A Good-bye Feast

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Once again an english story with the usual ask of not blaming me too much for the bad wording and spelling of my writing in a foreign language.

This is the continuation of “A creamy beach surprise”, and “A night of lust and passion” where I (Carmen, 24 years old on holiday in Spain) had a surprising, hot creaming session and more… on the beach with a much older (66) American lady followed by a hot night at her rented beach house. So please, if you haven´t read it yet, read the first two parts first.

So this would be our last night together. We had spent every night since we had met on the beach four days ago. I was lucky that my friends also spent their nights out with their holiday lovers and so none of them really asked too much, where I spent my nights.

Shelley my, mature lady-lover and I made each night a special event and each night was filled with long and hot lesbian lovemaking. But the week was over now and we had booked our flight back home on the next day.

It was shortly after 11:00pm when I arrived at Shelley´s apartment. She opened the door for me, wearing nothing but a very short see-through nightgown. She had used the perfume again, that I loved so much on her. I enjoyed the look of her sexy ladylike appearance, her mature, beautiful breasts, showing half-erect nipples already.

“A have been waiting for you,” she whispered and we melt into a long, passionate French kiss. I moved my hands between her legs. She was soaking wet at her crotch.

“I think you have even been preparing for me,” I smiled to her. Shelley smiled back and moved one of her fingers to my lips. I could smell her juices on it and licked on it. She had been masturbating. God, I loved the taste of her pussy.

Kissing and fondling each other we moved to her bedroom and her bed. Shelley today seemed to be even more aroused than all the last days. Kissing bedava bahis me to her bed she started removing my cloth piece by piece and I was stripped naked when I finally lay on her bed. The 66year old woman immediately moved on top of me. My hands were under her night-gown now, caressing, massaging her round, soft ass. My fingers glided between her ass-cheeks playing tenderly at her anus. She moaned with pleasure. We kissed again. Her kisses were wet and wild, full of demanding lust and sex. All her experience of 66 years was in this kiss, and all her sexual lust for my 24 year-old body. Shelley kissed her way down to my nipples and started licking and sucking them. They were rock hard immediately. One of her hands was at my wet pussy now, stroking it. I was very hot too and moved my hips against her caressing hand.

Within a few minutes only her lips and tongue had reached my cunt and she was licking me to a first wild orgasm. Still hot I pulled her out of her night-gown, sucked at her tits a very short time and then pressed my mouth to her wetness, returning her favour and making her cum too. We then cuddled together, tasting the juices of each other once again as we kissed. We both had needed that quick and wild sex to settle our passion a bit.

We had now calmed down a bit and started enjoying this last night in our sexy week – Shelley enjoyed my young, firm body and I enjoyed all her mature, feminine beauty. Our hands were once more exploring every inch of the others body. Our lips were locked together, our tongues entangled in long kisses. Finally we started rubbing our whole bodies on one-another – hard nipples rubbing against each other, breast on breast, legs rubbing against wet pussies and finally wet pussy against each other. It was a very slow, very long way of making love. The heat and arousal rising slowly but constantly, bedava bonus till we were both sighing and moaning of lust and pleasure again.

I then moved down, letting my breasts and hard nipples glide over her stomach and between her opened legs. Tenderly I started to tease her whole pussy and her clit with one of my breasts and my hard nipple. My mature lady lover just lay back, her eyes closed and moaning as I rubbed her clit with my nipple, as my whole breast stroke her pussy. Her juices flowed freely and creamed my tits. It was very arousing for me too, sending shivers from my nipple through my whole body. Her cunt was now pressing eagerly against my breast and Shelley finally came in a big orgasm. I moved up to her face again and fed her my breast. Her tongue licked it and her lips kissed it clean again and her experienced mouth made me cum myself by just pleasuring my breasts.

I lay on her bed, calming down and Shelley disappeared for a short time. When she came back, she had brought a bottle of cooled champagne and a little box of strawberries.

“Looks like a feast for all senses,” I smiled and opened my arms for her. My mature lover knelt over me, sitting on my legs. I could still (or again?) feel her wetness on the skin of my legs and had a wonderful view of her mature, a little sagging breast but still so beautiful and feminine breasts. With a “bang” she opened the bottle and champagne spilled over my naked body. She filled to glasses, we toasted and drank. Then she took a red strawberry. She kissed it and slowly moved it to my lips. I wanted to take it into my mouth, but she didn´t let me. She just touched my lips, then gently moved it over my body, circled my breasts, my nipples, stroke my stomach and navel, circled my pubic hair and moved even deeper. I opened my legs a bit more and felt the strawberry tenderly stroking deneme bonusu my pussy. I was soaking wet within seconds again. She slowly bathed the strawberry in my juices, before she finally took it to her mouth and ate it. I moaned just from the sight of it.

Next she spilled some more champagne over my breasts. The cold liquid ran down between my breasts, over my stomach, some of it filling my navel, some flowing down into my bush. Shelley started licking the champagne from my body, drinking it out of my navel and licking it out of my thick, brown, pubic hair. While licking my body she again stroke my pussy with another strawberry and this time I was allowed to eat it, with the wonderful taste of my own pussy.

It was a very slow feast. After each strawberry she put more champagne over my body and finally between my legs, over my cunt and licked it all off. I started feasting myself in the same style on her and thus we played with the sparkling, cold champagne, licking it from each other bodies and with the sweet strawberries, creaming them with our love juices for a very long, very sexy time. We stuck strawberries between our pussylips and ate it out of it, we crushed strawberries into out pussies and licked them clean, tasting the wonderful mixture of the sweat fruits and our hot sex.

With the last drops of champagne and the last piece of strawberry we finally both climaxed in a long orgasm. “I´m a bit sticky now, with some kind of liquids,” I smiled kissing her. “What about a night swim?”

We climbed down to the small beach, were we had met for the first time and naked as we were we went for a swim into the warm sea. After a short swim we lay on the beach, were the small waves of the sea met it, hugging ourselves and kissing deeply, stars shining above. It was a scene like out of a Hollywood movie.

Before I had to leave the next morning I had a breakfast of my mature lady-lovers love juices and she had a breakfast of my young love juices.

We kissed goodbye and promised to meet again….

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32