A Friend in Need Ch. 03

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There were just two sounds in the room. The sound of Kalie and Prince slapping Lisa tis as they held her the incessant moaning of Lisa as she repeated “Fuck me.. fuck me…fuck me…fuck me…” like a wanton sex starved goddess.

Lisa was standing sandwiched between Prince and Kalie. She had her arms hooked behind her head and around Prince’s neck. She could feel him grind his hips against her. Kalie was standing in front of her.

Lisa felt her tits being kneaded and pinched and slapped and toyed with. Her mind was swimming. She could not believe her best friend was sucking and spitting on her nipples, calling her filthy names. And her best friend’s husband was dry humping her ass as he played with her boobs and licked her neck. She felt like a slut and dirty kinky filthy fucktoy.. and she LOVED it.

“Fuck my brains out Kalie. Fuck my cunt till I lose control and piss like a whore” Lisa panted.

She felt Prince bending her over. Her hands pulled back. Her hair was hanging and she could feel the sweat drip off her swaying tits. She looked between her spread legs and she could see Prince stroking his hard throbbing cock. She moaned as the precum oozed out. She wanted to taste his cock. She wanted to fuck his cock. She wanted her cunt and ass ravaged by that hard cock.

She moved her head up and saw Kalie standing inches away from her mouth. She had spread her legs and thrust her hips out, fingers spreading her cunt out lewdly. She felt Kalie grip her hair and thump the pussy on her mouth, thrusting it and rubbing it all kaçak iddaa over.

“That’s it Kelly, Give my cunt a lick as Prince fucks the shit out of your cunt. Do it hun. Fuck my friend silly. Fuck her till her cunt is pumped and full of cum. I am going to fuck her mouth and make her drink my cuntjuices till she burps like a gutterslut.”

Prince held Kalie’s hands tight and thrust his hard cock into her wet pussy. He wanted to fuck her hard and deep and fast and furious. He felt her body lurch ahead, her hair and boobs bounce as he RAMMED his cock in hard and deep. Lisa’s moan was muffled as her face was stuffed into Kalie’s cunt.

“Take it whore”, Prince groaned. “Take my cock. TAKE IT. Oh yeah, I am fucking your filthy slutty piss drenched cunt. Can you hear it? Can you hear that cock slap and slam into your wet cunt? Uuuurrrggghhhhhh, yes.. spread that cunt… fuck that cock like you need it. Oh god yes, I want to gape that cunt till I can fit my fist in there. Do you hear that, you fucktoy, I want my fist in that CUNT. I WANT TO PUNCHFUCK THAT CUNT TILL YOU SPEW CUM AND PISS”, he screamed leaning over her body and fucking her like a horse.

The loud wet hard fucking sounds drowning the muffled screams of Lisa screaming “BREED ME” into Kalie’s cunt.

Lisa could feel Prince’s cock slide deep inside her cunt. Her pussy was wet and dripping. She could feel the juices streaming down her thighs. Her tongue was lodged deep inside Kalie’s cunt. She was sucking and licking it hard. She could not believe how sweet her friend’s cunt kaçak bahis tasted. She could feel Kalie’s fingers tightly wrapped around her hair. Kalie had gripped her tight and was fucking and rubbing her cunt all over her face, using Lisa like a cunt mop. And Prince’s hard thrusts made her lurch deeper into her friend’s cunt.

Kalie loved the feel of Lisa’s tongue deep inside her pussy. She could feel an orgasm building. The sight of her husband pumping her friend’s cunt like he didn’t care and the feel of her cunt rubbed all over Lisa’s face made her horny and desperate to cum. She felt it boiling up… she wanted it to be big., the kind that made her choke and unable to breathe.

She wailed “I am cumming…. iamaaaa…. fuckshit… ohmotherfukingfuckshit.. I am cummmmmmmming” as she gripped Lisa’s hair harder and pressed her pussy over her open mouth. Prince pushed his cock in deep inside Lisa’s cunt and held it in there, pushing his body deeper into his wife’s best friend.

Kalie’s felt the orgasm rip through her body. She screamed out loud as her cunt spasmed and shivered and squirted out cum all over Lisa’s mouth and hair. She had Lisa’s hair held tight as her body swayed uncontrollably. She could hear Lisa moan loudly into her cunt, tickling her clit and making her cum even harder.

Kalie felt her senses swim as she started cumming. Her body was not in her control. The orgasm swept through her harder than she had ever experienced. Her mouth was open in a silent scream. She had stopped breathing, her body choking and enjoying the illegal bahis high. She felt her body loosen. She could not help it, she had to let go.

Lisa felt the cock buried deep inside her cunt, grinding and throbbing inside. Her hip bone almost fused with Prince’s. Kalie’s cunt was squirting cum. It eased. And then a warm flood of piss flooded her mouth. Kalie was shooting her cum and piss straight into her mouth. Lisa groaned like an animal as she gulped and coughed and gargled her best friend’s cum and piss. At the same time she could feel the husband grind his cock in deep and pump his hot cum deep inside her cunt. The nastyness of it all made her cum too.

Prince pulled his cock out of Lisa’s cunt. It was oozing with juices and his cum. He spread her legs wide and pushed his face in, rubbing it wildly. His face smeared with her cunt juices and his own cum oozing out of the freshly fucked cunt. He licked it up like a hungry horny hound, moaning and slurping hard as he sucked the cum out.

Kalie lifted off Lisa’s face. She leaned down and kissed her friend’s piss and cum covered face. She could taste her fluids on her lips and mouth. She could see Prince from the corner of her eye, tonguing and eating Lisa’s cunt out. She wanted to taste her husband’s cum. She moved towards his and rasped, “Spit it into my mouth Prince. Spit that cunt juice and cum all over my face”. Prince raised his head, grabbed Kalie’s face and spat the cum all over her face and rubbed it in.

Kalie looked at Prince. “I want you to fuck her in the ass Prince! FUCK her shithole HARD till she cums again. Can you do that honey?”, she asked saucily. Prince felt his cock harden and a low moan escaped Lisa’s mouth.

Things were now getting interesting….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32