me to take didn’t matter. Like I said during those days she wrestled with her own decision about what name she wanted to be known by, it was just a name. For her to name me Chaun and to know why she wanted to call me by this signified how close – even sacred – she wanted me. I was her stability, her financial security, her rock, and in some respects, her savior. But she, although not thinking she was, was just as much my rock and my savior as I was hers.

What separated Wen from Su was her love and compassion. Even though she sometimes referred to me as her slave, in many ways I felt her equal. I felt loved. I felt cared for. I felt respected and we were the best of friends. I didn’t have to worry about being disciplined or humiliated by being made to sleep in a cage. I wasn’t made to eat women I didn’t know. I wasn’t ever chained to a wall or sleep in a locked cage. The difference between Wen and Su was the presence and absence of love, and that single factor made all the difference.

“I’m happy to be known as Chaun. My owner as chosen well..” I said in a hushed voice.

Wen smiled tenderly. “I’ve never thought of myself as your owner. That sounds like a lot of responsibility.”

“It is but I don’t require much. A little of this goes a long way for me.” I pumped my cock to let her know what I was referring to.

She giggled and kissed me. “I want to do something for you. I’ve been thinking about this güvenilir bahis şirketleri for several days.” Wen slowly pumped her hips while talking. “I was thinking about you telling me about you and Su and the 69 you guys did.”

I nodded.

“I don’t want you to think about those thoughts again. I want to cleanse your mind of her. I want you to only think about me and what we do.”

“Me too.” She was right. It wasn’t healthy for me to dwell on my past – even those memories which involved good sex.

“I want to do a 69 with you. I’m going to pump my pussy on your gorgeous cock until you are ready and then I’m going to get in position. You can cum in my mouth while you eat me. Enjoy this because I don’t know if I’ll ever swallow you again.”

I smiled but wondered if she really wanted to taste me. I didn’t want anything we did to feel forced. “If you don’t want to do that, then don’t. I hardly ever think about her anymore. You are my life, Wen. Just you. Not her.”

She shook her head. “It’s not that. I want to. I want to see how you taste and I want to share my body with you. You know I like playing and trying new things. This is another one of those experiments.” She continued to move. I closed my eyes.

“Look at me. Look at me. Look at my body. Look at my pussy swallowing your big cock. Soak me into your mind. Enjoy me in every possible way.” She smiled beautifully. “When you get close, tell me.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Mmmm, perfect words coming from a perfect man.”

Wen took her time, prolonging my rise to climax. She never looked more beautiful than now. Her small body lay near mine. Her hips never stopped. In and out, she glided. Her motion remained fluid and easy. I watched my cock appear and vanish over and over again. Whenever I looked up at Wen, I always found her looking back at me.

“It’s a beautiful thing to see, isn’t it? You being so big and me being so small. Yet it all fits perfectly inside me, Chaun. We were meant to be one.”

“It is amazing and you are beautiful. Does this feel good for you?”

” Mm-mmm,” she acknowledged. “But I’m concentrating on you. My body is yours for the taking right now. Indulge your eyes. Take. Take from me. Take me, Chaun. Take me.”

Her words grew my arousal. I felt my balls tightening. She was indeed the picture of a goddess. I stared at her breasts resting firm and round on her small chest. Her waist, so tiny I could almost touch my fingers and thumbs to one another if I tried, accentuated the curve down to the crest of her hips. Focusing on her center lay her treasure – her yoni – as the Hindu referred to it. She was an amazing woman and a delight to my eyes.

“I’m getting closer.”

“Can you take a little more?”

“Maybe another minute or two.”

She grinned “Say when. I can’t wait to taste you.”

She moved. I lusted. The two minutes took only 30 seconds.


Quickly Wen slipped off and took my cock in her mouth. Pumping and sucking she drew out my seed. I came with a grunt and filled her mouth with white cream. Wen took it all. Waiting for the spurting to stop, she sucked while milking my vein.

Coming to lay on her side while facing me, our lips touched. My tongue entered her mouth. Wen allowed me in. I tasted what she tasted. We made out passionately, taking our time to kiss as only lovers do. There was no hurry and the intensity with which I felt her love for me was without equal. Amidst moans and coos, she claimed my face. Her tongue ravaged my mouth and I knew then, there would never again be any memory of Su doing this to me. Wen was making sure of that. While still making out, she pulled on my cock and pushed it inside her tunnel. She pumped and came to a quick climax.

“Did you like that?” She asked. She was still nestled within my arms and legs with me wrapped around her so tightly. She felt so small and yet so very very good. Her vaginal muscles milked my cock while waiting for an answer.

I kissed her sweet nose and brushed my hand against the side of her cheek. “I loved it. I love everything you do to me and everything we do together.”

Her smile is contagious. It was so perfect. ” you tasted pretty good. I might have to do this again. I liked feeling all of that warm juice flood my mouth.”

“You did?” It was not a response I expected. I thought she sucked and ate my cum only to push the memory of what mistress Su and I had done out of my mind.

“Yes! It tasted sweet! And you know me… I love controlling your body to make it do what I want. Knowing I can do that to you turns me on.”

when I didn’t say anything, Wen reached between her legs and brought a pussy-soaked finger to my face and slowly wiped it over my nose and around my lips.

” see how horny I am? I was thinking about me grinding my pussy over these pretty lips of yours.” she kissed me. ” I feel so loved by you. I can’t wait to marry you. I can’t wait to make you mine. I can’t wait for us to be legally one. Everything about you, Chaun, makes me so happy.”

“I feel the same way about you. I am the luckiest man in the world. You know,” I said after pausing to think, there is a saying in America that applies to us.”

“What saying is that?”

“I am definitely marrying up.”

She giggled even though I knew she didn’t know what it meant.

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