A Glorious Seduction

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The following information was obtained by me, an investigative reporter from the files of a diary which was evidence in the case of a missing girl. The entries were a series of events both disturbing and a little arousing to me admittedly. My name is Jason Brant. I am an investigative reporter for the Sentinel News Paper. I felt like this story could be a definite break-through in the disappearance of the young girl. I was unable to obtain neither the computer files nor the hard-drive off of the girl’s computer. Both the police and FBI are attempting to decipher the girl’s computer hard drive. I am typing this sequence of events to better explain the facts I know about. Hopefully, I can assist with her whereabouts.

The missing girl’s name is Coco Rodrigues, nineteen, and a sophomore at the local college studying to be a teacher or psychology major that was up for debate according to her friends. She has shoulder length black hair, brown eyes, pouty lips; she’s 116 pounds and is about 5’03” in height. Coco was last seen entering a local Matinee Movie Theater five days ago and still no sign of her return. However I, Jason Brant, was able to obtain clues using the victim’s diary. I will take you back to what I believe is the beginning of this young ladies surreal life style which may have led to her disappearance.

January 28

Dear diary; today was pretty amazing. I have been accepted into a sisterhood of sorts. I met Darla Pennington my roomie who has a nice car and we went to the local Matinee Movie Theater where we actually watched a funny movie called the Forty Year Old Virgin. It was hilarious. After the movie, we both had to go to the bathroom. Both Darla and I went to the bathroom but heard some strange noises coming from the other men’s bathroom. We heard a girl’s voice and several men sounding as if they were having a great time.

When Darla and I exited the ladies room we noticed another girl exiting the men’s room. She had what appeared to be ejaculate in her hair, blouse, and chin area. Darla called her a no good cum slut. I was in shock.

February 2

Dear diary; I tried to get closure on what I had seen that day at the movie theater. I ran into the girl who was called names by Darla at the college library. She looked sweet, innocent, with wire rimmed glasses, and her hair held back by a squishy hair holder. I decided to ask her was she assaulted and needed a witness because I hated injustice. I felt this way because most of the fraternities on campus were male ego driven.

I was shocked when she told me to mind my own business. I attempted to explain that I wasn’t making fun of her no matter what my friend said about her. She looked into my eyes without batting her own and said, “Listen girl just mind your own fucking business. I wanted to be where I was at okay end of story.” I was embarrassed as she stood up with her books but forgot her purse in her hurry to leave me.

February 3

Dear diary; I believe I made a friend for life. Today, I returned the purse to Helen Whittle the girl who forgot her purse and who I recognized as being in the men’s room at the Movie Theater. I called to her, she turned wondering how I knew her name but then I held out her purse as if it were a peace offering. She smiled at me and ran over to me. I explained that she left in such a hurry that she left it hanging on her chair back.

I explained, I would have returned it sooner but the license had an out of state address. She hugged me deeply then said, “Listen I am sorry I was rude to you the other day. I am not used to girls being kind to me because of what I do and who I am.” I said I didn’t know what she meant by that. Then she remarked, “Oh, you do know, the Glory Hole in the Matinee Movie Theater.” I looked at her dumb founded as she didn’t dare make any expression at all. Helen looked embarrassed then said, “Your friend didn’t tell you what I do? She didn’t explain what I was doing in the men’s facilities? Well go on the internet and type in Glory Hole two words and just watch. I have to go and thanks, you are a life saver.”

February 7

Dear diary; I am here to explain I did google glory hole in two words. Oh my goodness, what I observed made me sopping wet between my thighs. I have masturbated to several orgasms since. I cannot get over my excitement. It is an anonymous way to experience sex with multiple partners and also sucking men’s cocks which I absolutely love. My earliest experiences as a young girl are to save my virginity.

So, I became adept at sucking cock wonderfully. I was never texture sick like most girls. I actually loved the taste of cum. I only did it for two boys in high school one was my main boyfriend at senior prom. The other young man was a next door neighbor friend, James Ryan who frequented our house visiting my brother to play video games. However, I wound up sucking James off even more than my boyfriend to be honest. I learned on his huge cock how to deep throat, swallow cum, and not gag while he pushed the last inch or two deeper into canlı bahis my soft wet mouth shaped like an “O”. I purposely would tease James without my brother’s knowledge getting a Popsicle and sitting on the couch sucking it slowly making eye contact with my intended. I would play licking up one side then the other sensually until I saw my effects on James as he would make a cock adjustment.

Then I would leave going to my bedroom, bathroom, or the den to be alone. Shortly after that James would appear with his wonderful huge cock. He would get sucked off totally. I would get my lust filled practice for my boyfriend’s smaller cock and he would get to cum. It was a serious win -win situation for me to begin college ready to satisfy the older, more experienced men.

February 9

Dear diary; I ran into Helen again at the library. The circumstances were different as I walked over to her as a friend and sat down beside her. Helen was receptive and actually very pleasant towards me. I felt a closer bond as she didn’t shun and made eye contact with me. I told her I saw what a glory hole was. I watched her as she cringed a little then I said, “I guess we all have our demons. I mean, I am by no means a saint. I went on to explain James when I was in high school. I watched as Helen dropped her guard and decided to then allow me into her amazing world.

Helen said, “I started glory holes or being actively involved in using them back in my home town. There’s an adult video shop and in the back booth’s where the men go to masturbate a girl could go back there and get her fill no questions asked. It is where I felt alive and could cum multiple times. Boys, to me, my age were so stupid, besides look at me I am not bringing home any beauty awards. So, I went there with a bigger girl I knew with really huge tits. I saw what she did and how many men were willing to satisfy her so, I decided what the heck. What could it hurt right?”

I couldn’t believe she was giving me a full confession of how it all began. Yet, I decided to see if there truly was a glory hole inside the Matinee Movie Theater. Out of curiosity, how big was it? Could you be seen by the guy if you were on your knees sucking a cock? Could I actually do something so sinister as to suck or fuck a stranger? I wrote me a note which said, brings a box of condoms with if intending to have sex. Then I remembered that Helen’s purse contained baby wipes, condoms, and a bottle of prescribed day after medication. I thought then it was an awfully strange combination.

February 14

Dear diary; Helen explained that she had a date at the Matinee Movie Theater today. Helen said it was her Valentines wish to have sex and actually get off. Helen wanted to know would I join her. I explained that I was busy. I lied. I was actually very scared and apprehensive that I might turn into Helen. I mean she detailed how she loves the different sizes, the different tastes, and even the different races which use her in various ways.

I just didn’t know if I would be able to do it because I actually knew the two men I had relations with. They were nice and clean. I pretended to have a gentleman visitor and I envied Helen as she said, “Yeah really, one gentleman caller huh? Well baby girl, I hope I have like twenty or perhaps twenty five. Have a nice night with your one though, seems orgasmic.” She chuckled at her own joke then the phone went dead.

I began wondering to myself if she knew the truth. I also wondered could I go through with it for real. I wondered if I had the guts or the desire once I got started. Then I wondered if I got started but then got addicted. I couldn’t sleep the entire night thinking about Helen and how she was getting hers. Jealousy is an evil monster and as a woman we hate losing to anyone. It was the next morning when I finally dozed off thinking I am going to at least investigate what it looks like.

February 17

Dear diary; I did it. I went to see the strange glory hole. I decided to take a photograph using my cellular device. I managed to enter the booth which had a heart on the door. It said for sweethearts on the door with a big red heart. The linoleum looked uncomfortable but I remember what Helen told me about her shirt. She explained she would wear a big bulky but soft shirt. She would kneel on it to be comfortable while she performed oral pleasures.

I was in a hurry but managed to snap two photographs of the door. I went inside the stall where the glory holes were on either side of the stall. A bottle of bleach cleaner was beside the bowl of toilet with a stack of blue heavy paper towels as if even the janitor was familiar as to what took place in this glorious place. I took a picture of the towels. I turned to get a photograph of the other hole and to my shock a huge, eight inch fat, white, circumcised cock hung in the hole. It was majestic just sitting there semi-hard with beautiful greenish-blue veins and a mushroomed shaped massive head. I was in awe. I felt like saying, “for me, seriously?”

I took a picture of it. Then I bahis siteleri touched it briefly and I heard the guy say, “Put it in your mouth sweetheart please.”

I grabbed his cock then sat down on the toilet. I stroked his cock. I know I looked embarrassed as if someone were watching me from somewhere in the bathroom or as if, any minute, Alan Funt was going to enter with a camera crew explaining, I was on X-rated Candid Camera. Oh fuck, how did I get into this? I thought, as I obeyed the guys command to suck it?

I started off slowly but then I began remembering how I used to suck back home on James’ cock. I was lost in the moment; before I knew it I was deep throating his cock and sucking his cock like a professional. I sucked his cock deep, then fast and shallow like eight or nine strokes, and lastly, I would swirl faster and faster using my tongue to go around and around his sensitive ridge. I felt his gland swell quickly and before I knew it he emptied his load into my hot wet mouth. I sucked it all down. I quickly left without even waiting for the guy to thank me or say another word. The minute his cock was emptied, I was gone. This was my very first Glory Hole experience but as I walked to my vehicle in the parking lot of the Movie Theater I realized then that I was sopping wet between my thighs.

I went home and masturbated until I exploded. I then drifted off into the best sleep. I thought about how wonderful my experience was. I now understood how Helen felt. It was exhilarating truly. I mean I was only helping the man with his need and not hurting him at all. My spirit was at peace with this euphoric feeling. My nipples were hard, my body alive, and my mind racing with every detail of what happened earlier. I thought about it and yeah this was definitely not my last experience.

February 20

Dear diary; I have given over to the glory hole once more. I decided to bring my seat cushion to use inside the bathroom for my knees. I wasn’t prepared to allow any access to anything other than my mouth today. I forgot to stop and get condoms. I just bought a ticket spontaneously. I’ll admit I was horny thinking about the previous incident and needed release.

I actually sucked a big black cock today. It was my first. In all it was veined nicely and had a soft texture but was fat hanging about nine inches. I wasn’t sure at first, if I could handle its size. I closed my eyes drifting off once more. I played a game with the first two thirds of this monster cock. I used plenty of spit making it wet. I licked the head slowly swirling saliva and semen around and around. I would then grab the shaft holding it, as straight as I could, and attempted to swallow the length. I would just suck gently on the massive head. Lick the pre-cum out of the tip eye letting it string from my tongue before slurping it nicely making moaning sounds for its benefactor.

I overheard the sexy deep voice as it encouraged me. I loved how chocolate the cock looked actually. I then got serious with my efforts in swallowing it. I took it deeper and deeper, moving with such ease and allowing my throat to open up. In about eight minutes I was finished as the guy thanked me and took off. I was left with a tasty treat of semi-sweet cum and lots of it.

I turned and on the other side another seven inch thinner white cock was hanging out. Being so turned on I didn’t hesitate. I sucked him and he had some kind of stamina, the littler cock. I sucked, jerked using my hand, and swirled my hot tongue but the guy took almost a full twenty five minutes to ejaculate. When he did explode I thought he’d never stop shooting his load. In all, that first true day of my glorious experience, I sucked off thirteen cocks. I know because I counted.

During a lull, I snuck out heading home wetter than the first time. Diary it was amazing. Remembering back, I loved that thought of the beautiful deep brown cock. It was almost magical or majestic like a chocolate colored cock. Amazing diary- please reminder- next time bring condoms so I can be fucked.

February 26

Dear diary; I been studying my ass off for two exams coming up. Not able to visit my glory hole location. I met a young fellow, Chad, who is a junior studying Biochemistry. He is a cute nerd type but looks great in a suit. He’s almost handsome in a Harrison Ford kind of way. I never thought I could fall for a big nosed fellow however, I was thinking about him making funny goofy jokes. I could tell it would crush him if he found out I had ever done a glory hole adventure.

Note to self: don’t be stupid with doing the glory hole again. You are not drawn to it. I need to use some self-control and not ruin my life and a great chance with Chad. Studying is so hard but a necessary evil. I need to learn and get my head out of the clouds because of Chad. I know the glory hole sometimes calls to me for my pussy gets soaked. I feel it drawing me to it and have been experiencing weird dreams about it. I also go on-line watching numerous videos wishing I were the girls in the videos. I am such an addict. I know bahis şirketleri I am very good at satisfying those men. The unseen faces. The amazingly beautiful cocks which hang and have my full seductive attention of each one as I play, suck, and fuck.

February 28

Dear diary; Chad and I went out on a date after I passed my two exams with flying colors. It was his way of congratulating me for a job well done. It was after dinner when I got the shock of my life and knew Chad is a pig! He was the first guy in the glory hole with the eight inch cock hanging through the opening. I never knew until after a nice dinner he took me to go to the park to feed the ducks. It was so romantic but then after feeding the ducks it became weird because I leaned in to kiss him and he said, “You’re kidding right? I wouldn’t let my dog lick your mouth.” He pulled his cock out of his trousers and said, “I mean this isn’t a glory hole but I figured I could watch you face to face this time whore.”

I was so embarrassed I stood up and said, “I don’t think so Skippy. You know I thought you were one of the nice guys. All you turned out to be is an asshole! I hate you for making me feel like you cared. It’s okay because I hate me for trusting you as well.” Diary, I went home to my dorm. I cried my eyes out. The truth is if Chad would have been a true dominant male he would have grabbed me by the back of my hair forcing his beautiful cock into my mouth. I would have forgotten the indignity then because I love the Dominant male who forces me. I cannot help that part of my trigger. If a guy asks or begs he may as well go jerk off. I like being forced into a corner, grabbed between my legs and told I am fucking him.

Darla was there and she laughed because she was a judgmental whore. Yeah, she found out about me doing what Helen did. I became public enemy number one as far as Darla was concerned. I found out why she hates us inglorious glory hole sluts so bad. Darla caught her boyfriend at one and they had a big fight breaking up. He would explain that she never wanted to give him oral pleasures and he was forced to go elsewhere for satisfaction. It was a big deal to her because they were to be married in June.

I have always found a man who never asks me a true turn on. Like with James the first time. He was using the bathroom with the door open at our house. I tried to peek and see what he was packing hiding at the edge of the door. I ducked back when I thought he glanced up into the mirror seeing me. I retreated into my room. The next thing I remember James was standing beside my bed with his huge nine inch cock hanging out saying, “Go ahead don’t be shy get a good look at it.” I tried to protest but he had snatched me by my hair forcing his cock to touch my nose and lips. I heard him say, “Kiss it and then open your fucking mouth and suck it. Do it now.” It was a simple command yet I was obeying him and my body was on fire from the sexual heat. My pussy was instantly wet as I squeezed my hands in between my thighs. I remembering sucking him completely off and swallowing it. He never thanked me or even warned me not to tell. It was as if he was never worried about anyone finding out. The only thing he did say was, “Not bad but you need to practice and get better at it.”

March 5

Dear diary; So much to tell. I decided to go to another spot that had a glory hole location. It was at an adult book store with carpeting on the floor and many more clients. I was invited by Helen. It turns out; we became fast friends because of our certain sisterhood and secret. I brought in my bag a seat cushion, bottle of scope mouthwash, baby wipes, baby oil, can of disinfectant spray, bleach bottled 409, a roll of paper towels, and a thirty box of condoms. I also had inside my bag the twelve day after pills.

This location happened to be at an adult bookstore down town. I cannot explain how much fun I had. I devoured several cocks enjoying them one after the other. I quit counting after fifteen. I loved swirling the massive meats using my hands, mouth, pussy, and even my asshole was penetrated. My goodness I had the greatest orgasm of my entire existence inside that little cubicle from a big fat eleven inch cock as I slid it inside my tight pussy again and again backing up on it. I was in heaven truly. I lost my footing as I began to orgasm my legs a weak shaking mess. I too heard Helen in the booth two doors down yelping loudly and knew she was having fun.

I then decided to concentrate on the next couple of cocks sucking them my very best. I mean the orgasm was so relaxing but it put me over the top as far as caring about the task at hand. I shouldn’t say that I mean I was diligently more focused. I kissed and made love to the cock concentrating on the ridges, the veins, and making my mouth softer than ever for this lover. I sucked, played, and licked until semen strings with saliva were hanging from his dripping tip. I would then lick the shaft on the sensitive underside while I used my index finger to swirl the strings around and around his head and shaft. I then would swallow the entire head, shaft, and swirl my hot devil of a tongue around the veiny member. I could hear the man moaning and saying how wonderful I sucked cock. I felt such pride in making the unseen man so thoroughly happy.

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