A Good Morning!

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I’m Bob and my wife is Gabby.

Gabby knows I love it when she is dominant and she did not disappoint the other morning!

Saturday Gabby spent the day throwing a birthday party for one of our kids and 12 of his friends, she basically ran herself ragged taking care of everyone’s demands.

I had to work so I couldn’t be there for the whole party. I got home around 5:30 and decided to kick back and relax. I figured she would call me if she needed my help.

Gabby got home around 8:00p.m and asked me what I did after work.

When I told her she started to unload on me asking why I didn’t come down and help.

I apologized and explained I thought she would call me if she needed me and told her I would make it up to her.

Gabby said “You’ll make it up alright!”

I saw how tired she was so I told her to go sit in front of the TV and I brought her a glass of her favorite wine.

Gabby drank it down and then told me she was going to bed.

After she went down the hall and into the bedroom I ran out to the store and picked up some cinnamon rolls for her to have for breakfast, I know she loves them and I wanted her to start her day off on a good note.

When I got back home I got the kids to sleep and stayed up a bit more to make sure the house was settled. Then I went to bed.

When I woke up in the morning Gabby was sitting next to me in bed glaring at me!

I say “I’m sorry” again and “I want to make it up, I bought cinnamon rolls!”

Gabby says “It’s time to make up for yesterday, get up out of bed right now boy and get me some breakfast!”

I say” Yes Ma’am”

Gabby says “don’t forget the coffee, either!”

I say “Yes Ma’am”

I get out of bed and start to but my shorts on and Gabby says” No, just stay in your boxers and turn on the TV”

So I run out and make some coffee and pour her a cup with cream and a bit of sugar just the way she likes it. I also put 2 big cinnamon rolls on a plate and head for the room.

When I get to the room I set all the stuff on the night stand next to her.

Gabby looks up at me and says “It’s about time boy, what took you so long?”

I apologized and promised I would do better next time.

Gabby picks up the coffee üçyol escort and sips it and tells me “lock the door, I want some entertainment with my breakfast”

So I lock the door and walk towards the bed.

Gabby tells me “that’s far enough” “Now rub your cock thru your boxers, I want to see your bulge grow!”

As soon as she said it my cock started to grow but I started to rub my cock thru my shorts with one hand.

At the same time Gabby picks up her cinnamon roll and lick some of the glaze off of it and comments that it looks just like her tit covered with my load.

I am now mostly hard and I have a wet spot where the tip of my cock is leaking pre-cum!

Gabby says “Pull that cock out for me!”

I pull the top band of my boxers out with one hand and reach in and pull my cock out with the other. Gabby takes a bite of her cinnamon roll in the sexiest way I have ever seen anyone eat in my life.

While she is still chewing Gabby leans over and opens the nightstand and reaches in to grab a bottle of Lube and tosses it at me.

I catch it.

Gabby says “Put some of that on your cock and start stroking it for me, but don’t you even think about Cumming until I tell you that you can!”

“Do you understand?”

“Yes Ma’am, I won’t cum until you tell me”

I squirt a descent amount in the palm of my hand and I proceed to stroke my cock. I stroke nice long full length strokes at first, and then I play with just the tip for a bit.

Gabby is watching me while she finishes the first roll. Just as she finishes she tells me to lose the boxers so pull them off and continue stroking.

Gabby says “Play with your balls, Lube them up to”

So I slide my hand down the length of my cock and start rubbing and squeezing my balls, she licks her lips.

Gabby looks up at me and says “What? You look like you want to ask me something?”

So I ask” Can I stroke my cock with my other hand while I play with my nuts?”

“Mmm, of course you can, but don’t you dare cum!”

“Yes Ma’am”

I squirt some lube in my other hand and with one hand playing with my balls the other is stroking my shaft. My God I could just shoot my load right now so I slow the pace.

Gabby üçyol escort bayan Says loudly “Why are you slowing?”

“I’m trying not to cum as you wish, but you are just so fucking hot may not make it much longer”

Gabby says “Stop stroking, now!” and she stands up next to the bed and drops her panties to the floor then sits on the edge of the bed so that her legs are hanging off the bed and waves me over to her. I am now standing in front of her with my cock about to drip a huge drop of pre-cum which she scopes up with 2 fingers and then shoves her fingers in my mouth and tells me to suck it off her fingers like a good boy.

I do.

Gabby then picks up the remaining cinnamon roll and asks “Would you like to eat it for me?”

“Yes Ma’am I would love to eat it for you!”

Gabby takes the cinnamon roll, spreads her legs wide open and rubs the glazed side of the roll all over her pussy and then sets it back on the plate.

Gabby leans back onto one elbow and with her other hand she spreads open her pussy and looks right at me and tells me “Well then, eat it”

I immediately drop to my knees and start licking that sticky glaze from her pussy.

Gabby says “You better keep stroking that cock while you’re eating your breakfast, but don’t you dare cum!”

I’m licking that pussy every which way and stroking my cock at the same time.

Gabby says “that’s it, suck on my pussy, lick all those juices up you little Bitch!

Wow, she has never been this verbally aggressive. But I was really turned on by it. So I licked even harder and faster than normal. I guess she liked it because a few seconds later she grabbed my hair with both hands and literally started fucking my face! I could barely breathe but I didn’t care!

“Oh, Yeah”

“Oh, Yeah”

Gabby Asks “You want to eat my cum?”

I respond “I want to eat your cum!”

“Yeah you want this cum?”


“Fuck Yeah, I I I I’mmm Cummmming!”

As she fucks my face and pulls my hair I suck and slurp up every drop, she tastes sooo good!

Gabby lets go and lets me lick her for another minute then pushes my head away and says” you’ve had enough of that for now.”

“I see your still stroking escort üçyol for me.”


“You’ve been a good little bitch, you haven’t cum yet”

“I’ll cum when you tell me I can cum”

“So if I tell you to cum now you could?”


Gabby picks up the plate with the cinnamon roll on it and says “We’ll you haven’t eaten your cinnamon roll yet, But it is lacking on the glaze for some reason?”

I tell her “yes, it is my fault I already licked the glaze up.”

Gabby waves her finger at me “Bad boy”

As gabby holds the cinnamon roll just under the tip of my cock she tells me “I guess you’re going to have to re-glaze it before you get to eat it.”

Gabby looks me right in the eyes and says” You can cum now.”

Without a word I start pounding my cock faster. Gabby tells me “I know you like extra glaze on your roll, so glaze it good”

“I will”

Gabby leans towards me and asks” After you glaze this roll what do you want to do with it?”

“I want to eat it.”

“So you are willing to eat this cum covered cinnamon roll for me?

“Yes, I will eat it all!”

And at that moment I shoot 5-6 huge shots across the top of that cinnamon roll completely covering it.

Gabby tells me to get it all so I shake the remaining drops onto the roll.

Gabby asks me to get the mini-vibrator out of the night stand for her, so I do.

I guess one of the shots missed slightly and landed on her thumb so she held her thumb in front of her mouth for a second so I could see the big glob of cum on it and then she sucked it off and said ” Mmm, this glaze taste way better than the glaze that was on my roll” as she hands me the plate.

Gabby tells me “Now make sure you finish all your breakfast, like a good boy” as she leans back and starts using the bullet vibrator on herself as she watches me eat my breakfast.

I take the plate and say “yes Ma’am” as I take my first bite.

Gabby asks if I like it.

I tell her “Yes”

Gabby tells me “Then eat that fucking roll before I cum again, and you better hurry!”

I kept eating as fast as I can.

Gabby moans “I love seeing you eat cum!”

My cock is getting hard again, I can’t believe it!

Gabby’s pussy convulsed as she cums just as I eat the last bite of the roll.

I’m so turned on I even lick the remaining cum from the plate and with it still on my tongue I gave Gabby a big tongue kiss, I thought she was going to suck my tongue out of my head!

It was a good Morning!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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