A Flame in the Night Ch. 11

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Over the night, like me, you (female) also had a dream. In your own words, this is–your–dream story:

He and I bought a very large mirror, and together, we are bringing it inside to hang in my bedroom. My man is walking and carrying the mirror at his side as I start to prance along beside him. While the more I merrily gait in front of the mirror, the more I become infatuated with my own reflection. So much of my soft-skinned legs are showing prominently in the view, and combined with my sexy, delicate demi bra, and sheer chiffon top, I also have on a very short miniskirt. Not surprisingly, the fragile clothes I’m wearing have me feeling feminine and sexy. Moreover, I can see my entire figure in the image, making the larger than body-length looking glass perfect to check out and see how hot I look.

I stare at the likeness of me in the mirror and fantasize. I place myself on a busy street being eyeballed by some hunky construction workers on lunch break. Ignoring their dusty clothes, I focus on observing their fine, broad shoulders and strong frames. I picture them idolizing my legs and ass as I stroll by them wearing high heel shoes. Stroking my hair as I walk, I perceive them stripping me down in their thoughts. “Yeah, I know I’m good stuff,” I say to myself, knowing just what those guys are thinking. I admire myself more and continue ogling at my reflection. “Hot Mama! What a cutie pie!” Then I adjust my flimsy bra as I add, “Yeah, I know, boys, you want this bod,… but you’re not getting any of this!” I walk on by those husky blue-collar men, and slap my butt once for good measure.

Meanwhile, as I’m gazing at myself, I spin around playfully before the mirror and continue flirting foolishly. My man takes notice of my actions and catches on to what I’m doing. He looks downward and into the colossally-sized imager that he’s holding and sees me and my exposed panties as I twist around quickly. I enjoy him watching me, as I trot around and skip along, remembering my teen years when I felt light as a feather. And I enjoy inspecting the illusion in the mirror of having long, sensuous legs accentuated by my skimpy little mini. He grins at me, and I continue horsing around, prancing and dancing, as my dress flutters in motion. Oh, I feel like such a little girl!

Unfortunately, however, I may have gotten carried away with my silly, girlish behavior. For while I’m making one of my childish spins, I bump him causing an accident. The mirror falls to the floor! Briefly, we are both in a panic, but miraculously the mirror isn’t broken. It must be thicker than I thought. Perhaps it’s made of hard plastic or some kind of unbreakable glass. Whatever the case, this is a dream, and the compounds are of little consequence.

What is relevant is that, with the mirror lying flat on the floor, it seems to be unharmed by the fall. So I kneel down to inspect it, and yes it does appear to look fine. And we laugh and giggle at the slip-up.

“Mirror, Mirror on the floor–” I begin to quote.

My man breaks in, spoofing, “…there’s a whore in my video store.”

“That’s not right!” I quickly correct him. “It goes, ‘Mirror, Mirror on the floor, now I love you even more.'”

“Ah, that’s sweet,” he says, but wryly adds,”How about, ‘I love you–to take a better look to see if the mirror is okay.’ Kiss! Kiss!”

Well then, armored with our newly found luck, I take this good omen to thoroughly inspect the toughness of the glass sheet more closely. I crawl onward into the center of the mirror on all fours.

“Wow, it’s really strong!” I yap hap-heartedly, intuitively knowing already it would support my weight.

“Yeah, it’s kind of cool,” my guy acknowledges the astonishing durability of the mirror, and he descends to my level and kneels in front of me. He beams at me for a second. Then he says in jest while proceeding to crack himself up, “Hey… Maybe it’s a magic mirror!”

“Alright!” I chuckle. “Okay, you said it. It’s got magical powers!” Jokingly, I swiftly remove my top, exposing my frail, unscrupulous demi-cup bra. Then, over the mirror I sway my chest and cleavage. “Look! Now I got four boobs!”

He looks goggle-eyed as he stares into the mirrored reflection; he sees the cloned second pair dangling within his reach. But to him it’s no joke. To laugh at those melons isn’t his first reaction; rather, he drools over the four udders in his sight.

“Be careful,” he comments, “I think your friends are gonna drop out of those skimpy looking cups.”

Tempting fate, I bounce and jiggle a tad to give them a lift. “I’m not worried about my friends. I know you’ll give ’em a hand if I need help tucking ’em back in.”

He smirks and we continue exchanging flirtatious glances. Furthermore, not only does he keep lingering over my overexposed breasts, he can also see a lot more due to my crawl stance position over the panel and because all my limbs are spread open. My entire frame is there for his viewing, although the angles he’s seeing aren’t güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri in the typical presentation.

I watch his eyes as he scans me thoroughly. He is busy interpreting the story of the picture he sees, but I can guess what he discovers: along with the multiplicity of boobage, he catches my dainty panties under my short skirt, reflecting beneath me in the mirror. I flinch from the unexpected admiration. Then, he warns me of the temptation my pose is presenting him, but he still proceeds to ask me to spread my legs wider.

“Why?” I ask. Knowing why–but being naughty–I ask anyway.

He confesses that he needs to see more of me. I oblige and open my legs wider for him to view me. He tries explaining to me, ambiguously, that something he sees in my curves looks beautiful to him. So, I glance beneath me and into the mirror and gather to see my form just as he sees it. And I tend to agree: I do look good!

My cupcakes are dangling with easy access, my legs are looking smooth and delicious, and my petite fitting mini-skirt provides the target for his focus. In the reflection, I see him working hard to find, in my shear thin panties, a bulge or wrinkle outline affirming my clit folds. He announces he’s getting excited looking at me. And I’m certainly starting to get turned on with our precarious predicament, as well.

I lower my shoulders and raise my hips to show off my frisky, luscious fanny. “Do you like what you see?”

“Oh yes,” he says, “I can take care of that for you.”

He loiters around studying my ass and then reaches around me to fondle my titties. However, soon after he stops and abruptly provides a firm slap on my rear, to reassure me of his intention to take care of my booty.

Mutually having the sudden passion, we strip off our remaining clothes and begin kissing. I sense he wants me badly, and I’m happy to accommodate his need. My man tells me he wants me to watch him in the mirror and enjoy it as he fucks my pussy. I’m ready now to be taken, so I do just as he asks.

I look underneath into the mirror and see him behind me with his partly aroused, semi-elongated cock proudly pointing toward me. I gaze at the potential lengthiness of his pudgy tool within the mirror, and I’m thrilled to see his sexual extension directed at me. I steady myself and patiently await feeling him encroaching up my rear. Yet, as I anticipate his probing manlihood filling my opening, I’m startled to see him, instead, lower his head and proceed to start eating my succulent, tender peach.

At first, it tickles some when he embeds his slightly stubbled face in my crotch. But as he finds my li’l spot, I’m overwhelmed with awesome tingles from his zealous tongue indiscreetly bathing my inner space. “Wow, that’s hot!” I surmise. “Oh, so delicious!”

However, although I’m giving him full access to explore, I feel somewhat awkward here kneeling down on all fours and spread open. I’m trying to hold my position firmly while I allowing him to infringe in my area. Yet, at the same time, I do my best to keep track and observe what he’s doing to me. Therefore, I continue to watch him at my rear by peering underneath into the mirror image, and although I can’t see all he’s doing, I do see his face, which is indecently meddling about in my sensitive place. Oddly, in a way, I just want to jump off the glass, but I can’t. Not yet–I want more!

“Eat my fruit! Munch my nectar!” I implore him to immerse in my stuff.

I keep my head bent lower and pay attention to the oral examination he gives me. And with all this happening, I’m a bit confounded since mostly all the things I want to observe are in an upside down view. So, within the reflection I see, I’m working to scrutinize exactly what I really know. Surely, there is dampness along my inner thighs. But is it more that I’m actually feeling his salivating kisses, dripping alongside my legs? Or am I just so excited by the sensation of him eating in me?

Well, I manage to accept what is now fact: my pussy is drooling! So, I let it dabble all over his face. And I let it dribble all over the mirror. Oh yes! What a delightful mess I’m making. I feel my thighs quaking nervously. My belly is knotting and frantically trying to separate apart from my anguishing, tense pussy. I’m inflamed and my edges are raw. I let my passions melt and give way. With no other recourse, I honey my man’s generous but excessively active face.

“No more,” I demand. “Please no more!” I try to catch my breath, but he’s still not finished.

My man turns on his back while strapping his arms over my hips. He then raises his head to get better centered in my pussy. And as he settles there in me, I again notice more flushing and more swelling rippling within my build. My nipples harden with arousal, so I rub my hand gently over my bosoms, hoping to soothe myself. Persistently though, his tongue continues to encircle and make flickering passes across my purring kitty. He keeps baiting my little pussy bump, enticing güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri me again, to come on his tongue. Relentlessly, he burrows into the depths of my crevice, then he uses his slithering, agile tip to polishes my outlet and fluster my feeble outer lobes.

Oh, I can’t resist the calling any more. I have a gentle irritation in my crotch as though he’s been chewing in my interior. His head stays planted between my thighs, gnawing and drawing a constant tension which is churning my thingy. He won’t stop kissing it; he won’t let go of my nub. Oh, fuck! The swirling massage he’s giving goes around and around, over, and inside my pussy. He’s sucking, then eating; and those erogenous touches titillate in my gap and spindle up in my intestines. The riveting pleasure can’t be ignored anymore. Too much is just too much, so my overreacting and awfully horny pussy becomes possessed and retaliates, filling me with lewd cravings, infecting me with a nasty itch. And one more time, I’m desperate. I need to hit my spot!

I arch my back and widening my stance. I open the door to my problem area and let him gorge in my dripping mucous. My helpless, weakened pussy trembles for her encore performance, and I begin to precipitate on my man. It sprinkles slowly at first, and my man surely tastes the new condensation. But while I’m getting carelessly distracted appreciating the loyalty of his wondering tongue, constantly bashing my tender lotus, fixated and obsessed on entering my tiny keyhole, I inadvertently vent out on him. Unintentionally, I let loose and saturate his chin with my lubricating sex fluid.

“Oh! I’m coming! I’m coming … again!” I boast.

My snatch flows like a geyser as I empty my lovely lady oils. Yet, my man keeps at me, licking and scrubbing my orifice, demanding me to keep delivering to him. As if lapping the last bit of cream pie from the bottom of a dish, I feel him driven on a mission to suck spotless clean my slit and vacuum dry my inner moister. Incessantly, he ruffles my soft tissue into a delirious commotion. Guiding his tongue firmly along the groves in my creases, he scouts meticulously, searching to find and play delicate strings that will resonate “fuck me!” tones in my teeny pea-size sensory-loving apparatus.

Furthermore, his energetic, swashbuckling tongue continues wiggling about like a worm and ventures around in my patch of fertile soil. I then grow deeply troubled by the aggravating prickles I keep accepting on my contents. I react to the alarming stimulation with outward cringing and moaning. I fidget more over my man’s hounding face, yet I don’t shy away. Instead, I keep my pubes glued to his lips, so I can keep receiving his very talented licking.

Uh-oh, I feel the urge again! A pleasant tautness grows warm to an exceedingly comfortable tingle. And with my man at me–clinging earnestly to my clit, thoroughly eating in my crack–my overly anxious, simple-minded pussy, naively, palpitates like an adolescent and shamefully gushes from the liner. My core numbs in a hotbed of senses, and I know I’m at it again, spouting! My liberated slash buzzes in a natural high and overflows with a seemingly never-ending oasis.

Afterward, when the wonderful spouting eventually fades, I’m completely consumed, and at last, I can no longer give away any more of my happy water. By the end, my man, grudgingly slows up and backs away from me. Momentarily, he does this so he can survey my bent, submitting hiney. Obviously, he sees that I’m soggy wet, but I assume he likes what he’s seeing. Why else is his dick looking so hard and rigid? Consequently, after pausing to view my rear, he then slowly comes at me again; however, this time it isn’t his face that I see approaching me.

Within the image of the mirror, I see his fully aroused phallus looming over me. His cock hangs stoutly, appearing long and firm: it’s a perfect complement for my soft, wet receiver. I want to be filled with him, so I’m thankful to see him finally approach me with it. He aims his fat, sexual gland at my small pussy hole. He mounts up to me, and I experience his mighty probe breach into my passage to happiness.

I savor my man and all his essence as he enters me. His strong hands firmly take hold of my mammaries while he leans over me with his chest. I’m still crawling on all fours, and he surrounds and covers me like a blanket. I brace my pose to withstand the bearing weight he applies as he gently stretches over my back.

He looks around my side and down into the mirror. Then he explains how alluring it looks to see his hands on me within the reflection. Whispering in my ear, he tells me he likes my wet pussy and that it’s gripping tightly on his dick. And immediately after hearing that, I feel even more excited–especially, now that he starts bumping and fucking me.

“Harder!” I scream. “Deeper! Give me all of your cock!”

He releases my front from his hands and strokes my hair. Then, my man grabs hold at my shoulders and implants güvenilir bahis şirketleri himself further inward into my pocket. He must have found something he likes inside there because he’s now hyperactive. I discover him attempting to ride me faster. He’s getting increasingly wilder and more erratic as he bumps into me, determined to satisfy himself.

The gravity pulls on my breasts. They hang loosely and shake under the force of his hips pumping into me. I see my man intently staring and admiring my mounds bouncing freely. His rhythm is intense and powerful as surely he’s engaged in making them flutter. I look under to see the likeness of my bobbing bustline in the reflector, and try viewing myself as he sees me. Yes, I do look good! I do look sexy. And I’m beautiful and desiring.

“Hump me! Breed with me,” I blurt out in reckless abandonment. “Fuck me right! Fuck me good!”

“Damn it, girl! You make me wild,” he exclaims while he continues to eye me in the mirror. “Fuck! I can’t get enough … I love seeing your tits shaking!”

My physique flames red as I hear his passion for me. I love everything he’s doing to me. I love him in me, and I want to reciprocate my affection for him. I squish down on his love-stick that’s crammed securely in my chamber-barrel, and I encourage him to gift me.

“Come in my pussy!” I tease.

“Oh, baby… I love… I love your pussy… ” He tries to grunt some adoring words, but admittedly it’s the faltering tone in his voice that touches and makes me want to be easy for him.

“Take me. Fuck my pussy!” I continue to provoke him. “Give me your come!”

Desperate to get in me deeper, he muscles my body downward flat, facing forward onto the mirror. My constitution is warm and nearly perspiring, but the mirror feels cool as my tissues lie pin down upon it. I feel my nipples chill against the cold, slick surface. And I would be so comfortable relaxing here for awhile, but I cannot rest yet. He still needs me.

His male stalk is stiff and full of life, and my man is energized to fuck me. I feel the tense muscles in his arms flexing to hold himself above me, yet still, his weight is heavy as he lies on my back, trapping me onto the glassy slab. My man is now confident, strong, and powerful; and I enjoy administering to what he wants.

I do like giving him what he likes, but in fact, I also need something too. At the moment, I have a sinkhole needing mending, and I need the massive tool of his to fill my gap. I want that cock in me, and I want to feel it ravaging in and out of my empty shell. And fortunately, he delivers just what I want when I feel his pelvis, repeatedly, thrusting on top of me. His large cock plows in and out of my receptacle and arouses my insides. He knows how to use that big dick to satisfy me as he works his love all over.

I plead with him again, “Come inside my pussy. Come inside my hole!”

Oh, how I like being here on the cool, smooth mirror. My anatomy is spread all over it, and my skin presses firmly against the nippy, smooth sheet. Oh, how I like him riding on top with his cock rubbing in my pussy. I want to come on his dick. I want to come, right now!

“More! Give me more,” I chant, repeating over and over.

In my animate heated state, I breathe harder causes the mirror surface to begin steaming in front of my breath.

“Fuck! You look good,” he murmurs and gently kisses my shoulders.

He holds his head next to mine while he fucks me. He watches me pant and puff as I fog the mirror film.

“Fuck me! Please, fuck me,” I beg and scream boldly. “Yes, oh yes. Take me!”

I look into the mirror again, and I’m startled to see my face flushing. I watch myself in the reflection, and I can see the ensuing development. Indeed, I can literally see myself starting to come. I appreciate his swollen, oversize bone sliding inside the sheath of my pussy. I holster his dick within the depth of my passage. And his warm chest slides gently on my back. I see him covering me in the reflection, and I know he’s being satisfied by my shape. I’m hot inside, so I don’t hold it any longer. I let myself go!

“Oh, fuck yes! Oh, baby yes!” I holler excitedly. “Oh, shit! Yes! Yes!”

My pussy jitters and I’m compelled to release my girlie water on his manhood. I concentrate on the fleshy smooth texture of his hefty organ, and let it serpentine in the barriers of my slender, narrow cock-holder. His big meaty stick pokes in my groin and my very sensitive gland excites me. So, I come on his cock! I come with it wedged tightly inside me. I feel the outpouring between my hairs, and I feel the delicacy of my waters spilling onto the mirror glass. And as I rain, I watch my felicity and observe the flushing rosiness in my face–as I unravel. I continue to view myself, coming in the mirror reflection, and I look at myself until I no longer can.

Then I close my eyes and squeeze down–hard as I can–clutching my man’s fat, throbbing cock in my cunt. I absorb my pleasure; I absorb my man’s love for me. I open my eyes once more, only to be pleasantly surprised. I look into the mirror image, and I see the appearance of my man’s face. I see him pining to withhold his climax, but his affection in loving me overcomes him. And now I know he’s ejaculating into me. He is coming also, just like I am.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32