A fun weekend with teen sluts, a story in 4 parts

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On an ordinary friday evening I was heading home from a trip to the local pub.
The evening had been quite entertaining, but nothing spectacular to write home about.
It was just past midnight, quite early to head home, but I had my reasons.

At home, my 16 year old daughter Mary T was alone with a weekend sleepover friend, Lisa.
I had faith in her being old enough to manage on her own, and anyway I was only a short
walk away from home, in case something should require my immediate presence.
My wife had left us some 5 years ago, and I had to raise my darling girl on my own,
albeit with a little help from my sister, who lived just a couple of blocks down the street.
So far I thought I was doing well, but alas.

As I entered my house, I was struck with a foul smell and complete silence.
I somehow expected Mary T and Lisa to have the tv or stereo on full blast….?
Peeking inside the living room, I discovered the reason for the smell and the quiet:
Lying naked on top of each other and asleep, Mary T and Lisa were both covered in vomit.
On the coffee table two of my best wine bottles, empty. Shit!
This was not how I expected her first evening alone should end up,
and I pondered on ways to punish her, and Lisa too, for that matter.

I gave Mary T, who was on top of Lisa, a good slapping on her butt cheeks, but no response.
Grabbing her waist, trying to avoid the vomit on her chest, I carried her up to the bathroom
and placed her carefully in the empty tub. Next, I placed Lisa opposite Mary T in the tub.
I left them there for the time being, and went downstairs to clean out their mess on the couch,
the wall and on the floor. I was getting more and more angry as I was cleaning.
Then, imagine my surprise when I lifted the cushions on the couch and found a 20 inch double
plastic dildo, not very thick, but slick with saliva and what smelled like pussy juice!

Curious as to what the two girls had been up to, I opened my home cinema cabinet, and found
the hidden remote to my surveillance system. I had 4 discrete cameras in the living room,
two in the bedroom and one in each of my other rooms. Motion sensors controlled the recording.
Selecting one of the living room cameras on the recorder, I opted to start a replay two hours
back in time and just gasped for air:

On my tv screen Mary T and Lisa appeared, engaged in a 69, buck naked! It seemed they were already
quite tipsy, based on the empty wine bottle on the table. It was also quite clear who was the most
aggressive one of the two, Lisa was definitely directing the show, which included her swallowing
at least 12″ of her double dildo; Mary T on the other hand only managed 5-6″, and Lisa putting
the dildo inside Mary T and then herself, frigging the thing back and forth inside their cunts.
Again, Lisa was able to hold on to significantly more than my daughter and must have been using
the dildo for some time. Mary T seemed somewhat uncomfortable by the first intrusion of the thing,
and blood was clearly visible on her end of the monster dildo. My daughter was no longer a virgin!
Their moans and cries were clearly audible, soon both girls orgasmed, shaking and crying loud.
I stopped the recorder, and quickly edited a dvd with some highlights of the girls’ action.

Having tidied up the living room, I returned upstairs placing the double dildo on my bed.
I entered my daughter’s bedroom and had a peek inside Lisa’s bag, and as expected I found
several other sex toys, among them a 6″ vibrator, a ball-gag and a hollow 8″ strap-on dildo!
I placed them all on my bed, then checked on my two sluts in the bathroom.
An idea entered my mind as I was ogling their bodies.

Mary T is quite developed, a bit short at 5’1″, but with a fine pear shaped body, a nice round butt
and a voluptuous DD chest, where a set of 1/2 inch nipples resided. Her abdomen is quite noticable,
but not sagging. Her thighs are also somewhat large, but fits very well with the rest of her body.
Her skin is well tanned, with no visible lines from any clothing.
Lisa, a 17 year old black beauty, is a little taller, 5’2″. Her body is somewhat thinner and her
chest smaller (C chest), but with distinctly protruding nipples. Her butt is london escort agency ample, almost
disproportionately so, but is definitely an ass-ett and sexy as hell. Her ebony skin is shiny and
flawless, the pink insides of her cunt standing clearly out, giving her an added sensual attraction.
Both girls were quite stunning lying naked in the tub.

Since both girls seemed to be totally drugged by the extensive drinking (I also noticed some of
my brandy missing) I had them under complete control and could easily carry out my idea.
First I found my razor and shaving cream, applying plenty of cream on both girls’ privates.
Lisa’s mons only had a thin line of hair, so she evidently had her pussy trimmed already.
Making sure to use a steady hand I shaved them completely bare, slick as newborn babies.
I applied excessive amounts of after shave on their mons, to make sure no skin rash appeared.
Watching my solid work with pride, I touched them with the palm of my hand.
God, how smooth they both felt!
They now matched my own groin area, which I have kept clean shaven for the last 10 years.

Now for the next step in my plan, I entered my cellar retrieving some useful items for later;
a roll of strong packaging tape, some rope, a jar of Vaseline and placed the lot on my bed.

Back in the bathroom I grabbed hold of the shower head, adjusted the temperature to COLD
and hosed down the filthy sluts! The only response was quick jolts and goose bumps on their skin.
Readjusting the temperature to luke warm, I kept hosing them down, then closed the tap and hung
up the shower head. I undressed and entered the tub, straddling my precious baby Mary T.
During the preparation my dick had grown almost to full mast, 7″ when fully erect.

I held Mary T by the nose, her mouth immediately opening and I entered her with ease.
Just by letting my cock meet her throat, she gagged and I moved back a little,
then jerked into her with great force, my manhood now deep down in her throat.
She started to vomit and I retreated to let her empty herself in the tub.
After my third attack on her throat, she seemed to be able to control her retching
and I started to fuck her face with gusto!
During all of these actions, my darling baby never stirred or cried, she was so out of it!
Having not cum for a while, I quickly sensed I was ready to erupt.

Not wanting Lisa to be left out, I turned my attention to her, making her my next victim.
She got the same treatment, but seemed more used to cocksucking, since she never gagged
and even sucked hard on my dick, like on autopilot. While brutally fucking her mouth,
I fondled Lisa’s cunt, with two of my fingers inside her.
She actually began to moan from my handy work, still fully unconscious.
It didn’t take long before I felt my balls wanting to erupt and I let my first heavy load of cum
gush down her gullet and into her stomach. “OHMYGOD!” what a heavenly feeling this was!
I retreated until my cock head was just inside her mouth, letting the rest of my cum hit her
palate, in order for Lisa to taste my cream!
She swallowed almost all of my cum, completely unaware of doing so!

After cumming so hard, I was now totally spent, but also in need of a pee.
All the beer I drank earlier was ready to be drained.
Standing up in the tub, I let a stream of yellow piss shower down on Lisa first, then on Mary T.
I made sure the piss hit their eyes, mouth, hair, chest and cunt; I totally enjoyed desecrating
these filthy sluts! After leaking what must have been a gallon of piss, I was done.
I turned on the shower head and cleaned all three of us, soaping us good in all orifices.

Drying myself first and then the two saucy minxes, I continued with my next step.
I carried Mary T into my bedroom, just dropping her on the bed, then placing Lisa on a stool.
Grabbing some rope, I tied Mary T to the bed on her back, spread-eagled, to each corner of my bed.
I stuffed her mouth with the ball-gag and fastened it good.

Straddling her abdomen, I smacked her chin hard, once on each side, then I slapped her tits,
harder and harder. Her tits were flapping from side to side, her nipples growing rock hard.
I continued until finally she escort london showed some signs of life and slowly opened her eyes.
She gasped as she realized where she was and who it was that had their way with her.
“NNNNNNNPPPPPHHHH” she mumbled, tears starting to flow from her wide-open eyes.

Satisfied with having revived my little darling, I moved down and put two fingers in her cunt,
finding her already wet, but making sure she was fully ready for my manhood.
With a good grip of my now swollen cock, I found her cunt opening and slowly entered her.
Due to her restraints, she could only move her butt a little, but still tried to wiggle
out of being penetrated by my massive rod, alas in vain.
I sank into her moist and hot love canal and bottomed out, still having an inch outside her cunt.
Backing out until only my dick head was inside her, I again pumped my dick hard all the way down.
Mary T was shaking her head and crying hard, but with my continued pounding, she finally was able
to take the whole 7″ of cock inside her.

Suddenly I heard Lisa sigh and stir. Quickly I disengaged from Mary T and grabbed some tape.
I moved Lisa and the stool into the bathroom, and let Lisa straddle the stool facing the back,
her ass hanging out of the stool front.
Taping her feet to the legs of stool, I placed a pillow on its back where Lisa could rest her head,
and taped her hands to the same leg. To ensure her quiet, I placed the hollow 8″ dildo in her
mouth and fastened the straps behind her head. The dildo is also configured with holes at the
tip, making Lisa able to breath thru her mouth (in addition to her unrestricted nose).
Lisa had no problem tackling the dildo, which was now lodged deep down her throat.
To ensure a means to keep her occupied, I took the vibrator, placed it in Lisa’s cunt and
set the dial to a low speed. In her stupor she squirmed, but almost unnoticeably.

Pleased with securing Lisa, I returned to my king size bed and my darling baby,
who dit not seem too happy to reengage in our sexual intercourse.
I was however very excited to continue fucking my little whore, making sure to bottom her cervix
on every thrust. As a young female, not fully grown, Mary T’s cunt was very tight, her vaginal
walls clinging to my dick whenever I went in or out of her cunt.

She was, fortunately for both of us, well lubricated, and I managed to pound her hard.
Not satisfied with fucking her in the missionary position, I decided to place her on all four.
Loosening first her feet, I managed to turn her on her stomach, refastened her legs, then
changed the ropes holding her hands. I placed a pillow under her abdomen, to allow her butt
to rise above the mattress.

Having easy access to both her cunt and ass, I gave her a good slapping on both ass cheeks,
making them sway back and forth and red marks building on them, before entering her cunt once more.
Her slit welcomed my stiff manhood and I continued my rigorous fucking of her honey pot,
slapping her butt every now and then. Her ass wiggled so damned sensually, enticing me further.
Seeing her cunt lips being forced in and out of her vagina by my thick cock, was a great thrill.
Her ass muscles even gave a show of it’s own, constantly retracting and opening, just like pouting.

I grabbed her shiny blonde hair and yanked her head up in an almost impossible angle.
Leaning forward, I placed a few wet kisses on her forehead and nose.
During my relentless banging, I was very excited to watch her tits ripple and bounce back and forth.
I grabbed them to get a good feel of her firm tits, pinching the nipples, dragging them down,
causing her even more pain and pleasure.

Mary T was by now more moaning than crying, and I was very excited to feel her cunt muscles
milking my cock, and after a few minutes her pussy began to vibrate and her eyes opened wide.
The feeling of her orgasmic pleasure, almost made me lose my control and my balls to erupt.
Not wanting to cum in her cunt, I moved in front of her and jerked my cock inside her mouth,
thrusting only a few times before my balls finally gave in to all this sexual stimulus.
Spurt after spurt of hot man-juice fired thru my cock and filled Mary T’s london escorts mouth to the brim.
I urged her to swallow and felt her distress when she tried to take my warm juice down her throat.
Finally I could let go of her mouth, not a drop of sperm leaking from her mouth.

Spent after my heavy fucking, I slumped down on the bed, but soon got the urge to pee again.
Not wanting to waste a good opportunity, I rose to my feet and went into the bathroom.
I placed my now flaccid dick inside the hollow dildo inside Lisa’s mouth, making a tight seal
with my abdomen, then let go. Warm yellow piss flooded the dildo, forcing a heavy stream thru
the holes at its tip, flowing straight into Lisa’s stomach.
Lisa still not fully awake, watched with slurry eyes as I emptied myself inside her.
I could feel her stomach churning, while she struggled not to puke.

The strange sensation of having my cock inside a dildo inside someones mouth in addition to
the sensual look in Lisa’s eyes, forced my dick to swell.

Letting go of Lisa’s mouth, I moved to her back side, wet a finger and entered her anal hole.
Lisa may seem quite experienced, but I guessed she was an anal virgin, her ass hole being so tight.
This was a good thing, I always enjoy braking in virgins, vaginal or anal does not matter.
Opening my jar of Vaseline, I scooped up a decent amount and lubricated her anal opening and inside.
The remaining grease I used on my dick, making it shiny and ready for anal invasion.

When I tried to force my way inside Lisa’s ass, her sphincter tried to deny my entry,
so I gave her smooth ass cheeks some hard spanking. She writhed in pain, causing her ass muscle
to relax and giving me direct access to her rectum. My god! She was really tight and I had to
muster all my energy in order to force my way inside. By now, Lisa was awake and was wiggling
her ass, trying to free herself of this unwelcome intruder, panting hard.

Pausing for a minute while being totally emerged inside her ass, my balls resting on her cunt.
I began my fucking of her ass slowly, but soon got my act together and rammed my cock hard inside
her, at an ever increasing pace. I spanked her ebony ass cheeks, making them shake and redden.
The friction in her ass was made my dick hurt, so I had to exit her ass and apply some more lube.
When entering her ass again, I grabbed hold of her firm tits, mauling them hard.
I grasped her nipples with two fingers and pinched them hard, making Lisa twitch and cry out.

Her sphincter was constantly opening and closing, as if trying to milk my dick.
After a while this moved me over the edge and I felt my balls once again churn with my potent
sperm, ready for another eruption. Soon Lisa felt my dick swell inside her ass and I gave her
a final hard pounding, letting my seeds fill her bowel.

I cried out in lust, my steel hard cock embedded deep inside her delicious black ass.
All too soon my dick shrunk and slipped out of her ass with a plop.
It was partly covered in brown, runny shit and I went to the sink to clean myself.
I also wiped Lisa’s ass, removing shit and semen which ran out of her gaping anal hole.

It was now almost 3 am, and I realized I had to wrap up for the night.
First I moved Mary T and another stool into the bathroom, and secured her to the stool
the same way as Lisa, but placing them back to back.

I told them to empty their bladders, which probably were on the brink of overflowing by then.
The stools were made of plastic and the bathroom floor had a drain just beneath them,
so it would be an easy task to clean up the mess. Both girls hesitated to follow my order,
but soon yellow piss started to flow down the drain. When they were done I grabbed the
shower head and sprayed them from their waist down, then drying each girl as much as possible.

To make sure they were properly punished I decided to place the double dildo in each of their
cunts, as far inside as possible, moving Mary T’s stool to accomplish this. I secured the stools
by some lengths of rope to each other, making sure the dildo would stay firmly inside.

This being my final task for the night, I collapsed on my bed and immediately fell to sleep.
Lisa and Mary T on the other hand had some trouble getting any sleep, probably wondering
why they ended up like this. Thus they both woke up the next morning horny and hungover!

(continued in part 2)

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