A Good Patient

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It was Dr. Maddox Brennan’s first day on the job. He had become a gynecologist because his mother had died of ovarian cancer when he was thirteen. He was very nervous and didn’t know quite what to expect. He straightened his white lab coat over his 6’2” frame. His captivating brown eyes ringed with a dark green sparkled with anticipation and anxiety. He felt his stomach muscles clenching around his firm six-pack as he wondered what the day would bring for him.

Meanwhile, in Dr. Brennan’s waiting room, Raine Alexander was fidgeting impatiently. She had come to the gynecologist without telling anyone, because she had an embarrassing secret – she had never had an orgasm in her life. She had tried masturbating, having her boyfriends go down on her, vibrators, dildos, and out of complete desperation, had even raided the vegetable drawer in the refrigerator.

Starting from her feet, following her curves upward, any man would find her attractive; her luscious breasts rested casually in her low-cut white tank top. Her tight black mini-skirt fell halfway to her knees, with a slit cut halfway up the side. Her eyes darted around the room, hoping no one could tell what she was there for. Finally, after what seemed like ages, the nurse called her name. She got up and followed her back to the clinical room.

She sat for a few minutes, just looking around, until the doctor entered. He asked her simply to address him as “Dr. Maddox.” She keçiören escort agreed, thinking to herself that he looked too young to be a real doctor. She studied the floor as he asked her what she was there for. She mumbled stammeringly, “I don’t think I can have orgasms.” Dr. Maddox was shocked. He had never seriously considered this problem in medical school. He certainly hadn’t expected to encounter it with his very first patient.

Gently he slipped her mini-skirt off to reveal her silky black thong underwear. In his preoccupied state, he had forgotten to get her the robe that was standard for all patients to wear during an exam. She was trembling, and he looked up at her for assurance as he removed her thong. She nodded, and he guided her to a reclining position on the medical bed. As he peered at her beautiful, shaven, pink pussy lips, he felt his pulsating 9-inch rod start to come to life. He tried not to think of her sexually, but he couldn’t stop the thoughts of sliding his throbbing cock into her warm pussy. Slowly he opened her up and placed two fingers into her. She gasped in surprise. He began to work his fingers in and out of her at a steady rate, and she moaned quietly with pleasure. “Does that feel good?” Dr. Maddox asked. “Yes,” Raine replied, “but not good enough.”

Determined now to help this girl, Dr. Maddox discreetly leaned his mouth toward her now-glistening love mound. He noticed kızılay escort that her clit had aroused itself out from its covering and was directly in his line of vision. He deftly stuck his tongue out and swirled around it, eliciting loud sighs of joy from Raine. Taking this as encouragement, he proceeded to stick his tongue into her love canal and fuck her orally. She bucked her hips back at him. He continued thrusting his tongue into her, until she grabbed his head and said, “This is great, but it isn’t working either.”

Mischievously, he stood up and unbuttoned his lab coat. She looked at him encouragingly as he slipped out of the coat and pulled his shirt over his head. She gasped as she took in his sculpted abs, smooth pecs, and dark trail of hair leading down to his love muscle. As he let his pants drop to the floor, Raine realized he had a larger cock than she had experienced in her life. She became even wetter, partly over the size, and partly looking forward to the orgasm she hoped he could produce.

Dr. Maddox climbed on top of Raine, gripped her hips firmly, and thrust into her quivering labia. She squirmed and sighed, feeling his girth throbbing between her walls. He pushed all the way into her, leaned in close, and whispered, “Maybe this will solve your problem.” She could only moan as he began to pound into her wildly, taking one hand off of her hip and feeling under her tight tank kocatepe escort top. She whinnied as he rolled her nipples between his index finger and his thumb, and he kissed her hard to silence her. He removed his hand from her tits and reached down to gently flick and tease her pebble. After a few minutes of this, she began to tremble and shake. “This feels so good,” she gasped. “Is this what I’ve been missing?”

Dr. Maddox said nothing as her pussy walls squeezed his cock tight, like a warm, wet hand. He shuddered as he began to cum hard inside of her, shooting his eruption into her womb. As soon as she felt his hot, sticky cum inside of her, she screamed out and felt her very first orgasm rip through her body. It was the most wonderful feeling she had ever experienced. She panted, grabbed Dr. Maddox’s face and kissed him passionately.

As he dismounted, he picked his pants up off the floor and looked down at Raine. “I hope I’ve been able to help you,” he said, smiling slyly. She nodded, still caught in the throes of her massive release. Slowly she sat up. Dr. Maddox handed her the skirt and thong from the floor, and she took them and slipped them back on. She hopped off the bed, walked a bit unsteadily to the door, grinned backward at the good doctor, and walked out the door.

Raine stopped at the nurse’s desk on her way out. She made an appointment for later in the week. As she was talking to the nurse, Dr. Maddox came walking out of the examination room. He handed her a cherry-red lollipop, winked, and said, “For being such a good girl today.” She blushed and looked away from his glinting eyes. Raine was practically jumping for joy as she climbed into her car, anxiously lusting for her next doctor’s appointment.

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