A Gift before Dinner

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As instructed, she was wearing her favorite black corset, black boots with heels and a short black leather skirt. All of this was covered by a coat only. Going out like this was quite brave, but she knew she had to do it because she had to follow his instructions, to please him.

She was waiting in the middle of the lobby, standing there, after texting him that she had arrived. Following his instructions in detail, she was not sitting down anywhere. She just stood there, looking to the direction of the elevators, hoping he would appear soon. She already considered that he might make her wait a bit, after all why would he instruct her not to sit down? Of course the hotel was a bit crowded and there were others looking at her, how she stood there right in the middle, for everyone going in and out to see. Did they know what she wore under her coat? Of course they didn’t know … but maybe they wondered, wondered why she waited there, moving around a bit, appearing a bit nervous. Maybe they wondered why she did not take one of those nice comfortable seats on the side of the large room and why she wore the coat all the time, after all it was not cold inside.

Her phone vibrated. There was a text: “I will be down shortly. Keep standing right where you are and wait.” She already knew all that, after all he told her before that this would happen, but just receiving this text after she already stood there for a while intensified all those thoughts that she had.

It took him a few minutes to send this text. Maybe he did not instantly see hers earlier and he was busy with something? Or did he make her wait on purpose a bit? And now he even told her that she had to wait more? Looking at the phone, it has only been two minutes. Somehow it felt much longer. She took a deep breath, knowing that once he would arrive, all the tension she now felt would vanish. And he would arrive soon, right?

She only knew that they would spend the weekend together. It was Friday evening and she would leave on Monday morning. He decided what they would do, exactly what she was hoping for and what she wanted. She had fantasized about this weekend for over a week now since they fixed the time. Every single day, whenever she was not distracted by her work and other responsibilities, it was on her mind. She did not know what would happen, but she just knew it would be memorable. Yes, there was also this feeling of discomfort … right now it was so strong within her, but that is what she wanted and needed. She wanted and needed him to take her out canlı bahis of her relaxing comfort zone, to give her something, a feeling, a desire, anything … anything that made her feel special, for him. To please him, to make him happy.

Only because she knew that he could make her feel this way, she agreed to this meeting. They had meet only once briefly at a formal work related event they both attended. For some reason he singled her out, spending most of the evening focusing on her, constantly looking at her, to the point where it became distracting. Yes, there was lust in his eyes … she knew and felt how much he was interested in her. She could not understand why really, but she accepted the fact. She was flattered. It made her feel wanted. There just was something about him that was hard to put into words. The business card he eventually gave her before he left was in her pocket right now. His only words were “text me” when he handed it over. She remembered how she looked at him while he was leaving and how it took her a while to understand that he was now gone.

After hesitating a bit, the next day she did text him … and the conversation that followed over the next few days was as stimulating and arousing as it was surprising to her. How could this stranger that had singled her out in that event make her feel like that? He had been dressed well … but she knew so very little of him. And then there were other women, many of them were more attractive than her – but for some reason he choose her, something she did not understand. Yet, she felt lucky that he did … the fantasies she had that were triggered from their texting turned out to be amazing masturbation material for her over a period of a few weeks – until she eventually gave in when he asked her to meet and spend the weekend. On his terms, he had explained. There was no way she could deny it.

A couple holding hands walked by, both of them stared at her as if she was standing in their way. The lady eventually smiled. Could they know why she was here?

The receptionist behind the desk also looked at her. He smiled. Had he seen others like her wait right there before? Did he knew what was under her coat?

She looked at her mobile phone again. Only three minutes passed. She stood here just over five minutes even though it felt like much longer. And she focused on the elevator again, ignoring everyone that looked at her. What if he made her wait for a long time, then maybe someone would ask her what she was doing here? It couldn’t take much longer, bahis siteleri right? He would be here soon! After all, they only had two days … three nights, yes … but two full days. Every second she could spend with him would be important and memorable, she was very aware of that. So he could not really make her wait so much, after all he wanted to spend time with her as well!

Then she remembered something … he told her to be there in time, but she was actually five minutes late. It wasn’t her fault really, traffic is unpredictable on a day like this. But yes, he somewhat teasingly told her that if she would be late, he would make her pay for it. Was this the punishment for being late? That she had to wait even longer? It might be, right? Or maybe not, after all he had to wait as well … and he certainly would not enjoy it. Or maybe simply he was late, not ready yet, taking a shower or still busy with work. She did not know.

Another stranger walked by, with a flirty smile on his face. The short eye contact made her look away. It made her a bit more uncomfortable. Somehow she felt exposed.

Yet, she had to admit to herself that all this made her also excited. Yes … this is what he did and what he wanted. To make her ready for him, ready with arousal and excitement. Ready physically … she knew that she was quite wet between her legs by now, to the point where she could actually feel it … slightly dripping out – and of course ready emotionally. After this, she would do everything he wanted. She had to, to please him.

A deep breath … and then it happened. She saw him just as the door of the elevator opened. It made her breath faster and she nervously moved a bit sideways, she just could not stand still now that he was there walking towards him. Should she walk to him as well to make the distance shorter? Or wait for him? He was dressed very nicely and looked even better than what she remembered. It took only seconds and he stood right in front of her.

He hugged her without a single word. She felt amazing, feeling his touch, feeling his body right there in front of her. And after what felt like a very long time, he moved back and put his hands on both sides of her head, moving it up towards him, before kissing her on her lips. Wow, this was amazing. If this was the beginning of their weekend, she knew she would experience new heights. Once he moved back, she wanted to say something nervously but he silenced her with his finger and a comforting look and took her hand, walking her to the side of the bahis şirketleri lobby.

Next to the bathroom entrance was a small side booth around the corner with an ATM inside. He walked her there and simply said “Turn around.” – she obeyed instantly, yet nervously – not knowing what might happen … but realizing that even though they were in this large public room, they could not be seen in this booth by others. At least as long no one walked out from the bathroom and looked over.

He felt her ass through the skirt, with both hands. It made her gasp and breath heavily. She knew better than to say anything, after all he had silenced her before. And then it happened … his hand moved up the skirt and suddenly was between her legs. He shielded her, pushed to the wall, directly behind her, from anyone walking by. Surly no one could see what exactly he was doing … but at the same time, with her being pressed to the wall and him so close behind her, there was not much that needed to be part of someone’s imagination.

His hand explored her between her legs … feeling the wetness that was not covered by any panties. After all he did not allow her to wear any in preparation for the meeting. “Spread your legs,” he whispered into her ear.

This comment shook her whole body. What did he want to do? Did he want to use her, right here? She wondered if she should protest? It was a public place! Anyone in the hotel lobby could notice what was going on! How could he put her into this position like that?

Before she could protest, while her legs were spreading, she felt something cold, metal … at the entrance of her asshole. It made her shiver. She knew it was a butt plug. After all he once told her that he likes to have “his woman” wear one. And she wanted it, she told him how much she loved the idea to explore that part of her body. She wondered how it looked like? Was it one of those jeweled ones? What color? And knowing what he was doing somehow made her feel calm, which was ridiculous considering how exposed she actually was at that moment.

He pushed it inside … there was no pain, just a moment of discomfort – surprisingly but nice, fully understanding what it meant for him to have her wear something inside her for him. With a soft and calm voice he said:

“I got it for you to keep. You are not allowed to remove it. I will do that when it is time. Let’s have dinner.”

All this took only seconds and it was over quickly as he took her hand and they walked towards the restaurant. While walking she already thought how strange it would be to wear a coat inside, and sitting there on her naked exposed ass with this plug inside her – this plug that was a gift from him.

A gift that made her his woman.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32